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tribute to drunk driving fatalities

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a tribute to all of those who lost there lifes due to drunk drivers.drive safe and dont drive drunk
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Vinyl Junkie (2 months ago)
Lame ass music
breana brown (3 months ago)
I was a passanger in a drunk driving accident we hit a tree thank God we are all still here (my boyfriend and his friend)
Tina Butkus (7 months ago)
People. !! drunk driving is just plain stupid !! have a plan in place. before going out to drink. ! take. a cab or call. your parents. or a friend. that is sober !! please do not make that stupid choice to drive home ! your choices not only affects you but also everyone around you !think before you drink !!
Scott Dore (10 months ago)
It's crazy but most people don't think it bothers anyone but drunk driving kills family's of loved ones and also all the police fire and ems workers who see this day in and day out it screws them up too !! It's just Sad
fleiva30 (10 months ago)
There's people tha drink and drive fine and there's people that with only a few drinks they drive wild and wreck less like they blackout and that's when accidents gahappens
Garry (1 year ago)
on the night of 10th / 11th Jan 2010 I was called out to a fatal with Rescue. As I arrived on scene, I heard my old Rescue unit call through to let the police know Rescue had just arrived on scene. I knew they weren't responding to ours so I gave it no more though as I had to concentrate trying to save another life. When I finally arrived home at 3am, I had to ring my mother back after her 3 messages. When I pulled her out of bed, she broke the news that I had just lost one of my good mates and his son in a double, then while on the phone, I had the Police turn up. They got more of a shock as they didn't expect to see me in my uniform. Both accidents were caused by drink drivers but I was given a card and told if I wanted to know anything to give the Police a call. What they told me shocked me more and made me so furious as the driver blew a road side test of nearly 10 times the limit and had still been drinking while driving as he was covered in alcohol. So I had 3 fatals to deal with just because 2 drivers thought it was ok to drive drunk   It's not only the families that suffer after an accident, this also affects those who have to pick up the pieces and work on the front line at these scenes.
Fat Molasses (1 year ago)
It is sad 😢
Imdb Truth (1 year ago)
God bless all the victims. I was almost killed by a drunk driver myself, so glad to be alive, but so sad for those who fall victim to a dumbass drunk!
Angelica Pinott (1 year ago)
but thank got i am 10 years old so i can't drink alcohol 😂
white69rabbitt (1 year ago)
11/09.1984 Suzanne Woods 22 years old killed by a drunk driver with 1 conviction and one pending 22 month old daughter
Eric Dietz (1 year ago)
I knew a girl who had to grow up without both of her parents because of drinking and driving.
Candise Giron (2 years ago)
I lost my dad June 3 2002 I was 17teen my dad was a passenger they were three blocks away and they would have been safe and sound I was going into my senior year it happened in the summer my dad was 41 years old
breanne bellezza (1 year ago)
Candise Giron I am so sorry about your dad
Just Wazz (2 years ago)
Sad... moving
lance estep (2 years ago)
this song is really good and so's the video these videos and every 15 minutes should be shown to 7th and 8th grader's the more horrific the better get hold John Beneal from wildest police videos
Michael Kennedy (2 years ago)
A "tribute"... to drunken imbeciles...???
Anthony Blake (2 years ago)
+Michael Kennedy no, a tribute to the victims of the drunk drivers who lost their lives innocently.
land otter1 (2 years ago)
This happens every day, and is considered normal but someone gets killed by a gun and the world comes to an end.
Music-Is Great (2 years ago)
Err... A car is designed for transportation. A gun is designed for death. BIG DIFFERENCE
zundfolge1342 (3 years ago)
@ 1:48, that Holden Commodore driver wasn't drunk... they were racing on Geelong Freeway in Melbourne.
Brent Querry (3 years ago)
I'm so glad I gave up drinking
Brent Querry (2 years ago)
+Best Injurylawyer thx
Best Injurylawyer (3 years ago)
+Brent Querry Good for man.
Schelle7000 (3 years ago)
Why does it seem that all of these type of videos have some shitty emo music droning on and on? Leave this terrible, no singing whiny bullshit out of these videos. It would be better with no music at all instead of this garbage.
