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Drunk Lesbians Watch Ellen's Coming Out Episode Pt. 2 (Feat. Aliee Chan)

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This week on Drunk Queer Women Watch, Aliee Chan joins us to watch the infamous Puppy Episode on Ellen PART 2, where she comes out to the world. We laugh, we cry, we admire KD Lang. All of Ellen's sitcom is on Hulu in America, I highly recommend watching the episodes! To support queer content, donate to our Patreon: Patreon.com/GirlShipTV Check out Aliee on social media: @alieechan Check out Amanda on social media: @AwkwardHolland BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE! WE ARE SO CLOSE TO 100K!
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Girl Ship TV (11 months ago)
Don't forget to subscribe! When we hit 100K we'll do something really fun!
Ishipzalldathings (11 months ago)
Shoutout to Lucy Lawless for awakening my inner les-bean ;)
20cantu (11 months ago)
Just whenever you get a chance, you know, you should check out Becks
bts insomniac (11 months ago)
Please watch Princess Cyd!
millie teague (11 months ago)
please do a video of the film Gia
Jeanne-Marie Tchoumak (11 months ago)
What happened to Carol?
Shiona Boswell (4 days ago)
When I watched this episode a few months, the point in this video where you said it takes one person to make you realise and thread past moments had a real snowball affect on me. You guys helped me realise that you can only question your sexuality so many times before you find that the 'phases' aren't really phases. I just wanted to comment to that you helped me find of part of myself I didn't know was hidden. Thank you so very much and I am eternally grateful for your work on this channel. Again thank you. xxxxxxx
Taylor Anonymous (5 days ago)
The woman who outed me to my parents told them I was "gayer than Ellen DeGeneres" LOL HAPPY PRIDE MONTH GUYS
Rustin Stardust (17 days ago)
I saw this in the 90's as a closeted lesbian/bi teenager. It was really important to me to see the coming out episode - but my parents were homophobic so I'd hoped they wouldn't be home. They *were* home, watched it with me, freaked out and criticized it the whole time. The episode was amazing. I have no regrets.
Jess Pope (26 days ago)
Honestly Ellen is my biggest inspiration ever, she is so brave and such an amazing person! I think the saddest thing was when she tried to make a daytime show she was told no one would want to watch a lesbian on tv. I really want to go and be in her audience but I'm from the uk 🙁❤️❤️❤️
Misty Joseph (30 days ago)
I was eighteen. Senior in high school and had promised myself that I’d say I was hay before graduation. A month before I was yo graduating and it was coming down to the wire. Then Ellen came out and I told my family that night and my friends the next week. Ellen did something for queer history the likes of Harvey Milk and Stone Wall . For that I’ll always be grateful. She gave a voice to the voiceless. Thanks Ellen!
dawn molloy (1 month ago)
I love Ellen’s coming out episodes and season five. I may have it on this thing call VHS. 😱 I wish DLW didn’t end because The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love is one of my all time favorite movies. It has a young tomboy Tina from the L Word.
Lou-Eileen B. (1 month ago)
You were doing great acting. Weren’t you?
Darby Pea (2 months ago)
Augh those episodes always make me cry.
gaby_vh (2 months ago)
I remember watching this a couple years back when I was still a baby queer 😭 I cried cuz I was just amazed
Shyanne Vasquez (2 months ago)
So my reaction was… How is everybody so freaking nice!!! I mean, I told my mom in the 2000s and I got a reaction that is the complete opposite of this one on the show from the 90s… It’s so cute though! My heart hurts with how adorable it is!
Aubrey Kinard (2 months ago)
she's wearing stripes again
lovinmytunes05 (4 months ago)
Melissa Etheridge and kd Lang totally helped me come out as well as being my biggest crushes
Briana Finian (4 months ago)
Shoutout to Kaya Scodelario and Amandla Stenberg 😘
PERIDOT (5 months ago)
Alexandra Calzada (5 months ago)
2:55 ahhhh sooo true.!!!
i finally get the toaster joke oof
Veanuka NeonPizzaDragon (6 months ago)
Can you do la luciérnaga? The firefly, it's on Netflix, please please please!
