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Missy Elliott ft. Nicole Wray & MC Solaar - All N My Grill (Video)

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From the album Da Real World (1999)
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Text Comments (1561)
Jama Abdikarim Jama (19 hours ago)
Cick gotta lieeve .let me know if you ...Big sis we miss ya
Jama Abdikarim Jama (19 hours ago)
MC So is fresh ..Soon MC
Jama Abdikarim Jama (19 hours ago)
This is unikke .please No R cheerz
Shout out to Cardi B & my fiance this song is dedicated too you two. Follow me Cardi B i seen wwhat yu did for maroon 5 ive been falowing yu ever since. Hmu i play guitar bass piano & cello
Cyrille Zo'obo (1 day ago)
Le temps de la bonne musique
Football codex (1 day ago)
je suis la pour mc solaar
Marie A Tout Prix (3 days ago)
M Jay (4 days ago)
God daaamn I forgot this classic🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Bethani Skosana (7 days ago)
"............It ain't my fault you dirty your Victoria's Secret's And your Frederick's You wanted the Waldorf Astoria But instead I took you to Cedrick's, to entertain you To give you to the "G".........." MC Solaar though ,I Salute him. whos still here 2019?
moodsawa (11 days ago)
2019.....still hot
écorché vif guerrier (12 days ago)
05/01/2019/ ,🎧🌍💓
DNB Äbdoulaye (13 days ago)
1999.2019 💪🏽🇩🇿
La part du démon j'veux l'héritage.- C est mieux comme cela...
DEE OCTOBER (18 days ago)
Miss Elliot music is timeless
Thug life (22 days ago)
Missy c'est la Queen et le restera! J'aime la simplicité d'Mc Solaar , il rap en débardeur , jeans , pas de bling bling, juste un texte de malade qui l'accompagne! Un des seuls feat us ft fr réussi!!
Delmoitie Cedric (22 days ago)
Si seulleman je savait ce qe je racconter
Lianne Ekhart (23 days ago)
omg i just loveee this song.....and Nicole Wray…..what a voice….amazinggg i love her!!!!!
FM BXB (23 days ago)
Nicole wrays vocals are amazing
François De Preter (23 days ago)
qui test pas trop
François De Preter (23 days ago)
sisi les freres
Bac Nouri (25 days ago)
Delmoitie Cedric (25 days ago)
Cet penser reveur
Shit, where is Missy to learn to new ones how to sing !
Koffi Aka (27 days ago)
Mc Solaar ❤️❤️
cs ShAwAyA 1.6 (28 days ago)
Missy Elliott
Kevin Renault (28 days ago)
Un classique avec brandy ans Monica feat Le grand MC SolAAr pour perfectionner cette art
bluesy (29 days ago)
à l'ancienne, en boucle sur MCM à lépoque..
ABRAHAM MASSOK (29 days ago)
Me, not knowing english and only speaking french used to change the lyrics of the hook to "Mets le poulet sur le grill" meaning "put the chicken on the grill" then use to go off when Solaar werse came even on big boy's verion. Good times.
Mohammed Lemkadem (29 days ago)
missy elliot - yas queen..
Rich Henry (30 days ago)
Drank Up in my Cup!!!!!!
écorché vif guerrier (1 month ago)
16/12/2018 🎧🌎✌️💕
Jamar R. (1 month ago)
...third time..
Esme Ralda (1 month ago)
Mc solaar était au top là !!
Olimpia Michalak (1 month ago)
Grand Hustle (1 month ago)
I miss you Nicole wray
leo kyrtatas (1 month ago)
That shit is gold...love it
WTF ! (1 month ago)
Love it...still
Tamsir Dia (1 month ago)
Comètes en planètes
Carmen G (1 month ago)
Oh shit so nice gold never Die
A.M. Dangerous (1 month ago)
un sample de François de Roubaix. Classique ça fonctionne.
Sharday + of Black Jaq - Pepe Martin Pereniko
kiara brinkley (1 month ago)
Go to ktrb90
Jhon Okoro (1 month ago)
increíble siempre la búsque y me encuentro por coincidencia
Tyrant Smurf Gilkes (1 month ago)
Play this song to my haters
Miriam Berger (1 month ago)
Darnelly Daniels (1 month ago)
1:27 is my fav part tbh that riff went in & I love Nicole her beautiful melanated skin on yellow and black lipstick smacks! 👏🏾😍🔥
Darnelly Daniels (1 month ago)
November 2018 and this still a BOP 🔥👏🏾
Haitch Straatlife (1 month ago)
Meilleur couplet de l histoire du rap en francais pour moi, cette chanson a 20 ans juste indémodable 🔥🔥🔥
Oumaya Al Baker (1 month ago)
English Translation of MC Solaar's Part : Zig Zag, Zig Zag, yeah I had to zigzag*...from comet to planet, under OPEC's* watchful eye. Kick the cans around for there's no more pecks, no more kisses, no more bise*, just a biz-biz of jewelry. You want some Bling, clinking? Louis Vuitton Pack Side, top of the chain, anything else?* Add in a Merco* Class A. I will pull heists in banks, all of them, then I'll become bankrupt and will eat just noodles* just to pave your steps with gold. I'll play Hide and Seek, to seek out some cash, will make use of a Kalash, my witty chat, and even sell some Hash... Dollars, Hookers, Jet-Set? Clean, honest and fair, I'll gift you lots of Russian Dolls filled with pocket money. With my empty pockets, wearing the same old denims, will lift up my glass to you, and you'll say "Cheers"... You'll have, everything the sun sets light on...You'll play Monopoly with real notes. Notes : In French, to zigzag is used when you mean to convey that you have been running around doing errands, in an erratic and often desperate situation. Similar to ''hustling'' but not necessarily related to finance, could be going to several appointments in a day, you'd say ''Yeah I had to zigzag...". OPEC here is used to convey that space travel is very costly in terms of petrol use, so of course OPEC would watch him carefully if he was going from comet to planet, trying to please his girl. Here the word ''bise'', can't really be translated smoothly into English, as it refers to the famous way French people greet each other with pecks on the cheeks. Anything else? Here is used in a cynical way, as in when someone asks for a lot of things, you'd add ''Rien que ca?'', as in ''Just that?'' as if you wanted them to add to the list, and in that sense it's more justified to say ''anything else?'' rather than ''just that?'' because it conveys the cynical tone better. Merco is just a slang way of saying Mercedez. Casse-Croutes signifies literally ''Breaking Crusts'' because back in the days, when you were poor, you'd only afford crusty bread, which you would make sandwiches out of, so a casse-croute now refers to a light snack like a sandwich, but not necessarily a sandwich. Generally means a snack now, but conveys a sense of cheapness/affordability.
