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How to Knit a Seed Stitch Cowl or Scarf with Any Yarn

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Learn how to knit a cowl or scarf in seed stitch using any yarn. Seed stitch is made entirely of knits and purls, which makes it a great stitch for beginners! _________________________________________________________________ /// VIDEO CHAPTERS /// 1:36 Seed stitch on flat needles - Row 1: 2:37 and Row 2: 3:50 5:00 Seed stitch hack: knit without memorising rows 8:34 Seed stitch in the round - Round 1: 13:12 Round 2: 14:18 16:06 How to customise for your yarn 10:38 Join in the round without a gap 22:08 Cast off in pattern 24:32 Wet block your scarf or cowl to make it bigger, smaller, taller or wider _________________________________________________________________ /// IMPORTANT NOTE ON VIDEO SEQUENCE /// If you'd like to cast on for your cowl or scarf right away then watch 16:06 "How to Customise Your Yarn" first. Then go back and watch 1:36 "Seed Stitch on Flat Needles" and 8:34 "Seed Stitch in the Round" to figure out how to knit seed stitch for your scarf or cowl. Thanks to user Kristina Hankyle for pointing out the potentially weird sequence of this video. _________________________________________________________________ /// YARN + NEEDLES I USED /// ⟡ Yarn: Martta the Merino yarn in color Sunset (Similar yarn: Lana Grossa Ragazza: https://www.loveknitting.com/lana-grossa-ragazza-lei?utm_medium=affiliate&a_aid=22ca8fee and Wool & the Gang: https://www.loveknitting.com/wool-and-the-gang-crazy-sexy-wool?utm_medium=affiliate&a_aid=22ca8fee) ⟡ Needles: 24" circular needle in size US 15/10mm to knit the cowl. Clover sells a pair for less than $9 on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000WYZV8U/r... _________________________________________________________________ /// HELPFUL VIDEOS /// - How to Knit: http://bit.ly/1MDYVXS - Longtail Cast On: http://bit.ly/1PqmFBb _________________________________________________________________ SEED STITCH ON FLAT NEEDLES (for knitting a scarf, for example): Cast on an EVEN number of stitches Row1 : * K1, P1; repeat from * to end of row Row 2: *P1, K1; repeat from * to end of row Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until scarf is the length you like. SEED STITCH IN THE ROUND (for knitting a cowl, for example) Cast on an ODD number of stitches and join in the round, making sure not to twist the stitches. Round 1: *K1, P1; repeat from * to last stitch, K1 Round 2: *P1, K1; repeat from * to last stitch, P1 Repeat Rounds 1 and 2 until cowl is the length you like ------ SAY HELLO ON THE INTERWEBS! ** WEBSITE: http://sheepandstitch.com ** SHOP: http://sheepandstitch.com/shop ** FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/sheepandstitch ** INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/sheepandsti... Music used in the video: "Swimming" by Poddington Bear "Summertime" by YoWiLLLL
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Text Comments (172)
Victoria Ramirez (24 days ago)
will this also work for a blanket?
Bertha Z (29 days ago)
Love the way you teach. I just started to learn how to knit, not easy, but you make sound so easy! I will continue to practice and maybe one of these days I’ll be able to make a scarf😊. Subscribing to your channel 😊.
Amber Patchett (3 months ago)
Does anyone have any tips on how you can identify a knit stitch from a purl? I struggle to see the difference in my work sometimes... like if I need to knit the purls and purl the knits, how can I look at my next stitch and tell whether it’s a knit or purl in order to knit the opposite on it?
Kathy Sargenti (29 days ago)
A purl has a horizontal bump - the knit stitch does not.
contiflex (3 months ago)
For 60 years I've only used two needles so I am a novice using the knit in the round method of knitting. A great tutorial......now I am ready to go! Thanks. :)
Sheep & Stitch (3 months ago)
Awesome! Good luck!
Lauren Browning (4 months ago)
What is the length of this cowl? Meaning how many rows did you do?
Sheep & Stitch (4 months ago)
I'm not sure how many rounds I knit for the cowl, but it measures 10.5" in height from cast on to cast off.
C D'Ambrosio (4 months ago)
Does the project stretch when blocking if acrylic yarn was used?
