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Walgreens robbery: Cop and robber fight

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Walgreens robbery, cop fight
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Deon Singh (4 years ago)
This is a cool cop. This video has to be old. Because cops nowadays would shoot first
DeagleBeagle (4 years ago)
Dumb cop, don't pull out a gun and then don't use it when the guy gets close enough to grab or punch you. Pull out something else instead like a taser or pepper spray.
MrJesu84 (6 years ago)
Big mistake for the cop to get tangled with the robber.He should have just kept his gun pointed at him a commanded him to get on the floor.
TheGamingChamp3 (2 years ago)
he would have ran cop can't shoot unless the robber tries to hurt anyone
jehovahuponyou (6 years ago)
gdavis0213 (2 years ago)
David Humphries (6 years ago)
Horrible approach by the cop. He shouldn't have stuck his gun to the man's head like that and kept his distance.
Christopher Nolen (6 years ago)
This turd should have been DRT!
AudiDavis (6 years ago)
Ny cop wouldt blew his shit back
Matt Jones (6 years ago)
Dumb sheeple don't even help.
OneRealWon (6 years ago)
1:25 "I'll just take these beers"
fatso79750 (6 years ago)
Mean while the guy in the white hood walks out with a free coffee and some jerky ha ha
Mrjimbobgill (6 years ago)
If a woman attack anyone the other person has the right to hit her back, women demand equality but still act like they deserve special treatment.
Matthew Calmert (6 years ago)
...Just shoot him! We have no use for a criminal, so save the state some money.
agent4051 (6 years ago)
Your a dumbass.
lester (7 years ago)
Blacks have it easier than any race!!!!! Why this hood rat need be robbin' and shit yo? He can get any job he want, done do discrimination yo. white girls with somethin to prove and afraid they look racist by rejectin a black. Obombas pastor god dams america a whites vote that in!!!! No other race can get away with shit like blacks.
ahmad shahin (7 years ago)
you're a fucking idiot...
Paul Weber (7 years ago)
@MentosMan727 If you're running into allot of cops, chances are you don't deserve the respect you're asking for.
AJ Harper (7 years ago)
@grawgodefd39d334 since your comment is old, you probably realize by now that they deserve a lot of that crap. I mean look how they treat our veterans and protestors? Disgraceful.
saucermonkey320 (7 years ago)
Takes guts to be cop...
Dev Zaveri (7 years ago)
that mustache did it all ! :)
William Ingram (7 years ago)
Who else feels like this is paranormal activity?
9611728 (7 years ago)
should have just shot him
R3dAlert7 (7 years ago)
Lmao failed
Michael Cress (7 years ago)
@ChadTheWrestleManiac hahah
Nadin Dia (7 years ago)
chad (7 years ago)
that cop is onee bmf... u wanna know why! he wearing a toque and he holds his gun sideways!
ArcaneMagei (7 years ago)
@209BluntSmoker Nice English retard.
Richard Rivas (7 years ago)
That was fucking bad ass
Bloodklot (7 years ago)
honestly he had every right to shoot him in the face. under law he resisted and attacked the officer there by lethal force would have been substantiated. Yup a bullet to the head... end of problem.
LoL Coffeemelt (7 years ago)
haha i work at walgreens in cali, but nothing like this has ever happened at my store.
FuckFace (7 years ago)
Come on robber! Why do you have to always be black? Damn, that's so racist!
Randal Brown (7 years ago)
Airsoft Tech (7 years ago)
cops are pussies thats a fact. they think having a badge and a gun give them superhuman rights
MikeJones1989 (7 years ago)
Why the fuck didn't he shoot that piece of shit
cardigan3000 (7 years ago)
@grawgodefd39d334 the only people who have a good word to say for police are related to them - funny that
Rafael Gutierrez (7 years ago)
@mizsoutiger literally LOL
Dream Walker (7 years ago)
Stupidest. Robber. EVER.
Primo (7 years ago)
@Casshern1100 ..Typical Scum Bag Mentality ! Hope your little Shorties have a better respect for the law ! You Douche Bag
thealienwarlord (7 years ago)
The cop should have used the gun. That is what the trigger is for.
