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Richard Gere Says Hollywood WON'T Hire Him Because of China

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Richard Gere says why Hollywood won't hire him. Subscribe for more news! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk47egZ-D3ZuP005EDLbqow ★↓OUR SOCIAL MEDIA!↓★ Facebook Mike Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/mikeychenx Instagram: http://instagr.am/Mikexingchen http://instagr.am/rowenatsai Twitter: http://twitter.com/Mikexingchen Snapchat: Mikeychenx Periscope: Mikexingchen ~Send stuff at our PO Box! Mike Chen PO Box 610 Middletown, NY 10940 ----------------------------- Music: www.bensound.com www.gosoundtrack.com ----------------------------- Watch the best show on earth! www.shenyunperformingarts.org
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Gaz Matic (6 months ago)
Hollywood is full of satanic pedophiles.
DianeCanDo Flamtaps (10 months ago)
Last movie I watched with him was Hatchi. That movie was so so good!! But I have to admit I cried....... 😢
DianeCanDo Flamtaps (10 months ago)
I think the movie with Jennifer Lopez was called “Maid in Manhattan”. I think. Really good movie! Watch it!!
jusanotherone (1 year ago)
The Chinese have stakes everywhere. The world is moving to North Korea level delusions and crazy cover ups of horrendous crimes and aggressions due to the Chinese manipulation of world media and politics increasingly. Bravo Richard Gere for using your limited but important power to speak out against the " horrendous " Chinese.
Turanian Heritage (1 year ago)
China is terrorist state, no respect to human rights, all about stealing and getting more powerful
Dawn Dennis (1 year ago)
too many emojis
Nathaniel Mills (1 year ago)
Hi Mike, have you stopped uploading on this channel?
Melanie Dodge (1 year ago)
So... Is this channel dead already or did they just go on summer break to someplace REALLY remote? I miss them!
leyuen (1 year ago)
nah, he still posts videos on his other channels strictly dumpling, mikey chen, the chen dynasty, beyond science, beyond science 2. It's only this channel thats not being updated.
Ashley Nguyen (1 year ago)
Is this their last video?
cas4040 (1 year ago)
Mothman Prophecies!
lynnb05 (1 year ago)
Hey, Mike--Where did you go?? It's been about a month since your last vid. I love your channel and miss seeing what story you'll do next! Hope all is well in your world and you're just off traveling again :)
lynnb05 (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Kippie Discord (1 year ago)
If you check his main channel "Mikey Chen" or " Strictly Dumpling", he is in Thailand and his last post was a minimum of six days ago.
Pamela Phillips (1 year ago)
Oh wow...I LOVE the emoji pillows. Everytime I think of Richard Gere I get flashbacks of him in American Gigelo because of the full frontal view. Not that it was bad☺️ but it WAS a total shock, lol.
Ab Ten (1 year ago)
Thanks man
Ab Ten (1 year ago)
Ab Ten (1 year ago)
All about money
Zoltan (1 year ago)
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Zoltan (1 year ago)
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knownpleasures (1 year ago)
richard gere could easily appear in a fast n furious, star wars or a james bond baddie but he needs to shut his mouth about tibet! his agent should tell him
Murdoch Ravenhill (1 year ago)
中国大陆人 are vile bullies
Liang Zhao (1 year ago)
You kidding me? You think Americans are not sensitive about how foreigners think of USA? Give me a break.
Alina Alive (1 year ago)
Does anyone know where they went?!
Ray King (1 year ago)
Please come back. I miss you guys for not having new episode for so long.
