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Kysskalas i Love Island Sverige - se den blöta tävlingen (TV4 Play)

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Reglerna är enkla, den som är bäst på att kyssas får flest poäng. Låt tävlingen börja! Se mer av Love Island Sverige på TV4 Play: https://www.tv4play.se/program/love-island-sverige LADDA NED LOVE ISLAND SVERIGE-APPEN Appstore: http://bit.ly/LoveIslandSverigeIOS Google Play: http://bit.ly/LoveIslandSverigeGooglePlay FÖLJ LOVE ISLAND SVERIGE TV4 Play: https://www.tv4play.se/program/love-island-sverige Instagram: http://instagram.com/LoveIslandSverige Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LoveIslandSverige http://www.loveisland.se/ #LoveIslandSE
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Text Comments (3143)
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charre decaigny (3 days ago)
Love Island Sverige TV4 ':''
alpha chao (4 days ago)
Love Island Sverige TV4 dang
Keita Mouctar (4 days ago)
Love Island Sverige TV4 xxx 621572243
Martin Gonzalez Tapia (5 days ago)
🇨🇫z+Sinikka Lätti
Julia Crous Guasch (5 days ago)
Love Island Sverige TV4.
Hot Girl (11 minutes ago)
Wow nice
mar eam (14 minutes ago)
غريب ولا عربي مر من هنا🤔
Shivansh Tripathi (1 hour ago)
Novita Qesya (5 hours ago)
PyroRock814 (6 hours ago)
Dear god, what kind of succfest did I walk into today?
Yu Nda (6 hours ago)
baimana ya radanya
matthew knight (6 hours ago)
Why is this Cross worthy Degenerate Filth on my Recommended list? Caesar will not Approve
Ivana (6 hours ago)
lol they talked like this was a cooking show
Christian Cervera (7 hours ago)
12345 6789 (7 hours ago)
She just fucking do the orange justice dance
Connor yeager5 (7 hours ago)
Cereal Milk (12 hours ago)
YouTube, why did you recommend me this.
Sahrul Setiawan (13 hours ago)
Moja Aneda (13 hours ago)
Name song
naresh solo (17 hours ago)
Sexy kisses.. What about that bgm in the beginning.. A long back I heard but forgotten
Blah Blah (17 hours ago)
The fact that sbe tried to do orange justice actually made me die
Hamza Khayari (20 hours ago)
01 Kefani (20 hours ago)
Ini aku
AB ASAFSGAF (20 hours ago)
Sweden, of course
Ryan Siddig (21 hours ago)
I don't get.
Ryan Siddig (21 hours ago)
Bad language
Toma Rahman (21 hours ago)
iloveyoumycrusu girl (22 hours ago)
Imagine,all girls kiss the boys one by one so the girls doesn't only kiss the boys but they kiss the other girls in a idirect kiss
بنت الحدباء (23 hours ago)
يلي حاشر نفسو هين مثلي لايك هههههه
Sadullah Gokcen (23 hours ago)
Turl ler yasin
anjli tivari (1 day ago)
Love sex an cheet.....
suresh papu (1 day ago)
macmac wimax (1 day ago)
All scandals
Dot Downer (1 day ago)
How can they hear their names being called through the earmuffs?!
DylanTMF9756 (1 day ago)
My girlfriend will flipping kill me if she saw me kissing other girls!!!
eduardo marcial (1 day ago)
is not for kids
honeyhoneycomb (1 day ago)
Wheres PewDiePie
Maryam Macud (1 day ago)
this is so suck!!
Ellie Starr (1 day ago)
Noah Perez (1 day ago)
Lola Manion (1 day ago)
Bue'nas noches
Nunzia Luberto (1 day ago)
Ugh I keep pushing stuff like this
Cory Isaacson (1 day ago)
What the hell is this shit
Jason Smith (1 day ago)
Sandra is sexy I'm saying this at the age of9
Jason Smith (1 day ago)
Why can't all them be white
Jason Smith (1 day ago)
Im9 and watching this
xia yang (1 day ago)
um.. is it alright to kiss strangers?