Hyrule Goddess (1 year ago)
Schelle7000 mute
Anthony Blake (2 years ago)
if you dont like the music, dont listen. this is a tribute to the victims who innocently lost their lives cause some dumba$$ decided to drink and drive. not everyone likes your music, but you dont hear us complain about it. this person just wanted to make a video as a tribute to those who have died. the sad part is that most of the time, the drunk walks away, while destroying the lives of others.
Schelle7000 (3 years ago)
Or how about people not inject their shitty taste in music over every fucking video they do? And maybe these emo virgins shouldn't make videos if they can't do them right. Now, shove your idiotic comment up your Big Bertha, Bertha.
Bertha Martin (3 years ago)
+Schelle7000 you have a mute button...use it, or do the videos yourself and shared them....
The_Lost_One 13 (3 years ago)
when i was 10, i lost my father to drunk driving. i'll always miss him, and always think of him when i hear this song.
Andrew Heydt (3 years ago)
we need mandatory ignition locks for all convicted drunk drivers to prevent much of this from happening., extremely traggic
breanne bellezza (1 year ago)
Andrew Heydt They have something like that for D.U.I offenders.
Barry Stone (4 years ago)
I wouldn't blame drunk driving.  I would blame the fact they were not Christians.  No real Christ loving person dies in this way.  Amen
Anyone who would write such a horrible, idiotic & distasteful comment, must mean one thing & one thing only & that is that you must be part of that one gross church... That one RACIST disgusting church that disrupts funerals of fallen American soldiers & says awful things about gay people & about anyone in the world, but themselves... I don’t remember the name of that trashy Church though because they’re SOO irrelevant no one cares what they have to say, we all know that they are complete idiots & just hateful & disgusting. In fact I wouldn’t even consider them a church at all, They’re church is a JOKE!!! & you can tell me that I’m going to Hell all you want, your words don’t scare nor will they phase me. I may not be a Christian, but I have respect for other people’s beliefs, religions & faiths. Just not yours, because clearly your beliefs are fueled by ignorance & hate!!! You’re a real idiot. People like you sadden me!!!
You're the most stupid person I've ever seen like seriously you believe the bible you think "god" did this how many times did your mom drop you on your head
Allan True (3 years ago)
+Barry Stone Now I know you're just a troll.
Allan True (3 years ago)
+Barry Stone Those verses have nothing to do with the subject at hand. Common sense will tell you everyone's mortal body will die at some point, whether they are christian or not. Aside from that, nowhere does the bible indicate that bad things will never happen to Christians; in fact, just the opposite, we should expect scorn and persecution. Christ himself was assassinated despite being blameless, and so were most of his apostles. Also, it may be that being killed in a car wreck turns out to be a blessing if it means that your soul goes to meet it's maker a little bit sooner.
Barry Stone (3 years ago)
+rob the log And you're a class 'A' sinner bound for hell.
Marc Barber (4 years ago)
New evidence presented by staticians, shows that many accidents are actually AVOIDED because of drunk drivers. If that same scenario involved two sober drivers, they would collide. BUT, because one of them is drunk, their reactions are slower, or they respond differently with their steering, and the accident is avoided. . No one can prove how many accidents are avoided due to drunk drivers. Staticians are saying it could quite possibly be as many, or MORE than accidents that are CAUSED by drunk driving.
breanne bellezza (1 year ago)
Marc Barber that doesn't make sense
FireFightersLady (4 years ago)
And just where do you get your statistics? Who are your statisticians? You can't even spell it...lol  Well allow me to enlighten you... Last year alone as many as 10,000 people were killed by drunk drivers... And BTW... I get my statistics from MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) I am also a Flight Nurse...and I have responded to far more DUI accidents than I can count in the 24 years I have been doing this... Personally I think your "new evidence" is totally laughable and something you invented inside that pea sized brain of yours so you can justify your own drinking and driving... And may I say that I hope with everything I am that you are killed in a drunk driving accident of your very own... :)
Mike Speed (4 years ago)
This is so sad.....
