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Text Comments (158)
Charles Kuckel (2 months ago)
When I was younger, I remember friends who would drive who shouldn't have gotten behind the wheel after drinking. Several of them passed away behind the wheel and/or killed others while driving impaired. I vowed to NEVER do anything like that.
Ikonic esme (3 months ago)
What season is that ?
Aaliyah Montgomery (4 months ago)
God bless her
The Marvel & DC Report (4 months ago)
Wow that poor little girl she was so young. :(
Stacy Williams (5 months ago)
Meme Town (7 months ago)
I teared up 😭😭😭😭😭😟😞😦😭😭😦
Shequanna Stevens (7 months ago)
y'all need to stop
Harley Smith (7 months ago)
i could have died in a car crash when i was 9, i was in a trail blazer and got hit by a guy that was texting and driving, me and my mom flipped in the air 8 times and hit the ground so hard, my mom was stuck in that trail blazer hanging by a seatbelt. i thank god everyday for letting me live.
Deshaela Walker (7 months ago)
I fell a little bit sorry for her daughter😢R.I.P👼
Hailey Mullin (7 months ago)
I lost one of my cousins around 5 months ago, he was in a car with a drunk driver and neither survived the crash, both dead on impact. It devastated our small town.. I can’t stand to even watch MADD presentations anymore cause I can’t stop thinking about them. Drinking and driving IS NOT worth it.
Ãniyáh Williams (10 months ago)
Thats sad she just a baby 😔😔😔
Night Howl (10 months ago)
I cried. I have 4 sisters 1st one month, 2nd 3 years, 3rd 15, and 4th 21. Cried so bad
TJ Bratcher (10 months ago)
Anyone know what the turtle song is?
Sad to know stupid people like that exist. You drunk you dont drive. Easy shit. You stay home sweetie. Thats it.
Jimmy Barajas Vlogs (11 months ago)
Its worth it what happends if you live 3 miles away
Jake Owens (11 months ago)
I was hit and killed because of drinkin and drivin back in 87. To be clear, I was the one drinkin and the person who hit me was the one driving.
Jake Owens (11 months ago)
If you think it's bad when I drive drunk, you should see me when I'm sober.
iiOmq_Ky ** (11 months ago)
The black girl don't even look like she care or that's just me.
Chakeni White (11 months ago)
Cedrixk Snider (11 months ago)
so sad she will be blessed
It's Thereal_Ariii (11 months ago)
Sorry you lost your daughter💔💔💔
Slipknot - Maggots (11 months ago)
In my country kids 13 y old drink and do drugs.. and nothing xD
Selena Renae Bryant (11 months ago)
So sad😭😭
Thomas Whitten (1 year ago)
Dam feel like shang tsung just took my soul
Shapiro Scheckleberg (1 year ago)
Daria's sexy.
Daniel Mizeperez (1 year ago)
My dad gets drunk and hits my little sister
Donut (1 year ago)
that chick Daria is HOT
Anthony Hernandez (1 year ago)
That little girl had a bright beautiful smile,so sad
Spoder Manz (1 year ago)
If that every happened with me, I would go crazy
Catfish Hunter (1 year ago)
Shit happens, get over it.
David Baldock (1 year ago)
he looks 15.
Jimmy Barajas Vlogs (1 year ago)
I would because what if your house is 1 mile away
marianasucks (1 year ago)
This breaks my heart. I fell sorry for her. Losing her daughter and finance.
Khiandra Jackson (1 year ago)
Poor mother 😔
Toy-Chica14 Heart (1 year ago)
I thought that someone from beyond scared straight killed her the poor girl I hope that dosent happened to my kid when im going to have one
5.9M Views (1 year ago)
Harrison Cody (1 year ago)
I'm not gonna lie that is a beautiful women..... Damn. I mean I'm sorry for her loss and all but that woman is gorgeous.
Random Metalhead (1 year ago)
That's so fucked up. Fuck drunk drivers
Barkley Lowes (1 year ago)
in my city sometimes the police sit outside the bars and watch people go inside and if they see you go inside and come back out and try to drive they'll pull you over right away and bring you to jail if you've had any drinks
Moneybag Barbershop (1 year ago)
I don't know how trump is bad he bans alcohol and drugs for this reason and the only thing bad is him building a wall.. it's not like he's the worst person In the world if you were president you wouldn't want to be hated would you?
its xninjakakashix (1 year ago)
Millie Hilker (1 year ago)
Damn he cute but god bless the little girl🙏🏽❤️
King Miz360 (1 year ago)
Treszura beautiful!! RIP to the lil girl n the fiancée!!
Glenn Garner (1 year ago)
That's sad
Niya Pem (1 year ago)
1 like=1 prayer for the 4 year old girl
creative (1 year ago)
This is tragic indeed. This proves to you guys the Jesus Christ is a piece of shit. He lets all the bad people Win and the good people get killed or have to work just to pay bills.
