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Why Hollywood Won't Cast Tom Felton Anymore

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If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Looper As one of the young breakthrough stars of the Harry Potter film franchise, Tom Felton grew up in front of the whole world, right alongside his character, the villainous Draco Malfoy. He may not have been a member of the heroic trinity in the series, but among Potter fans, Felton's name became just about as well-known as his co-stars. So, it seemed logical that he'd be among those who'd slither in to the A-list after the series came to an end in 2011. Unlike some of the others, though, Felton has since struggled to shed his status as an alumnus of Hogwarts, which means his career outside of the World of Witchcraft and Wizardry has been anything but magical. Whereas Daniel Radcliffe has become something of an indie sensation and Emma Watson headlined an entirely different blockbuster with curses and castles, Tom Felton hasn't been able to ride his Nimbus 2000 to the top of the Hollywood ladder just yet. Let's take a look at some of the reasons Hollywood won't cast him anymore... Conflicted feelings | 0:50 A career left turn | 1:37 Too familiar | 2:25 Regaining confidence | 3:27 Missing box office magic | 4:25 Blond ambition | 5:09 Time to turn it around | 5:46 Read more here → http://www.looper.com/118882/tom-felton-disappeared-harry-potter/ The Reason We Don't Hear From These Stars Anymore... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOzaghBOlEsdT_4mKq91jIQ1dZwkg89oD The Real Reasons We Don't Hear From Johnny Knoxville Anymore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lh86eTDEboA&index=5&list=PLOzaghBOlEsdT_4mKq91jIQ1dZwkg89oD The Real Reason We Don't Hear From Bam Margera Anymore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSnKvjBgBvc&index=6&list=PLOzaghBOlEsdT_4mKq91jIQ1dZwkg89oD The Real Reason We Don't Hear About Jon Heder Anymore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlOyRA8Wydk&index=4&list=PLOzaghBOlEsdT_4mKq91jIQ1dZwkg89oD Why You Don't Hear Much From Matthew Lillard Anymore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irRPft8Rz54&index=2&list=PLOzaghBOlEsdT_4mKq91jIQ1dZwkg89oD The Truth About What Happened To Mr. T https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7e_jvT_eZk&index=1&list=PLOzaghBOlEsdT_4mKq91jIQ1dZwkg89oD Why You Never Hear From Phoebe Cates Anymore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIzIxst8h-0&index=3&list=PLOzaghBOlEsdT_4mKq91jIQ1dZwkg89oD Website → http://www.looper.com/ Like us → https://facebook.com/loopermoviestv/ Instagram → https://instagram.com/looperhq/ Looper is the go-to source for the movies, TV shows and video games we all love. We're addicted to all things superhero and Star Wars, but we're not afraid to binge watch some reality TV when the mood strikes. Whether it's revealing Easter eggs and secrets hidden in your favorite films, exposing movie mistakes, highlighting the best deleted scenes, or uncovering the truth about reality TV's strangest stars, Looper has endless entertainment for the discerning YouTube viewer.
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Text Comments (2562)
Looper (10 months ago)
What other Harry Potter actors should we feature next?
Ava Carr (12 days ago)
None leave em alone
Valerie Barr (12 days ago)
None. Perhaps a feature on the motivation and negativity of channels such as this?
Finnegan Leary (15 days ago)
Rupert grint
lovely sight - gacha (2 months ago)
Roselie Gabriel Lassale They’re lying to theor subscribers. Tom is still being casted but not frequently.
brutal boy (2 months ago)
+Wensley García she was in beauty and the beast in 2017
Kween Baddie (10 hours ago)
Draco is my husband🐍💚
androplus song (3 days ago)
He looks weird
thepeiwitch (3 days ago)
*My father will hear about this*
Ghost Grown (4 days ago)
Ok so Hollywood still hire him but not for big name movies... which means your title is false. You’ve literally debunked your own theory... you’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you Looper!
Z Queen1 (6 days ago)
TBH I dont think he will ever shed Draco from his life and can't act well. I love him to death and do think his musical side is better, but he should leave acting.
」「 malfoyism ツ (8 days ago)
the flash? feed? y'all are WRONG.
crazy pineapple (9 days ago)
Bond....James Bond And im malfoy....Draco Malfoy.
I've watched planet of the apes so many times but I didn't realize the blond dude was Tom Felton
Valerie Barr (12 days ago)
The ethos of this channel and others like it is exactly what is wrong with the world today. Having nothing worthwhile of your own to contribute, you instead seek to smear, belittle and destroy those whose achievements, abilities and downright humanity are so much greater than your own. This says more about you than the targets of your spite. You reveal yourselves as the small, petty, ugly, twisted, disgusting individuals you really are.
