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Adorable Babies Playing With Dogs and Cats - Cutest and Funniest Babies Compilation

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Adorable Babies Playing With Dogs and Cats - Cutest and Funniest Babies Compilation ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ★Don't forget to subscribe my channel to help me reach to 100.000 Subscribe : https://goo.gl/9BRYBx ♥More Cute-Funny Videos: https://goo.gl/hYUWSE
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lakachew Belachew (2 hours ago)
Вера Швецова (17 hours ago)
Ничего не нужно гласить,ничего не нужно переводить,все понятно.😄🐥🐰🌸🌷🌹🌺🌼😘💓
xXDymaMlg Xx (21 hours ago)
lmao 8:09
Adnexy (1 day ago)
'Da tchau pro auau..."
Elys-P (1 day ago)
Wow it's a good thing that Dad was taping at 0:47, otherwise that kid might've suffocated from the giant dog on his face!
InfamousDiann (2 days ago)
5:39 the cat thought the baby was petting him
InfamousDiann (2 days ago)
Freaking 4:54 😩😩 guys my heart is just bursting 😍😍
InfamousDiann (2 days ago)
3:23 omg 😍😍😍😍😍
Theresa Lawson (3 days ago)
He hits the correct note , at times !
foreverkop11 (3 days ago)
6:47 ♥
Colleen Beckman (5 days ago)
The little one playing in the puddle of water
Sylvia (6 days ago)
A cat can scratch a baby's eye out in a millisecond and cause damage for a lifetime. Think long and hard before letting an animal (even a beloved pet) next to your precious one!
Masto Babe (7 days ago)
1:16 su tasty better than mcdonalds junk
Jackie Paul (7 days ago)
I was nervous watching this...it was cute, but animals are unpredictable and have the instinct to act out in some cases. I would never risk it. Your child could be disfigured for life or even die. I am an animal lover for sure but I still don't completely trust that they won't suddenly attack if they feel provoked.
ooohh singing dog (1, 59- this... this is the music of Piermario Morosini and Miki Feher death vids) why did you put it on? so nice and emotional- now im gonna cry...
richard cassinelly (9 days ago)
For me , the best of the video is at minute 12;49:45, this the best thing in the world. to pass through the puddle of water........if you did not you do not know what you missed. woooooo what time those.
Mei MayTube (9 days ago)
Funny & cute! 👶🐱🐶👧😘
Johnny Lonewolf (8 days ago)
"I DON'T Believe in 'Cyber Love' Mei friend May! :o}
Mei MayTube (9 days ago)
+Johnny Lonewolf I think You won't be alone!(*>◡❛) Because you have so many of companies 😏 on online! л̵ʱªʱªʱª (ᕑᗢᓫา∗)˒ By the way, I Don't know why?🤔since upgraded the YOUTUBE ,I couldn't receive about your responding! 🤔 ( NOT JUST YOU, I mean all of about the YOUTUBE'S notifications)
Johnny Lonewolf (9 days ago)
"YOU Mei May!!, and you must know it by now by the Hundreds of Blokes I 've noticed Requesting Your Company on Here!! :o}
Mei MayTube (9 days ago)
+Johnny Lonewolf Who's cute? 😏
Johnny Lonewolf (9 days ago)
You're CUTE!! :o}
Erianne Desacada (11 days ago)
udaya Rekha (11 days ago)
Senior dogs (last one) are the best please don't abandon
Mahriata Rokhum (11 days ago)
3:49 what breed
Eri Airlangga (12 days ago)
1:02 that asian cat is the cutest I've ever seen
Harsimerpreet Singh (13 days ago)
5:00 the balloon baby😂🤭
Eduardo Asintado Jr (14 days ago)
The last is so adorable, the dog patiently waiting for his master to finish playing and at the same time on guard for his masters protection and safety
Benjamin Schweitzer (14 days ago)
10:30 DOG: alright kid make a deal BABY: ok whats that DOG: you have hands and can open cabinets...gemme some treats and you'll get some pacifiers. BABY: no I want some baby food DOG: fine baby food. Do we have a deal? BABY: I'll pass you the treats...
