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Cozmo Robot HACKS, Programming and Coding via the Cozmo SDK by Anki

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Cozmo Robot Programming via the SDK http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dan-nessel/cozmo-robot-review-did-an_b_12489336.html Today we dive deeper into the SDK for programming Cozmo. If you are new to Cozmo, please watch our Full Video Review of Cozmo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlcZIBzi35g Cozmo retails for $179 and is available now from Amazon - http://amzn.to/2dPGBQM Learn More About the Anki Cozmo SDK Here - https://developer.anki.com/en-us Here is more information on Cozmo from Anki - Cozmo is one of the most sophisticated consumer robots available today. Developed by a multidisciplinary team of PhD roboticists, world-class animators, and renowned game developers, Cozmo represents a major leap forward in the future of play at the intersection of film, toys, videogames, and robotics. Smarts aside, Cozmo is a real-life robot like you've only seen in movies. He’s a gifted little guy who’s got a mind of his own and a few tricks up his sleeve. He’s the sweet spot where supercomputer meets loyal sidekick. He’s curiously smart, a little mischievous, and unlike anything ever created. More than a companion, Cozmo’s a collaborator. He’s your accomplice in a crazy amount of fun. General Details: ● Supercomputer on treads - Cozmo is constantly scanning his environment and recognizes people. ● Almost human - With clever facial expressions, highly-reactive body language, his own mood- setting soundtrack and unique voice tones, it’s like Cozmo rolled right out of a movie and into your life. ● Real emotion - Artificial intelligence allows Cozmo to express a wide range of emotions and to have contextual feelings based on your actions. ● Decidedly durable - Drop-tested and built to last, Cozmo is tougher than he looks. His 300+ parts are meticulously engineered to keep him alive for a long time to come. ● Simply secure - Cozmo is as safe as he is strong. A local device- to-device connection means there's no data stored in the cloud for others to access. ● Software driven - Free app updates keep the relationship with Cozmo fresh and exciting year round. First update with a new game mode and features planned for December, just in time for the holidays! Also visit Anki to learn more - https://anki.com/en-us
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Text Comments (271)
Berry the Technoman (28 days ago)
Don’t want to discuss or disappoint but the thinking is all taking place outside Cozmo. Cozmo does not have any brain only little memory used for keeping the stats and faces and progress. Controllers,sensors, battery, basic memory and motors no cpu on board. Vector has real cpu and doesn’t need phone or external brain.
DarkSagan (1 month ago)
Holy Shit! This is sick
Marcus B (1 month ago)
Can it turn your lights on, or tweet you? Jk, peace
YouTube Singer (1 month ago)
I just got cozmo today
Mushypeas DMc (1 month ago)
can you do a vid how to do all this please
Reina Baires (2 months ago)
I have cozmo
[]HĒŁŁ[] []KNĪGHT[] (2 months ago)
Time to teach it how to poop.
Daddy Homework (3 months ago)
This was a great video. Love how you showed us the different camera views.
Power ranger Gamer1234 (4 months ago)
Dose this robot come with a charger
dunco gaming (4 months ago)
your video has been stolen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aczofYwt-Ig
Julián Gómez Espinal (4 months ago)
Im a programmer, phyton has a lot of capabillities, this goes inmediatly into my wishlish for sure.
🥀 CuteDragon🥀 (4 months ago)
Damnit I don't have a computer. 😒
Doctor Tophat (5 months ago)
And now Vector will have all of these special features built in
FAiden (5 months ago)
Not sure if either it’s only for iPad, or it’s only for the collectors edition, or it’s a new feature, but there is a mode on mine where you can code cozmo, there is a simpler version, or a more advanced version, it’s free, no hacks, and it comes with the app Edit: nvm this is old
tanishq gupta (7 months ago)
Can you program him as an assistant like google assistant
valentino Rodriguez (8 months ago)
xxlixx (8 months ago)
I have problem with wi-Fi
Virus.exe (8 months ago)
Always Quiz a Cosmo more I do not have money
HoldShiftt2Run (9 months ago)
control your house? Are you trying to destroy humanity?
