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Most Adorable Babies Doing Funny Things Compilation 2018

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A compilation of Most Adorable Babies, Funny Babies and Cute Babies Doing Funny Things Videos 2018. Cutest & Funniest Babies Video You Must See. Cute babies just don't know when to stop being cute! Try not to laugh or grin challenge when watching this video! Don't forget to subscribe my channel to help me reach to 1.000 Subscribe : https://goo.gl/E21JGP
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Text Comments (690)
Kristina Weagant (6 hours ago)
People who think that newborn needed neck support don’t know anything about babies.
Ross Rain (1 day ago)
Christ who are you ,you call yourself parents? Protect your babies head and neck . All these children look exhausted.
ララ/ソルLara (5 days ago)
6:44 - _RIP Mango. Such a juicy fruit... EATEN BY EVERYONE._
LadyAnne Trust (13 days ago)
The neck please...
LadyAnne Trust (13 days ago)
Puppy and baby. Awww funny
LadyAnne Trust (13 days ago)
Babies are adorable.. 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
Lauren Nikolich Ray (13 days ago)
are these your kids!!!!!! if so your a terrible mum
Lauren Nikolich Ray (13 days ago)
... :{
blueknight (13 days ago)
The baby who was making the faces was taking a shit, hence the funny faces.
gaming pro's (13 days ago)
At 6:03 it sounds like he says f you
Fluffy San (14 days ago)
Oh god I love babies so much :')
1:31 what is that kid drinking
You know 90% of ailments or bad health outcomes that a child has emanates from stupid adults who cannot apply basic reasoning when caring for their newborns, infants and toddlers. I'm talking parents/guardians who sit up their newborns without proper support for their heads or backs, those who leave children unsupervised, oh and the "favorite" group- the ones who put children with animals and somehow feel "superior" when they do that without putting into account the dangers that come with that. It's sickening!
Esha Baral (19 days ago)
So sweet and cute babies...love for the babies😘😘😘😘
Saeed Nassor (20 days ago)
You parents play too much, especially the "laddies"... Yall need to start feeding the baby as soon as they sneech : be cadle them around the the chest, it helps him with strength and stamina and connectivity
Robert MacIntosh (24 days ago)
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand this video. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head.
sneakymia1 (24 days ago)
the bunny was savage @: 23
anja (25 days ago)
Poor newborn baby, how dumb can adults be???
BIG BRAIN MUSIC (28 days ago)
Serhat Mutlu (29 days ago)
Ms Tree (1 month ago)
That second baby was a good sport about the bunny taking their cracker
Chelsea Cullen (1 month ago)
Some need to lighten up
Achoo OoO (1 month ago)
Omg they’re so cute ❤️❤️💕💕!
Richard Bouska (1 month ago)
Some of these made me nervous!
Lionsun1010 (1 month ago)
Lionsun1010 (1 month ago)
Lionsun1010 (1 month ago)
LovingN (1 month ago)
That bitch letting the dog drag and bite the baby's clothes parent card should be revolted
Clout Rover (1 month ago)
Look at all these baby experts, just stfu and enjoy the video
Hawa Sarr (1 month ago)
Norell carter (1 month ago)
An absolute disgrace. Irresponsible parenting at its best.
AbridgedGohan (1 month ago)
marsel marsel (1 month ago)
هههههههههههه هههههههههههه هههههههههههه
cooking with adiy (1 month ago)
So cute
Chrissie Botha (1 month ago)
Extremely stupid video
Harrold DJANI (1 month ago)
@0:55 the baby is making that face because his mother's breath stink...
Diana Roddis (1 month ago)
Support his head!
Asma Khan (1 month ago)
Billion of likes for the dancing pink baby
サボ サボ (1 month ago)
Tahsin Hasan (1 month ago)
Mashallah 😍
PIU PRADHAN (1 month ago)
lovely baby🤗
Deepa V (1 month ago)
New born baby ya evalo neram vachuttu loosu mathiri serikkuthu...
TRUE GUNNER (1 month ago)
Bunch of fucking moaners in the comments fs shut up and go away
Lesli Lewis (2 months ago)
I would have never put my baby in a bucket of water, you know how fast the baby could have slid down a drowned?????#dobetter
Trish Fitzpatrick (2 months ago)
There is a very disturbing trend these days that uses children and even babies for the sake of selfish amusement rather than guidance. Sexualizing little girls is not amusing. Laughing while children struggle to engage with the world is not amusing. And using babies for a dog's chew toy... what could go wrong there. It used to be that mothers saw their children as a serious responsibility that they happily undertook with love and kindness. Now, the first thing mom does is exploit their vulnerabilities for laughing at and posting on line. Pretty sick...
Wayback Roblox (2 months ago)
Nice video #aryanmaithri
predator berserker (2 months ago)
2nd one wasn't funny
شمس الشموس (2 months ago)
The criminals around me.