Andrew Lavrov (4 years ago)
what was the band performing the song ?
FireFightersLady (4 years ago)
It was The All - American Rejects... In the future? Any music in a video is usually listed just above the comments...
GARTHBOOTS (4 years ago)
im so sorry to the victums whos lives that have been effected by some jerk who is drunk I cant imagine how you all go on injured or death there is no reason to drink and drive people please think about these innocent drivers before you drive theres so many ways to get home if your drunk
C (4 years ago)
Where's all the blood and guts
Bella Black (5 years ago)
this is so sad i watch 30 sec of this video and i stared to cry this is so sad :'(
lambchopxoxo (5 years ago)
1:55 isnt a drunk driving accident. Its a girl who took her dads porsche when she was  upset and crashed.
mikemack427 (5 years ago)
Drop the fucking soundtracks and bullshit and show the actual mortality if you want this to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This whole video is sad, but the stupid "Sound of Music" shit has to stop.
RVA BB6 (5 years ago)
Great Video
Jerry Wakefield (5 years ago)
Only one word comes to mind, WOW!
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
Weed's death toll isn't 0 you moron. There are plenty of deaths caused by the druggie's actions while high. Driving while high itself has a large amount of deaths to it. What gave you the brainless idea weed never caused any deaths
Evan Levow (5 years ago)
When people choose to drive with their BAC above the legal limit, they should understand the repercussions of that choice.
conablis1645 (5 years ago)
Alcohol kills 75,000 people a year and its legal, weed kills 0 in all history and possession is a criminal offense......
porsche at 1:56
Zach (5 years ago)
A couple of nights ago, I was out for a few drinks with some friends at the Marriott Hotel and had a few too many beers and some rather nice red wine. I knew I was a bit over the limit, but I did something I've never done before: I took a bus home. Sure enough I passed a police road block but as it was a bus, they waved it past. I arrived home safely without incident which was a real surprise, as I have never driven a bus before and am not sure where I got it.
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
The DUI laws are tough BECAUSE THEY NEED TO BE. Nobody ever has any business drinking and driving. All who do it are evil brainless scum of the earth.
white69rabbitt (5 years ago)
Lost my 22 year old wife to a drunk driver 11/09/1984
Derek Irwin (5 years ago)
Nice tribute.
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
The laws are tough BECAUSE THEY NEED TO BE. Nobody with any brains or morals would drink and drive.
unbracedkevbot (5 years ago)
fucking people who cant handle their shit make dui laws extremely tough for everyone. dumb fucks
Travis Shooks (5 years ago)
Great video.
Jax Atts (5 years ago)
Drunk drivers should watch this.
Gerry Burns (5 years ago)
Great awareness.
Uce28 (5 years ago)
That's o.k, cause no one would give a fuck if you died in one.
Galaxy Gamer games (1 year ago)
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
You should go to jail for shitty driving *period* END OF DISCUSSION. Everyones talking shit on drunk drivers but no ones confronting shitty drivers. People who don't check their sideview mirrors before changing lanes, old people in advanced ages, people who talk on their cell, people who text. You can cause a massive wreck, and not go to jail so long as you're sober but if you get pulled over for the most asinine reason and happen to have alcohol in your system, you go to jail for that. BULLSHIT
Jimmy T (5 years ago)
That definition is stupid yes because its not a drunk passenger that crashes. So It basically says that even a DD will be involved in a Alcohol related fatal accident.
Steven Kellis (5 years ago)
Perhaps showing this to someone right before they wanted to drink drive is a good way of turning them off and hand over the keys.
MoneyManBlack004 (5 years ago)
so sad
Second_Chance_234 (5 years ago)
@:36 that happened here in North Carolina and three people were killed.
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
Also the NTSB's "Alcohol related" fatal accidents, are COMPLETE FUCKING HORSESHIT. I got this right off of wikipedia as to how they record "alcohol related" fatality. NHTSA defines fatal collisions as "alcohol-related" if they believe the driver, a passenger, or non-motorist (such as a pedestrian or pedal cyclist) had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.01% or greater. By including pedestrians and passengers in that, you inflate the hell out of the statistics for deaths and alcohol.