IGGS 🇬🇭 (1 year ago)
Suggestion: Use a round table instead of a couch. People can face each other, making it even more like a discussion than news report
Sonaam Tashi (1 year ago)
one day karma will come to china
Pine Joi (1 year ago)
READ: Hello, Tibet has been being part of the Central Kingdom (China) since the Yuan dynasty, even the title Dalai Lama was given by Mongol Chinese official (Shunyi Wang) of the Ming dynasty. Tibetan serfs have been freed since 1959, no more serfs in Tibet China. You cannot go back to feudal serfdom. Read Ngapoi Ngawang Jigme (阿沛·阿旺晋美, ང་ཕོད་ངག་དབང་འཇིགས་མེད, senior Tibet official before and after 1951) 's words in "The True Facts of the 10 March 1959 Event" (1959藏区骚乱真相)": http://news.singtao.ca/toronto/2008-03-19/1205937698d900848.html 至于现在拉萨骚乱分子又喊出了“西藏独立”的口号,这更是荒唐的。西藏是不是独立的,无论从汉文、藏文的史书记载中还是从现存的许多历史文物里,如皇帝赐给西藏统治者的印信、金册等,都可以清清楚楚地看到,吐蕃同唐朝有了一种亲密的关系,从元朝开始,西藏正式纳入中央政府管辖,至今已有740多年。这就是说,所谓“西藏独立”完全是毫无根据的,是站不住脚的。那些鼓吹“西藏独立”的人无非是以夏格巴的一本书为依据。我反复详细地研究过这本书,认为夏格巴在引用藏文的历史资料或汉文的历史资料时,对史料完全采取了断章取义、取其所需的态度,这样得出的结论只能是谎言,谎言是改变不了历史事实的。本来不存在“西藏独立”,骚乱分子怎样喊也“独立”不成。闹事的喇嘛根本不懂历史,完全是空谈“独立” - -- written by Ngapoi Ngawang Jigme Machine Translation: It is even more absurd to say that the slogan "Tibet's independence" has now been shouted out by the rioters in Lhasa. Whether Tibet is independent or not can be clearly seen from the historical records in Chinese and Tibetan languages or from many existing historical relics such as the Yin and Jin volumes that the emperor gave to the rulers of Tibet. The Tang Dynasty had an intimate relationship. Since the Yuan Dynasty, Tibet has been formally incorporated into the jurisdiction of the Central Government and has been in existence for over 740 years. This means that the so-called "Tibet independence" is entirely unfounded and untenable. Those who preach "Tibet independence" are nothing more than a book based on Shaqba. I have studied this book in detail in the past, believing that Shakabat, when quoting the historical data of Tibetan or Chinese, completely takes the historical material out of context and takes the attitude he needs. The conclusion thus drawn can only be that Lies, lies can not change the historical facts. There was no such thing as "Tibet independence" and how riots were called "independence". The troubled lamas did not understand history at all and were completely empty talk about "independence." -- written by Ngapoi Ngawang Jigme
Sonaam Tashi (1 year ago)
Snow Snowy sorry I didn't meant china but some dumb Chinese politicians and media who use their power to powerless people but no worries karma will come one day I have faith in buddha and my friend everyone has karma i will too have my karma and u too my friend. sorry for saying china i didn't meant all china has done injustice to the tibetans i just meant karma will come to those Chinese who have no compassion love towards other human beings and their culture. hope u understand my feeling as a human being #peace
James Whyte (1 year ago)
Where the f^ck are the new CheNews video?!!?
伊藤博文 (1 year ago)
All Hollywood wants is the money. It doesn't matter who would pay for it. It will turn the cruel communist into the prettiest Panda in their stupid movie. We all know that China invades everywhere in Asia now. Then, what? Are you going to tell Richard not to criticize those insane Chinaman?
Pine Joi (1 year ago)
Japan dog.
kawaiiafangirl (1 year ago)
China does have a quota on foreign films, but the U.S. isn't limited to 6 or 7. It's probably closer to 15-20. Also, it depends on the films Richard Gere is trying to do. If it's big budget blockbuster films, then I can see why he wouldn't be cast but he mostly does dramas/ romance films so I don't see why that was a problem.
