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Brad Paisley - Whiskey Lullaby ft. Alison Krauss (Official Video)

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Brad Paisley's official music video for 'Whiskey Lullaby' (with Intro) featuring Alison Krauss. Click to listen to Brad Paisley on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/BPaisleySpot?IQid=... As featured on The Collection: Brad Paisley. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/BPaisleyColiTunes?... Google Play: http://smarturl.it/BPaisleyWLPlay?IQi... Amazon: http://smarturl.it/BPaisleyColAmz?IQi... More from Brad Paisley When I Get Where I'm Going: https://youtu.be/yYHT-TF4KO4 Remember Me: https://youtu.be/7qzhngp7jh8 She's Everything: https://youtu.be/JCjXaEbrLdw More great country videos here: http://smarturl.it/CountryAnthems?IQi... Follow Brad Paisley Website: http://www.bradpaisley.com/# Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bradpaisley Twitter: https://twitter.com/bradpaisley Subscribe to Brad Paisley on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/BPaisleySub?IQid=B... --------- Lyrics: he put him out like the burnin' end of a midnight cigarette She broke his heart he spent his whole life tryin' to forget We watched him drink his pain away a little at a time But he never could get drunk enough to get her off his mind Until the night He put that bottle to his head and pulled thetrigger And finally drank away her memory Life is short but this time it was bigger Than the strength he had to get up off his knees We found him with his face down in the pillow With a note that said I'll love her till I die And when we buried himbeneath the willow The angels sang a whiskey lullaby #BradPaisley #WhiskeyLullaby #Vevo #Country #VevoOfficial #AlisonKrauss
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Text Comments (30231)
Eric Wilhelm (1 hour ago)
Things like this happen sometimes. It’s not easy to unlove someone and Layne is a perfect example of this. Her terrible remorse shows how much she really did love him too. It’s sad how they both turned to the bottle to deal with their pain.
Kabalega Ibrahim (4 hours ago)
am crying.. cant stop crying
Kurt Chester (4 hours ago)
Why take love so seriously?
Adam Mcphee (9 hours ago)
I hate my ex 😥😥 I swear she is the most evil person I have ever met
Lloyd Timothy (9 hours ago)
I cried
Lloyd Timothy (9 hours ago)
danm :'( he dozen't deserve this he served the country and this is what he gets :'(
danny booth (11 hours ago)
This song always makes me cry.
Dustin Stokes (14 hours ago)
A broken heart is so hard to deal with 💔
mohammed hussein (18 hours ago)
arress Mizo (19 hours ago)
Cant stop drinkin even on 2019
marianne rage (1 day ago)
En trist men fin sang eg liker denne godt
JEN WEBSTER (1 day ago)
Because Gamin said “ thought you were dead” ... that is what he means by “they all”
Jacob George (1 day ago)
This was me at a point in my life when a girl broke up with me and I started drinking hard until I found my passion in life
otis eliza (1 day ago)
I like too much the vocalist
Does anyone here know if this song was ever submitted for any of the Grammy awards? To me, when it was released 15 years ago, Brad and Alison should've cleaned house with it. God bless them always!!! Holly (a fan of Alison for 25 years now)
Marnéy Edwards (1 day ago)
After being single for nearly two years, in all of the years I've known this song, I can somewhat relate. I had an amazing wife, and after losing her, this is how I still feel today. No one can replace or take the memories and love away you feel for that person. But this song got me off of my knees, it's an inspiration to keep on going on!! 13 years and this song finally makes sense on another level. I'll never love again like I loved her. She was my ONE. Keep it up.
Jay Bruce (1 day ago)
and drunk..on whiskey
Jay Bruce (1 day ago)
Incredibly sad
Liitaan Neiton&Kaya (1 day ago)
2019 😍
Phil Swift (1 day ago)
The part where the little girl looked and saw the soldier and his wife staring at one another got me. You can see her looking down in shame and disgust in herself and the things that shes done, and after a little thinking the soldier smiles in forgiveness and the two finally embrace one another. Finally being fully reunited, now they can Rest In Peace. Together.
Joy Jercy (2 days ago)
2019 - i m still crazy abt this song.