Kam Brueton (13 days ago)
Man hasn't Tom feltons head got sooooo much bigger has he got a implant or something
iitz_cookie :3 (15 days ago)
Draco was hot when he was younger
Pretty Bird (16 days ago)
Yep. Just came to dislike the video~ Yallz support and watch him in "Origin"
rowan ehhh (17 days ago)
I just love him
Mae Rine (17 days ago)
Pfft, muggles run this channel. They know nothing, these are not facts at all. His father will hear about this.
Raychill Ylia (20 days ago)
I wish him well I so hope he gets an opportunity he’s an awesome actor
Hilary C (21 days ago)
What a load of rubbish; spare us the egocentric world of hollywood. He's wealthy, he's young and having fun exploring the arts and other aspects of life. He has the luxury to do what he wants or not do what he wants. He has been involved in music all of his life so if he focuses on that, it's suddenly a bad thing and people have to make shit up to make him look neglected? $35 mil people, he's just fine working in Britain.
Heidi I have no life (21 days ago)
You should stop these ‘Why Hollywood won’t cast..’ videos, every actor/actress is talented they don’t need to be good because they got recognised by Hollywood. Also, half the videos you do about the Celebs are very successful ones..
jorahssquire (21 days ago)
Looper this and any of your video's like this are negative, hate mongering and utter trash....
Shadow Msp (21 days ago)
I like his old hair
KittyKat (22 days ago)
*Draco be a rap god, rap god.*
iamdesibell (24 days ago)
Oh come on!!! Hollywood what???So not true aaaaand Tom is taking over YouTube as well if you haven't heard - go watch Origin and than make these stupid videos!
Benjamin Mitchell (24 days ago)
IT'S A NIMBUS 2001 NOT 2000 Jk I'm just kidding I don't care
Addi Roman (24 days ago)
But he’s in the flash
Majestic_Mermaid919 (24 days ago)
Um, Draco didn’t have a nimbus 2000 he had a 2001. *Learn your facts*
Lilianna YT (27 days ago)
*the flash*
sarah Land (28 days ago)
You need to take this down. Why you won't work in the movies is clear.
Steve Hunter (1 month ago)
Tom Felton was in “the flash” series 3
kim soohyun (1 month ago)
Are you nuts he did so many movies like so many and got an incredible net worth with a great fame so better search properly before making videos on supersuperstar
Kaylie Vess (1 month ago)
6:12 "along side some big names" *HE IS A BIG NAME*
Depressed._.Angle.x (1 month ago)
Daniel: I’ll show you a picture of tom Tom: shut up Daniel: All- Tom: SHUT UP NOW Daniel: All spiked up. If you search up Harry Potter begins the scenes you will see that 😂😂😂
Jade (1 month ago)
Because he's cruel
Nimbus 2001*
saad khan (1 month ago)
Emma Watson: “I AM NOT F****** AROUND!” What the Heck? Emma Watson did her spared time by swearing and hitting things. And to think she was the most successful out of Grint and Daniel
Joseph Estrada (1 month ago)
Was great in Origin.
Melody Megs (1 month ago)
Give him a bond movie pls 😂⭐️💖
Carlos (1 month ago)
Too pale too blue eyed too white for jewwywood
Monica Nix Black (1 month ago)
He’s still relevant y’all are just BULLIES
Slytherin King (1 month ago)
0:19 🤦‍♂️he made the joke HE MADE THE JOKE
vlogs, cats and me (1 month ago)
This is stupid.
M.J.R (1 month ago)
He looks abit like that kid in Breaking Bad 😂👌
lil Taylor (1 month ago)
Why didn't he try to get a movie with Emma. Also we have to watch a movie that he played in for school
Julian Albert could have asked Barry for a new casting
thomas 0722 (1 month ago)
incredols Ya (1 month ago)
You and your channel aree pathetic
Evelyn Tran (1 month ago)
I miss Tom felton❤️❤️❤️I want him see him more and to be given more serious roles
Ava Tyner (1 month ago)
Yo mean nimbus 2001
aghniya kaleem (1 month ago)
Well he has more Instagram followers than your subscribers..just sayin🤷🏻‍♀️
lil Taylor (1 month ago)
Gabriella Dure (2 months ago)
Is'nt he in The Flash
JoJo (2 months ago)
At 1:10, Felton didn’t say that, Rupert grunt did, I think!
MadMaddie james (2 months ago)
Nimbus 2001
Heather Mooney (2 months ago)
This is just mean... I've seen him in lots of stuff and wish him well...
Hamish Stephens (2 months ago)
pretty harsh
They should do a love story film with Tom Felton and Emma Watson. It would be amazing because Emma and Tom just have that chemistry, you know? And it would be pretty popular, not only because of Harry Potter but there are just so many who loves Tom ( me ) and so many who loves Emma ( me ) and it just would make a good romantic movie, you know?💗💗
Ron Yerke (2 months ago)
Slither in? R.M.E.