Katarzyna Sieńczewska (7 months ago)
watch if these walls could talk 2
Angellover1984 (8 months ago)
Gina gershon was my awakening. I was 13 and watched showgirls
sadder daze (8 months ago)
shout out to my uni instructor, she’s so nice and pretty and adorable. I’m still in the process of threading everything together 😭❤️
Emma-Michelle Hickey (8 months ago)
since they did a shout out, mine is Janet from rocky horror picture show
Montse Servín (8 months ago)
Shout out to Kimberly the pink ranger
Jennifer Johnson (8 months ago)
"Can yo imagine being a queer person at the time seeing this on fucking TV?" YES I CAN.
Sunna Friðjónsdóttir (8 months ago)
Ellen coming out on Oprah is a must watch as well if you haven't already! People from the crowd are giving their opinions as well and Ellen is so amazing with dealing with people's homophobic "concerns". And it would be a strong move I think to have that on your show. Thank you for what you do, keep it up! <3
Anna Guggenberger (9 months ago)
Watch Season 5! It's do good, too! And the other series "The Ellen Show", it's kind of a spin-off where she's a confident full-blown lesbian. I loved it
Chas Corum (9 months ago)
I'm a 36 years old trans guy. I remember this moment, this exact night. I was about to get on the bus, senior year, and go to Va Beach to perform at the Opera House with choir. Luckily, the meetup wasn't until 9:30pm that night. I will truly, truly never forget experiencing this in the moment. We had no way of recording this unless you still owned a VCR (DVDs had saturated the market around this time, but we all still owned home movies and old VHS tapes and kept a VCR around) and were there to push record within the right time frame. Most people don't realize that when Ellen came out on that stage, NO ONE knew it was happening, except the cast. The show producers tried talking her out of it. She knew this would possibly be the end of her career and she STILL did it. So, I've got a lot of respect for her, even if at my age now I don't share some of her personal views. It was about 6 months after this (and graduation) that my mom forced me to say the words (rest in peace). I only wish we all had a mom like mine. Glad yall did these episodes. If it wasn't for that moment, you wouldn't be able to see others for a while later. Much love.
R B (9 months ago)
[simultaneous queer nodding]
brandelynmarie (10 months ago)
I remember watching these episodes in secret when they first premiered. Amazing. 🧡
Claramel Queen (10 months ago)
greatest thing on YouTube rn
lindsay dianne (10 months ago)
I just found this channel and I absolutely love it! You all should watch episode 24! Ellen comes out to her parents and she goes through a struggle that many people have to face. I cried. Love you ❤
Kinsey McVay (10 months ago)
I just recently accepted my sexuality as bisexual and I didn't realize when I was younger how much homophobia there is in the world because I have been surrounded by queer people my whole life my aunt was a lesbian and I watched Ellen growing up some of my favorite TV shows and movies have contained queer pepole now that I have grown up and can see the homophobia in the world I'm scared to tell pepole. The world is a messed up place and I know that your channel has truly helped me and many others except there sexuality
Montana Morgan (10 months ago)
Oh, am I the only one who was emotionally distraught after mustering up all the strength and courage to confide in someone, and they say "Yeah, everyone knew"
Arianna Cazares (10 months ago)
Amanda you are so damn adorable. I absolutely love this channel and you are just brilliant! I’m always checking for new vids, keep up the amazing content. 😊
darkwriterxx94 (11 months ago)
I know Ellen’s coming out was crucial for country singer chely Wright coming out to her father.
Ky Miller (11 months ago)
Katie lang (or whatever she said) looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger
anprat86 (11 months ago)
"Poprah" love it!
Coffeekicker (11 months ago)
Please watch almost adults
Darby Turnbull (11 months ago)
First of all Amanda your hair is GORGEOUS. Secondly there is an amazing episode of Ellen where Emma Thompson guest stars as herself and I won't spoil the twist(s) but this show was really something special.
big facts. (11 months ago)
When susan said she was in a relationship and ellen was like "of course you are, look at you" i got so many flashbacks
Céline L (11 months ago)
because i'm old enaugh to been out at the time that aired, i could give some "inside" for it, KD Land just got married by that time (her fist marriage), did you reconize George Mikel in the grossery store?, Melissa Etheidge album that just releas was "yes i am". so many reference have been put in that episode that we were litteraly jumping on the caoutch. thank again for bringing this back.