Sheep & Stitch (4 months ago)
Acrylic yarn is tricky when it comes to blocking. I find that acrylic doesn't hold its shape as well as natural fibers, but it's better than blocking at all. You can wet block your knitting or steam block it. I find steam blocking to be just as effective, but be sure not to press the iron directly onto your knitting as that will melt the fibers (disaster!). Start by pinning your project to the dimension you want. Then set your iron to a high steam setting. Hover the iron around 2-3 inches away from the knitting, steaming the whole project. Let the project cool down on its own and unpin it. That's it! Hope it works for you!
Anais Garvanian (4 months ago)
Your videos are the best, thank you
Sheep & Stitch (4 months ago)
You're very welcome. Thanks for watching!
Sophia Zhao (5 months ago)
Is casting off the same in the round?
Sheep & Stitch (5 months ago)
It sure is!
articMonkey87 (5 months ago)
Are moss stitch and seed stitch the same?
Sheep & Stitch (5 months ago)
They have similarities, but they're ultimately two separate stitches.
Elizabeth Vallely (5 months ago)
Thank you! Your video was a great help!
Sheep & Stitch (5 months ago)
You're very welcome!
Bianca (5 months ago)
Your videos are really the greatest. Thank you so much!
Janis Johanson (7 months ago)
Its moss stitch for uk knitters
DW (7 months ago)
Very clear and helpful video--thanks. I love the seed stitch and will make my first cowl this weekend.
LilBorgie (7 months ago)
To make a scarf with this stitch, how do you add another ball of yarn? I feel too new for this lol
Bardees Ameerah (7 months ago)
You made it look really simple God bless you 😊
Bea Davls (7 months ago)
When you block to stretch you project a bit do you have to block and stretch it every time you wash it? By the way, I love your videos. I've just decided I want to learn to knit and yours are so much clearer than any other I've watched.
doris easter (8 months ago)
what size needles are you using?
Clara Estrada (8 months ago)
when doing seed stitch in the flat you can use an odd number of stitches and all your rows are going to be the same : k1, *p1, k1*, repeat from * to * until the end of round. and then you dont have to worry about which row you are working
Mélodie (8 months ago)
The music in this is so annoying!
Juanita Pratt (8 months ago)
What size are the flat needles?
Sheep & Stitch (8 months ago)
I believe they're also 10mm needles.
Melissa Jvr (10 months ago)
When you work out the number of stitches you need to cast on at around 16:06, is it just for round needles or flat needles too?
Semra Guzman (11 months ago)
Great videos, and excellent tutorials. Thank you very much.
Simply Reine (11 months ago)
Ummm wut to use if u dont have a needle
E Turley (3 months ago)
Do you mean knitting needles? In that case you could use some sanded down chopsticks, but the stitches would be smaller
Kargles Ez (11 months ago)
Thank you for the video it was very insightful! I started knitting in the round and when I had cast off I found my snood is all twisted! Can anyone tell me why this has happened? Very frustrating :(
Loraein Lok (1 year ago)
Learnt how to stitch in the round with your video just a few days ago. Using the conversion in your vids, I did it with a worsted 4 ply yarn, size 8 needle. Not sure if you get to see this message but I just cast off my seed stitch cowl but the last cast off looks very loose. Is that because I knit in the round and the last cast off is probably quite stretch when as I start to cast off? Is there a way to make the last cast off flow together with the rest as right now, it looks like there's a hole or gap in between. Or was that because of the yarn and needle size I use?
Cheyenne Ruggles (1 year ago)
Your videos really help! I'm completely new to knitting and have figured out the basics from all your helpful videos! Thank You!
Isabella Santilli (1 year ago)
Love the pattern. What will the width of the cowl be?
Maria R (1 year ago)
Hi, did you put a twist in your cowl? Great video, thanks
Kimberly Stauder (1 year ago)
Excellent tutorial. Also, consider adding "minimizing gap when joining the round" to the description.
Janey Bakarbessy (1 year ago)
You are really a good mentor for me as a beginner. Thank you!
Joyce Chen (1 year ago)
Super useful video. Thanks! I am curious about the weight of the yarn but could not find any information. Can you share that? Thanks!!
Beth Fellows (1 year ago)
Excellent video! Thank you for the tip on knitting in round and getting rid of that space!!