GoldenOwl (1 day ago)
You see that orange justice dance at the end
Moana Motonui (1 day ago)
These boys are desperate
Eduardo Diaz (1 day ago)
están ricas estas mujeres
محمد بك (1 day ago)
اكيد هنا في عرب 😂😂😂😂
sub me
X.x.X Trash (1 day ago)
...ok. i sad
Ally x Avakin (1 day ago)
The first girl is very beautiful:)
What is the name of song at beggining
internet immortal (1 day ago)
Swedish saliva 🤔
XxxfuzionXxx (1 day ago)
Who is the yellow girl name
ArizaL Jhon Channel (1 day ago)
Ciciuman wae.. Lain muhrim bagong .. Hayang laporkeun ku aing ka amang aing anjing... Deleu siah arewe ku aing
Shaun Mcgregor (1 day ago)
And people wonder why there are diseases and superbugs
Bamandanga (1 day ago)
grand & son (1 day ago)
Kon sa show hai ye plz mughe bhi bulao
charre decaigny (1 day ago)
Layne Silva (1 day ago)
N entendi uma palavra mais gostei
Parul shetty (1 day ago)
joy Apolinario (1 day ago)
if I join this game I'll die lol!!!
joe shmo (2 days ago)
People feeling bad for last guy forgetting that Swedish men are all gay anyway.
lucino Latino (2 days ago)
Bruder muss los alter wie sexi gel alter
Midhun Saravanan (2 days ago)
Hiyori Iki (2 days ago)
Ya know u can also kiss without the NASTY SMACKING
ketan mhatre (2 days ago)
Jerquan Carbon (2 days ago)
2:38 denied
Mrready Made (2 days ago)
I'm getting hot now...
Sally S.h (2 days ago)
This is white culture just sex ! No education no civilization just porn ,drugs,music,sex
Alexis Herrera (2 days ago)
4:30 Tf shes so uglylmao
Short William (2 days ago)
1st girl thicc
Adolfo MR (2 days ago)
Did she hit the orange justice @ 7:19?
Osman KOC Danimarka (2 days ago)
Hej alle sammen fra Denmark Sub4Sub pls... Subscribe
Yolanda Reyes (2 days ago)
😵😵😵😵 in dead
Jules G (2 days ago)
That sucks
Susan Sow (2 days ago)
*Who else clicked on this video because they thought Jake Paul was in the thumbnail?*
M4rijn Edits (2 days ago)
bye 7:37 minutes of me live
Usama Rauf (2 days ago)
where do i signup for this show??
Fida Malik (2 days ago)
I can do this one
Fida Malik (2 days ago)
I like it
Yui Komory (2 days ago)
O-O Read more
Madison Marktanner (2 days ago)
The last guy was like I WANNA MAKE OUT WITH ALL THE GIRLS lol
Lucila Luna perez (2 days ago)
Clorox Bleach (2 days ago)
why the fuck this was in my recommendations?!!!
The Queen 3 (2 days ago)
anonymous Yadav (2 days ago)
plzz like my comment coz my gf said when u come with 1K i'll marry u..☺️🙃🙃😕😕
-NerdyDevil- (2 days ago)
Blonde Hair Black Clothes looks like SARA LANCE!!!! *OH MAH GAWD*
ghost city (2 days ago)
That is terrible
Loudness Junior (2 days ago)
So what if none of the boys chose the black girl?
Noam Rubin (2 days ago)
Wtf is this?
- Ouaiter - (2 days ago)
Jules G (2 days ago)
That is scary
Sl Travel Team (2 days ago)
Nice kissing
Shaikfareed Shaik (2 days ago)
ندى تل (2 days ago)
FHfyhxjhcf ggh the same. The only thing you need to be a good idea to advertise the same 4 the same time. I have
Amber Vlogs (2 days ago)
Shimiracle Madden (2 days ago)
The black girl is hot
Per Lagerkvist (2 days ago)
slahc knula vedeo
Anime fans Tetsuya (2 days ago)
What about hang ur legs in the boy and kiss
Mia Kalifa (3 days ago)
Opzzz nice
Suror Hsaine (3 days ago)

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