Barbara C (2 days ago)
Hey @humanbeing
swetty girl (2 days ago)
Mahin Nayon (3 days ago)
Anybody from 2040???? 🤘
slimz Tau (3 days ago)
3 years later still 1 song
Wangkhem Roshan (3 days ago)
Till now i got goosebumps when alison voice reach my head❤️❤️❤️😢
Terry Spry (3 days ago)
Fucked up heartbreaker... but a good song
Miguel muniz (3 days ago)
Lets always remember those who serve and gave all for us. I salute all who serve for this country.
Rumey Ahmed (3 days ago)
i'm still crying... who is cutting onion in my room?
Roughneck8 (3 days ago)
15 years later and I told you Cassie, you were the first and only girl I could ever love. Why'd you have to break my heart?
I suffer For music (3 days ago)
I looked everywhere for this
Kurt Hafizh (3 days ago)
I love this song I was remember story of "2009"
Wayne Smith (3 days ago)
My eyes are leaking!
Bob Badr1 (3 days ago)
aksparky32 (3 days ago)
Love this song, but following a 16 year failed marriage and her cheating on me with a so called friend made it very difficult to get through. I retired in June of 2017 from the Air Force after 22 years and she stood by me as I stood by her until she walked out in March of 2017. The best thing for me is knowing that things got better for me even it was slowly. Better job, great NEW girlfriend that is more like me than my ex will ever be. Its kind of funny too, because through it all and me getting everything MY way in the divorce, SHE is now jealous that I have found somebody else that is BETTER than her...Suicide is NEVER the answer, but when you have been some of the places my brothers and sisters in arms have been, its hard to know how to deal with the cheating spouses back home. It happens too often to our service members and they turn to the bottle....
mike sego (3 days ago)
If only my time was up I've been hurt lost and now depression is. My downfall
Punk Tastic (4 days ago)
Tears in 3.. 2.. 1...
Family Love (4 days ago)
Best song ever
Devon Judge (4 days ago)
I’m an infantryman currently going through a divorce, lost her to Jodie. This song honestly gave me chills.
The Man (4 days ago)
Everytime I hear this song it reminds me of my Dad. Alcohol took his life. I miss you Dad
Collin Newman (4 days ago)
best song ever i listen to it every day
heavensgems7 (4 days ago)
I think of my wife and cry every time!!1992_2019
NH HT (5 days ago)
Đây là bài người mà tôi yêu thích bài này :) và tôi mong 2 năm nữa nhất định tôi sẽ gặp được cô ấy ^^ tuy là người dưng . Người tôi yêu ở Mỹ Tho ❤️ chờ tôi nhé, người tôi yêu!
Zachary Reinhard (5 days ago)
I feel so bad for the slut🤤😟😭😢
Zachary Reinhard (5 days ago)
Okay... so this guy goes off and serves his country... and it turns out women are sluts???....news to me
O-MAX (5 days ago)
Innocent people fight in wars for dirty politicians goals, the world would be a better place with no politics 💔😥
Jeanie Estle (5 days ago)
I just lost my babies father on Monday the 4th at 6:28am. We were not together at the time of his death. I have so many regrets. I can't wait to be with him.
Yanis Bekka (5 days ago)
Don Dilts jr (5 days ago)
Men do three things when their heart is broken drink , seek God or kill their self. In my case today 1 out 3 ain't bad
rustom zulueta (5 days ago)
Pinoy here..cryin watching
pongso kipz (6 days ago)
Old is gold, still watching in 2019
Chris Tru (6 days ago)
Fk it
Twilight Angel (6 days ago)
A beautiful song with sad but beautiful story I always remember this song that I have heard when I was about 8.
Alex Demchenko (6 days ago)
Betrayal is probably the worst thing that can ever happen to a man. You women,....think twice before your 5 minutes of pleasure!. Angels are singing my whiskey lullaby now!.
Mark Tagab (6 days ago)
I cried
Champ015 (6 days ago)
.....and finally drank away her memory
Ernest Asudi (6 days ago)
February 2019?
M_I (6 days ago)
Why there's no movie about this song yet!