R. Rebecca Carter (1 year ago)
Love your video! So helpful...question: is a stitch marker for this cowl really necessary since each row just begins with the opposite of the last stitch? Couldn't you just knit purl continuously since the pattern never changes?
Rebecca Valentine (1 year ago)
This video was really helpful and clear - however I found explaining what odd and even numbers are a bit patronising. As well as the lengthily explanation of “opposites attract” could of easily said - do the opposite of the stitch your doing 😂
rachellovelaudis (1 year ago)
Looooove your tutorials!Thank you very much!I have tried to knit your big hat and it ends up awesome!Now I want to knit this cowl,would you plz tell me the size of this cowl?25”in circumference and how long?
Sarah Miller (1 year ago)
amazing. My cowl looks great!
Claire Laurendeau (1 year ago)
Thanks for the seed stitch tutorial...i am making cowls for gift giving for children and I love this quick anti roll stitch...
sandieem1 (1 year ago)
beautiful thank you <3
Belinda Janet Osborne (1 year ago)
Greetings again, I just realized that you're having"two" types of stitches in one lesson. Looks like I'm jumping right in my knitting adventure! You provide a lot of information and that great. it's where and how you're inserting the needle(s) that concerns me (absolute beginner that I am...), and going a bit slower to fully "get" the method. You're instruction with the straight needles is the best I've viewed! I'll learn the circular ones later on. Thank you!
Belinda Janet Osborne (1 year ago)
Greetings, I've been crocheting for 3 years, and am now "trying" to teach myself to knit. I just learned how to cast on and have been practicing that for three weeks! I want to get to the next step to actually knit and just discovered your video. Are you left handed (I am) or right handed? You make this process seem so delightfully simple!
Dolores Ungerleider (1 year ago)
Your explanation is so easy to understand . Love the seed stitch. Thank you for sharing your expertise.
Raymond Ho (1 year ago)
Hapezibah Skacy (1 year ago)
Went too fast had to change the speed. Nice video.
Cassie Adams (1 year ago)
Nice and precise instructions
Patti Arakelian (1 year ago)
Proud UCI-SDSU Mom (1 year ago)
I have watched numerous knitting tutorials and you are QUEEN of the tutorials! I love love love the seed stitch, so cute and so easy. Will you show us more easy peezy stitches for cowls? Thanks again--you are fabulous and much appreciated!
crazy girl (1 year ago)
and I must say you teach really well and may God bless your hands
crazy girl (1 year ago)
hi i am Alwiya from Kenya,Mombasa i am 13years old and i am fond of knitting but i do not have the knitting needle and i do not have any idea where it's sold. Please if you read this comment and you know where it is sold then please tell me
Uyen Le (1 year ago)
I wish you would have more videos. I'm a beginner and I love your videos!!! So helpful and you're such a fun person too. Thank you for all of your videos. :>
Ashley M (1 year ago)
Oh no even knitting has math in it lol
Barbara Blaauw (1 year ago)
Thanks 😘
Jessi B (1 year ago)
This video is great! I love the chapter slides, the timestamps, and the overall tone. It's not too fast but easy to watch before I dive into my project.
Suzanne Lee (1 year ago)
You're the best teacher for us....Thank you!
Hi are you still selling at sheep and stitch store? because i cannot buy it:(
DebPix (2 years ago)
I'm a beginning knitter and I'm so glad I found your video. I believe I now have everything I need to make a cowl. Your instructions are clear and your tone is upbeat. I'm betting that all your tips, hacks, and memory joggers will help me with my first effort. I'll check out your other videos and the store, as well. Keep up the great work!
Fanaan 123 (2 years ago)
Just love love all your videos!! Especially your tips!! Where have you been? Missing you soooo much!❤️
what's the cost for your yarns?
Hi!!! thanks much for your tutorials!! However, I can't find the yarn you use to in this tutorial on your website.
R SR (2 years ago)
Well after listening for 9 minutes going off on "opposites attract" silliness you mention that it is an odd number of stitches that need to be cast on for the cowl that you have shown.... Frustrating
Ivy Munnerlyn (2 years ago)
Hi there, I keep having trouble once I get about 4 rows in and suddenly I have an extra stitch and I have no idea how it got there. I'm doing everything like it says in the video and it goes along fine, then all of a sudden the pattern's off and I have to start over. Am I just not paying close enough attention? thanks!