Cheddaframanga (8 years ago)
Entrance Door: They goin out...no they goin back in...ok they goin out again...AND STAY THE FUCK OUT I CANT KEEP OPENIN N CLOSIN AS U WISH!
NauticalMile (8 years ago)
@mseebs He was actually there to pick up security tapes from a robbery that happened earlier. /watch?v=2W6b2ml4DjM&feature=relmfu
Seebs (8 years ago)
wallgreens hires off duty cops as security guards in their more 'urban' areas. this was more then likely a guard at the store.
lester (8 years ago)
come on officer chicken shit. pull the damn trigger. whatchoo talkin' bout willis?
blacksultan85 (8 years ago)
that's scary
CORNstar4HIRE (8 years ago)
55 secs lol robber fail lol
TheReboundingWorld (8 years ago)
What happened to the taser? Tase the S.O.B.! Don't trade punches.
kingda117 (8 years ago)
that was a brave cop. he was lucky that the robber was not considerably stronger than him. in such a situation, i would have told him not to turn around or i'd shoot until backup arrived.
hugo b (8 years ago)
love it, so funny the way this bastard gets surprised !
DaggersDen (8 years ago)
@301gunnar Already won, no need to try :)
DaggersDen (8 years ago)
@301gunnar She already had her tubes tied so her babies will never have to see anything like your face.
DaggersDen (8 years ago)
@301gunnar Your life is a fail :)
DaggersDen (8 years ago)
@301gunnar Well then, go jog lose your extra 70lbs and quit replying if your so annoyed fatty :)
DaggersDen (8 years ago)
@301gunnar Lol you're so fat, what a loser.
DaggersDen (8 years ago)
@301gunnar Look into the mirror and make it crack fat fuck :)
DaggersDen (8 years ago)
@301gunnar Denial fat fuck :)
DaggersDen (8 years ago)
@301gunnar Lol fat ass calling me a clown, nice one kiddo :)
DaggersDen (8 years ago)
@301gunnar I know for a fact your nothing but a fat ugly fucker otherwise you would have a picture, what a worthless life you are lol.
DaggersDen (8 years ago)
@301gunnar Lol kid, do us all a favor, tell your mommy to save her pennys so you can have some plastic surgery, and look half as ugly as you already are, merry christmas kid.
Pavit Bath (8 years ago)
that cop beat his ass
DaggersDen (8 years ago)
@301gunnar Well you already responded dipshit lol.
Omar Vallejo (8 years ago)
stupid cop he didnt even know what to do
DaggersDen (8 years ago)
@301gunnar Nice job telling the world how ugly your face is, afraid to expose your pizza face? hmm?
Will H (8 years ago)
Back in the good old days this would have been over alot faster. And with just a bit more cleanup to do.
bebopblues (8 years ago)
nice finally a cop doing their job with out shooting someone..
manitsmatt (8 years ago)
@SICCOSTATUS956 that bastard who could have hurt someone innocent
manitsmatt (8 years ago)
@SICCOSTATUS956 omg first of all the kid shouldnt even be stealing money,lets put his ass in jail. And the kid started to fight BACK! and the cop was tryin to arrest him, so he had to you use force and bring his ass down. Its not like he shot him in the foot and started beating his face on the ground, he just fkin was getting someone arrested, jesus christ, no harm done at all, so stfu and i dont know whats goin through ur head giving mercy to the robber, cop did a fine job arresting that
DaggersDen (8 years ago)
@301gunnar "Dumbner" is not a word sir.
Jerry Piccolo (8 years ago)
@manitsmatt he wasnt even reaching for his gun, the cop just started getting all physical and shit, and what did u expect the guy to let a PIG( A FUKEN PEICE OF SHIT FAT ASS) push him around like that? just cuz he has a badge
manitsmatt (8 years ago)
@SICCOSTATUS956 omg so what did you want him to do huh! you brainless shit! what was he supposed to do when the robber is trying to punch back maybe take his gun, and run? huh? jesus christ, this cop did a fin job showing restraint not shooting him when hes fighting back. your so stupid
fununcle (8 years ago)
I like how the automatic door kept opening while they were fighting. Dumb door. Nobody wants to go through you.
s0nnyburnett (8 years ago)
Maybe if he didn't have his hood up he would have seen the cop.