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
Its like arguing that New York State is a great state to live in because of its harsh DWI law enforcement, while ignoring the fact that nearly half the states population lives in NYC and 75% of them don't even own a car. That would be a major contributing factor when 40% of your population doesn't even own a car, as to why NY has the lowest amounts of DWI deaths.
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
There are a lot of things that contribute to drunk driving fatalities that the legal system can not change. For example, Montana you run the highest risk of dying in a drunk driving accident. Reason being, most roads are rural, most roads have a speed limit of 55mph and higher, and emergency response time is often over an hour so more people die since it takes so much longer for emergency personnel to get there. These are all factors not related to DWI laws that result in more deaths.
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
You would think by your claims that the states with the strictest laws would be the ones with the worst percentages of drunk drivers. The five strictest states are (in no particular order) GA, SC, FL, TN, IA. Of those five only GA is among the worst states in terms of drunk driving percentages. In addition, SC and FL are among the lowest drunk driving percentages while the remaining two fall in the middle.
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
While the cop is pulling over a driver who is a .05 so he can charge him with DWI, the driver who blows a .14 drives right past. You obviously think police resources are limitless. It will definitely put more otherwise law abiding citizens into the legal system. Firs the limit for DWI was .15, then it was .1, then it was .08. Now its going to .05. Through several smaller laws, you are now piecing together what amounts to prohibition, the worst amendment in the entire US constitution.
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
In the 1980's they had crack-cocaine laws set at 5 grams = 5 years. No one would be stupid enough to break that law with that kind of penalty, right? WRONG. It did nothing to curb crack-cocaine usage. Furthermore the average fatal DWI is a .17, not a .08 or a .05. You don't see the NTSB putting out the numbers for the average fatal DWI, because it would do nothing to help their anti-alcohol agenda. More courts, more cops, bigger government. It's punishing the masses for the crimes of the few.
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
come out of this without your life being ruined. Unlike you, I would never wish harm on anybody. Also, with an attitude like that, it greatly increases your chances of it "ruining your life" as you claim it automatically would (which is a foolish statement). The sad truth is, by choosing to drink and drive (multiple times no less), you are solely responsible for the position you're in.
Mike Jackson (5 years ago)
Seems simple enough to me, simply don't drink and drive, that is what sober rides and taxi cabs are for, if your gonna drink don't fucking drive. If your going to party then have a designated driver. I don't think that is asking to much of people in order to save lives on our highways. The New .05 proposal is not saying you can't have a glass of wine with your meal or whatever. It is just saying if you have more then one don't drive. I think that is fair enough.
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
Getting arrested for drunk driving doesn't ruin peoples lives. You said it yourself, that wasn't your first DWI. You knew exactly what you'd be facing if you got caught again. You knew better, but chose to risk what you consider "ruining your life." Also your numbers in your last statement are nowhere near accurate. You knew the consequences if you drank and drove. You chose to still do it (MULTIPLE TIMES BY YOUR OWN ADMISSION). You put yourself in this position. For the record, I do hope you-
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
Do you think its ok to ruin millions of lives, legally, fiscally and in gaining employment, in an attempt to save 500 lives from death? You said I'm, I dunno what word you used, depraved, psychotic. Before I got my DWI, I was a very happy person, I knew I had a lot going for me. Now the future is bleak and I see no justice, due to IMO the laws being way too harsh for the offense I did. I smoke because I don't really care about life, I kinda quit caring about life after I got arrested.
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
In my state you can get a DWI for blowing .03. Obviously that super low limit did nothing to stop me from driving, and NTSB's idea to lower the limit to .05 will also do nothing. The drunks who kill people, generally blow in the .15 and up range. The reason the govt wants to lower it to .05 BAC is because its a cash gift on the backs of people who drive, to lawyers, local courts, the insurance industry and MADD. Most politicians are lawyers so they have a lot to gain from this too.
