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Oracle 11g Grid Infrastructure Installation

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This video describes in detail, the steps involved in Oracle 11g Grid Infrastructure Installation. This video includes, the OS setup, user creation and Grid infrastructure Installation
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mahesh kumar (1 month ago)
Just for my knowledge, any reason for cluvfy.sh script is not executed prior to runinstaller.sh.. is that mandatory ?
Wysheid Wysheid (30 days ago)
HI Mahesh, Clufy is not mandatory . As you would have observed, i have gone through all pre-requisites , so the installation went fine. Please feel free to reach out me if you face any issues during installation. Thanks , Wysheid team
Hari Krishna (10 months ago)
it is very helpfull to freshers
Wysheid Wysheid (10 months ago)
Hari Krishna thanks for feed
Muhammad Adnan (11 months ago)
It was great. Thanks for sharing this video.
Wysheid Wysheid (11 months ago)
Muhammad Adnan Thanks . please visit us at www.wysheid.com for more videos
Dilbag Singh (1 year ago)
Thank u very much
shaieena banu (1 year ago)
Very useful one
Wysheid Wysheid (1 year ago)
shaieena banu Thanks
Vishnu.G Dhulipalla (1 year ago)
How can you ignore swap error message. we have to fix the swaping error before we install grid
srinu n (1 year ago)
Thank u very much Sir. Your teaching is easily understand and getting knowledge. Really session is superB.
Wysheid Wysheid (1 year ago)
Thanks Srinu . Please visit www.wysheid.com for more blogs and tutorials
rashmi Chauhan (2 years ago)
Hello Sir , The videos shared for rac is really a treat to watch.Really impressed with the trainer the way he explains in detail each bit & his knowledge.Please keep doing the wonderful work of sharing knowledge.Applaudable..Thankyou so much to Wysheid team.
Wysheid Wysheid (1 year ago)
Thanks Rashmi. Please visit our website www.wysheid.com to read more blogs and to understand about our self learning video courses
Huzefa Patel (2 years ago)
Dear Sir, After Prerequisite check during Grid Infra Installation at 1 hr 7 min in videos, how does your video gets to Cluster node information step again????? its hell lot confusing. please rectify
Wysheid Wysheid (1 year ago)
Hi, Can you please send me the screenshot to my mail id [email protected]
Piyush Tyagi (2 years ago)
Hi Sir,Please how to add those VIP addresses, please explain
smylez foreel (2 years ago)
Thank you
Yash Srivasto (2 years ago)
Hi, very informative video, I have few questions though... Is it mandatory to have ASM configured for Grid Software....? or can be skipped.. i don`t see any option to skip this in 12c grid. Also as you configured asm partitioning between two servers? was the storage/disks already shared before you configured?
Wysheid Wysheid (2 years ago)
ASM is not mandatory. If you are able to provide the shared storage , you need not create ASM disk group. But ASM software is part of the GRID software , so the software will get installed automatically
prabhu b (3 years ago)
one question without adding private ip how to communicate the node interconnection
prabhu b (3 years ago)
+Wysheid Wysheid k thank you
Wysheid Wysheid (3 years ago)
+prabhu b its configured and while installing we are specifying the ip address for interconnect as well
prabhu b (3 years ago)
But in this demonstrate I saw u didn't configure private ip
Wysheid Wysheid (3 years ago)
+prabhu b , with out the private interconnect, internode communication will not be working
Candy Man (3 years ago)
i hear firing in background run run run
abhishek chaturvedi (3 years ago)
Brilliant...a very informative,descriptive and in a layman language video
VeeRA B (3 years ago)
Excellent session...!! Sir ji...
Wysheid Wysheid (3 years ago)
+VeeRA B Thanks, please see the complete list of RAC related videos in this link https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZSKX9aay1XsNgLcDIDmo5pSCwWxaMj1A Also pls subscribe to our channel , so that you will get updates on the new videos.
prateek srivastava (3 years ago)
nice tutorial thanks to you sir
arun singh (3 years ago)
Hi, How you have shared partition between two server.
YongQi Qiao (3 years ago)
buddy,do speak clear
yogesh bhandarkar (3 years ago)
Nice Tutorial!
Mahendran Ponnusamy (3 years ago)
do we need to create users, groups and directory structure on each machines?
Praveen Chandran (3 years ago)
@Mahendran Ponnusamy  Yes, we have to . Also make sure that the group id and user id is same in all the nodes
Vipin Kumar Vats (4 years ago)
Very Good tutorial
Adriano Malaquias (4 years ago)
Great video. Thanks
sujith john (4 years ago)
excellent tutorial sir !!  much help .
Ramesh H (4 years ago)
how to find the database address,database service in Oracle 11g
mig12 (5 years ago)
hi i have a problem in step when the next script is executed /usr/sbin/oracleasm init: Loading module "oracleasm": failed Unable to load module "oracleasm" in minute 34:33 thanks
Meshal Bushra (5 years ago)
Thanks ...!!
Madhu Sudhan (5 years ago)
Extraordinary  presentation !!!  
Sasidharan Sreekumar (5 years ago)
Poor English combined with speed
sujith john (4 years ago)
when a person is taking so much effort in sharing his knowledge  .. with an end to end installation 1.5 hr video ..  Learn to appreciate and encourage them. !! 
sujith john (4 years ago)
please do one session with your excellent english and paced speed .. 
Mohammad Habeebullah (5 years ago)
Excellent, Great work Habeeb
Amit Parmar (5 years ago)
max.wang (5 years ago)
sorry,I don't understand what he said
Chanchal R (5 years ago)
Thank you Sir for sharing this video. Very informative.
Thank you very much , It was great ...!
Vijay Parmar (6 years ago)
Very Good tutorial, keep up the good work. Would like you to present something on inital VM setup for Grid server and nodes? Thanks -Vijay
chandan bose (6 years ago)
very nice...but please next time change the screen,make it white....
Hudson Jean Michel (6 years ago)
Very nice
Ketan Diarsa (6 years ago)
where is the other part? installation is not complete
Yugandhar Uppala (6 years ago)
Thank You very much for sharing your knowledge.Its great help to our DBA's
9985107255 (6 years ago)
Thanks Alot. I am siebel administrator.its very usefull your videos.
Prasad Kotipalli (7 years ago)
very nice demonstration of each and every step. Thanks for sharing
Wysheid Wysheid (7 years ago)
My pleasure :-)
wheelezerb4u (7 years ago)
Thank You very much for sharing your knowledge.
sankar natarajan (7 years ago)
Excellent presentation loved it.
Sangay Dorje (7 years ago)
Wysheid Wysheid (7 years ago)
Thanks , Please contact us at [email protected], if you would like to purchase our rac elearn tutorial
evinrude55 (7 years ago)
Excellent video!
Vijayakumar Palanivelu (7 years ago)
It was great presentation. Thank you. Vijay.
p j Magesh (7 years ago)
Thank you!! it is good one

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