Yolo swag fresh (8 years ago)
lol, the guy in the white jacket is just like "Oh, hey guys, you takin out a robber. I did that last week with my cousin from california. Well you kids have fun now"
DaggersDen (8 years ago)
Hmmm, i'm shocked the cop did not just kill him, all the cops have been killing people who are innocent, but they don't kill robbers? interesting......
frostybrew13 (8 years ago)
@bequinta1 who gives a FUCK. the cop did what he needed to, to stay alive. stop critisizing you stupid ignorant shit
Jon Bird (8 years ago)
im laughig how the door keeps opening and closing
rocco capanna (8 years ago)
@bequinta1 Hahaha I know he was acting like he was a gang member too
rocco capanna (8 years ago)
I like how the other robber in the white just walked out the front door hahaha
analogfog (8 years ago)
@filmerp yes, shoot a man in the head who was trying to steal money from a cash register...
bequinta1 (8 years ago)
that was the most unprofessional police work i have ever seen.
@SICCOSTATUS956 hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha
Jerry Piccolo (8 years ago)
I hope that cop gets killed and his whole family is brutally murdered. fuken pig, they always think just cuz they got a little badge that they can do anything.
RoomerJ (8 years ago)
I'm trying to figure out which one of them is the bigger dumbass
MegaManZeroV1 (8 years ago)
SMH. That cop gotta step his CQC game up.
GamerDudester (8 years ago)
the REAL robber walked out at 1:26 after he planned everything XD
Omar219s (8 years ago)
@filmerp i guess there are good people in this world.
Max M (8 years ago)
i would have blasted his face off, no hesitation
WINDOWS 10.1 (8 years ago)
Why are you filming a monitor? Better upload the direct feed...
Fockersnextdoor (8 years ago)
I would have had fun just throwing the guy around by the hood of that coat before the choke out.
BillieHoliday420 (8 years ago)
GTA LAND is the United Snakes Of Amerikkka
M M (8 years ago)
This guy is very stupid !
dagodfatharico (8 years ago)
i aint a cop but i think it would of been easier for the cop to step back, raise his weapon and tell the guy to get his hands up instead of sticking the piece to his neck in the first place but that's just me
DOHC2L (8 years ago)
I respect the police officer's use of discretion - He holstered his gun and fought with the guy.
mssedmebich (8 years ago)
@MonsterSix WRONG!!!! The second the man grabbed at the officer and could have attempted to wrestle his Pistol away from him it's Game on and he can be whacked. It' has passed the legal tests already in previous cases.
hawkermustang (8 years ago)
@MrSTANDFORAMERICA He should have shot the thug in the back of the dome, and then told him to lay on the floor! LOL
MonsterSix (8 years ago)
@filmerp It's called discipline. You saw he patted the man and determined he was unarmed. Can't shoot then
SeanPatV (8 years ago)
Lol :D
phatwcinfrcr (8 years ago)
@filmerp Cause due to our liberal society the cop would have been punish for protecting the store and himself while hurting the criminal.
JacobRay423 (8 years ago)
@NonInterventionist You can't say a real cop would keep his distance and he came in weird; the officer entered knowing what he was dealing with. He was probably given an alert to a silent alarm and then told to proceed with not lights or sirens not to alert the perp. If he didn't know what he was dealing with, he wouldn't of stopped directly behind the guy. You obviously have been playing cops and robbers too much if you believe that they have to identify themselves by saying "FREEZE POLICE"
Wrath Duke (8 years ago)
Its fake. Nuff said.
KzrrainzYes (8 years ago)
@comelaniec Reading comprehension fail. Back to grade school for you!
Sharks R (8 years ago)
@TheWoob Just ...................... LOL

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