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You Are Very Nice Bacha Pashto song with English lyrics. funny Pashto song.

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#nicebacha You are very nice bacha you are very nice bacha
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Text Comments (10)
Wahab Afridi (12 days ago)
your very nice bacha😂
Ayesha Aziz (13 days ago)
Sarmad Hassan (12 hours ago)
Khan Mumtaz (14 days ago)
u r vrey nice bachie
Pashto Tech (14 days ago)
Khan Mumtaz thanks
ninja khan (6 months ago)
wa dadi la koma ko
Mehmal Ibraheem (1 month ago)
ninja khan kya keh rhy hainn yhh
Pashto Tech (6 months ago)
+ninja khan thanks
ninja khan (6 months ago)
sa ye da
Pashto Tech (6 months ago)
ninja khan bas gora warta

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