Vera Asamoah (2 years ago)
You are a great teacher. Am a crocheter and just started learning how to knit. I tried purchasing the needles through the link you gave but its not working. And would appreciate it if you could give me the link to where I can purchase some of your yarns and the needles. They are so gorgeous. Good work and a great and lovely teacher. Keep the good works up. Thanks and stay blessed.
Arrah Rosser (2 years ago)
is it okay if we use a number 5 bulky yarn? just wondering if my scarf will turn out if i use this kind of yarn instead! TIA:)
Rosetta Ciliberto (2 years ago)
Thank you for the lesson, very good teacher..
Alejandra hermida (1 year ago)
Rosetta Ciliberto bjjj*jjjjjkjjmb I love you guapo to be 9th
Elaine Brickwood (2 years ago)
love your design . l finally managed to knit myself a cowl after weeks of looking at videos not as pretty as yours but used odd bits of wool only 50 stitches on a 4  needles then using a odd bit of fluffy wool which l doubled knitted but put on to a 5 and half needle as l had run out of the other wool. it looks like a tube but l managed to get it over my head and for the price of 50p .
M Daze (2 years ago)
You really put a lot of time and detail into your videos. I greatly appreciate it!
Redredwine (2 years ago)
Merry Christmas 🎄Thanks for sharing. Awesome video tutorial 🌹
keikay seventeen (2 years ago)
May I know how long and wide is your cowl?
T Douglas (2 years ago)
I love your tutorials! I have just gotten into the idea of knitting and your tutorials are so so helpful! Love, love, love! <3
Melissa Peddy (2 years ago)
I support same-stitch marriage!!
littlelulu620 (2 years ago)
This was the most amazing video I have ever watched. You covered everything!!!! It's perfect for a beginner. I wish I had found you when I first started knitting. Do you happen to have a video on the Double Seed Stitch or the Double Moss ... whatever it is called. I know what the pattern is. I have seen two or three versions but no matter what I do, it never comes out the way it is supposed to. I think once it did but never again. I know I have to knit the purls and purl the knits or I will get ribbing. It just doesn't work. I'm dying to use the stitch for a blanket for my daughter.
Olga Ioannidi (2 years ago)
What washing method do you use ?
Alexa Snyder (2 years ago)
Hello! I was wondering if you could tell where where to purchase this type of yarn? Your website doesn't look like it has any. Thanks!
meha davey (2 years ago)
Why do we have to cast on odd number of stitches while knitting in the round? Doesn't that make the repeat go off at the seam? Very confused :/
meha davey (2 years ago)
That's okay...I figured there was a misunderstanding somewhere
Jolie Goh (2 years ago)
meha davey Sorry please ignore what I just wrote
niakowinchester (2 years ago)
I don't understand the difference between seed stick and rib stitch? Every time I start a seed stitch I end up with a rib stitch pattern. Any idea where I do wrong?