Bonnie (11 months ago)
*"Here's your toaster oven"* 😂😂😂
Chance Reeves (11 months ago)
Shoutout to all the girls that made people realize they were gay
yuhuh (11 months ago)
people who have barely met me will say 'oh yeah i got that vibe' when they find out im gay jhsjsakjsjks
Mareike Nienhaus (11 months ago)
Funfact: in elementary school I dressed up as a rainbow. Yup.
Marshall A. (11 months ago)
Shout out to Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider
Jasmin Gatti (11 months ago)
Would recommend the episode ‘Moving on’ from Ellen after the puppy episode. It’s really good - I think better than the coming out episode.
Elliot Lofton (11 months ago)
There's a great supercut of this show of the scenes where Ellen hints at being gay before this episode comes out.
Amelia (11 months ago)
Phew, needed this today. I'm one foot in the closet and it sucks, but I'm gonna be okay.
Ashlee (11 months ago)
Amanda you crack me up!!!!
Alexia Maria (11 months ago)
Plz do one video with the new movie on Netflix called "The Feels"
Before this aired Oprah played this episode for the audience then interviewed Ellen about this and coming out. I was there and it was AMAZING!!
Mary (11 months ago)
Heeeey watch professor Marston and The Wonder Women pretty please is lovely!!!
Melanin and Kisses (11 months ago)
Watch The Way He Looks
Emily Traub (11 months ago)
Please do Tipping the Velvet.
Hannah Jones (11 months ago)
Ma Bois watch ‘the truth about Jane’
Gwyneth/Peter Ochsner (11 months ago)
God, I wanna be a guest on your show and discuss Tomboy, because I have a lot of thoughts, but I 1. Live in San Francisco 2. Am not famous or even internet famous 3. Don't drink and 4. Am not a lesbian
brooke (11 months ago)
PLEASE WATCH CALL ME BY YOUR NAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Franzi Mila (11 months ago)
GUYS U HAVE TO WATCH CHLOE (with amanda seyfried and julianne moore) and do a drunk lesbians watch PLZ
Elsa Hedlund (11 months ago)
Omg!! You should watch the music video to addicted to you by Avicii, it is amazing and doesn't get enough appreciation
theartpersuasion (11 months ago)
watch CAMP BELVIDERE pleaseeeee! <3
Enzali Myint (11 months ago)
Watch Queering next!! One of, if not the best recent queer webseries. Amazing cinematography as well as representation of lesbians and bisexuals, truly a great piece of work.
deedorzsh (11 months ago)
Please bring back Stephanie Frosch for Disobedience! Pretty please. 😘
Bethany (11 months ago)
lesbians watch killing eve
Clarisse Torres (11 months ago)
You should watch Chloe
Cindy Ansah (11 months ago)
Plz watch bound
Naomi Levy-Hector (11 months ago)
Could you guys do some Janelle Monae???
katherinefp (11 months ago)
Brandy (11 months ago)
WATCH "If these walls could talk 2" !!!
AHalloweenSky (11 months ago)
Omg please watch the 2003 miniseries Tipping the Velvet. It's very gay and I need your reactions.
Diana Martinez (11 months ago)
Do all cheerleaders must die 😀
London Faustino (11 months ago)
For your next Drunk lesbians/ queer women watch you should look into Nune (it's a short film) can be found on Youtube and prime on Amazon. :D
Camille H (11 months ago)
You should definitely drunk react to The Last Of Us Part 2 Trailer! GAY KISSING
Inyia_marie (11 months ago)
Kaitlyn (11 months ago)
With everyone I've come out too, all but two of them told me they already knew. In fact, when I told my mom's sister she told me that my mom knew as well. (I never got to come out to her because she passed away but she would've been so supportive.)
Vivian Long (11 months ago)
drunk lesbians/queers watch fingersmith
angela w (11 months ago)
Already thought I might be gay but watch these Ellen episodes in the 90s and still have it on VHS lol and said to myself yep I'm gay
chrisanegron (11 months ago)
I really really really would like to recommend that you do Drunk Lesbians watch Killing Eve!!!
