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Austin Stevens Valley of the Snakes

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Stevens is in Australia once again to look for the Amethystine python, the largest snake in Australia.
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Ayan Ong (1 month ago)
Claudia Cano (1 month ago)
Austin Stevens la serpiente taipan es la serpiente más venenosa del mundo
Gaara Tohoshinki (1 month ago)
Is real taipan?
bassbuckmaster (1 month ago)
Beautiful country. I wonder if elephants could survive living there?
Rafael Bernal (1 month ago)
Damn this way beter then jurassic park
Gabriel Hernandez (1 month ago)
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Gabriel Hernandez (1 month ago)
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Gabriel Hernandez (1 month ago)
Gabriel Hernandez (1 month ago)
Whitetail Mafia850 (1 month ago)
I wonder how many are in the crew that go out cause there's a lot of gear being used. I know that don't fit in his backpack.
Whitetail Mafia850 (1 month ago)
Beautiful forest
eduardo calvo arias (1 month ago)
es tremendamente valiente autin Steve es de primera
easygroove (2 months ago)
~05:40 poor horse - must be horror for the horse 16:55 ... to close to the crotch area.. could have been a bite ?!
simplelangperorock (2 months ago)
13:55 I got excited when I heard he brought a "flask."
untidyaunty (2 months ago)
If your going to make a documentary in AU you need to have true research. I’m barracking for the snake, all he is doing is tormenting and stressing the snakes out
ImmortalSynn (2 months ago)
23:21 "Buffeted by the high winds of the approaching storm, the helicopter could easily be blown into the trees" ......except that the trees aren't even moving, at all. So WHAT "high winds?"
Zeus (2 months ago)
Good videos and very educative... But...are all the animals you come across male? "Him" "He" "His" are all I heard from you
trobe23z (3 months ago)
This guy is amazing people have no idea how difficult some of these things are. Truly amazing.
Omuerta Genetix (1 month ago)
this WHOLE SHOW is set up and rigged bros..... Not even wildcaught snakes 8/10 of time
worddunlap (3 months ago)
41:09 he finds it.
Jakob Winter (4 months ago)
47:25 That fucking Soul Calibur music everytime, i swear to god, i can't be the only one thinking ''His motivation is the thirst for battle'' or some shit like that.
Raymond McDonald (4 months ago)
I couldn't live in a country where there were snakes
Daniel Vitale (4 months ago)
I hope he gets killed and we get to watch it like Erwin....
g v (4 months ago)
Deffently staged wild eastern browns and king browns are not that relaxed still a good show tho
Zack Devalkeneer (5 months ago)
So sad that parkinsans disease is the way he is gonna go out. At least irwin died doing what he loved.
MAYANK GAUR (5 months ago)
Nowadays Animal planet doesn't even have a single show with a host. Those good old days were so much fun. Now it is just so BORING..........
Dawid van As (5 months ago)
100% South African guts. Love you Austin!
Alan Craig (5 months ago)
Bit of a Drama Queen... I've been under Chinook and Blackhawk helicopters, both on the ground, and at 12 foot hover, that produce heavier downdraft than that helo and never lost my footing, even with a 110lb ruck, but yet, the downdraft somehow blows him off the rocks.... Like I said, all for more "exciting" TV, much like that twonk, Bear Grylls
picassogilamonster (5 months ago)
He is like a never ending case of explosive diarrhea
Black beast E550 (5 months ago)
balls of steel.
Jah Rastafari (5 months ago)
Audio _way_ too low...
Hayden Mackenzie (5 months ago)
Snakes are venomous not poisonous.
go n (1 month ago)
Hayden Mackenzie the venom components are made up of specific protiens and enzymes. Its a form of toxin which is a poisonous substance. You are right but so is Austin.
4121Z0N4 (5 months ago)
"Because I helped remove the HUGE KING BROWN in the PERFECT MULTI-SNAKE HABITAT, the RANCHER let me STAY IN THERE overNiGHT..." OKie DOkiE.....
Damien Egan (6 months ago)
Just another snake molester. Awful human who should have a restraining order slapped on him for his abuse to pre-released reptiles. Just another bullshitter with an ego that exceeds his knowledge. PS. There are 5 species of python in Africa if you exclude Calabaria.
geeksworkshop (6 months ago)
victor van dyke (6 months ago)
Yeah, Austin is by far the best snake handler there ever was. Well done homeboy, I always loved your show.
Jonny D (6 months ago)
owen wilson does nature docs now?!
Lil Peep (6 months ago)
Why are snakes. Soo beautiful ???