nikkietw (1 year ago)
還有我常看到一堆亞裔在靠夭 HOLLYWOOD不用亞裔(東亞人)演員, 但現在, 中國影星不斷出現在影片中, 最近一個就是長城中的景甜了... 等HOLLYWOOD片中, 經常性的中國男演員睡遍白種女人後, 你們這些可憐的ABC男人, 在美國就幹得到白種女人了...white girls are easy. lol 世事無絕對, 自己想通就好
nikkietw (1 year ago)
對啊, 我也是很期待你們的發展, 至少每次在台灣, 看到各種負面消息, 我還可以看大陸片及影星解解氣, 你們的影星千萬別學美國人...各種負面行為
nikkietw (1 year ago)
美國不就是利用HOLLYWOOD來做政治文化滲透, 各國有哪個影星去拍美國人強佔印地安人領土? 要美國人滾回歐洲, 不會嘛 白種人的虛偽和N重標準, 我看多了 美國要用HOLLYWOOD來裂解中國, 中國反其道而行, 裂解HOLLYWOOD, 現在看起來老共是莊家 中國不過是以其人之道還治其人之身, 被禁活該, 他不是唯一一個, 之前brad pitt才可憐兮兮出現在中國, 再也不敢談政治 HOLLYWOOD本來就是由猶太人控制, 亞裔男沒女人緣, 老二短, 應該都是猶太人的傑作, 現在多好, 中國強力介入, HOLLYWOOD屁都不敢放一個, 這些江郎才盡的洋鬼子還敢說,至少華人的壞話? 最近聯航的事件最鮮明, CEO準備滾蛋, 受害者還是個越南人, 但有中國姓氏, 哈....活該 從來沒有像現在覺得, 做個華人, 或者中國人這麼好...哈, 原因不外是洋人怕死了萬惡的共產黨啊....以後HOLLYWOOD說奉行ONE CHINA POLICY我都不會覺得奇怪 現在還會再發生印尼排華姦殺事件嗎? 或者美國,加拿大的排華法案? 有種試試 前一陣子亞加達還發生排斥他們華人的市長大游行, 結果敢鬧大嗎?官方自動鎮壓 馬來西亞也如此, 那個貪污的納吉希多挺中國啊 你會發現最愛中國的華人, 不是台灣人, 香港人..而是馬來西亞華人....切身之痛啊, 聽說印尼, 馬來西亞以前還禁止說華語...血淋淋的教訓 同樣的, 加入法輪功你就是黑名單了, 自己要做為白種人的打手, 後果自己承担, 你在美國, 永遠是次等人...自己的選擇, 怪不得別人; 亞裔的位階比那低X等的黑人都不如...真可憐啊... 我去過美國很多次, 但從未想過當美國人
Anissa Vargas (1 year ago)
I remember him in Runaway Bride
Zoltan (1 year ago)
pteranodons put a shape land pteranodon in ocean at a triangle
4 & 20 Black Birds (1 year ago)
Donald Trump Says Hollywood WON'T Hire Him Because of China too. so do anyone that make fun of Jews in Hollywood, ya, must be China's fault too. that and the cultural authoritarian country, Japan. they'll not having enough babies. they're old and dropping like flys. that's China's fault as well because China make these Japanese people work till they kill themselves. man o man. talk about blaming everything wrong in this world toward China. nice!
John Lai (1 year ago)
American celebrities can criticize their own President and their own government (and be praised for it), but they can't criticize the President and government of China without consequences to their career. China is not allowing freedom of speech in USA? Zuh????
森 太翔 (1 year ago)
You mean Hollywood is not biased in favor of America - the savor of the world? Give me a break.
3nien (1 year ago)
Maybe the fact that he's a lousy actor has something to do with it
Azzamatic (1 year ago)
Richard Gere likes sticking small animals up his butt
169709394 (1 year ago)
China must continue to ban all evil western culture. Richard proudly played a man whore in his old movie. Fuck Richard Gere, the worst actor in the world. Despite all that, China still likes you as much as you like China.
Robert Tan (1 year ago)
The dalai lama is a political animal masquerading as a religious figure. Do your research; he's on the CIA payroll. Most Americans, including you Richard Gere have been negatively influenced by anti China narrative so prevalent on msm. China is not perfect but is never as bad as it is being portrayed. If you wish to know the truth, go and see it for yourself instead of relying on media, including this one here.
Pine Joi (1 year ago)
HUY PHAM, you are idiot, do you even know Mongol Chinese and Manchu Chinese are 2 ethnic groups of 65 groups of the Central Kingdom (China)?
HUY PHAM (1 year ago)
Timeless D Both Yuan and Qing were not Chinese but foreign dynasties. When their empires dissolved, all the collective parts should go back to being independent.
HUY PHAM (1 year ago)
So said the 50 cents troll
Pine Joi (1 year ago)
I agree the Dalai Lama is a political animal, a hypocrite, let check the "duress" thing: 1. Ngapoi Ngawang Jigme said he was NOT under duress at all signing the 17-point agreement. 2. The Dalai Lama said the Tibet Local Government as well as the ecclesiastic and secular people unanimously support this agreement. 3. Through CIA, United States said in order to get assistance and support from the United States, the Dalai Lama must leave Tibet and make public disavowal of agreement, i.e. agreement was signed under duress. 4. AFTER the Dalai Lama went on exile, he issued statement saying the agreement was signed under duress. 告诉你一个真实的达赖喇嘛 标清 Under Duress? Ngapoi Ngawang Jigme's words https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9btJYm0YLQ&t=2048s Under Duress? Dalai Lama's telegraph with his signature https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9btJYm0YLQ&t=2358s Under Duress? Dalai Lama, very happy, no change to the feudal serfdom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9btJYm0YLQ&t=2415s Under Duress? Dalai Lama, very happy, arriving Beijing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9btJYm0YLQ&t=2925s Under Duress? Dalai Lama wrote poem to praise Mao https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9btJYm0YLQ&t=3105s Under Duress? Just do whatever United States told you to do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9btJYm0YLQ&t=3913s United States: Your Holiness will understand, of course, that the readiness of the United States to render you the assistance and support outlined above "is conditional upon your departure from Tibet, upon your public disavowal of agreements concluded under duress between the representatives of Tibet and those of the Chinese Communist aggression." Under Duress? AFTER the Dalai Lama went on exile, he issued statement saying the agreement was signed under duress. https://www.dalailama.com/messages/tibet/middle-way-approach Dalai Lama is not only animal, he is a liar.