Mad Mad (11 months ago)
Watch Princess Cyd! It's newer and on Netflix! It features a bi/pan person so it'd be perfect to have a bi/pan/queer guest :)
Gaby Solis (11 months ago)
Watch The Girl King!!
mariblu3 (11 months ago)
You both NEED to watch "Ellen coming out on oprah" on youtube. It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows, you will need tissues and some of it might piss you off. Fair warning. I love these videos BTW!
Jennifer Doucette (11 months ago)
Please react to 'To Each Her Own' (Les Goûts et les Couleurs). It's a French film that confused the heck out of me (it's on Netflix) I couldn't tell if I liked or hated the main character. I also have no idea if I liked the movie. I don't think so...
Ruby 2 (11 months ago)
React to blue is the warmest colour !!
kita P (11 months ago)
Do a reaction to AWOL movie ...
Rachel Gray (11 months ago)
please please please react to disobedience because it's so good and so gay which y'all already know but I really need to see your reaction to rachel weisz and rachel mcadams and THAT SCENE you know THE ONE
raven3moon (11 months ago)
I'd like to thank Vanessa Williams for making me aware of my lesbianism (1991, the Comfort Zone album cover).
Shannon Osburn (11 months ago)
So, I just watched "To Each Her Own" on Netflix, and it just pissed me off the whole way through. You guys should watch it and tell me if I'm just crazy.
Kai Rosen (11 months ago)
You guys should watch the Swedish movie Show Me Love (original title: Fucking Åmål). It was released in 1998 and is still viewed as a beloved classic over here in Sweden, and it is honestly one of the most well made and relatable LGBT movies I have ever seen to this day!
C R. (11 months ago)
i love ellen and drunk lesbians watch! Amanda, you're so awesome. happy pride!
Gabby Contreras (11 months ago)
I honestly watched this (in secret) so much when I was a baby queer! I would cry and feel like the day that I could come out like Ellen would never come. But the Puppy episode, and Ellen in general, were honestly what got me through my baby queer days. I recently rewatched the whole series and when I got to this episode I felt like I was reliving those feelings all over again. This was such a powerful thing that Ellen did. Even after all these years! Glad y’all did a video over it!
Julia Weingarden (11 months ago)
I remember when I was young always rewinding the VHS tape to the scene where Esmerelda dances and then roasts Frollo in the Huntchback of Notre Dame. How did my parents never clue in?
Neea Ilari (11 months ago)
When I came out as bisexual my grandma was like “Lol no shit” like I thought crying over my best friend dating my cousin in front of her didn’t scream I’m queer and dying inside lmao
Lupita Delgado (11 months ago)
watch Thelma!!!!!!
Kala K (11 months ago)
the puppy episode is one of the biggest reasons I admitted to myself I like women
dollxiao. (11 months ago)
Please please PLEASE watch the handmaiden. it's a really good korean/japanese lesbian movie with many twists and turns. it's great.
Petar Krešimir Hržica (11 months ago)
react to high art
Ann Carter (11 months ago)
After I came out (2014), my dad pressed me to watch Ellen. He didn't say too much about her coming out episodes other than just telling me she came out. When it came to watching part 1, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was to see that on TV even though it came out years before. When I saw part 2, that's when everything felt incredibly relatable. As my tears were flowing, there was a smile on my face because I felt it. This. This right here is important. Thank you, Ellen, for being one of the best damn LGBTQ+ role model. To everyone stuggling; I love you and it'll get better. Please hold onto hope. Happy Pride month, everyone!
JADEBLADE HAWKBOSS (11 months ago)
Please watch La Luciérnaga! (The Firefly) it’s on Netflix
Vengeance Gale (11 months ago)
Do a reaction video on me myself and her with ashly. Haha!
baraettord (11 months ago)
If you guys haven't watched "But I'm a Cheerleader!" and reacted to it, I'm going to suggest that right now, I would love to see you all react to it! Ok, gonna go continue to binge your videos bye 💖🏳️‍🌈

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