claire mcardle (20 hours ago)
+littlelulu620 great answer
Maybel Adams (10 months ago)
niakowinchester the rib stitch actually consists of an even number of stitches and the seed stitch consists of an odd number of stitches. 👍
littlelulu620 (2 years ago)
Hi. Has anyone taken the time to answer your question? If not, I will tell you what I think is clearly the answer. They are very similar but you work the stitches in an opposite manner and I will explain that to you. The Seed Stitch is cast on usually as an even number of stitches but I cast it on in multiples of 2+1 which is an odd number. When you cast on an even number of stitches, it's always Row One: K1, P1 and Row Two: P1, K1. You continue with that pattern. The reason you are working the opposite is you working the knit stitch as a purl and working the purl stitch as a knit. Every time you see a knit stitch, you purl it. Every time you see a purl stitch, you knit it. If you do that, you will NOT get ribbing. You will get the seed stitch. One of the important things is to learn how to identify each stitch and how to differentiate them from each other which is actually quite simple. They don't look the same at all. That way, even if you forget where you are, it doesn't matter. You can just look at the stitch. If it's a purl, you'll knit it. If it's a knit, you'll purl it. So if you lose track of the pattern, K1, P1 .... you can always rely on your knowledge of how to work the Seed Stitch. Now I'm going to tell you how to tell them apart. The purl stitch looks like a turtleneck sweater. At the top of the stitch, there's a bump, or the roll of material that makes a turtleneck sweater a turtleneck. It's right at the needle. It's very obvious and clear to identify. The knit stitch looks like a V-Neck sweater. If you very slightly pull the yarn downward slightly, you will see the two legs of the stitch form a 'V.' It's flat. You can clearly see the difference between the knits and the purls. In the Seed Stitch, you do the opposite in each stitch. You knit the purls and purl and knits. The key is being able to identifying them. Now the next issue is you can also do what I do which I think makes the most sense. However, you should still know the basics. I cast on an odd number of stitches (multiples of 2+1) so that the pattern would be Row One: K1, P1, K1, P1, K1, P1, K1. I always end on a K1. Row Two: K1, P1, K1,P1, K1, P1, K1. You repeat the same thing. You never change. You can knit aimlessly. You never have to think about where you are or what you are doing. You are still purling the knits and knitting the purls but if you try a swatch, you will see the difference. Now Ribbing is still casting on an even number of stitches and Row One would be: K1, P1, K1, P1 K1 P1 to end of row. Row Two would be K1, P1, K1, P1, K1, P1 to end of row. In Ribbing, you ALWAYS, knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches. You do the SAME THING NOT THE OPPOSITE!!!! Then it forms little rows. That is a 1 by 1 Rib. You can also do a 2 by 2 Rib by doing K1, K1, P1, P1, K1, K1 P1, P1 to end. Row two: K1, K1, P1, P1, K1, K1, P1, P1 I hope I helped you and didn't confuse you more. If I can be of any further help, you can message me at <[email protected]>
Carrie Ann (2 years ago)
This was so helpful! Thank you so much!
Maria Vargas (2 years ago)
Hello, is a seed stitch really warm to knit a scarf ?🤔
Carlos Hernandez (2 years ago)
did you do a salvedge for the straight scarf???
MissFlux (2 years ago)
Hi, this looks like a GREAT beginner tutorial for circular. I just would love to know how many grams is that skien you have there please? Thanks a bunch😊
hi! thanks for your lesson! it's very useful!!!! could you tell me how many gramms do I need for this very scarf? 250 Gramm is ok, or I need more? thanks in advance. hugs. irina. Russia.
Hope Harley (3 years ago)
this is great but it would be great to know cheaper yarns for us poorer folks
Phanessa Saechao-Fong (3 years ago)
Love your videos! Question: how do you in crease on seed stitches?
Selene Jones (3 years ago)
Love the wool 😍 but it's so expensive 😞
jklingelhoefer1 (3 years ago)
Do you have any tutorials for seeming up seed stitch or would one of the other seeming methods work?
heywaitMarlee (3 years ago)
I think I might be the only person who cannot get the seed stitch down. I know my basic stitches, but my seed stitch looks a hot mess and nothing like this at all. :( It's so bad I usually end up ripping after two rows and starting over. I will try again because I love the seed stitch. This video is really helpful for those of us who don't pick up things quickly. I love repetition, and thank goodness there's plenty of that here! :) Thanks! Also, your nails look so pretty!
Mahtobgirl (1 year ago)
It also depends on how you knit if you flick knit continental and so on and so on, they have different tension
Anna Noronha (1 year ago)
heywaitMarlee Mine looked a mess too until I found out you have to keep putting the yarn in front for Purl and moving it back for Knit. Also, it didn’t look decent til I actively pulled tighter.
PSALMSOFSONGS (1 year ago)
heywaitMarlee mine, too. I think it depends on the yarn.
Vidhya Madhavan (2 years ago)
heywaitMarlee , me too seed stitch is always a mess
Vidhya Madhavan (2 years ago)
Sheep & Stitch , thanks for the tip , but it doesn't come tight and it's all loose and messy .
slizzee1 (3 years ago)
Seed stitch looks so pretty!
Noel Prouty (3 years ago)
good job!♡♡♡
Sheep & Stitch (3 years ago)
+Ella Prouty Thanks! :D
Nani Blyleven (3 years ago)
And thank you for showing us how to calculate stitches for any yarn or needle size. That was invaluable!
