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How to change temperature unit on PX3 TESLA-STYLE Android Head Units

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Head-turning feature-rich Tesla-style android navigation radios. Get one to brighten your ride: https://phoenixandroidradios.com/collections/tesla-style-vertical-screen
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sam drake (17 days ago)
did everything in video. i dont have that option goes from freq to radar sound . what now?
sam drake (18 days ago)
How come that password doesnt work on my radio? this is something that i would like to be able to do
sam drake (18 days ago)
+Phoenix Android Radios oh my thank you so much for such a timely reply
Phoenix Android Radios (18 days ago)
sam drake 8861, 7890, 666888, 1680, 1688
Al Macamo (1 month ago)
Nice video, what is the password?
Al Macamo (1 month ago)
+Phoenix Android Radios Thank you, does this unit require an amplifier? Sound is very low on mine I can't hear anything
Phoenix Android Radios (1 month ago)
Al Macamo 7890

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