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Where To Touch A Girl Before You Kiss Her (Live Demonstration)

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Tripp's Tension Technique: http://www.trippadvice.com/tension-technique. Hooked Program: http://www.getherhooked.com. Check out Courtney on IG ► https://www.instagram.com/courtmarieruss/. Courtney and I demonstrate where to touch a girl right before you kiss her. When you know where to touch a girl before you kiss her, everything will go smoothly and she will want to kiss you more. And if you don't know where to touch a girl before you kiss her, the situation will get awkward and she won't want to see you again. Help us translate our videos into your language: https://buff.ly/2nunleZ.
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Text Comments (3437)
cris lourence vale (5 hours ago)
Subscribed and Hit The Button Bell ! :)
Happygolucky (14 hours ago)
Like how you keep it professional and dnt actually kiss
BLACK DEVIL (1 day ago)
Can u help me plZzz 8606730939
Brian Rosales (1 day ago)
She want to kiss you
Arbind Kumar (2 days ago)
Sala kiss toh nahi kiaya
Le Tran Tuan Tai (2 days ago)
Dont want to say this but this video is bullshit.
Matty Shoxs (3 days ago)
Very easy
Robert Overly (4 days ago)
My question is how and do you know if a girl likes you if it’s brief moments
Albert Ofori Lamptey (5 days ago)
this is a shortcut to fornication.... it's not really good. ✌✌✌
FMORAIS (5 days ago)
Why not actually kissing her??
LoVErS AnD LoVErS (6 days ago)
how to do if he want she want but he kiss forcefully means as if bratty but she also want?? i hope u understand what i mean
Isaac Magana (6 days ago)
Last one really helped
Don Global (6 days ago)
Never go for a kiss with her bad badly langue. A girl should be all over you and then you go for the kiss
aathmic milan (7 days ago)
Bro these ar all child's play....get us something advanced
Arun Dj Singh (7 days ago)
Its really gonna make it bro
Love Scenes (7 days ago)
Next part should be BlowJob
Russ Pearson (7 days ago)
Courtney rocks , yu ring my bells, and my balls.😎🤣🤣
Felix Labro (7 days ago)
Yes, it is very helpful .. Tks
jacob watson (7 days ago)
It helps, and she wanted to kiss you bro, also IDK if I know how to talk to a girl I'm in to? I literally can talk to anyone, and think I can talk to any girl, but I can not get a girl to go on a date with me and have no clue why. It has to be that I have no game
fla0mo (7 days ago)
Trip Advisor
John English (7 days ago)
Good But for God’s sake, kiss her!
John English (7 days ago)
Samuel Daniel (7 days ago)
I want to know how to approach a girl for the first time
Samuel Daniel (7 days ago)
Wow...so interesting I love this.
lyrics Media (7 days ago)
Can I get Girlfriend coz I'm single 🙈 What'sapp me if anyone interested 00923315040585
SILENT LADY得 (5 days ago)
add your country code
Sohaib Afridi (8 days ago)
Show us how to fuck a girl too coz we know nothing
VuziTube (8 days ago)
thank you so much SIR! ima do this tomorrow night its our 2nd anniversary
Oluwole Adedeji Olusi (8 days ago)
She wanted to kiss you so bad bruh 😂😂😂
Bubul Borah (9 days ago)
Ananta namaskaram,jai bhagwan god lord srikrishna,I am from India,god is love,love is god,ananta namaskaram.
Auxtin (9 days ago)
Who else got this recommended to them?
Northern125 (9 days ago)
I also have that henley from H&M!
Logan Connaughan (9 days ago)
Thanks that helps
ADARSH MYNALLI (10 days ago)
Superb tripp. Thank u
Anirban Goswami (10 days ago)
I have no girl friend. So I have no experience about kissing
Walter Haller (10 days ago)
Wtf why am I recommended this😂😂
Homo Sapian (10 days ago)
She wanted a kiss in the second tip... She was embarrassed and laughed.... Tripp its bad
Timothy Campbell (11 days ago)
How come he didn't kiss her? Couldn't find a girl that actually wanted to kiss him?
Sudesh Gaur (11 days ago)
Similar to how to cook food without actually cooking it.
Piu Se (11 days ago)
Τhis beautiful girl she wants a kiss I wish that I can have her for day and night long I want stop kissing her
ARusso22TV (11 days ago)
Shes a dime
marie-pierre boudreau (11 days ago)
She was waiting for a kiss this hole time😂😂😂
abed jradeh (11 days ago)
Can you tell me your gmail? For questions?
vijay rao (12 days ago)
really helpfulllll
Mark r (12 days ago)
Wow she is drop dead gorgeous
Muhammad Azeem Ansari (12 days ago)
point1 .... you should must have a GF 😂😂
sunny Patel (12 days ago)
I think she just wants a 😘
Mehedi hasan (12 days ago)
soo nice kiss
Isha Chaudhary (12 days ago)
Bullshittt videoo
Legit Gamer (12 days ago)
Hello virgin 😂
Oliver Vásquez (12 days ago)
Girl wanted you to kiss her man 🔥, she wanted believe me !!⚡️⭐️
gcxred4kat9 (13 days ago)
Not in this Mee Too era. You gotta ask her if it's OK first. You'reshowing guys how to get charged with attempted rape. Wish I was joking.