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
and driving or any other such activity (working heavy machinery, flying, etc...) however is always irresponsible and reckless. Also one thing that should be factored in is that some bad driving acts can be genuine mistakes/accidents (running a red light/stop sign) because they aren't always intentionally done. Whereas driving while impaired (be it alcohol or other reasons is always an willful act
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
I'm not one of those people. For activities such as driving, harsh penalties are justified because of what I've mentioned before. While under the influence of alcohol, a person is incapable of driving or any such activity. So those who do so, do deserve harsher penalties for their complete and utter recklessness and irresponsibility. Do I think that being under the influence should make an offense of any kind whatsoever worse, no I do not. Drinking alcohol responsibly is fine. Drinking and-
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
You don't get arrested for it though. You can wreck into a car due to shitty driving and you get a fine, or some insurance bullshit. But if you get pulled over for the most asinine shit and you have alcohol in your system, you're going to jail. No group goes after other forms of shitty driving with the same zeal as MADD. If you were a neo-prohibitionist, wouldn't you support a group that looks to make all alcohol offenses forever harsher?
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
People do address sh***y driving you idiot. That's what driving laws are for. I do address the other problems with the same zeal. As I have said before, driving while impaired in any way is evil and moronic. You having better reaction time then your grandfather while in that circumstance was highly unlikely. You had no business drinking and driving. Nobody should ever drive while impaired. Doing so is completely asinine and evil. It is never justified
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
I've never focused just on drunk driving you imbecile. Actually pay attention. I've addressed other forms of bad driving numerous times. If you feel no guilt, remorse, or shame for what you did, I'm willing to bet you're going to right back out and drink and drive at some point because you clearly haven't learned your lesson. Hopefully because of your dwi, you'll be stripped of your license for a long time. Driving is a privilege, one that you clearly don't deserve (nor does any other bad driver
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
I've never focused just on drunk driving you imbecile. Actually pay attention. I've addressed other forms of bad driving numerous times. If you feel no guilt, remorse, or shame for what you did, I'm willing to bet you're going to right back out and drink and drive at some point because you clearly haven't learned your lesson. Hopefully because of your dwi, you'll be stripped of your license for a long time. Driving is a privilege, one that you clearly don't deserve (nor does any other bad driver
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
By only focusing on drunk driving as the only jailable offense when it comes to driving, you endorse all other forms of shitty driving. If my brother can total a car texting and driving, if a woman can kill a man texting and driving and only get 45 days in jail, then I feel no shame, guilt, or remorse for what I did.
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
ways once they've seen the error of them. Without strict and justified consequences, people would take advantage of it because they would see no reason to change
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
I'm about as anti-discrimination as they come. I've never supported (nor would I ever) any of the atrocities you mentioned. I have read the scarlet letter. There's an Albert Einstein quote that seems prevalent here, "The world is a scary place not because of the amount of evil in it, but those who see it and do nothing." Which is something you seem to want. Without strict (and fair) consequences, people would abuse the situation (as I've said before). 99% of the time, people only change their
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
Why don't you confront shitty drivers with the same zeal? People who put their make-up on while driving, people who text and drive, advanced age people who drive. I would bet you when I got my DWI, my reaction times were still superior to my 93 year old grandpa who has a drivers license and is always sober. Everyone talks shit on drunk driving, but no one addresses shitty driving because shitty driving doesn't involve a substance that is frowned upon by teetotalers of the WCTU and MADD.
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
The reason your crimes weren't violent and had no victims wasn't because of your own volition. It was because of sheer luck and the quick action of the authorities. Your own own theory of being non-violent isn't accurate. Let me guess, you'd also think the same if you played Russian Roulette with everyone around you (drunk driving essentially is like Russian Roulette). Just because luck was on their side doesn't make you any less depraved for intentionally putting them in grave danger
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
Do me a favor, look up the video MADD & DUI Laws This guy points out the complete hipocrisy of DWI laws when compared to other forms of shitty driving and how that is let go with a slap on the wrist.