Coding Cozmo (9 months ago)
The SDK really opens up Cozmo's capabilities. Some might find it easier to use the Cozmo Code Lab, which has evolved quite a bit since this video was made. Great stuff! 🧔🏻👍
Carlos Gomez (11 months ago)
$ 200 $ HELL NO
Equate Null (1 year ago)
They need to come out with a Wall-E also...
Animation Space (1 year ago)
Listen carefully to the video... Chirp Chirp Chirp Chirp Chirp Chirp Chirp Chirp
Zapra 9 (1 year ago)
Is it just me or does cozmos voice sound like spongebob pamtri.
Aesir Woden (1 year ago)
Question: Can Cozmo explore his world? other than a table top?
OP KilliE (1 year ago)
my cozmo is on lets robot thanks to lets robot https://letsrobot.tv/robocaster/opkillie/robot/71553650
Bad Kid (1 year ago)
I have hi
OpinionDay007 (1 year ago)
its all fun and games until you want him to open the god damn bay doors on the ship and then its hal 2000 all over again
iguana gaming XD (1 year ago)
I am new to it
Rbeast c (1 year ago)
I have the limited edition cozmo
Red Rocket (1 year ago)
Can you unlock this stuff by playing with it
All this voids your warranty
Peter Diamond (1 year ago)
jack turn of the alarm clock. I can't Bob. Why Jack. It's cozmo
Jesus Chavez (1 year ago)
How to bomb a party. Step 1 : Buy a Cosmo Step 2 : set facial recognition Step 3 : strap a bomb on Cosmo Step 4 : Program to say *ALLA HACK BAR* !!! LOL
Jesus Chavez (1 year ago)
julio m Gracia
julio m (1 year ago)
Hahaha so funny man
Liselotte Frejdig (1 year ago)
Hello there! What's the difference between SDK and Code Lab? My guess is that Code Lab is much easier to use. Best wishes Liselotte
Greg (1 year ago)
hmmm here its $300 to get one.. and seems cozmo does not use the dock to auto charge itself.. so things like 'desk_security_guard' are only good if your away for less than 90 odd mins before the battery dies.. having to recharge it 5 times a day is worse to me than having to charge my iPhone and iWatch every night.. whole day battery life would make cozmo something that won't just get boring because it goes flat too fast
Dark Nixilius φ (1 year ago)
Thanks for your video. I have a question. Can we run programs sur conditions (if it see a face, a cube...) instead of run manually ?
Hunter Bledsoe (1 year ago)
Hey,Dad Does if you read this I just want to see more of Cozmo and what he can do and you programing him and all that.(Plus he is on my Christmas list)
Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, lots of interest in Cozmo, I think we will do another video soon! Thanks for watching and Happy Holidays!
Afaq Nagieva (1 year ago)
Anthony B (1 year ago)
Can you change the language of cozmo ? Like french ?
but... does it blend?
Shadic Free_Running (1 year ago)
Is it really worth buying is my question?
Lock N Load922 (1 year ago)
Can you change Cosmo voice to a real voice
Yeeson Yu (1 year ago)
Except for Python will mosmo accept JavaScript or c?
ooalibaba (1 year ago)
I never knew you could hack Cozmo
Lo-Fi-Fe-Fum (1 year ago)
would be good if he could answer questions like siri or alexa......
kermitdef (2 months ago)
They made a new model named Vector which basically does just that. But it isn't a toy you play with like Cozmo.
Pierre Hurel (1 year ago)
In the beginning I thought you meant that Cozmo was the one hacking and not that it was about you hacking into him. And that by the title you meant that cozmo was hacking into something but I misunderstood you.
Fortnite Pro (1 year ago)
Can you turn off Cozmo
Skip (1 year ago)
and so begins my creation...... apologies if the world gets overrun by sentient robots
Mini-anthrax (1 year ago)
let me know. only on MacOS?
ziros22 (1 year ago)
MakeItPakeIt (1 year ago)
Imagine walking into a room and seeing Cozmo stare at something while his backpack is lit, but there's no one in the room.
