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Now that's how you defend the bomb in style!

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Text Comments (65)
dion jackson (6 years ago)
Obviously a setup
BayernSouthside (7 years ago)
@korikatastrophy lololol mad
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
If anyone doesn't believe this is in a public match here is some proof, if you're interested.. /watch?v=Cfx5PWN6bAA
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
@s4f33ul786 /watch?v=V6xPtAyZteU
TheTactiqal (7 years ago)
@joshravnn l2r?
TheTactiqal (7 years ago)
@SqueakiiHD it was hes gametag dude xD he killed him and unreal killcams said oh tryhard :P* ( The one who got killed first was named tryhard )
TheNastyWhiteboy (7 years ago)
@joshravnn the part that was setup was the killcam it was from straight upknives rundown tutorial thing lol but the two kills were legit
Josh Ravn (7 years ago)
Tbh it did look set up.... But still nice :) Fxzehh x
MsPlymouthVoyager (7 years ago)
@xScreamfinity ditto
BayernSouthside (7 years ago)
@MrRealisticX I never make it on Youtube? Wtf am i triying to get big or what? haha :D. Im not an Idiot i just wanna see the full game.. he mad
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
@SwallaceFnF nah bro, you can stop trolling whenever you want though...bro
Hempan Termo (7 years ago)
@iWillB3Famous Because it was a tutorial where do you think he should look?
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
@steelscorpion12 Agreed, carnival is uploading btw
Ahmad Hashmi (7 years ago)
why was the guy you killed in the killcam looking up at the sky
Acclimatising (7 years ago)
@94GTX94 how original, yet again kill yourself. No i'm not mad, just bitches like you who can't stand the fact that they'll never make it on youtube, so to help them sleep at night, they find it necessary to rag on other people's shit. you're an idiot.
manuel ramirez (7 years ago)
@StraightUpKnives haha
Bell (7 years ago)
I was there, its legit.
TheFluffyPorcupine (7 years ago)
@VVHATS its grizz who, as in hes saying hes better then grizz. hes not a fanboy at all >_>
xScreamfinity (7 years ago)
@MsPlymouthVoyager stop being so stupid. right now.
christian nunez (7 years ago)
It looks set up because hes looking at the knife but I could be wrong...
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
@TheReaIExotic not setup, but great
MsPlymouthVoyager (7 years ago)
setup cough
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
@iMurkaa Hey! You see where it says READ in the description? Or EVERYBODY READ right above where you typed in your comment?? Or the annotations on the video??? FFS learn how to read before you troll my videos.
SirStickzAlot (7 years ago)
dirtehhhh broskii :)
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
@SwallaceFnF Hey! You see where it says READ in the description? Or EVERYBODY READ right above where you typed in your comment?? Or the annotations on the video??? FFS learn how to read before you troll my videos.
kwalski11 (7 years ago)
fucking cool
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
@HiiTmarkerOfTheDay <3
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
@IcedEliteOne Let's see you find that sexy of a spot, and then hit 2 in a row on random people...yeah, that's what I thought.
Tom Barker (7 years ago)
wow you learnt a spot, oh wait that requires no skill. get good noob
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
@DiivinneLeGenD amen.
Tyler Boone (7 years ago)
Everybody who says this is set up, read the description please.
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
@starsonicy123 <3 not set up
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
@CashSm lol
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
@MaximumFLUKE lol
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
EVERYBODY READ: The first 2 kills where Im Nilla was spectating me were the two knives hit in the public match (there were 3 alive, but the last guy was too scared to defuse) The final killcam was from our tutorial, to show people what the knife was doing <3
starsonicy123 (7 years ago)
idk..... it looks like the guy was waiting for the throwing knife. I have to learn that spot either way.
BayernSouthside (7 years ago)
@MrRealisticX lol umad?
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
@roadkillnl <3 But for all the hAt3rzz, we'll upload it with the reactions from the other team too <3
Colt Mods (7 years ago)
@StraightUpKnives not needed, if u say if itsnt setup i believe you lol
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
@roadkillnl 100% real :) we'll upload proof later <3
Colt Mods (7 years ago)
looks a littlebit setup tbh, but if its not then its sick
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
@MomieeCA <3
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
@PurposeTooServe <3
Scott Pearson (7 years ago)
@StraightUpKnives I did. Just now... lol
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
@PurposeTooServe Then watch the annotation on the screen...-____-
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
@SwallaceFnF you jelly bro?
Scott Pearson (7 years ago)
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
@PurposeTooServe OH MAIIII GAWWWD READ THE EFFING DESCRIPTION. The Final Killcam is from our tutorial (aka, we show people how to hit the spot in a public match...) The first 2 kills were back - to - back in a PUBLIC match, but the third guy was too smart to defuse <3
Scott Pearson (7 years ago)
he was just sitting there.. privite
Acclimatising (7 years ago)
@94GTX94 shut up bitch, kill yoself.
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
@gautek He was spectating me :) Im G R I Z Z W H 0
gautek (7 years ago)
No xp bar ?
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
@IIGriPII Public :)...there was no killcam because the third guy didnt defuse/try to defuse, so we showed the killcam from our tutorial to show viewers what knife I hit :)
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
@94GTX94 Not private :), the killcam is from our rundown tutorial, to show people the knife I was hitting :)
BayernSouthside (7 years ago)
private match... show full game
CheddaGaming (7 years ago)
/playlist?p=PLB7B19C5FDC563788 The best cod playlist on youtube! ohh and chuck norris sent me!
JustAnotherCinema (7 years ago)
well it's three knives in one round
Hygrid (7 years ago)
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
@xDotzz Wasnt the killcam lol, the third guy was too scared to defuse.
PlayTheGameFilms (7 years ago)
Boss. Nuff said
galen367 (7 years ago)
I don't see how that wouldn't be a win on Grizz' side.
xBAKERxHD (7 years ago)
Befor 400! Yes!
StraightUpKnives (7 years ago)
The killcam was to show what happens in that spot, considering the third guy was too scared to defuse :D
Brendan4 (7 years ago)
under 300 club lets see some thumbs
michiel adriaensen (7 years ago)

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