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20 Things You Didn't Know About Cardi B

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Surprising facts about rapper Cardi B. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- True fans of Cardi B know that she’s been around for a lot longer than mainstream media has been paying attention to her. They also know there is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to this outlandish rapper. Today, we are showing you 20 things you didn’t know about Cardi B. We will discuss her humble beginnings in The Bronx, New York, and her Carribean roots. We will also shed light on her rise to fame, and who she has to thank for investing in her rap career. We'll give you a hint, no one but herself! Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without some deets about her relationship and pregnancy with Migos member Offset. Once you are finished watching the video, tell us what you think in the comment section below, and don’t forget to subscribe to TheTalko for more videos like this! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTalko Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetalko Instagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thetalko.com/
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Text Comments (3616)
Jay Hie (49 minutes ago)
so your calling cardi b trash like no
queen maxwell 27 (2 hours ago)
Ok and she still better than this show period
Enda (21 hours ago)
Is it just me? But Cardi looks like Meghan Markle in the pic on the right 😂
Erin Elizabeth (23 hours ago)
After watching this, i definetly believe that she's cool sh#t!!! I just find it absolutely amazing that she built her fame all by herself! You go girl! Keep on keepin' it real! 💞
Omor Dolon (23 hours ago)
CARDI B A cheapstar
D Harris (1 day ago)
Yeah that's right my girl is a Libra ♎ she was born in the same month the same year and the same day I was born on all my Libra's stand up and stay up
Melody Mafi (1 day ago)
I love cardi B. Go girl
rocky rodriguez (1 day ago)
elak 28 (2 days ago)
Love u cardi B 💟 Video amazing 👍 😍
Nuke Duke (3 days ago)
You wanna know how she got initiated into the gang? Here’s a hint: 🚂🚂
Timothy Carr (4 days ago)
cardigan bacyardigan
Tahnaya McFarlane (5 days ago)
you don’t say her name right
Renee Smith (7 days ago)
I new all this stuff not being rood
Jack Dylan Grazer (7 days ago)
Emily Palmer (7 days ago)
Thats not how you say her name
Madisonx Savage (8 days ago)
It’s bell ca lez
Clanx War2 (8 days ago)
Ik allot of that hoe
U said her real name wrong but issa okay
Emoji Girl (9 days ago)
U said her name wrong
Tilted Cupcakes (10 days ago)
Umm stupid..she(Nicki) had them girls on her Queen radio show way before the video dropped...a duh! She been fucking with them..stop trying to make old shit new shit. Y’all go so hard for cardi on this channel..
MSP ZR (10 days ago)
Okuhle Owami (11 days ago)
I ❤ u Cardi B thank u for the songs 😘
Ben Dover (12 days ago)
Who thought it was porno because of the thumbnail
gianna Blessing (12 days ago)
Awesome I love cardi lol
Erica Garza (12 days ago)
You said her name wrong just sayin
Ciara Fulton (12 days ago)
U have to say it like this Bell-Ca-Nes got it get it good
Ciara Fulton (12 days ago)
How can u give facts about someone but not even know how to say there name right
Elyse Straka (12 days ago)
You pronounced her real name wrong. I watched an interview with Ellen, where Cardi told us her real name.
maria ortiz (13 days ago)
U said her name wrong
TheDPCgang Squad (13 days ago)
etu goli (13 days ago)
aniaya brown (13 days ago)
You said her name wrong
Zahra Patel (14 days ago)
I love card b cuuurrr
Keidy Bowman (14 days ago)
I love you cardi b 😍😍😍
Sanyia Cooper (14 days ago)
Oct 11 is my brithday😄😄😭😭😭
Tracie Tanui (15 days ago)
If your team CARDI B put your hand up and like ....🙋🙋😘😘
Elenoa Foraete (16 days ago)
If cardi was to dress up more ladylike, I swear she would be one of those Victoria secrets model.
Frankie M Hunter (16 days ago)
Mmmmmm talko u need to stop saying rude stuff about cardi b
iLove Cake (16 days ago)
Omg they cant even pronounce Cardi real name properly🤦🏾‍♀️
Jennifer Robinson (17 days ago)
She still ugly. Fake from head to toe.
Jennifer Robinson (17 days ago)
Trash. Pure trash. Why is this big mouth famous.
Jennifer Robinson (17 days ago)
I know one thing shes a hoe. No Talent. People laugh at her. She is so stupid. Irritating as hell.