Eka Dud (1 year ago)
I plan to make it as a New Year gift for my fiance. He's a software engineer who likes coding and thinking about the app he may create in the future. I feel myself very stupid when I want to make a somehow related present. Hope he will like it!
alfred rene (1 year ago)
can you make him scan for knife, take it and push it inside owner's neck while he sleeps? ^^
Jeff Hogancamp (1 year ago)
I will get on writing the code right now.. lol
Darion Plays (1 year ago)
who wants millions of sparks
nick svaluto (1 year ago)
Just one question if you don't mind can Cozmo make the back-up noise when he backs up? Thanks
Angelo Chappetta (1 year ago)
nick svaluto Cozmo beeps while reversing.
Midnight Mechanic (1 year ago)
ED-209 comes to mind. Let em spew out memes before the hot lead.
Alpha Wolf (1 year ago)
Omg that is so easy, I made a game with python on my first month of learning, its one of the easy computer languages
Alpha Wolf (1 year ago)
I know python, I'm 11
samrockseagle (1 year ago)
Ordered one for my niece, looks like have to get my hands on one myself. Its great that you can program it. Just amazing.
Justin (1 year ago)
Can you program it to charge himself?
Cozmo The Bot (22 days ago)
William Rowan yes 😂😂😂
William Rowan (22 days ago)
Ross Russell (25 days ago)
Please share if you do!
Cozmo The Bot (28 days ago)
Justin yes. You can. I’m currently in the process of making something like that. He finds his charger, goes to it, and backs up into it!
thicc (1 month ago)
Swedish Fish same
Long N. (1 year ago)
Can Cozmo do stuff without the app?
Angelo Chappetta (1 year ago)
Long N, no
Ax.Discord (1 year ago)
I want to attach a glock to him
RUwatching (1 year ago)
That could be dangerous lol
Kyle K. (1 year ago)
Since the program is stored and runs local, it can do anything that the computer does, with Cozmo as an additional input and output. It's really cool.
Paloma Resendiz (1 year ago)
I thought Cozmo only works if you're phone has the app open. For example, if you exit the app or your phone turns off Cozmo will go to sleep. So doesn't that mean that your phone has to be running the app all the time for Cozmo to be an alarm clock or desk security guard or to turn off the lights? I don't have one yet but it's being shipped so it will arrive soon. I'm just very confused about that part.
helloway (1 year ago)
"Create wall" LOL
PuppyLuvU2 (1 year ago)
one thing I would worry about if you can use other peoples programs/scripts and you don't check or understand it, could you accidentally use malicious stuff? Not like "picks up a knife and goes all terminator" but like it could give someone acess to Cosmo when your phone is nearby so they can secretly spy on you or hack into any of your smart devices cozmo can acess or other stuff like that?
Chef Deadpool (1 year ago)
does cozmo interact with out the app opened?
Angelo Chappetta (1 year ago)
Chef Deadpool no
victoria Solorio (1 year ago)
how much dose he cost?
jdmac44 (1 year ago)
I'd like to know how to change his creepy, cliche voice. :p
pscs (1 year ago)
cozmo is the best
ghostwarrior61 (1 year ago)
don't you know that it is hard on a robot like that
Darko Panic (1 year ago)
i would buy a new bodykit for him....
My Turtle Diaries (1 year ago)
I can't wait to see more options for him in the app. We need more
Asd surfers (1 year ago)
its fantastic
Zuyos (1 year ago)
Time to teach cozmo how to swear
BlueScreenOfDead (24 days ago)
+Piero Joestar spectator in BF, and learn it so say Noob when u die hehe
Piero Joestar (5 months ago)
Make it say the N word
Uma Dzanic (7 months ago)
Soyuz No are you crazy that's junk what you're saying
Epic Charizard (7 months ago)
No don’t do that with cozmo
jzimmerman1229 (1 year ago)
Ha, that's the first thing I did with mine... Made it swear at my brother.
thequickblue31 (1 year ago)
Alistar D'souza (1 year ago)
Planning for any giveaway, specially COZMO?????
FluffyWolfLord Gaming (1 year ago)
sooooo just using him without him even knowing what you did to him?
Dark Disney (1 year ago)
can cozmo remember multiple programmed commands at once or does he execute only one command and forgets about it to make room for the other?