Sheep & Stitch (3 years ago)
+Nani Blyleven Thanks! You can use that method for any future knitting projects!
Nani Blyleven (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for taking the time to make this really comprehensive video, it was just excellent! I can't wait to try the wonderful techniques that you have shown us, and to look into that yummy yarn that you were knitting with.
Sheep & Stitch (3 years ago)
+Nani Blyleven Thank you!
ALMA duo (3 years ago)
how long are the yarn? thaks
Sheep & Stitch (3 years ago)
+ALMA duo For my bulky yarn, I used about 150 yards. If you're using thinner yarn, like a worsted, you'll likely need more. The length also depends on how long you'd like your cowl to be. So the amount of yarn really depends on two variables: the weight of the yarn (how thick or thin it is) and the length of your finished cowl (how long you want your cowl to be).
question please, what if you run out of yarn and you still haven't reached your desired length? how do you continue??thanks!
Jolie Goh (2 years ago)
MissFlux (2 years ago)
+Jolie Goh yep that's a great tip .. Make sure you leave enough extra so you can darn in the ends of your knot😊
Jolie Goh (2 years ago)
tie the ends of the yarn together and then just knit like usual
khadra daahir Cige (3 years ago)
you make sure in the beginning you have a long yarn😊
Sophia Yong (3 years ago)
Is it possible to achieve a clean edge for the seed stitch scarf just like the beginner's scarf knitted with knit stitch? :DD
Sheep & Stitch (3 years ago)
+Sophia Yong The edge on this cowl is actually your cast on and your cast off edges, so it's already pretty straight and even (assuming that you cast on and cast off evenly). And since you're knitting in the round, there's no opportunity to slip any stitches! So in a nutshell, there's no need to slip a stitch because your cast on and cast off provides a nice edge already.
JDCine (3 years ago)
This yarn is so beautiful! It looks like you're knitting with gold...
Sheep & Stitch (3 years ago)
+JDCine thanks! I love this color too!
lu root (3 years ago)
Hi I love the video! Just wondering if there is a pattern for this cowl on your website? Also just making sure the size needles you used were 10 and what size would the circular needles be? Sorry im really new to knitting and just learning all these terms
Sheep & Stitch (3 years ago)
+lu root Hey! The needle size I'm using is 10mm and 24" in length. However, the needle size you use depends on the yarn that you choose. The yarn label on your yarn will give you a good recommendation for needle size. The video is broken down on my blog here in a more step-by-step format: http://sheepandstitch.com/seed-stitch-scarf-and-cowl-pattern-customised-for-any-yarn/ The pattern for seed stitch is below. I should have added that to the video description. Just did it, so thanks for that reminder! SEED STITCH ON FLAT NEEDLES: Cast on an EVEN number of stitches Row1 : * K1, P1; repeat from * to end of row Row 2: *P1, K1; repeat from * to end of row Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until scarf is the length you like. SEED STITCH IN THE ROUND (the cowl pictured in the video is knit in the round): Cast on an ODD number of stitches and join in the round, making sure not to twist the stitches. Round 1: *K1, P1; repeat from * to last stitch, K1 Round 2: *P1, K1; repeat from * to last stitch, P1 Repeat Rounds 1 and 2 until cowl is the length you like Hope that helps!
Michelle Baggett (3 years ago)
I love the fact that you keep tell us over, and over how to do it, Thank you!! BTW I'm a slow learner!!! I love your nail polish! I've been wanting to make scarfs, and more! This helps me out a lot, Thank You!! That's nice of you!!!! How can you make a pattern? I'm bad at Math as well!!!
DW (7 months ago)
She has beautiful hands!
Sheep & Stitch (3 years ago)
+Michelle Baggett Thanks Michelle! I'm glad it helped you out!
Rosrychaplet (3 years ago)
This is the best, most informative video I've seen in a long time. Thank you for including all the tips, the great explanation for Seed Stitch, and most especially the explanation for determining stitches with other sizes of yarn and needles. Even though I crochet most of the time, I will be giving this knitted project a try! Thanks again.
joanne iacono (1 year ago)
Rosrychaplet was
Sheep & Stitch (3 years ago)
+rosrychaplet Awesome! I love bringing crocheters over to the knit side! LOL
Kristina Hankyle (3 years ago)
My cowl ended up with a couple of twists in it. Do you know what I did wrong?