sourav moitra (1 year ago)
now what is the cost of a soul
conchyjvh (1 year ago)
Please speak up Rowena, we can't hear you sometimes
漢仔 (1 year ago)
I have watched Pretty Woman in the cinema and that was the year in 1987. China only get the attention of Hollywood after the new millennium arrived. So the effect of Richard Gere getting cold shoulders from Hollywood because of the Chinese factor is only after China's rise to power.
漢仔 (1 year ago)
hotcoffee Ok,thanks for correcting me. So that was in 1990.All along,I thought it was 1987.
hotcoffee (1 year ago)
it was released in 1990
wackywong (1 year ago)
The last film with Richard Gere I watched was this terrible action/thriller film where Gere played a Russian spy: The Double.
Okolehao (1 year ago)
The dance movie was "Shall We Dance?" Which was a remake of a Japanese movie of the same name. The Japanese version was far superior.
iloverapkc (1 year ago)
How bout the movie unfaithful? Mang, diane lane was hot as fucc tho. That hoe ass bitch. My favorite. "I want u to fucc me"
dragon y (1 year ago)
china money controls hollywood??
hotcoffee (1 year ago)
no! jew control holywood
Boy Aditya (1 year ago)
China contribute at least 100 millions of dollars per Blockbuster movie
DeRun Ren (1 year ago)
How does China have influence on Hollywood when there barely any Chinese actors??? Look at the amount of Jews in Hollywood. Jews control Hollywood.
yataya chan (1 year ago)
DeRun Ren now due to subbing and dubbing hollywood movies get a large scale release. Due to the population of China the number of theatres is HUGE. So in order for Hollywood movies to get distributors there they avoid liabilities. If a movie does well in China regardless if it did average in America, it's going to turn in huge profits.
Tick Tock (1 year ago)
DeRun Ren Chinese capital has been getting into Hollywood in just recent 2 years. You might not notice because it comes new and it happens so fast. You can see a lot of Chinese companies' name before opening scenes in recently released movies. Actually every corner in Hollywood expect these Unions has more or less Chinese power now.
Jessie Bass (1 year ago)
DeRun Ren the whole Hollywood movie industry is a much bigger concept than just the amount of actors that showed up in the scenes. Especially nowadays Hollywood is not simply just about film but a lot more about the sponsors, the market and even politics.
Tick Tock (1 year ago)
Not 6 or 7 Hollywood movies into China, it's 34. There are also other methods to get into Chinese market.
Mike does not care. He is here to spreads lies about China. Have you watched his videos where he talked about how China forcefully harvested organs from Falun Gong practitioners alive WITHOUT anesthesia? He made several videos spreading that lie. Go to my channel to watch these videos by Mike Chen.
A J (1 year ago)
Thank you for bringing this subject up mike and Rowena. Where I live, most people on average love Richard gere. You really need to check out ADVChina YouTube channel, they are based in china and touch on SO many things going on in china.
Beau Tanner (1 year ago)
I'm happy this is being talked about... I hope people become more aware that their "free press" (at least one part of it) is being hijacked by a human rights violating regime.
Timeless D (1 year ago)
Moreover, CIA has a $600 million contract with Washington Post.  What is this contract about, both CIA and WaPo refused to disclose, but many people surmised that it was the US government's money for using WaPo as a propaganda machine and to disseminate disinformation and to continue the black smear against China.
Beau Tanner (1 year ago)
Even if that were true, my point still stands. (besides, Israel would beg to differ)
hotcoffee (1 year ago)
yeah american free press is being hijacked by a israel.
sayjai bao (1 year ago)
where's Jazmina?
poker108 (1 year ago)
sayjai bao doing porn.
