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i guess new iphones

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Text Comments (2699)
Windows 7 (4 months ago)
I will only buy an Apple Watch if it includes a doctor.
Anônimo ? (5 months ago)
I have the Xs in gold
Mattiocre (8 months ago)
I mean, the Apple Watch would only cause paranoia about my heart rate for me
Ag3nt 4ura (8 months ago)
Bionic is a dumb name.
Voss Li (9 months ago)
Companies need to stop throwing around "surgical grade" stainless steel like it actually means anything. The only thing that ever gets referred that way is M390 steel which is super expensive, custom knife steel that I highly doubt apple uses in iPhones.
Jake Whatling (9 months ago)
we shouldnt egg apple on by complaining about it having no featres. let the idiots pay and watch apple fail as a company one day
Wajid Raza (9 months ago)
This is from Apple's website: "To get the greatest graphics performance out of the A8 chip, we created Metal — a new technology that allows..." etc etc
PLBlackBlood (9 months ago)
4:14 yeah i need real doctor after hearing how much i could spend on X S max, but i guess i'll buy some huawei :P
Just Some Guy Ok (9 months ago)
I feel bad for Apple users.
Fernando Mendez (9 months ago)
Iphones are dead now! Since steve jobs died :(
Sasha Meow (9 months ago)
The xr might have a 720p LCD display but the xs max doesn't show YouTube videos higher then 1080p
ShamblerDK (9 months ago)
12MP camera on a 2018 smartphone? What? Is Apple still living in 2008?
ShamblerDK (9 months ago)
Does it even matter what you say? Or anyone for that matter? All the idiots are going to buy Apples crap anyways.
Brendan Smith (9 months ago)
So the most advanced LCD ever has a maximum resolution of 720p? XD The LCD on my LG G4 beats the LCD on the XR hands down.
A12 bionicle! Sold
s Chwdury (9 months ago)
Android nerds are worse than vegans when it comes to an iphone. I have and iphone 8, I've used bunch of android phones such as samsung and huawei. The android phones i've used had good features and I really liked the openness and customizability of the phone and build quality was very good except for samsung. But the problem with android is that doesnt matter which phone i used, it always lags and crashes, and apps were not configured to work on some phone. Also there were bunch of "permission required" window that makes u dig deep into the setting of the phone and try to make things work. Android phones are too fragmented. Now I have iphone8 after being on android for 8 years and I love this iphone. The reason is the os, it is smooth as a baby butt covered in oil i mean look at the bench scores. apps dont crash, no slow down and i've been on this for a year now and no problem at all. whats the use when u have the freedom of phone like android but it lags and u cant use? Average consumer dont have time to tinker with the phone, they just want the phone to work fast without lagging! Another thing is stop bitching about the price and screen. If you buy them through the provider with a contract, you'll pay less. Avarage people wont be able to differentiate the 720 and 1080p in such a small screen size, i have studied image pixel density differentiation in medical device so it's a fact. Last thing is that i am not an apple fanboy bc I am not an iphone user that buys new one every year, I buy when my contract ends. I dont see the point buying them every year eventhough i like the iphone and I think the iphone innovation seems to be slowing down after looking at xs and x. I also think the macbook lines are joke now but I still have old my macbook air from 2013 and love it. Thanks for reading.
Baby Boy (9 months ago)
Apple fanboy. I stopped at 0:40
Jackson the Meme Warrior (9 months ago)
OMG, Linus is ijustine now!
sieg11ful (9 months ago)
My god the cringe... funny how apple needs to came up with all those stupid adjectives to describe their phones and appeal to their supersmart customers
100MPH Selfies (9 months ago)
So this clown now review phone? I am out.
Electro (9 months ago)
LCD literally stands for liquid crystal display, and apple is calling it liquid retina. They could at least be more original with their names that they use to trick consumers lol
Matthew Wilson (9 months ago)
So when I go skydiving with the Apple watch. "Looks like you've taken a nasty fall. Calling emergency services now." "No, .... Disable that" click.. Click..."You're still falling... Calling emergency services now" "No!! Siri don't call 911! Oh..I forgot to open my chute" THUDDD..."Looks like you've taken a nasty fall. Calling emergency services now." "Yeah.. Okay... Good call"
Xusia Xod (9 months ago)
Apple is laughably so full of crap....
Bryson Rodden (10 months ago)
The most advanced lcd and it still has the same pixel density as the iPhone 4
VALDY GRA (10 months ago)
fuck Apple
Ben Bauer (10 months ago)
"The most advanced LCD ever!!"..... but is not even 1080p
Lizzie (10 months ago)
At this poing, Apple is just showing the world how stupid their fan base is and how they can get away with anything. Lol, when a $300-400 phone is faster than their $ 1000 so-called top of the line and this one is like $ 1100, and people keep buying, well you're bound to get fucked everyday by this company lol.
ramanjot singh (10 months ago)
LIQUID RETINA display in $750 phone whereas vivo developed under screen fingerprint sensor. How much has the brand changed.