Sheep & Stitch (3 years ago)
+Kristina Hankyle Oh dear.. Okay, this means that your stitches were twisted when you joined in the round. Oh crap, I just realised that I didn't cover this in the video! I really dropped the ball on this. I'm so sorry. Basically, you need to make sure that your stitches are all facing the same direction before you join. Otherwise, your stitches will be twisted and you'll have a twist (or two or three) in your knitting. I cover this in the Big Hat video, but I completely failed to do so in this video. In case you're interested, you can watch the instructions on joining in the round here: https://youtu.be/23gmF0WFXdI?t=12m27s Incidentally, I'm filming a video on knitting in the round over the holidays, so that'll be linked to this video as soon as it's published. I feel terrible that you made this mistake. How far along are you in the cowl?
Kristina Hankyle (3 years ago)
I really like this video. I find your knitting videos the easiest to learn with.So far, you have taught me how to cast on, cast off, knit and purl. I have made multiple scarves and I am now making my first cowl. Thank you! All that said, I would like to mention that I think the section of this lesson on measuring the number of stitches should have come before the section on how to use the round knitting needles to cast on. I worked with you, using the same number of stitches as you were using in the example, and then found out that I should have measured first. Sounds like a small thing, but frustrating for a beginner, who doesn't know any better, because everything (even just casting on) takes a lot of effort and time for a beginner, and I hate wasted effort. Thanks for all your videos, however. I find them the easiest knitting videos to follow and understand!
Kristina Hankyle (3 years ago)
+Sheep & Stitch Thanks so much! I'm glad you took my comment as constructive, which is definitely how I intended it. Your videos are by far the simplest and most helpful I have found! :)
Sheep & Stitch (3 years ago)
+Kristina Hankyle Hey! Thanks for your feedback! That's a really good suggestion and now that I re-watch the video, I realise that you're absolutely right! The video should move sequentially. I'll add a reminder in the description and a little text bubble in the video so that other viewers can benefit from your suggestion. Thank you!
Magdalina Atkinson (3 years ago)
Thanks for this super-helpful video! Do you have any tips for tucking away the ends when you need 2 skeins for a cowl? I'm not sure how to do it neatly so that it won't be noticeable. Any help you can offer would be appreciated! Thanks
Magdalina Atkinson (3 years ago)
+Sheep & Stitch Wonderful - thank you so much for your help!
Sheep & Stitch (3 years ago)
+Magdalina Atkinson Hey! Whoops! I just realised I'm missing a "weaving in ends" part for this video. You can check out my video on a beginner scarf where I show how weave in those loose tail ends. The video is here: https://youtu.be/24lR2IRS57A and if you scrub ahead to 24:29, you'll see the section. Basically, use a tapestry needle and thread up those tail ends. Make sure you're on the inside of the cowl. Then weave the tail end through the purl bumps of you seed stitch (because purls are great for camouflaging). Weave through about 5 or 6 stitches. Your tail end should now be secure. Cut off the end and you're good to go!
Natalie Gomez (3 years ago)
I love the videos!!! :) I've made the cushy cowl for my friends. I would LOVE if you guys made a video on how to knit socks using the magic loop method.
Natalie Gomez (3 years ago)
+Sheep & Stitch so I bought a 9 inch circular needle so that I could make a sock as easy as possible but then realized that I would have to switch over to double pointed needles to finish it. Then looked into other ways like the magic loop using a longer cable so I could complete the sock with that alone. I'm basically just looking for the easiest way to make it. It would be super cool to find a way to complete it with the 9 inch alone, though. thank you!
Sheep & Stitch (3 years ago)
+Natalie Gomez Interesting! I've got a sock tutorial in my calendar, but didn't think about magic loop! What about magic loop is attractive to you? Genuinely interested!
RockyMtn Hiker (3 years ago)
I am new to knitting and actually wanted to make my own cowl and have an idea for a pattern, but was not sure how to choose the needle length for the cowl length. This helped me figure it out. Otherwise, you could spend a fortune on buying every size and length of circular needles! This covered everything I need to know in one video. The blocking was helpful too. Thanks so much!!
Sheep & Stitch (3 years ago)
+RockyMtn Hiker Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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