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1 year for HITTING A CAR - Scared Straight

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GAMING CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKtnmH4n9T0LDNojvvkXwTw Note: All content belongs to A&E and its creators, I do not own any rights of Beyond Scared Straight or its characters. No copyright infringement is iaantended or implied. I did not create this TV series nor does the trademark belong to me.
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Text Comments (27)
salvador de leon (4 months ago)
Snappy was pretty justified for running over her boyfriend
cuz dogg (4 months ago)
If you ask me she got off kind of Lucky hitting somebody with a car
Charles Kuckel (10 months ago)
Life choices are pretty straightforward. Make the wrong decision, pay the consequences!
RandomDude (11 months ago)
Wait one year for running someone over? That don't sound right, but where do I sign up?
Durant_ Productions (1 year ago)
That fat girl with the glasses looks like the pigs in angry bird
Tryhard Togood4u (1 year ago)
3:36 if she was in this program that means she was one of the kids to be in this show! now shes in jail ;0
Adolfo Guzman (1 year ago)
Eleven teenth
kml 104 (1 year ago)
When i first read the title to the video, i saw the girl in the middle sitting there and i thought it read 1 full year of getting hit by a car. Face looks like hamburgler
Tion Barker (2 years ago)
did she say 25 hrs a day
Tryhard Togood4u (1 year ago)
Tion Barker FUCK YOU!
StuffandThings85 (2 years ago)
I love how they always have to mention they smoked weed, as if that's the worse thing they've done.
Ryan Marshall (2 years ago)
The chick at 2:14 made me feel like I was watching Michelle Obama give a speech.
Alex Nuttall (2 years ago)
the girl with the glasses is ugly AF
Sarah Nicole (2 years ago)
Those eyebrows tho😳😳
f (3 years ago)
this really makes me appreciate my parent's strictness because they never let e go out and I had to earn my privileges by my grades
lpanldemonium (3 years ago)
Sports Guy (3 years ago)
So glad this show is coming back
Amarri Baxter (3 years ago)
are there going to be new seasons and episodes of beyond scared straight coming soon
Montreveus Cox (3 years ago)
I just Subscribed u bro.
retnet (3 years ago)
It's funny how all these women have 1 year sentences because they are women, if they would have been men it would have been like 5 more years
Rock lee (3 years ago)
+Sports Guy naw only pretty women
Sports Guy (3 years ago)
True lol XD hahahaha
Tidus (3 years ago)
snappy kinda cute
CookUp (2 years ago)
hell yeah
Chapo (3 years ago)
Futbol.nation 11 (3 years ago)
Ivan Abruzzi Rogach (3 years ago)

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