Johnny K (7 months ago)
Poor horse...it must know that where ever Austin goes there's snakes nearby :)
Edwin Henry Blachford (7 months ago)
4:21. "crocodiles.. murky water.. must be careful.." .. he said as the horse thought "fuck you who's the one with his legs in the water.."
M Smith (7 months ago)
When I was a kid growing up in Cairns and it was cane burning season my mates and I would stand in the fire breaks and play our version of 'chicken', dodging huge rats and snakes that would run / crawl up your legs in panic trying to escape the flames lol geez we were dumb :P
reverse thrust (6 months ago)
M Smith Naw, maybe a bit unbright.
Brett Zelinski (7 months ago)
That fuckin horse is fearless
Ruhul Ikbal (7 months ago)
Austin is just c
globe255 (8 months ago)
30:05 I guess the photographer came down to the bottom, on a detour.
n017kingg (8 months ago)
when he fell outta the helicopter into the river tho.... lol.
Andy Fetzer (9 months ago)
Hah he didn’t expect to fall in the water yet the cameraman was ahead the whole time 😭
Werberjerbins (9 months ago)
funny how melodramatic the first snake was seeing as how the inland taipan in the most venomous snake in the world
Potatoe thong (9 months ago)
my aracnophobia would keep me from staying 10 minutes out there.
untidyaunty (2 months ago)
Potatoe thong didn’t seen one spider
Hammerhead Chiseltooth (9 months ago)
This guy will end up dead just like that Australian guy n the sting ray. He takes chances. Can't be lucky forever.
John Gunnerek (10 months ago)
dancing with death this guy
Kuttappan 123 (10 months ago)
That Australian death adder here called mandali the red viper by locals here there is a saying that it is blind at the day time
Kuttappan 123 (10 months ago)
Scripted shooting wtf
MrVisualProgrammer (10 months ago)
I was beginning wonder if the supposed storm was actually real...feel like they did that for extra drama...
Duck Loranj (1 year ago)
Loving the budget Indiana Jones theme song
Chris Garrett (1 year ago)
so he's not playing on TV rite now
shagor biswas (1 year ago)
proud of u sir
Dylan Grabs (1 year ago)
These guys and their unoptional water fall climbs, becsuse the waterfall is always the only way down.
William Smith (1 year ago)
Heavily produced and dramatized. But I like his programs. He's a likable guy and skilled at what he does. Too bad Parkinson's disease has got him. Not a way for an active adventurer to go out.
Shahira Omar (6 months ago)
jacks smirking revenge yup it’s true
jacks smirking revenge (6 months ago)
ah man.. for real? that is incredibly sad news :(
T. Martial (7 months ago)
William Smith that fall though. So dramatized!!!
Shahira Omar (8 months ago)
ulises albarran no he revealed he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in September 5th 2016
ulises albarran (10 months ago)
What? You are kidding right?
AC_THE PRINCE91 (1 year ago)
Missed one of the most important facts about the king brown. Its actually called a Mulga and its actually part of the black snake family
Philip Mahoney-Berg (1 year ago)
Why did he take his beautiful horse into a barn where these is a dangerous snake???
Grizzly Country (1 year ago)
So he falls in the water with his gear and loses it all. Next he is walking with all his gear.
Thijs Snijders (1 year ago)
why the hell are you sleeping on the ground with giant spiders, insects and snakes??!!
Mubupo (1 year ago)
I like how the helicopter risked getting blown into the woods so he could get a picture of a snake. Excuse me but I'm not buying that one. A pilot that would do that for that reason shouldn't be flying. Why does it seem like he accomplishes his goals just in the nick of time?
Colluding Google (1 year ago)
Back when discovery and Animal Planet actually were about Animals. Not just once a week. Now it's Bigfoot never finding, haunted animals, and fishing.
Drew Crawford (1 year ago)
Sooooo overly dramatic with the helicopter lol I can't take it! Ahhhhhhhh
Jeff Davis (1 year ago)
Wow, Just look at that bugger.....Nipping at Austins nuts!!
Life Tourist (1 year ago)
It's an awesome shot at the start with a huge fire in the background while he holds a taipan
markdotcomau (1 year ago)
Is that a Rolex Submariner?
Blood Storm Warriors (1 year ago)
23:41 hahahahahahhaha I cant :D :D
Geoffrey Smart (1 year ago)
So much of this shit is staged. And I really don't like the way he handles his snakes.
Tenshin Time (1 year ago)
brown snakes are no joke in here in aus. ive been to over 10 properties in victoria alone and seen them hanging out on peoples back porches, insode hose buckets. ive seen pics of one hanging out in someones dog kennel. beautiful misunderstood animals just trying to make a living like us :)
Arry Atkins (1 year ago)
This guy is the most clumsy and dramatic naturist
DragoN 3 PG (1 year ago)
Such a good show!