Erin Dunbar (2 months ago)
0:17 *Slytherin to the A-list* I see what you did there 💚🐍
Allison reitz (2 months ago)
This is a lie he’s still being casted all the time
Georgina Butterfield (2 months ago)
Lol Harry Potter wasn’t hollywood😂😂
Hermione Granger (2 months ago)
This makes me so sad cause he's SUCH a good actor, if only people would look past his Malfoy history and see his TALENT
xXsusejXx's xXshadowXx (2 months ago)
Those Blue Eyes... 😘
Moontail266 (2 months ago)
Tom Felton is amazing!!!!!!
AllYouNeedIsLove 321 (2 months ago)
Hmm, The Flash, Murder in the first, Feed, Apparition and many more. Wtf are you talking about
Sateda (2 months ago)
can you do a Why No One Likes Looper Anymore next please 😊
AllYouNeedIsLove 321 (2 months ago)
I would like to see that
Samara D'souza (2 months ago)
That's not true! He acted in Origins too.
BooBoo Forever (2 months ago)
Draco is one of my favorite characters from Harry Potter and I hate that this STUPID channel has to basically spread lies about Tom Felton to make you hate him but when in reality people should start spreading hate to this channel.
crazymonkey (2 months ago)
Fuckin liar he was I flash
Sarah (2 months ago)
But he’s in origin tho
Danny Hoang (2 months ago)
This is amazing idk how Harry Ron and hermione can all be fiends with Draco malfoy ?????
The real reason is most likely because Hollywood didn't want to mess up Drarry by giving people amo for shipping Tom with any other characters........what do you mean I don't make sense?
z00ne (2 months ago)
Wait till his dad hears about this.
April Michel (2 months ago)
What a bunch of crap
Its Only Megs (2 months ago)
He's great in Origin. I love the show.
Ntra Null (2 months ago)
he needs a better agent.
YTGIRL (2 months ago)
I love him and he's a brilliant actor. I felt in love with him in the Origin!!!! The end of the discussion. 😎
Aubrie O'Brien (2 months ago)
Newt Scamander (2 months ago)
0:41 because he doesn't HAVE a Nimbus Two Thousand. He went straight to a Nimbus Two Thousand and One. Jesus, non-book readers.
Lumpenkasperle (2 months ago)
´SLITHER INto the A-list...´ 😊
Ira Omar (2 months ago)
Such BS. He's a talented actor and singer with a fan base much more bigger than your subscribers
lil Tess (2 months ago)
billie crouse (2 months ago)
That filthy Potter script helped to type cast him, and he's caught that liberal apology disease and hasn't found the antidote. I hope he finds it soon.
Mystic BlueGem (2 months ago)
He's so hot I'm thirsting over Draco
Lil Pumpkin (2 months ago)
Am I the only one who realized the slither in to fame pun No just me? Okay
MGTOW Lawyer (2 months ago)
"James Bond" more like James Bomb... (box office bomb)
Lucy_ malfoy11 (2 months ago)
Tcs Smith (3 months ago)
Are you a Harry Potter fan or not it’s a Nimbus 2001
J.M.D.S (3 months ago)
He had a nimbus 2001
rick hunter (3 months ago)
He is perfect for a Bond Villain
RAGE_Enigma (3 months ago)
I hate my name want to know why I HAVE THE SAME FUCKING NAME AS HIM! Can people stop calling me Malloy I beg
Piper Jones (3 months ago)
I think what Tom said about fame is a good thing.
Daniel Sampaio (3 months ago)
Tom Felton is AMAZING on ORIGIN......
Why I’m single 1. Tom Felton has a girlfriend 2. Draco Malfoy isn’t a real person
Juju fribry (3 months ago)
Now he is in the show Origin ! 🚀
Channel AJ (3 months ago)
It’s nimbus 2001
Rylvox (3 months ago)
He became Alchemy in CW The Flash
Hannah Pal (3 months ago)
This is NOT True, please STOP lying to your subscribers Tom Felton is still in movies even though they might be small roles whats important is that Tom likes his life and enjoys it and his fans have to respect that. Hollywood does cast him every once in awhile AND Hollywood knows that these kinds of actors have a life. This is very disappointing that you made up a video that is not true. You probably don’t know much about him don’t you?
noname Lol (3 months ago)
Er ist goallllls jajskkejdkdkdbdbe
Kashila Ogden (3 months ago)
this is not true
Wilhelmine Grove-Fanning (3 months ago)
nimbus 2001 god get it right
Weinbergoboe (3 months ago)
0:17 who'd Slytherin to the A-list...

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