Raquel AN (1 year ago)
For them who blame the West for white washing you need to take this into place they might be the reason why they use white more then blacks or any other group.
stiepan holkien (1 year ago)
China is doing to Hollywood what weebs are doing to Japanese animation.
Darwin Poe (1 year ago)
Fofee (1 year ago)
Can't wait till Modern Day Cao Cao arises and revives the Han Empire, banning superhero movies and reinstating Legalism.
ambassador yee (1 year ago)
Fofee #wei
HelenaeCat (1 year ago)
I was wondered what happened to him a few weeks back. Now I know and I wanna go watch some of his movies.
Heaven Bright (1 year ago)
Here are my views on this: Richard Gere may be an actor by trade but seeing that a lot of his fame also comes from political activism, and just how involved he is in his political activism, it is more correct to view him as a political figure and a political activist, not an actor. Though it may be a little bit unfair to blacklist him from movies or banning him from the past Academy Awards, we could understand why it happens. He uses every opportunity he gets to spread his political agenda, bashing China's human rights while supporting Tibetan Independence (during which the human rights abuses were FAR worse and Tibetans were far worse off), and calling for a boycott of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Is it really that surprising if he is barred from opportunities when he would have just used all of them as a platform for his misguided political views? He tried to politicize the Olympics so he ought to know his acting career can also be politicized. Oh wait, he politicized his acting career himself. We have to remember the film industry is still business. It is money and profit that's at the centerpiece. For the same reason viewers tend to gravitate towards news channels and alternate media that share their political opinions, it isn't irrational to say that Chinese people, making up the second and soon-to-be largest audience, don't want to watch a movie with this guy. It is rational and a correct business decision not to cast this guy.
Timeless D (1 year ago)
How sad that yours is truly the propaganda.Even UN had stated that only 50 million Chinese people live below the poverty line while you put up false information about 1 billion Chinese living below poverty line.Per capita GDP of China is currently $8,000 and while cost of living in China is 5 to 8 times cheaper in China compared to US.How sad is that US is a country without its own culture and language and US has to plagiarize from another nation in order to have a language to communicate.  Isn't this a tragedy?
shalom1948hellyeah (1 year ago)
well the problem with decrying criticism of "Communist Propaganda" is that 99% of people outside of China see mouthing CCP rationalization for the occupation of tibet or rationalization of human rights abuses as exactly that... Communist Propaganda. And not even very good ones at that. another issue is that the people who DO believe the propaganda are uneducated Chinese coolies. despite advancement 1 billion out of 1.4 billion Chinese live below the international poverty live with very little education and even less acculturation. basically living as tools for the CCP to enrich itself upon. they are extremely ignorant people who just 30 years ago were lazy Chinese farmers sleeping in the middle of the day... not even able to feed themselves with huge famines that persisted throughout CCP until the 1980s. so if you're going to rage against what 6 billion people on Earth see as dumb "Communist Propaganda" then anyone can see you are not willing to have a logical debate. as for Native Americans versus Tibetans. what the US did in the contemporary context was brutal but normal. genocide, colonialism and exploitation was very normal for the 1800s. what China has done in Tibet in the modern context is completely ignorant, primitive and unspeakable... basically only a few countries like PRC, North Korea, Israel, Syria have similar types of pogroms and cultural genocide. unfortunately, Tibet isn't even an unusual case for CCP, since they also at the same time have been scheming to brutalize and displace uighurs and many other nationalities. even in Manchuria, the CCP has conducted largescale campaigns to flood Manchu, Mongolian and even traditional Korean areas with masses of Chinese coolies since Mao's time to try to strangle their history and culture the basic issue is that Chinese Nationalism, and thus Chinese Communism is based on lies and ignorance. Sun was a devotee of Fascist Imperial Japan (even begged for and later abandoned a Japanese child bride because he was so enamored of Japan over China). But Sun and both the KMT and CCP DESPISED China and believed that Chinese culture was inferior in every way... doing things like trying to DESTROY Chinese family and culture even punishing the venerable CHINESE custom of kowtowing etc. Chinese Nationalism purported to seek a Han