Faarquad Borislav (1 year ago)
I want it to sing soviet anthem lol.
This_Is _OG (1 year ago)
to learn to code i have found this very helpful https://www.codecademy.com/
Giorgi Gzirishvili (1 year ago)
2:51: So it can #BuildTheWall?
weerobot (2 years ago)
Egg Akar (2 years ago)
This is ssoo cooollllllllllll
Nakul Kundra (2 years ago)
can we control cozmo from another country ?....
Victor Tello (1 year ago)
Nakul Kundra Allah ackbar
Henley Phoenix (2 years ago)
Those options you were scrolling through of all the things Cozmo is capable of 'face follower' etc, are they things that anki is going to add over time with app updates? Because there's games on that list and the app says that more are coming soon.
Henley Phoenix (2 years ago)
I'd love to see what desk security guard does and if they'll add it on to the app with an update.
Yaro Kasear (2 years ago)
Props to Anki for doing proper Linux support with their SDK, too. Most times we Linux programmers and users get completely overlooked or even snubbed by companies like this.
alia laquant (2 years ago)
I would love to have a Cosmo
Alexis Delatolas (2 years ago)
Great video! Thanks for showing some of the capabilities ;) Looking forward to get Cozmo available in Europe!
Charles Ravert (2 years ago)
Just got mine and I can't believe all it can do! And to think this thing just came out in October and here we are 2 months later. Just imagine what this little guy will be doing by this time next year!
Dark King (2 years ago)
yo want would happen if you put 2 Cozmo look at each other. do they get mad or happy, or nothing like they don't exist?
Dark King (2 years ago)
obi wan (2 years ago)
Dark King they just ignore each other. cozmo doesnt recognises another cozmo
Dark King (2 years ago)
but other than that Cozmo is alsome
Christie Deruiter (2 years ago)
can you please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please make a video that like- I didn't understand it very much,I am only 9 and I don't get it
S.K.Y MagicStar2 (1 year ago)
Henley Phoenix that wasn't her mother that replied to um....high five?...I guess.....it was probably an older, immature sibling. I know. I am a big sister and a younger one. I do get a bit triggered, if I feel someone said something rude about my siblings
Henley Phoenix (2 years ago)
Christie Deruiter high five wasn't being a troll! He/she was just giving advice! You're quick to jump the gun!
grove4lifemc 101 (2 years ago)
Why does your 9 your old daughter have access to a youtube account? And how was high five being a troll?
Christie Deruiter (2 years ago)
high five My 9 year old daughter wrote that. As she stated. Lay off the little kids commenting on toy videos, Troll.
InaudibleGhost (2 years ago)
Christie Deruiter well if you can't understand then don't do it for the best
Rebecca Sloane (2 years ago)
Can you use a apple iPad instead of a smartphone?
Henley Phoenix (2 years ago)
Rebecca Sloane yes :)
aqil yackob (2 years ago)
what version of python did you use ?
s6ef4enko (2 years ago)
What's the capacity of Cozmo? How many programs can be installed on it? Does it have flash memory or something?
God Vegeta (2 years ago)
I got cozmo today for 149.99 because it's Black Friday :D
Lowla07 (1 year ago)
God Vegeta you're lucky that you have it
- ̗̀Vivific ̖́- (1 year ago)
MEANSILVER on the website?
MEANSILVER (2 years ago)
Juan Manuel Tastzian (2 years ago)
It's speech synthesis sounds like The Man From Another Place from Twin Peaks :P
Callie LeClaire (2 years ago)
Juan Manuel Tastzian Crap, I'm getting mine tomorrow and now that's all I will imagine when I hear him xS
Callie LeClaire (2 years ago)
Juan Manuel Tastzian holy cow he does xD
Major Update Just Announced by Anki - https://anki.com/en-us/company/blog/cozmo-december-software-update Lots of cool new features coming to Cozmo! We hope to be able to test the new features and be back with a New Video!
Mazakman (2 years ago)
Do you have to have a smart phone or tablet to use cozmo?
Drizzy Games (2 years ago)
Mazakman Yes

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