Hellbent Official (14 days ago)
1:18 following family culture
Hellbent Official (14 days ago)
1:09 when the Asian got hungry
Emma Randall May (14 days ago)
The first one geeeeeeeeeez that dog is a goooood singer lol
Samuel Wilhouski (15 days ago)
Putting your children in danger just to get on YouTube? These people are disgusting!
dard wali party (15 days ago)
Soooooooooo cute
Liliane Dietschy (16 days ago)
trop mignon !!
SHUBHAM SARKAR (17 days ago)
Innocence has no language
Michael O Callaghan (17 days ago)
0:24? - When's the album out? 😁
Pramod Swamy (17 days ago)
Last seen is very good...
Green Soul!! (18 days ago)
5:07 this is dangerous on so many levels. If only one knows babies have very sharp pinch and strong grabs, a dog can attack any time., no matter how trained he is its dangerous for both babies and Dogs
Mrz. Castle (6 days ago)
That baby and dog been over YouTube for years the dog has been there since he was born. Look them up. If the dog really wanted to attack the baby it would have already did. That's why no one is listening to you.
Mrz. Castle (6 days ago)
😑 just stop.
Green Soul!! (6 days ago)
+Muriel Vaillancourt ? Why dont u google about what i hv said instead of ranting over me.
Muriel Vaillancourt (7 days ago)
Green Soul!! Oh, please, let go! Live in a pasteurized bubble on a deserted island. It’s dangerous to breath too and life is a transmissible fatal disease, yah, we know! We can take a walk and be killed by a meteorite too. Some people are scared to live. Why not going in your coffin and waiting for your final breath?
Ashok Tiwari (19 days ago)
I love puppise
Tom Adams (19 days ago)
I love all the kinds and the animals in this video. Specially the last one.
kimmie kash (22 days ago)
3:23 is like a real live Teddy Bear
Erik W. S. (23 days ago)
That first dog is like "Look, tiny human, I can do music too!"
Sharon Mullins (23 days ago)
These cats and dog are not enjoying this. And do you really want a cat to swat your baby - just to get on youtube? Now the baby chasing the shepherd, was cute. And the toddler feeding another shepherd Milkbones - adorable.
Michelle Shinn (23 days ago)
How do you turn the darn thing off
Kat Jennin (24 days ago)
1:45, 2:38,3:23, 8:07,10:04,10:15,10:27, IS SO CUTE
Nilde Silva (24 days ago)
Que cachorrinho lindo 💕💞💕 Deus,amo dálmatas 🤗👏👏
shantanu rao (25 days ago)
@7:38 *HACHIKO* spotted
katy shepherd (25 days ago)
Cute puppy 👉❤ https://youtu.be/0AG6yZzz9pI
Tahira Khan (25 days ago)
I hate dogs
Qiuhui Wang (26 days ago)
Azidéia Memes (26 days ago)
Negus Nagasty (26 days ago)
Men love dogs bc dog are nice, brave, loyal, intelligent... but women don't like dogs they like cats bc their evil like it
Coppulor (27 days ago)
the ones with the dogs are cute. cats.............meh
EVERYTHING (27 days ago)
so cute video
Santosh Kumar (27 days ago)
Opera dog
Alone Princess (27 days ago)
Awwww 3:30 lively sooo cute 😘😘😘😘
Marcel Audubon (29 days ago)
The last one with the puddle is worth the wait
Sandra Rodriguez (29 days ago)
Hermoso video de bebés con perritos 😣
TIGER JEON (1 month ago)
it*s beautiful! these video healing to my minds. thanks for this
Joanne Joyce (1 month ago)
This whole video made me cringe give animals respect please they are not toys ....
Avinash Dhawal (1 month ago)
First dog sings better than me.... Keep going❤
Hesham Elpop (1 month ago)
The last one😍
arif rohman (1 month ago)
Oh maigat
Sharon F. (1 month ago)
Omg! These are too adorable!!
Laure Olivier (1 month ago)
Tros mignon j'adore
wow sooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeee
Tabok Squad (1 month ago)
When the dog was sitting on that kid I was dying
Fiaz Ahmad Fiaz Ahmad (1 month ago)
Very very so nice all baby 👶
Virginia M Conway (1 month ago)
aww shucks I want one
The Crescent Ghost (1 month ago)
3:24 Holy Mother Fucker. That is fucking CUTE as fuck.