homeland by kicking out China's masters the Qing (Manchu previously Jurchen and Khitan) and have China for Chinese but after Qing fell... the Chinese were hypocritical and silly and sought to hold onto the land that the Manchu had CONQUERED aside China. Tibet, Mongolia, West China etc were areas that the CHINESE had nothing to do with... those were lands that the Qing encorporated into their kingdom alongside the millions of Chinese coolies they owned. but after Qing fell... and espousing "native rule" for the Chinese the Chinese proceeded to try to deny EVERYONE ELSE their own right to self-rule simply because they happened to be the largest population of many nations that the NE Asians conquered... to this day the obsession with Tibet, SCS is a DIRECT consequence of Qing expansion. which the foolish (and laughed at) Chinese insist is somehow theirs because "THE PEOPLE WHO RULED US ALSO POSSESSED THOSE LANDS" it's all insecurity and hypocrisy. what would be best for China is to stop slavishly following and chasing the West and try to rediscover some of their Chinese roots. after 120 years the Chinese have very little to nothing of their original culture left... Mao deliberately sought to destroy it all in the Cultural Revolution because he was convinced that Jewish Communist ideology was sooooo much superior to anything the Chinese had invented in the past 4000 years and that Chinese were crap. today the Chinese chase and emulate the US... their only desire to try to out-America America. even in terms of Tibet and Colonialism... traditional Chinese were never expansionistic or Colonial... THAT is a hallmark of the WEST ever since Greece and Rome which were small backward countries which grew by invading and taking from more developed neighbors in Asia Minor, Phoenician, Egyptian etc. that's why China called itself the MIDDLE KINGDOM. all else was "barbarian kingdoms and inferior lands." even that CCP wants so desperately to hold onto Tibet is a really sad commentary on Chinese self-hate. they emulate the West, compare to American Manifest Destiny with the Indians and play "little brother" trying to do the same 150 years later to the shame of the world. sad
Timeless D (1 year ago)
Google 'Dalai Lama Files from wikileaks' and you should be able to peer through CIA classified files on how the CIA had been funding ($180,000/year which is equivalent to more than $1 million/year in today's value) the dalai lama from the 1950s to 1980.  The files revealed that CIA was involved in training Tibetans to stage rebellions against China.
Heaven Bright (1 year ago)
Well if we are to compare the US treatment of Native Americans and Chinese treatment of Tibetans, we see a startling contrast. For one, minus the Red Guard (many of whom or most are actually Tibetans) who destroyed the Four Olds of Tibet, there has never been a genocide in Tibet. The Tibetan population actually grew. There are now 7.5 million Tibetans instead of just 1-3 million. Tibetan culture is quite popular across China and seen as Tibetan. In the US, the numbers of Natives have increased and has been subjected to both non-intentional and intentional genocide. The culture of Native Americans are not respected like Tibetan culture is in China. Native American culture is seen as an occasional Halloween wear, nothing more to the majority population.
M&M (1 year ago)
Isn't it a bit sad what the native Indians go through?  USA belonged to them and they had been robbed!  Return USA to the native Indians.
Ana Banana (1 year ago)
last Richard gere movie I saw was unfaithful with Diane lane.
franko columbo (1 year ago)
Ana Santana me too
Gloria Cee (1 year ago)
Notification squad
Virginia Bradley (1 year ago)
"Pretty Woman" Clark and Virginia
XA W (1 year ago)
maybe his acting sucks?
Supermun1234 (1 year ago)
Why is Brad Pitt banned
Peta Gonkyi (1 year ago)
I made the mistake.
Beau Tanner (1 year ago)
I think that was another one, Brad Pitt was in "Seven Years in Tibet"
Peta Gonkyi (1 year ago)
He starred in film titled "Kundun" on the Dalai Lama released around 2000.
Gearsinice (1 year ago)
Is it sad.... last two movies I remember enjoying with him in them are Pretty Woman and First Knight... Though to be fair, those I watched about two weeks ago...
Jann Lee (1 year ago)
Mike are you banned in China?
哈哈哈哈哈,我听到Mike说“censorship", 笑死我了。他不知道删除了多少我写的留言了。他在这里说”censorship“? 哈哈哈哈。 Lol! I heard Mike talk about "censorship" in this video. God knows how many of my comments have been deleted by this Mike guy, and he is here talking about "censorship"? Hahahaha! What a hypocrite!
yes, he is because he is a member of Falun Gong, and he made several youtube videos spreading Falun Gong's lies. 他帮法轮功在youtube搞宣传的。他做了好几个视频说中国连麻醉都不用,强行活体取练法轮功的人的器官。
quinn hu (1 year ago)
Melanie Dodge (1 year ago)
I think Dan is also a known student of Falun Gong, so there's that too.
Chandler (1 year ago)
In 2011 he was in the double, a pretty good movie.
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