AVAKIN GIRL (1 year ago)
My friend Katie died bc of a drunk driver. ❤REST IN PEACE KATIE JONAK❤ Google who is Katie jonak and u will know =(
TJ Bratcher (10 months ago)
Kayleigh Taff Wow, she was only 9.
Tae TM (1 year ago)
Chris is my next wanted bf
Markus Mustermann (1 year ago)
Wiz Khalifa's looking good nowdays
Bezurq (1 year ago)
I have two little girls and this honestly made me tear up.. very sad just very sad.
Anber (1 year ago)
Chris is cute
Courtney Butzko (1 year ago)
Fuck drunk drivers. They ruin lives and end lives. My mother and I were rear ended by a drunk driver back in 2009. I ended up with a sprain in my back that lasted like a week but the damage done to my mom's back is irreversible. She's stuck with chronic back pain forever and has been going to physical therapy because of it. She recently got back surgery and it's helped a bit but she's never going to be the same again. My heart breaks for this woman who lost her fiancee and little girl.
Messiah Burns (10 months ago)
A girl who went to my brothers school and was kinda his friend died because a drunk driver hit her car and also one of his teachers he had last year her and her family were on s trip and a drunk driver hit them he died and they died and her oldest daughter in the car was pregnant and of course died the only one left in the youngest
mattmarino2014 (10 months ago)
If weed is illegal alcohol should be illegal
Gohan With Down Syndrome (10 months ago)
Courtney Butzko Yeh, Fuck Drunk Drivers
Carson Jacobs (1 year ago)
Daria is hot though
Gigi Lombard (10 months ago)
Like megan fox
Carson Jacobs (1 year ago)
Shit I'm on this side of YouTube
the proud penguin (1 year ago)
I share her pain, my mom died when I was 5. my grandpa is an asshole the rest of the family hates both me and my dad and my dad is never there cuz he works all the time
MiniThe Pooh (1 year ago)
il pinguino fiero im so sorry for your loss
LispyPhil (1 year ago)
i like turtles
Rachelle Flores (1 year ago)
Damnnnnn, wass Chris's insta thooo😂😭 he fine as helll
Marcus Marcus (11 months ago)
MadMan wtf
BurgerMerker (1 year ago)
Messed up, imagine losing your fiancé and 4 year old child all because of a random person that decided to drive while drunk
Preotic (1 year ago)
Sorry, but I am a man who believe in the Old Testament. And according to the Bible, a sin is to be forgiven no matter how serious it is. Sacrifice? He already sacrificed his social life and most likely his happiness as well. Social life and happiness are two very serious things that a human require, with out it, there is no doubt that depression will come. He already recieved his punishment. And that is why I forgive him. Then again, this does not mean that I would give a single fuck if he got killed.
S0mb3r (1 year ago)
Preotic How is killing someone's fiance, daughter and one other person is just a lil mistake? Yeah, killing 3 people including a child, mistakes happen y'know (you're a dumbass)
Preotic (1 year ago)
Last comment was deleted I see... Since I posted that comment I have changed quiet a bit but I will still stand for what I said. What I was trying to say is that mistakes happens, and what he did was not intentionally and I atleast, respect that (This does not mean I respect the fact that the girl was killed) . But seriously though, you should learn to respect other peoples opinions.
Prussian Army (1 year ago)
That other person is dumbass
I'm Tyrone (1 year ago)
Yea bitch so what thats nothing what about the black lives yall enslaved
Yaya Gang (1 year ago)
That girl look like a doll
Elijah Wilson2001 (1 year ago)
my dad died because his friend who I considered a Uncle at that time was drunk and hit 7 uhaul trucks and a pole
Anahi Jimenez (1 year ago)
sad super sad
starlaeuropa (1 year ago)
In our town, a young lad got behind the wheel of a van after drinking heavily the night before and most of the next day - he ran over and killed a 10 year old boy before driving off! I should probably add that in the lead-up to this, I had been saying for YEARS that this particular bit of road was dangerous (lots of selfish drivers, speeding, not looking where they were going, ect), and that someone was going to be seriously hurt or killed - another child was run over in a different part of town a few weeks later, but he survived, and just shows how bad things are around here... He eventually handed himself in, and was sentenced to FOUR YEARS prison time (likely to be reduced for "good behaviour") Note - this was in the UK, not the US where this guy would have received a much more fitting sentence for what he did.
Razor (1 year ago)
Well boohoo for your daughter
domisthebomb09 (4 months ago)
Razor well you're a huge bowl of cunt
LOLCARAMEL SHAKAZ (5 months ago)
Not nice
SeafoamQII (6 months ago)
Jfc dude do you know how depressed she may be
Alyssa Howard (1 year ago)
Super rude. Say something else, I dare you.