Patricia Macário (1 month ago)
This vídeo is very cute because show us that The animais Really Love children
Lil’ Flo (1 month ago)
1:41 it is a funny and dreamy scene! I wish i had the same with my dog
King Ragna (1 month ago)
7:16 That poor dog is bored out of his mind.
Chevy Chev (1 month ago)
dogs and cats like their butts and other things....and people think its CUTE to have a baby all in their faces, licking the kids?????????? come on
Anika Ibnat (1 month ago)
The babies are so cute
josht18ffx (1 month ago)
Every night when I got home from work I'd find my dog curled up on my chair and she'd jump off wait for me to sit down and lay on my feat she always kept my chair and feet warm for me like she was taking care of me miss her so much
Macy Jorgensen (8 hours ago)
I know how you feel!I miss my great grandfather!RIP papi!
Macy Jorgensen (8 hours ago)
Aww!sorry for your loss!
Leslie D. (1 month ago)
No matter what, I don't fancy animals close to babies.. especially cats.. They are unpredictable, could turn aggressive in a sec.. But it dosen't matter anyway cause people don't care about these things until something bad happens.
Molly Szews (1 month ago)
Yeah certain dog breeds are good with kids, like labs and retrievers but cats can get scary quick, and some dogs are super jumpy
Always Reading (1 month ago)
There should not be an argue about cats and dogs. Cats are not fit to handle a human child!
Samuel Wilhouski (15 days ago)
Always Reading neither are dogs!!
Always Reading (1 month ago)
+Rb Ok, I don't understand Cats.
Rb (1 month ago)
Always Reading Ignorant cat-hater. Tell that to the victim whose family dog had killed their baby.
Priya Das (1 month ago)
The last one stole my heart.
udaya Rekha (11 days ago)
Senior dogs are the best
Astrid Ibekwe (1 month ago)
Super cute👍
Killer KevP (1 month ago)
That kid enjoying the puddle at the end was just beautiful to watch
Abby Lee (1 month ago)
4:55 the kids face 😂
Omen Nemo (1 month ago)
The sniff the bum one was hardcase hehehehe
Lovely Bujji (1 month ago)
Hahaha soooooo funny
StarsShineForYou63 (1 month ago)
Humans generaly love cats and dogs , but don't care about cows : take a look on the leather armchairs...
deezz nutzz (1 month ago)
8:08 LMAO
Zaza Raisca (1 month ago)
mega CUTEEE!😄😄😄
wayne gamble (1 month ago)
Would not allow any child to try to bite or play with any animals ears but the other 1s are cute .
247addiction (1 month ago)
wayne gamble adults play n nibble with their pets ears. Why can’t a baby? A baby’s touch is so soft and gentle.
ay balam (1 month ago)
9.47 The dog who plays hide and seek with the baby and the last one are sooo gentle.
SamStone327 (1 month ago)
11:15 Battle Brothers!!! Attack this Titan!
Lydia Lido (1 month ago)
Babies are wonderful , love the last one ;-)
Samriddha Thapa (1 month ago)
The loveliest kiss ever 2:40
Gucci McDuck (1 month ago)
1:06 Dont play with ur food ling-ling lol im racist
Nicole Childers (16 days ago)
Gucci McDuck I see
DanePsiq (1 month ago)
goes to my list just because theres's a dog singing ahaha nicee <3
alex catalan (1 month ago)
Geetanjali Joshi (1 month ago)
9.22 peekaboo game... it was awesome
Gukkie Chim (7 days ago)
Red velvet :v
shantanu rao (25 days ago)
Wanna play
nikki playzgames (1 month ago)
omg the husky is so kind to the baby aaww!!
udaya Rekha (11 days ago)
That's baby parker and millie from milperthusky😘🐕 lovely video
Peter Jongsma (1 month ago)
Children and pets.Bliss. I think dogs love us because we smell great to them.
Macy Jorgensen (8 hours ago)
He is so cute with that!
Macy Jorgensen (8 hours ago)
My dog loves it when I smell like peanut butter😂😂😂😂
5012810 (1 month ago)
3.24 ^_^ )))
Deepika Agrawal (1 month ago)
Jason Smith (1 month ago)
I love that cat sleeping baby 🤣. Some animals are so great 😀.
Dogs World (1 month ago)
Sharon Thompson (12 days ago)
Sharon Thompson (12 days ago)

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