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Listening to Black Holes

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Janna Levin presents, "Listening to Black Holes", at Strata Ignite 2011
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sent4dc (2 years ago)
Who said that scientists can't be hot!
Atakan (3 years ago)
How does that even possible? I believe everything nasa says but this? Too unbelieble
Ben Tamari (3 years ago)
"I have homage to pay to his (Einstein, BT) unwanted children: black holes and the big bang."  Janna Levin, "How The Universe Got Its Spots" 2002, Anchor books, New York. p. 70.
CarouselBlind (3 years ago)
loudest fart ever.
dXb (3 years ago)
+CariagaXIII Nope. There is no actuall sound. It doesn't work like that. Physics! ;-)
Brad Watson (3 years ago)
Mileva Maric Einstein (Albert's first wife) was reincarnated as Janna Levin.
aman oza (3 years ago)
daaayyuum !
sacredcat (6 years ago)
Janna wears tights and that turns me on

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