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
It's all about finding a balance. Harsh laws are the answer when the right balance is found. A good example of such a case is gun laws. The most effective system in regards to this is Japan which is the strictest country (without outlawing all guns entirely)
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
I'm an advocate of criminals being in jail at their own expense. Nobody but the criminal should pay for their incarceration. After all, it is their own fault they're there. I don't have that kind of money to spare. As for your jailtime, you've said it yourself, you're facing that time. Considering you're a repeat offender, the odds of you getting off seem pretty slim The current penalties for drunk driving are 100% justified. It's the penalties for other crimes that need to be intensified.
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
I do agree that your last example is f***ed up. However, you would still deserve the penalties for driving while drunk. The heroin addict would deserve far worse however. Also what you fail to realize is that some states do have laws on the books that even out such circumstances
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
You use jail like its a cure-all to morally inferior individuals such as myself. Its actually like using a blunt instrument to do surgery. First of all, jail trains non-violent ppl like me, into becoming violent ppl. It is also a crime college, you go to jail, you learn how to do crime more effectively when you get out. The families that had a parent go to jail, their kids are profoundly more likely to wind up in jail too, than if their parent had never gone to jail, so prison is self-feeding.
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
America has a lot of the harshest laws on the books. Naturally, according to you this should lead to a low crime rate. Actually what it leads to is vastly overcrowded prisons and violent offenders and offenders with victims, getting let out of jail much earlier than usual because we have to use the bunks for victimless non-violent offenders. Thats why you're better off victimizing someone sober, than victimizing no one drunk.
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
Wrecking into a car after running a red light, is not a jailable offense. Getting pulled over for some asinine shit like your tail light was out, and you're going to jail. Heres some bullshit for you, if a heroin addict passes out and smashes into your car and you just happened to have alcohol in your system you know whos fault is that? The person with alcohol in their system, not the person with heroin in their system. Surely you can admit that is a fucked up law.
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
What you fail to realize is that people are most liable to change their ways ONCE THEY SEE THE ERROR OF THEM. Be too lenient, and far more often then not, they'll take advantage of it. Why do you think it takes a person hitting rock bottom before they realize they need to change their ways?
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
Unlike you, I'd never wish harm on anybody. So your theory is has 0 basis in reality.
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
Well you got $35,000? $30,000? Go donate that amount to your local prison and I'll gladly serve a year for this shit. Of course they could let a murderer or rapist out a year early to save you the cash, since you support having violent individuals who actually have victims freed into society so you can lock up ppl like me who did victimless and non-violent crimes. Its exactly your thinking that state budgets are broke as fuck, and prisons are vastly overcrowded.Look up the video MADD & DUI laws
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
You do the crime, you do the time. It's as simple as that. You knew and every other drunk driver knows what the consequences are, but still choose to do it. I never claimed to be morally superior. Those who break the laws have nobody but themselves to blame for the penalties they get.
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
What is your background about knowing how to change human behavior? I hate to talk from a moral high ground, but I'm getting my bachelors in criminal justice later this summer. I've studied a lot of criminal justice theories. I have a background in studying how to change human behavior. Your ideas are outdated and draconian, make the punishment harder and ppl will stop drinking and driving. Well why don't we just cut off their hands? Can't drink a beer or drive a car without hands.
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
Why is it that the average fatal DWI is .17 and up, and to get charged with DWI, the BAC is .08. Why are they now considering lowering it to .05? The .0's BAC's rarely contribute to a fatal accident. Its because DWI is a cash cow for a lot of people. MADD personally gains $35 or more for every person charged with DWI that has to sit through their VIP's. Obviously you're naive enough to think that money doesn't corrupt individuals. They put ppl through the system under the guise of safety.
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
Read up on Defiance theory. If you make a punishment so harsh that people see the punishment unfair compared to the act, more people break the law. That is why DWI arrests went up when they lowered the BAC from .1 to .08, people thought it was unfair. They are now going to make it .05 BAC for DWI, so even MORE people will break the law and will be treated as 2nd class citizens for the rest of their lives. You obviously feel you are a morally superior individual similar to the nazi's.