Fernando Enriquez (17 days ago)
A btch.. is a btch :v
bella pena (17 days ago)
iloveus 4Real (18 days ago)
India Shannon (18 days ago)
She pronounced belcalis wrong
Donald Andrews (19 days ago)
keara Queen (19 days ago)
Not belcalis its belcalis ok don't evan know what is her name
Sofia Rivera (19 days ago)
Omg we are both libra
Ang S (19 days ago)
So she's not educated?? 🙄
XxLayLay PlayzxX (19 days ago)
I think yo just hating on her, In fact I ain’t fallin for this. Your just wantin everyone to love Nicki Minaj, but no I’m staying in Cardi B’s side AND FOREVER HER SIDE! Sorry if this was a bit rude ;)
Evie Lee (20 days ago)
naledi gaosafelwe (20 days ago)
Cardi b are you a sanke
Cedric Ciceron (21 days ago)
cardi b est trop trop belleeeeeee😍😘😍😘😗😍😘😗😍😘😗😗😗😗😙😙😙😚😙😚😚😚😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😘😘😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Jameria Jones (22 days ago)
sunny prajapati (22 days ago)
Cardi b is truly entertainer's 😍
Shania Pierce (23 days ago)
Mg33 (23 days ago)
It's pronounced bellcaleese not belclis
Jennifer Oriakhi (23 days ago)
I love cardi b so much that their is nothing bad you will say about her that will make me hate her.
Nucho Bores (24 days ago)
yess cardi b que
Hey it's Alaysia (24 days ago)
It's (bell-cuh-leize)
Ali Chokou (24 days ago)
The Cricket smile 😂😂😂
Rika Vaessen (24 days ago)
Talko, why did you pronounce her name wrong? I thought you are telling us about her, and you say you pronounce her name like that?
Rika Vaessen (24 days ago)
Not to be rude!
Dilpreet Grewal (24 days ago)
Her name in not (Belcalus) its (Belcales) shoudent you know that
PIGGY /Chewy (25 days ago)
Bee Nine (25 days ago)
Beetle Dust (25 days ago)
Nasty whore
Khamari Becton (25 days ago)
Excuse me because I don’t know what you talking about over the top she is the bomb thank you
Brasia Taylor (25 days ago)
Y’all always trying to make up something just because y’all are not famous enough
Avri Cisnero (25 days ago)
I've been knew her since2016😉😉
Rosie Colon (26 days ago)
Chantel (27 days ago)
Mentions the gang lifestyle, says she from the bronx.. then shows a few pics of her in red. Really?? Dont call out bloods bro....
Judis Peralta (27 days ago)
I am from the same place 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴
Lauren Gordon (27 days ago)
I love Cardi B and I'm 7
Celia Widjanarko (27 days ago)
oh hello 😁😂
Shamiah Ledington (28 days ago)
almost pig latin for bacardi
AlwaysAnnoyed Forever (28 days ago)
Why did I know most of this. Lol 😁
Emily 1 (28 days ago)
I kind of feel bad for her child who is gonna look her up and see the stuff she did
kat kk (28 days ago)
lmao *bell callis* ummm you said it wrong honey 🤧
Shaista Rehman (29 days ago)
Cardi B.... Love you......
Geneva Curtis (29 days ago)
cardi is a role model to me
I love ❤️ cardi b and card in is still the same
Jennifer Tate Hoilman (1 month ago)
I love Cardi B.. she str8 100.. I usually don't like females they're catty.. but this B it my B.. thanks for all ur hits every song u make it is platinum to me.. I love everyone.. shout out #QueenB..
Hannah McElroy (1 month ago)
If your gonna make a video about her pronounce her real name right mother fucker 👅
Chucks Cards (1 month ago)
Marisol Acosta (1 month ago)
U said her real name wrong
Maria Ramos (1 month ago)
I LOVE cardi B
Symone Davenport (1 month ago)
Omg 😲 her birthday is nine days before mine
camille campbell (1 month ago)
I'm a Libra too cardi B okrrrrrt
Satisfying Complation (1 month ago)
you cant pronounce her name correctly😂😂😂😂
Stasian Atanasov (1 month ago)
Feminists- educated... in what gender studies?
Bulky Spark (1 month ago)
She is so real I love her
Salinas Cal (1 month ago)
Was cardi B friends with Nicki Minaj
Natasha Talbert (1 month ago)
Natasha Talbert (1 month ago)
cardio I love your videos
H L (1 month ago)
U lot commenting here are sooooo lost its a joke
absolute wasteman (1 month ago)
*Spills tea*
Greer Mileski (1 month ago)
Belcalis u said it wrong
minecraft man (1 month ago)
mrs offset
Eriel Washington (1 month ago)
That’s not how you pronounce her name 🤦🏽‍♀️
marianna1able (1 month ago)
100%dominican representing!

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