William Smith (1 year ago)
As hard a time as he's having getting up the trees at the end,,,,his camera man seems to have done fine,,,,,waiting right there in the trees.
William Smith (1 year ago)
I guess his backpack and camera and snake tongs were retrieved safely after he fell out of the helicopter,,,,I love watching this guy's show,,,,I like him,,,but seriously,,,the drama........
David Creasey (1 year ago)
Fantastic... really great vid
nice video,,to watchs,,
reyzuna (1 year ago)
why do i have a feeling that this was scripted? :D
Kenn Smith (1 year ago)
what about the one-eyed trouser snake...
Money Mac (1 year ago)
Kenn Smith the trouser snake is the most deadly and disease ridden snake in the world...grows to lengths of 18 inches with the black trouser snake being the largest but the white trouser snake typically releases the most venom...the trouser snake typically hunts female pray but will eat male pray occasionally...never underestimate a trouser snake...looks can be deceiving...some trouser snakes are hooded as well which makes them looks kinda gross
Jason (1 year ago)
i would like to see a documentary on the silheto snake
Pokeball Master (1 year ago)
The inland taipan is the number one most venomous snake in earth
Pollie Wallace (2 years ago)
amasing absaloute amazing episode
Frank Stain (2 years ago)
yes but what about the black mamba? who is the smart man here?
Shahira Omar (11 months ago)
Frank Stain he aleady did that watch one episode called seven deadly strikes
Bruce Tharpe (2 years ago)
What a beautiful spot for swimming at 37:25
Miguel Valiente (2 years ago)
What would prevent this man from holding the snake close to the head?
kepala gundul (2 years ago)
Where is the famous inland taipan snake??
sylvan calleja (2 years ago)
This is a smelly pile of shit. maybe I need a horse to find more herps. scrub pythons are very common here not elusive at all and dont get to 28 feet....
marcus fox (2 years ago)
marcus fox (2 years ago)
Being called fat and old is hardly a compliment, but for a massive five-metre-long scrub python found in far north Queensland this week it is a badge of honour. The python found near Kuranda was estimated to weigh 50 kilograms.
Robert Hiorns (2 years ago)
Great. Many thanks.
Gurvinder Dhaliwal (2 years ago)
snake charmers in India you should go learn from them steavens austincs .
Jimin -sama (1 year ago)
they defang/devenomate the snakes as well as abuse them. Snake charmers have very little respect for the snakes so what is there to learn from them?
Florina Belu (2 years ago)
i like you very much, Austin Stevens.             from Adela of Romania
Jeremy R (2 years ago)
This man is a living video game character. Absolutely my favorite naturalist.
kitzy051590 (12 days ago)
same here
mingo328 (6 months ago)
Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin were good too
Mir Numan Ali Hashmi (1 year ago)
That Guy
David Jordan (2 years ago)
Austin Stevens must have balls the size of grapefruits .. I think he is totally nuts. Can anybody say telephoto lens ???
Dark -Greninja (2 years ago)
This guy is sooooo cool
Andrew Burgess (2 years ago)
hahaha! pluckin' snakes from a brush fire! Stevens is such an edgy freak- a badass!
Mid-Atlantic Wildlife (2 years ago)
This guy is the new steve irwin!!!
Grizzly Country (1 year ago)
Mid-Atlantic Wildlife this guy was around before steve irwin
Leo Ferrara (2 years ago)
This man is really incredible! and he looks like Peter O'Toole a little bit. lol
cade hileman inland taipan lives in a remote area, with almost no human settlements, coastal taipan lives close to human settlements and a big bad ass in australia bush and a strong convergent with mamba and had killed Australians in past inland taipan never caused a recorded human death, where as taipan in papa new Guinea estimately kill more than 1000 people alone, because without antivenin its a death sentence
traibend I agree with you his words " this is not the snake I came for I came for much more ellusive". he is holding the ultimate dangerous snake, taipan one bite he is fucked even with camera crews around him. without antivenin 100% death
Grizzly Country (1 year ago)
Save Mother Earth Please his medic carries anti-venom
Jimin -sama (1 year ago)
he said "much more elusive", please look up the word 'elusive' before commenting something stupid. Also, its 'antivenom' not "antivenin"
nice documentary
dekay23 (3 years ago)
You might have not expected the down draft but thank god your entire film crew did, along with "exciting" music.
Grizzly Country (1 year ago)
And his gear he lost in the water magically appeared again.
Michael Wilson (1 year ago)

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