Oli Marie (1 year ago)
She lost her life. How can you make such a rude comment?
Mike Titz (1 year ago)
this guy should not be here he should be in alcatraz or guantanamo bay
david heid (1 year ago)
my little sister got killed by a drunk driver when she was crossing the road (lawfully) a drunk driver ran a red light and hit her. I'm sad about it but I don't get myself worked up for it cause that's more trouble for me so for all of you that lost someone due to irresponsibility keep moving forward and sorry for your loss.
Matt Ho (2 months ago)
Bro I'm sorry for losing ur little sister... it most be superly painful for u to share ur testimony. I wish u the best..
Jay Rice (3 months ago)
david heid I'm sorry man
Nathan Farmer (5 months ago)
david heid So sorry for your loss, man. God bless you and live in peace.
Stacy Williams (5 months ago)
david heid , so very sorry
Vortex - Fortnite (6 months ago)
Lil pump gameplay
Damn this is just tragic and sad
Destinee Mercer (1 year ago)
That child was so beautiful
noah (1 year ago)
/damn, cant go through much more than that
Supercrossed Up (1 year ago)
noah you would be doing yourself a favor by remembering, it can always be worse.
yea (1 year ago)
fuck all this bullshit
That almost made me cry
ryan blagg (1 year ago)
the way I make yo bitch hot IMA stove harry potter
Allan Tan (1 year ago)
The thumbnail made me think he killed her. Ik it wasn't
Gripit L (3 months ago)
Me too
Oof Oof (10 months ago)
But he did. It was completely his fault for his death.
Hannah Habershaw (1 year ago)
Allan Tan that’s what I thought
dessire ddolan (1 year ago)
Allan Tan Same
Uggo Stunting (1 year ago)
im shure the dunk driver was thelegend27
Just really
Uggo Stunting Realy...
Beats619! (1 year ago)
Uggo Stunting dude stop
Simply Molly x (1 year ago)
tech driss This stupid Legend27 ad keeps haunting me!
Nicoletti97 (1 year ago)
tech driss thelegend27 keeps killin me
Prince Echo (1 year ago)
Marie Husarova (2 months ago)
Prince Echo same here
Corpse Grinder (11 months ago)
me too. but may i add that the correctional practices in place for such offenses often overwhelm families financially, and often to the point of worse things being committed. more duis, beatings, rape. I know because M.A.D.D (mother's against drunk driving) terrorized my best friend's father to the point that he went and ruined his entire family. we were fucking eight, and my friend and his sister lived in constant fear, he wouldn't/couldnt take them to the doctor when they were sick,, all because the courts forgot that the offender had a family. but fuck the kids, right? their father was a drunk driver, so they deserve to go malnourished and mentally scarred.
Jonah Han (1 year ago)
Prince Echo same Fucking drunk people are FUCKING FUCKING DUMB
Kyle 18 (1 year ago)
Master X1998 (1 year ago)
What the hell?! Why is Wiz Khalifa here?
cybr (1 year ago)
made a real dude shed a tear
skieler spindler (1 year ago)
That is so sad makes me wanna cry fr😪😪
laminage (10 months ago)
US Soap Actress Jensen Buchanan is going to go to Prison for DUI. She thought that she was a Celebrity she was Scott Free but they aren't.
Xan Galaxy (1 year ago)
skieler spindler - I started tearing up tbh.
Shanice Trejo (1 year ago)
skieler spindler same here
Ruben Jr (1 year ago)
Rip Lil Angel You Were Beautifull Reminds me Of My Lil Niece God Bless You And Your Mother..
Cross Brantley (1 year ago)
Zero Technique (1 year ago)
Y they got my nigga wiz Khalifa in there 😂😂😂
Null Heart (1 year ago)
Joseph Ludwig hahaha
Chris Xxdiamond (1 year ago)
Joseph Ludwig yo omg lmfao and that does look like wiz kalifa
Jeremy Miles (1 year ago)
Joseph Ludwig omfg the roasting
Frazmanser 1824 (1 year ago)
Joseph Ludwig lol
Ice Queen (1 year ago)
God, that is tragic. This shows how it feels to be drunk and not to do drunk driving.
.🌺Peace🌺. (1 month ago)
Honestly, I don't think it's never okay to do things when you're drunk in general because if you had enough you had enough...there's no point in crossing that limit because anything can happen when your drunk and you might not even remember it.
Goku Black (1 year ago)
Justin Clark well.. you'll know that the drunk driver is in Burning in hell now....sooooooooooooo
Justin Clark (1 year ago)
Ice qυєєи I'm not sure wether to cry for the little girl or be pissed off at the drunk driver..
Ice Queen (1 year ago)
+Itachi #TR i know
Itachi #TR (1 year ago)
Ice qυєєи drinking is haram , dont do it ! it is discusting

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