Caleb Hatch (10 months ago)
Dont even understand how Elder Scrolls Blades is marketed as a selling point. You could buy a Pocophone F1, a switch, and a copy of Skyrim for it and that would all be $90 cheaper than getting an iPhone to play this shitty mobile elder scrolls.
Kavin Raj (10 months ago)
Doesn't he look a lot like the TECHQUICKIE guy?
Tony Stark (10 months ago)
But Linus, you forgot to mention how much everyone hates the xr's sub 1080p resolution. :)
megnoman (10 months ago)
pour on out for the HOMEie....come on you wasted the pun
Dirty Bong Water (10 months ago)
Nice see through tape, ha IDIOT
emsicz (10 months ago)
0:00 Your phone just became hot garbage! (background noise): Ha!
Tuvwxyz Nope (10 months ago)
iPhones are for everybody. Rich people buy it outright. Poor people finance it for $45/month. iPhones are a buy!!!!! I'm saying this because I have $AAPL shares. I don't own an iPhone myself. 😉
The Paranormal Expert (10 months ago)
Iphone Ten *Ass*
The Spotter Fox (10 months ago)
Hah, control the internet, they say... Ban all the memes they say. The internet is multinational, and unless the whole world places a ban on all of it, just eu and some countries will not be able to control it. And we can always switch to the dark web.
Spliffty (10 months ago)
I'm registered for ES:Blades on my Galaxy S7, so not all that exclusive?
Danzyr (10 months ago)
That Apple logo must cost a hell of a lot to manufacture.
Ravi Teja Durbha (10 months ago)
Hey... Isn't yellow colour supposed to be called as Liquid yellow? 🤔
Darren Rice (10 months ago)
europe is a shit hole
Yumiko (10 months ago)
*Offers Apple wallet* 📱`( ・∀・)- *MOAR!* 💴`(*´﹃`*),💸💸💸
roman titov (10 months ago)
F to pay respects
HeiniS (10 months ago)
You would make me really happy if you checked my Fortnite montage out, and If you leava a comment ill check your channel out to<3 video link: https://youtu.be/B9XyWubRG50
ilovefunnyamv2nd (10 months ago)
Well, i look forward to the next big crackdown on YouTube, this could be worse than the advertisers backing out, because again, the host is liable, not just the user.
Luca Van (10 months ago)
needs more earrings
NoVaKane (10 months ago)
Who gives a shit about apple.
Harbir Singh (10 months ago)
I love those background voices in TechLinked videos.
Bobby Sandhu (10 months ago)
Y tf would u make the XR cheaper by 200$ there’s no point might as well get 10s it would be better if the 9 which is the XR was 600$ not 750$
HEY YOU DUMBASSES, The iPhone 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 had "720p" screens. And what happened??? No one complained. And also, this processor is much faster than the Snapdragon ones, (even the iPhone X is, just look on Geekbench). And YOU CAN watch 1080p videos in YouTube or Netflix, even if the screen is not 1080p.... Ugh, I think that I'm done with the haters.
10 minutes for TechLinked anyone?
alan koshy (10 months ago)
Read out loud it's sounds like "iPhone excess"
Craftbloxroyale (10 months ago)
I memed it up as asked: https://pin.it/eiz5sssmyyookf
Ryota 747400 (10 months ago)
Do you wanna hear a joke? iPhone XR
ShiFTy (10 months ago)
HAHA I bought a gold 10s Max. *I JUST WASTED MY MONEY.*
WellBeSerious12 (10 months ago)
Anyone else use their cat in place of a mouse for cursor control? Just tape the control parts and wires to it. I call it... _The cat..._ No computer should have to suffer from precise controls that don't move on their own! It will bring *life* into your computer! *Insert Evanescence - Bring Me To Life*
JohnRegularYum (10 months ago)
Orange Tech Tips
Sara Commons (10 months ago)
My husband watches ALL of your videos. I absolutely hate the sound of Linus's voice. Please get someone new to do the talking. It's been driving me crazy for months. I hoped he would move on and watch someone else but apparently your videos are best. Please. For the love of god. Get a new host.
CadetSparklez (10 months ago)
Linus looks like Jake paul today
FBI (10 months ago)
Depressing.... and I bet they’ll make millions anyways...
awesomeferret (10 months ago)
The cringe is strong with this one... And I LOVE it.
eug3nius (10 months ago)
XR is looks great. I bet the people who got an 8+ on a two year plan are pretty miffed.