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
I use to street race. I can honestly say I was a danger to society back when I modified cars for racing and used them for public roads. I got caught once street racing, I had to pay $500 in legal fees and that was the end of that even though I was doing 25mph over the speed limit on a public road even though my driving was significantly worse than when I got pulled over for DWI. Look dude, you're a fan of deterrence theory. Make the punishment so draconian no one will break it
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
all you do is mention the circumstances of one of your DUIs. You never mention the other's circumstances. No person ever has any business drinking and driving, or being while being impaired in any way shape or form. The fact that you drink and drive does make an irresponsible and dangerous driver. You may be safe the rest of the time, but you aren't a safe driver while intoxicated or impaired. Nobody ever is.
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
Yea but you support harsh penalties ONLY for drinking and driving. So in other words, you endorse all other forms of shitty driving. You can admit it now, you support a double standard, people who get pulled over for some asinine shit who also have alcohol in their system, we have to protect society from, but people who blow through intersections, put make-up on while driving, text and drive and get behind the wheel despite not having slept for 36 hours, you're just fine with that type ofdriving
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
You're not including the entire Ben Franklin quote. What you fail to realize is the fact that a line is drawn at one's freedom when if you're impeding others' freedom. Most states have different penalties depending on the driver's BAC level. So in most cases (in the US at least), the punishment wouldn't be the same for your two examples. While the initial reason for you being pulled over is debatable, the fact that you were DRUNK DRIVING in the end justifies it. I also find it interesting that-
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
I never said those things were responsible driving you moron. If you actually payed attention, I've posted plenty of comments on this video speaking out against such behavior. The fact that you're now telling me to kill myself gives more proof of your depravity.
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
I think it was Benjamin Franklin that said "Those that sacrifice freedom for security, deserve neither" He is talking to exactly to ppl with your kind of thinking. Everytime you get out on the road, you run the risk of being killed by any number of bad drivers. But you equate the guy who drink 3 beers and drove, as the same type of bad driving with the guy who drank a 5th of vodka and drove. You categorize them with the same DWI charge even though there is empirical evidence the drunk is worse.
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
I didn't get pulled over for careless and imprudent driving. Supposedly I didn't stop long enough, even though I did in fact stop, at a stop sign. So you equate that with bad driving, but sober drivers who drive on the wrong side of the road, speed through intersections while running a red light, driving with a complete lack of sleep, clearly that is responsible driving according to you because the penalties are a slap on the wrist for that type of driving. You should off yourself man.
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
speeding, running a stop sign/red light, illegal turns etc... in the same vain. The fact of the matter is you had no business drinking and driving, NOBODY DOES. There's never any valid reason for doing so. Nor have you even tried
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
The penalties for drunk driving are 100% justified.
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
While the depravity is lacking in the bicycle example, it's equally as stupid. There are well justified circumstances that allow dui charges when below the legal limit (examples being if the person is underage, or if they're showing signs of impairment. I don't hate alcohol. I never said there should be a double standard you brainless psychopath. If you actually payed attention, you'd know that I'm very against there being a double standard. The double standard lies in other crimes being so weak
gamelvr1 (5 years ago)
You're a bad driver period. The fact of the matter is, you don't drive responsibly. As I did say before, you're not better off killing someone sober than while drunk.
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
Why is it that everyone talks shit on drunk drivers, but no one confronts people who are shitty drivers? Because shitty driving leads to a lot of deaths too. You can suck ass at driving, cause a wreck, you get a ticket and insurance bullshit, but if you get pulled over for some asinine shit and have traces of alcohol in your system, thats the end of the fucking world. Fuck you MADD, you don't hate drunk driving, its clear, you hate alcohol.
sirscrotum (5 years ago)
50 years ago, you went to jail for WHAT YOU DID. These days you go to jail for what you COULD of done. As a result our prison system is vastly overcrowded and states are having a hard time balancing their budgets. Putting people in jail who have traces of alcohol in their blood while driving and victimized no one is one of the reasons the prison system is so overcrowded. DWI laws is basically a "Pre-crime" as a result, often times you are legally better off victimizing someone sober.

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