Emeterio Lopez (13 days ago)
Thanks for the tips
sLicce (14 days ago)
Why im watching this video
aakash suresh (14 days ago)
It helps brooo
Harry Smith (14 days ago)
Nice 👌
RuBiK MaN (14 days ago)
*fuck her right in da pussy*
manan momaya (15 days ago)
You are an idiot! She wanted to kiss you every time you leaned towards her
Abdullah Khan (15 days ago)
I understood how to kiss your Girlfriend..
Richa Singh (15 days ago)
Luke Skywalker (14 days ago)
Amir Niakan (16 days ago)
Good adviseeeee tnx...... I have question? For how long kissing is normal plz answer
Noah Sebastian (16 days ago)
You made a tips on dating, cuddling,kissing and stuff but you did it to your friend? You don't have a girlfriend?💀💀💀💀
DJ Fraklen (16 days ago)
Soo,that skiny fat guy,is capable of teaching me like...anything
mario olic (16 days ago)
soooooo stupid no watch thats sh...
carson sanders (16 days ago)
How to kiss a girl naw bro, how to be a real person that’s what you need
Suneel Shankar (16 days ago)
It help's
RapidDecisions (16 days ago)
have you ever kissed a woman before? Doesn't look like it.
Ekta Soni (17 days ago)
Sagar Bhatnagar (17 days ago)
bhak lawde
Danzel Swartbooi (17 days ago)
trip is a school gril how bro
Hoang Minh (17 days ago)
why am I watching this ?
Ado Oda (17 days ago)
I need her @ lmao
HaDi (17 days ago)
What if you accidentally build a shelf?
Ala (17 days ago)
Always put the head on the right not left...
Mkjg Vf3h (18 days ago)
the girl really wants to go for it so do i
Waqar Ahmed (18 days ago)
If i have such girl friend i can teach 10 hours real French kiss instead of being a good guy who keeps his lips 5 feet away from her.
infinity vision (18 days ago)
What if you are single 🤐🤐
Tanish Sharma (11 days ago)
sad lyf
M H (18 days ago)
the eye movements ; the body gesture; the passionate move she made to kiss you! damn, i would rather fight against the whole world to make her my "soulmate" :) How did you resist you temptation to kiss her ;)..just saying what i felt! btw great job! @peace
Jelly JR (18 days ago)
What if she’s taller than u???????
Crimson EL ALAMI (18 days ago)
DeathBoy DemonicDevil (18 days ago)
the holding hands one was something i’d do
Raghav Bansal (18 days ago)
Kiss never happened madarchodddddd
Jared Zevzavadjian (18 days ago)
This guy is def a virgin
Jeff Bussey (18 days ago)
yes it helped.
Amrit Sandhu (18 days ago)
Nothing extraordinary in this vedio but tittle has got huge amount of audions
Francis Francis (18 days ago)
Yes this definitely helps dude
Vishal Chauhan (19 days ago)
I can't do it.... I don't have a gf to preform with... 😭😭😭😭
HBP Videos (19 days ago)
Kiss kon karega bae
Belsazar (19 days ago)
You wanna give advice but you dont even realize that she wanted to kiss you xDDDDDD
Dhaval Rohit (19 days ago)
stop talking dude Kiss her man... I think you may be his brother
Finn Clarke (19 days ago)
i tried, it's patched
syed ali (19 days ago)
Is he impressing her or teaching us ?
Ilia Zaatar (19 days ago)
every single time you demonstrated she went it in for it why didn't you kiss her you miss a great chance to kiss a hot girl
MTB 154 (19 days ago)
Yes this helps I want to stick my willy in her bum bum 👍🚲
B16 GAV (3 days ago)
Russ Pearson (7 days ago)
Mister turd burgular, i want to ram my fist up yor bum bum , till yu stop talking shit.
SSJaye (8 days ago)
MTB 154, lol, same.
Mobin Tahsin (19 days ago)
dat girl tho..
Khurram Mushtaq (19 days ago)
Theelivelt (20 days ago)
Is she your girlfriend? She wanted to kiss you kkkkkkkkkk
Ram Pasala (20 days ago)
ok I have a genuine doubt, what if your hands are sweaty af. would you still grab her & kiss?
Michal Miszczuk (20 days ago)
4:28 She wants it so much haha
Aeon (20 days ago)
She totally wanted you to kiss her.
Amar Malik (20 days ago)
Idiot when u wanna kiss u just wanna kiss fuk the moves lol
Quinton Orlando (20 days ago)
She wanted that kiss so bad bro

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