ENEKO TORRES (10 months ago)
I'm fan of how you said el chapuzas informatico lmao
G G (10 months ago)
i bought synergy... and it doesnt work... support dosnt respond - it used to work but not anymore
koyafox (10 months ago)
the fuck is this
Goutam Ghosh (10 months ago)
ijustine just died after watching this.....😢😢😢 Rip....we will miss her
Source Code Deleted (10 months ago)
I am a security analyst and I can say undoubtedly that Internet Explorer is NOT more secure. Chrome is pretty secure , not perfect , but secure in comparison. I'd like to move off to another browser , but chrome's security is pretty good. I am trying to switch over to Brave browser . Firefox is pretty cool too with all it's plugins.
Juan Garcia (10 months ago)
This whole episode was a meme😂😂🤡 🇦🇺
Unjust Win (10 months ago)
Did u take Adderall Linus man ur hyped up
Unjust Win (10 months ago)
But I do love how u are in these vids u look like your having fun hosting not just slogging your way through another tech vid
gameflux (10 months ago)
No thank you Apple !
Alejandro Aranda (10 months ago)
Apple = yesn’t
Fake Nerd (10 months ago)
$749 for 720p bois
Skjegget Chege (10 months ago)
HOLD UP, blades is exclusive to apple??? why ffs
Олег Косяков (10 months ago)
Linus? imagine you have possibilities like Apple & want to introduce new project!!! What will you do? Of course you will stream your event in 720p like Apple with smallest bitrate... STOP! No? you will streaming with your 8k RED camera in 4k. Shame, shame, shame to Apple - the apple seems to be rotten...
Marcus Zarafonetis (10 months ago)
You the best bro, even though your a Canuck
remixgod (10 months ago)
Extra Succ
tskjesusfreak (10 months ago)
So the 5:00 mark is real tech news that I care about.
ByteOfBlender (10 months ago)
The Xr's 'Most advanced LCD ever in a smartphone' isn't even 1080p lol
Rafisam Sameen (10 months ago)
Wht great joke Apple has directed.it's the Apple's phone market gonna die sooooonn..
I_THE_ME (10 months ago)
Most advanced LCD panel is in an iPhone? Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium's 4k 10 bit HDR panel begs to differ.
Al'vin Al'sace (10 months ago)
Wish I had that huge amount of money and stupidity at the same time
ScoDal (10 months ago)
Well done for reporting on this early. Your run down is what I expected. I mean look at yall, youre not switching. Sucks about meme though
Boris van Maaren (10 months ago)
im living in the eu.... i live on memes... IM GOING TO DIE!!! CAN I LIVE WITH U LINUS????
Yureika YT (10 months ago)
XS = xtra scam
Zizi Mugen (10 months ago)
A more proper upgrade to the SE would be to have a cheaper OLED screen that's better than an expensive LCD screen. They kind of screwed me on having something close to a reasonable sized phone, unless the Xr is actually between an iPhone SE and a Lumia 920 in size (hell yes my Lumia and I traveled the world and it was f*cking awesome.).
G00GLE SucksAtPrivacy (10 months ago)
Linus if you want iPhone video views you should watch this...... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XwU-KyGTfUs ....... now that’s how to do an entertaining video on a keynote!
Skylake -E (10 months ago)
-The most advanced LCD in a smartphone -less than 1080p fucking kill me
Vin (10 months ago)
IPhones are trash
BloodRider 14 (10 months ago)
They don’t tell you the ram amount though. Guess I better download some more ram now
Anthony (10 months ago)
I despise Apple with all of my being.
Viper836 (10 months ago)
Ahah funny!
Cooper Myers (10 months ago)
$400 worth of hardware, $700 worth of PROFIT! PELVIC THRUSTING ACTIVATES
Silent Woodfire (10 months ago)
Didn't 'Blades' already come out a few years back?
Dave Johnston (10 months ago)
Just received my xiaomi pocophone f1. Got the 128gb version and only £270, cant believe this phone is this good for sub 300 lol. Keep your £1k+ phone lol
Derek Foulk (10 months ago)
These phone OR a 10 kilowatt generator....
The Eclectic Dyslexic (10 months ago)
Edge actually doesn't suck... It's a pretty far cry from IE, I see no reason people shouldn't use edge of it works for them. Personally I use vivaldi.
Elie Abdallah (10 months ago)
Is that Alex in the back? xD
Tyler Durden (10 months ago)
I'm good. My phone is old, but it runs Infowars.
64 bit (10 months ago)
Honestly the new apple watch was the only interesting thing during the whole of the event
Grady Beachum (10 months ago)
I will wait for the "IPhone Excess MeeToo" coming out next year.

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