Go to 2:12 if you want to skip the depression
khanh thuy vu (6 days ago)
nghe xong bài này tự nhiên thấy tỉnh ra. nếu mình rơi vào trường hợp này.. thật sự có đến mức để ck hoặc vk mình phải cùng chết với mình thì mọi chuyện mới dc hóa giải, trong khi tình cảm dành cho nhau vẫn còn, liệu k thể bỏ qua nhau, con người k ai hoàn hảo cả vì sai lầm vì cái tôi mà đánh mất tất cả...ai ntn tôi k biết nhưng với tôi vô tình nghe được bài hát này tôi đã thấy mọi chuyện của mình nhẹ nhàng hơn và chấp nhận bỏ qua tất cả những j cho ck vì tôi k muốn cái kết như trong bài hát
Emma Kinney (6 days ago)
So sad wish they were alive again.
Yanina Pinoargote (6 days ago)
¡. I. Love. Thi movie. Thes music.!2019.
miguel nava (6 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Bathlynn Timisen (6 days ago)
Sammy Fortner (6 days ago)
Me and my dad love this song and I'm playing it rite now
Sammy Fortner (6 days ago)
Shakil Mussa (7 days ago)
This looks just like the story in call of duty ww2
Mine Gökçay (7 days ago)
Hey man, you have great smile, i love it really! Now , you have greatest Turkib fan too! Ps; Your smile like a sun 💖💕💖
Tluangtea Chhakchhuak (7 days ago)
10 feb 2019
Josh jackson (7 days ago)
When my wife left me I been drinking everyday and not stop I dnt care if kill me
Dylan Jurosovich (7 days ago)
I'm almost speechless! This song brings back a lifetime of memories of extremely deep passion for me. Deeply personal shoutout to Brad Paisley and God bless you mate! 12:00a.m. February 9th 2019!
Rakkety tam (7 days ago)
Best song hes ever done
They killed themself to live happy ever after as ghost lol
Simon Pharand (7 days ago)
This song made me not pull the trigger😟 thank you
Zoe Bueche (7 days ago)
Lol my is from my friend was singing this always lol
Innovative Thinking (7 days ago)
It's 2019 I'm 21 I'm crying I'm growing up I'm single I know how to love now
Shaü-aü Phom (7 days ago)
Who on earth will not relate to this song.
Tennessee Mountain (7 days ago)
Jody alert
Jerome Smith (7 days ago)
Real true country music. Yep still here in 2019.
Rohit Chougule (7 days ago)
If you didn't cry after watching this song.. u need to get yourself checked
A. QWERTY (7 days ago)
One time hoe forever hoe
Kushal Gurung (7 days ago)
My Best Song ever. When i here the song it touches my heart and my eyes are waterly ... still in 2019
JohnnyB Good (8 days ago)
Sadly, after ten years and three deployments, I can attest that this happens all to often.
Phil Reagan (7 days ago)
Amen my brother, Like the wisdom of the "Iceman" call a hoe on the phone and an hour later she arrivers fresh and hot like a pizza. military service an marriage judt plain don't work
Remington Wright (8 days ago)
The answer to problems is in a bottle.And people need to remember that when leave your family or friends,they scream,yell and cry and what's even more sad,you won't here them anymore
some guy (8 days ago)
Thereal Houston2390 (8 days ago)
I swear I just wanna kill my self but like I lost my brother in law Bc my dumbass sister fell for someone else and now he is heart broken and idk what to do I cried and cried and it hurts so much and he cried and cried too I just wanna die I just wanna dead u know it’s been hard and like idk my sister ruined everything 😭😭😭😭💔💔🔫🔫🔫
Byrda 420 (8 days ago)
no name (8 days ago)
no name (8 days ago)
This happens every
kenneth elgin (8 days ago)
Mecka Singh (8 days ago)
Anyone In 2019 Hit like
Lalrosang Sang (8 days ago)
chris bawizs (8 days ago)
me too
kh Khalid (8 days ago)
This song remind me of the old times with USA army when I was translator at the Q_west base...2006
MrGln85 (9 days ago)
i understand the guy in the video..wish i had the balls to do it myself
nala luna (9 days ago)
It's something about this song that brings me back here again and again.
Devon Piche (9 days ago)
Gûnđâ käžžî (9 days ago)
February 7 🌹
Angela Schultz (9 days ago)
i always cry when i listen to this song
Betty Gnahou (9 days ago)
Element Zero (9 days ago)
This song... it is hard enough to listen to, worse if you are the one who broke the others heart.
Angel Cryer (9 days ago)
Will always be best song no matter the year

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