Kasra Torabi (2 months ago)
Soooo glad I had the camera running to see him do this!! Feel free to add to your next compilation :))) https://youtu.be/eW9p20ke0oE
Melynda Dunn (2 months ago)
some of this shit is not as funny as people think. babies are cute but only if they're your own.
omc (2 months ago)
Its weird how baby girls are so no cute at all but boys are
Patricia Parker (2 months ago)
Pick newborn up, lay him or her on your lap face up and I'm sure he or she would of still made silly faces, a newborns neck needs support, I had to speed to the next one, to see a dog drag a baby across the floor in his bottoms, although I thought that was cute, I stopped thinking it was cute when the baby stood up and the pug was still trying to play tug of war, I had a pug once and they play tug of war fairly good, give a child ice cream or frozen yogurt for the first time sure, they need to taste it sooner or later and there is no fear of choking, but the kid got brain freeze and mum immediately gave the kid another bite without offering a warm drink or anything to drink for matter, that kid eating a mango was shoveling it in his or her mouth, could of choked, I'm just going to assume that mum was like inches away from the baby and not standing back while taking that video, call me paranoid, but I've watched small ones gag on food, thankfully babies have amazing gag reflexes but it still only takes once. that baby in a bucket of water, that tipped I'm sure it wouldn't be so cute anymore and there was way too much water in it for my liking.
Unknown Gamer (2 months ago)
RIP Mango 2018-2018
Fatou Ndiaye (2 months ago)
meilani rose (2 months ago)
Thumbnail 😂😂😂😂😂
Dayy Zee (2 months ago)
Some of you in these comments really need to lighten the fuck up and have a laugh!!! Do you really have to point out the wrong in everything? Geez!! Some of you are so fucking negative I swear, you people need to have a laugh or two! Just please don't ruin it for everyone with your negative comments and pointing things out as if you're really going to do something about it because you and I and everyo5ne else knows that you won't do a damn thing about what you have such "great concern" for you just have to point it out, just say you're a miserable bitch that can't handle seeing other happy and having a laugh. I fucking hate people like you and you're a waste or fucking life! The great people are always the first to go, I wish it was the opposite!
Shyrose Kassam (2 months ago)
Poor kid
White Devil (2 months ago)
Wow looks like all the bitching whining complaining pansy's came out for this one
Vinodha Boloor (2 months ago)
R u mad?
John McCabe (2 months ago)
Baby no. 2 ain't gettin no respect.
Emilia Buhus (2 months ago)
whatever blah blah blah talk to the hand
Emilia Buhus (2 months ago)
Emilia Buhus (2 months ago)
what? yes, WAR
Emilia Buhus (2 months ago)
God bless you :))))))))
Emilia Buhus (2 months ago)
you'll see weed
Emilia Buhus (2 months ago)
you're so cute
Emilia Buhus (2 months ago)
you'll understand it later
Emilia Buhus (2 months ago)
and broccolli
Emilia Buhus (2 months ago)
Spinach motherfucker
Emilia Buhus (2 months ago)
hahaha te caci? :)
louis borselio (2 months ago)
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I watch this whole thing just to find the thumbnail is just a photo at the end? F Y! Y stands for YOU. Just take a guess what F stands for.
new genration (2 months ago)
https://youtu.be/tATeFpWtwqY Must watch
new genration (2 months ago)
Natalie Cervantes (3 months ago)
That baby isn't making funny faces he's trying to hold up his neck. Little babys need their neck supported idiots
Madison 6944 (3 months ago)
Some of the videos are just straight examples of child abuse...
Yuki Morley (3 months ago)
Nooooo mr.mangoooooo
k p (3 months ago)
They all went on for too long!
Larisa Amanova (3 months ago)
Какие милые
Roy Gato (3 months ago)
Ugly ass babies and babies with retarded names lmao
Joles0 (3 months ago)
chewing food while sleepy ... does not set off an alarm in your head that the baby could choke ??????????????????????????????
Biola Tundeola (3 months ago)
some of these videos are just not funny
Nabuweya Michaels (4 months ago)
Cuteness overload 💞💞💞💞💞
Arwen & Caliyah (4 months ago)
The baby makeing faces was probably trying to take a poop
hafsa naseer (4 months ago)
These videos making me angry !!
najah (4 months ago)
0:16 when you took the last cracker and your siblings steal it from you😂😂😂😂
Yosup ¿ TV (4 months ago)
Wanna see more? Check out this video and find more fun in your life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsoRGxsA4rc&t=488s
the future (4 months ago)
soo cute xoxo
Samantha Elizabeth (4 months ago)
Parents are dickheads plain as simple
Raul Chavez (4 months ago)
4:11 baby:yaaaaaaaayy.*if me*me:let gooo ahhhhh you traiter!!!
Fatima Taiba (4 months ago)
maxie mason (4 months ago)
La Reine (4 months ago)
Like yo is he coming back with my cookie though
Omegatonboom (5 months ago)
Someone needs to punch that dog owner.
sweetbaby909 (10 days ago)
Hahahah whyyyyy
Nino (5 months ago)
A baby’s reaction is priceless
MeMe FrEaKo (5 months ago)
The first one is adorable.. but Idk what’s so funny about the ones that got taken too far, whoever let this happen to their babies need to go to a mental hospital or something
Bratty Young (5 months ago)
Some parents belong in a zoo.Poor babies
Poppy Seed (5 months ago)
9:30 really making love to that jam on toast daaaaaaamn
Izzah Malik (5 months ago)
Angelique Cronqvist (5 months ago)
God Almighty,delete the comment section
Que Deus abençoe bebezinho lindo 😍😘❤️ lindo muito lindo

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