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Necois Idois (1 year ago)
Very Beautiful :)
Crispy Tiger (1 year ago)
where to buy in us
Mohamed Nimsath (2 years ago)
what is the basic knowledge need to do this
Mohamed Nimsath (2 years ago)
can you show me how to make it from begging
Srednio naJeza (2 years ago)
Where to buy in Europe ?.
8:38 Can you take a gift for me?
6:46 Can you take a gift for me?
4:27 Can you take a gift for me?
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Lazza Leppi (3 years ago)
@denha store link?
beltrami johnny (3 years ago)
bonjour,ils sont tous bien tu les a achete ou?c'est quoi le numero du microcontroleur?
fireblade0877 (3 years ago)
Do you still make these badges? If so I would like to buy x2 of your No 031 Badges.
J. DArtagnan A. O. (3 years ago)
do you really like leds....pretty beautiful yours PCB, congratulations
vag4l vevo (3 years ago)
did you make them or you buy them
Harry Haefner (4 years ago)
be nice to have an explanation on these modules.
ELETTRONICA by PELLI (5 years ago)
how do you make the pcb so well?? and then how do you pay so well SMD
DjResR (5 years ago)
Probably a timer, you can use NE555 to drive the 74HC4017
FireguyNtx (5 years ago)
Nobody knows where to buy these from? You need a US distributor in US dollars. I don't know yen? Want to buy badly, but your missing out on tons of money from the US market because of the currency and availability. (Still dreaming of buying these) ..............
Catalin Alecu (5 years ago)
Quanti ne vorresti?
rahul dhir (5 years ago)
where can i buy these from?
albertroswell (5 years ago)
74HC4017 decade counter?, and what is the other IC?
RSGod CraftRiot (5 years ago)
$20 -> $100 for those? I can make one for like... $4(for the $20)
apec74 (6 years ago)
беспалезный мусор
mis respetos
gra ca (6 years ago)
ziomek gdzie mozna to kupic odp na gg 33317552 czekam za odpowiedzia
denha (6 years ago)
Please search and watch "LED badges catalog 2012 "
spallmer (6 years ago)
si possono comprare li vendi?
ну-ка и нахера ты их наелал столько ?
Michal5000 (6 years ago)
11:29 chicken
Daftronic (7 years ago)
What kin of led you use?
hnojeivents (7 years ago)
Hi, do you still make and sell these badges? I couldn't find the shop on your website. Thanks Hnojei
DoubleM55 (7 years ago)
Dude, stop chewing your nails.. damn...
denha (7 years ago)
@yeth136 CR2032 coin cell.
TINAH PARAGOSO (7 years ago)
wat kind of batery you use?
dinetsandrew (7 years ago)
nice I know how works allmost things (i see generator on 74hc00 and counters 74hc0404 and 74hc4017 , some LED bar driver with amplifiter....) but can get what device in 4:45 (I suppose it MCU maby ATtiny or etc)
omega1one (7 years ago)
cool but what are they for?
nexus01gr (7 years ago)
Now I can make my miniature USS ENTERPRISE bridge a reality.
@inventorlewis My guess, he made them. They are pretty darn inexpensive to make so I would suggest figuring that out instead of paying what he asks.
CxC2007 (8 years ago)
I dont get it... Why 2 Ic's what are those for, what about just 1 microcontroler and many different effects?? this electronics are so lame and old
LucaTurilli89 (8 years ago)
Why 2 volts are enough for the electrons to pass through the distance of 0.5-1.0 mm when you need 3 kilovolts current for a 1 mm square to pass through ?!
Matt Clarke (8 years ago)
probably the worst video ive ever seen !
GOTHIC Kruk (8 years ago)
Oco chodzi?!
how much in american money?
sonofplunder (8 years ago)
@PieRaGa i thought it was at first but then i was like ohhhh its yen
nomadben (8 years ago)
100 bucks for that shit? most i think anyone would pay is 20 or 25.
James Pitts (8 years ago)
Check out those nasty fingernails, and he's polished them to boot!
Rein (8 years ago)
No not 2000 bucks, 2000 Yen >.<
Alumx (8 years ago)
@bestamerica omg u will ask it in all videos?
Alumx (8 years ago)
wtf 2000 bucks?
Frozenmonkey2 (8 years ago)
what the fuck its the point of this shit???? JJJJeeeeesssss whats about to build awesome Sexroboter???????
AzureTornado (8 years ago)
bravo nerd!!
H Jones (8 years ago)
What is the point of this????
ToCorrectYou (8 years ago)
what is this for ?
Asaf Silman (8 years ago)
let me guess at 6:25 that badge is, "the game of life" am I right am I right huh, huh? no seriously that's some pretty good badges i would love to buy them!
Vaughn Reisig (8 years ago)
wtf what are u trying 2 say
187 Truck (8 years ago)
Danninger György (8 years ago)
denha (9 years ago)
bestamerica (9 years ago)
what kind of battery on a board
AxcelKaru (9 years ago)
where can I purchase these badges in the US?
rednaxelareyam (9 years ago)
I need this nice badges!! Where I can buy it?
spiroslouis1 (9 years ago)
vey nise.But how you make those panels and where i can find too this chips that make the lad gonne like yours?
Penfold8 (9 years ago)
Where do you get these?
snoiprocs16 (9 years ago)
Space Cop of Gavan. XD
Dylan P. (9 years ago)
write my name in one and ill be impressed
GreaseNipple (9 years ago)
This guy has nail varnish, plus why would you pay £50 for a circuit board that choses a random colour with a stupid noise, just get a 10 sided die. Seriously there is no market at these prices its cheaper to find a factory built equivilent and take it apart if nesasary.
Mihai Frollo (9 years ago)
what battery do they use ? and how much does it last (a LED or the battery) tthanks nice :>
PieRaGa (9 years ago)
the currency is in yen, 1USD = about 100 yen. those prices are still pretty steep. BTW anyone that though it was in dollars, fails
Ethernet3 (9 years ago)
wut do they do?
danny Guido (9 years ago)
why do these cost so much?
Ethan (9 years ago)
i like the top right one in the 5000 yen one that one looks cool
Marcos Martinez (9 years ago)
ese ponja esta re loco jajaja.. me gusta el de lo vumetros.. =) esta re groso los qe valen 7.000
cbielite (9 years ago)
AWESOME!!!! Now I can sleep well tonight.
RemyBoiii (9 years ago)
wait nvm i didnt see it was yen lol, nice colection of stof
RemyBoiii (9 years ago)
whats so great about these LED's that they are 2000$+?
MIGUEL CAMPO (9 years ago)
manoman0 (9 years ago)
you sell them? I didn't quite get it....but seems you have price tags on them, so if, give me a buzz, please. arigato
Domenic Pirro (9 years ago)
how the 'F' did you spell video wrong (you put vidoe)
Tay Avery (9 years ago)
Nick Carpenter (9 years ago)
Hrm...perhaps you should double check that information.
Sunny K (9 years ago)
hi that was amazing can you tell me what IC 's you used to mack all the badges
Bad Driving Britain (10 years ago)
how the 'F' did you make a 15 minute vidoe? i thought there was a 10 min limit
Jerbens Jarman (10 years ago)
I absolutely love unique electronic devices. did you make these by yourself?
denha (10 years ago)
denha (10 years ago)
denha (10 years ago)
denha (10 years ago)
denha (10 years ago)
denha (10 years ago)
denha (10 years ago)
denha (10 years ago)
denha (10 years ago)

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