Golfe FM (1 month ago)
Classic sht
Johanny Gil Nina (2 months ago)
missy and timbaland were the shit in the 90's ,nobody will ever be like them ! best videos and best lyrics idc what you think this is my opinion !
The Med (2 months ago)
Mc solaar
Ms. L (2 months ago)
I wonder what ever happened to Nicole Wray
Newsette (2 months ago)
Jouer au Monopoly avec de vrais billets
Jamila Amirova (2 months ago)
There were times Missy used to actially sing..
Jean Luc BIBIAN (2 months ago)
J'adore beaucoup énormément passionnément 💪❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💪👊👊👊👊👊👊👊
keamaoli (2 months ago)
Missy oooioh my godd..noma sana...hiphop..missy we need this kind of music#classic
Nicole Wray & Missy have the best collaborations in underrated R&B history.
Olivier Faye (2 months ago)
Oui c'est ce dont je m'épreuve!
Marie Claire Mion (2 months ago)
Du talent que du talent c'est ça le bonheur....
Le Mur Orange (2 months ago)
🇧🇯 🌴 🇫🇷 CC Regarde ce sketch et partage si t'aime. https://youtu.be/fSvioeIK5yk
bebes jumeaux (2 months ago)
Le roi Solaar
Frank Muigai (2 months ago)
Prince Madondo (2 months ago)
My song
angie mes2princesses (2 months ago)
Abidali Abduli (2 months ago)
Zig zag zig zag well miss damena Eliot
bouton catherine (2 months ago)
very good
Marjorie Dillard (2 months ago)
Good music
Slavica Milosevska (2 months ago)
Nov 4th 2018 😉
AL I'M (2 months ago)
Tana Saint (2 months ago)
Yves Chanel (2 months ago)
Wowww, im listening this in 2018? Dang
Nathalie parage (2 months ago)
Jayden Jayden (2 months ago)
2018 🙌..
Lynnie Colgan (2 months ago)
Think she needs record new songs
Samia Zagui (2 months ago)
Le grand sage du rap solard et poétique
Louange Nzuzi (2 months ago)
Missy El, the only american women singer who keeps amazingly her body 😍👌
nicolas champy (2 months ago)
Une vraie tuerie via 1999😻😻😻
Milosz Malinski (2 months ago)
one rap :)
P K (2 months ago)
Nicole Wray put this track on fire as if it wasn't hot enough lol
Eko Yildiz (2 months ago)
The '90!
Chadia Cheref (2 months ago)
C'est clair que l'on proposera pas une participation a un nouveau rappeur le rap is dead
Brandie Echols (2 months ago)
My shit
Prubaptiste Libreville (2 months ago)
yes over art
Rix Celtae (2 months ago)
Original music : François de Roubaix : Dernier domicile connu.
Dam-Dam DUS (2 months ago)
jahseedbeatz504 (3 months ago)
Can you pay my bills? Lol..
whatudoin1 (3 months ago)
c´est triste de voir comme le rap s´est abruti...couplet de Solaar a 20ans !
Jojo Jojo (3 months ago)
Memories ❤️
Jama Mama (3 months ago)
Missy you were and still are the REAL DEAL ❤️❤️ I love and admire her so damn much
Amadou Sangare (3 months ago)
2018 et 2050??
Gina M (3 months ago)
Senior year in high school was lit af 🔥🔥👌🎶❤😭😁😍 BUT THIS IS NOT THE ORIGINAL TRACK HEADS UP
AMEN MLH (3 months ago)
djef ardeur (3 months ago)
back when hip hop was still alive! shout out to our french mc "mc solaar"!!!!!!!
Neal Zarka (3 months ago)
wait, let's play it 50 times just to make sure the feeling wasn't just a fluke ... no man it wasn't, this sound is ... missy!!!!!!
Smiggie balls (3 months ago)
Hip hop n Rnb caviar
Star Bwoy (3 months ago)
Lawd have mercy!!!! I thank heaven I grew up on this type of music.....bollocks to today's trash
Joe Taxi (3 months ago)
Pas de blind bling, du vrai rap classe😎
Sunita Koneru (3 months ago)
killer Tune but How is Missy Elliott gonna score a man like that?

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