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Black Radiance Beauty featuring CocoaSwatches 'Selecting My Brown Girl Friendly Nude'

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Laini Moreno (1 year ago)
Finally, nude lips I can relate to!
THE HULK (1 year ago)
You are so cute I just want to kiss your cute face
Tmac1963 (1 year ago)
The "Nude Lip Trend" had feeling some kind of way for a long time! The majority of nudes I saw aren't nudes for my lips. And though I saw WOC wearing the light pink or peach nude lips, in my mind, I felt it would not look good on me. And a nude matte lip! I've spent my life trying to keep my lips from being dry and now I'm supposed to wear a lip product that's meant to dry down! Lol. I've realized a lot of my issues come from the era I came up in, there was all kind of rules about what a WOC should never wear on her lips, eyes, cheeks, etc.... I'm very glad we are in an era where there's no rules to makeup. I love Black Radiance because they cancelled out a lot of my self imposed issues. I found colors that are my nude. Their matte lip products don't make my lips feel crusty. And I even found some pinky, peachy colors I love ❤️! Sometimes I line my lips, sometimes I don't. I'm really enjoying deciding what I like on me, and trying colors that were out of my comfort zone, but now I Love!
Sahara Coleman (1 year ago)
I purchased 3 of these matte lippies and they are perfect and the price is perfect!!! When is the eyeshadow holiday palette coming out???
Tamika Rogers (1 year ago)
great video love lip colors

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