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How To Install Steam Games To Another Partition Or Computer

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Tutorial on showing how you can transfer your Steam Library of games to and from a hard drive.
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Arfa Izzat (2 years ago)
so if i buy steam games on one pc and upgrade to a different pc game can i install those pc games onto my new pc even if i already installed them on my old one
Alex McRae (3 years ago)
You're not running Windows 8. you're running Windows 7.
Todd Boniface (3 years ago)
I remember now, notice local disk in my computer page? Windows 7 was installed on 'OS' I made this video because I wanted to test out games on windows 8. hence. new partition.
Todd Boniface (3 years ago)
at the time I was running the developer preview of it. however where did I mention I was running Windows 8?
Muaz Al Khair (4 years ago)
hey man,what if i only 1 type of game?
Muaz Al Khair (3 years ago)
+KajcsiGaming ツ ahahaha
DJ Kaj (3 years ago)
+Muaz Al Khair then you are stupid
Siiiscoe (4 years ago)
so if i buy steam games on one pc and upgrade to a different pc game can i install those pc games onto my new pc even if i already installed them on my old one
ALPHAxPvP (3 years ago)
+Ivan Skorin same
Ivan Skorin (4 years ago)
thats what i want to know
Fouw (4 years ago)
wow my laptop is so fast O.o and u helped me to install it FASTER xD
Syner (5 years ago)
Is steam a bug
Syner (5 years ago)
Is steam a bug because I got it then the day after it said that something Was a bug
Sanshrouo (5 years ago)
Is this allowed?I mean if i will do that steam no ban me.
XBOXandMINT (5 years ago)
i downloaded a game dlc on my laptop. 15 dollars. i sold my laptop to get my desktop. how do i get my dlc. i cant find it.
LuminaryChief56HD (5 years ago)
well,if the pc i have the games on is 32 bit,can i copy them to a 64 bit system?or do i have to reinstall?
DanishVideoArt (5 years ago)
Yes but you wont get singleplayer saves for most games.
DanishVideoArt (5 years ago)
Steamapps, or the big steam folder?
LuminaryChief56HD (5 years ago)
So if I can't copy paste them I can reinstall them for free can't I?
yo yosh (5 years ago)
can u copy and paste instead of dowloding again cuzz am try right now I coped to steam apps
yo yosh (5 years ago)
copy and paste to steam apps
Todd Boniface (5 years ago)
LimeTomato1 (5 years ago)
Will this save data for games like tf2 so you will keep weapons?
Karl Sanders (5 years ago)
Despot (5 years ago)
Instead of exiting Steam could you just wait for them to download or would that not work?
Zasico (5 years ago)
Does this mean that i can delete my old steam folder on the C drive, because the whole reason was to get more room in my C drive?
secret00725 (5 years ago)
of course not, that would be stupid but you would need to redownload them unless you transfer your games
Todd Boniface (5 years ago)
you can copy your steam folder, (shown in the video) and place it on an external hard drive, or copy it via a network.
gawin nathaniel (5 years ago)
how do i do it if i wanna move from pc to pc please help me :D !!
Check Bob (5 years ago)
outro song?
yaoilawliet29 (5 years ago)
Doesn't work with games that have their files exclusively in Steam\SteamApps\common (most of them basically)
DJpunk7 (5 years ago)
can someone explain why my steam didn´t recognize my computer and I have steam installed about 2 months ago and it asked same thing then because it was a new pc and i understand it but i have same pc right now so why it didn´t recognize it? and sorry for my shitty explanation.
Trash Can (5 years ago)
Don't work my steam still don't have the games there.
Todd Boniface (5 years ago)
the hard drive of your old computer may still work. plug it in to your new one, and copy across :)
Dylan Wong (5 years ago)
But I don't want to restart the game
Dylan Wong (5 years ago)
I am planning o buy a new computer cause my old computer broke down and I can't get in to it and is planning to put my steam game(borderlans
Gosh heylah (5 years ago)
I feel like half the tutorial was missing? where was the start if you getme
Gosh heylah (5 years ago)
now my steam is reinstalling on this computer :( how do I get the choice of where it goes that never came up
Todd Boniface (5 years ago)
well you have to have steam installed in the directory you want to play. So for example, If i have a game on my HARD DRIVE I would install STEAM on my SSD. then do the process shown in this video.
Oliver Bjerregaard (5 years ago)
Hi, i want have a SSD harddrive and a standart drive, how can i just copy one game from my SSD to my standart harddrive?
Todd Boniface (5 years ago)
yes you can.
SuperComputergenius1 (5 years ago)
So I wanna move games from PC to PC can I use this ???
Andrew Wilson (5 years ago)
DUDE thank you soo much i had to get new hard drive and i never knew how to get my games onto my new one as steam was not giving me the option!!!
steFPS (5 years ago)
steFPS (5 years ago)
Also, will the "download paused" eventually go away, and the game will be white and playable like CoD?
steFPS (5 years ago)
@Todd Boniface Thank you for the tutorial but I still have a question Does this work if I past this from my old computer into an external hard drive, and paste it into my new computer?
steFPS (5 years ago)
you cant - this is for people who dont want to re-download because of bandwith
Todd Boniface (5 years ago)
Yes, that is exactly what you do. :) I showed it in my video, but i was copying from hard disk to hard disk... in your case, you can do it via the network by SHARING the folder on the computer that has the games, and then you just find the computer on the network in the computer that doesn't have the games, copy and enjoy! This isn't breaking any laws either, as you own the games.
GeT TapPeD Jml31 (5 years ago)
Hello just wondering i have 2 computers and 1 of them has all my games and the other one doesn't and to download it all its a lot of internet usage so do i just copy the games in common then paste them into common on my other computer?
007DjL (5 years ago)
why cant you just re-download steam and have your games when you sign in?
Nicholas Taranto (5 years ago)
Hey Todd, erm what is your steam tag??
Todd Boniface (5 years ago)
as long as the cafe has steam :) yes i don't see why not.
Luke Sky (5 years ago)
Hey question if i buy garys mod and half life 2 on my laptop can i play them on my account at a computer at a gaming cafe i go to please help me before i buy
Dessier (6 years ago)
this just saved me from 7 days of downloading games
Todd Boniface (6 years ago)
yes they will be erased, and unless they are purchased on the same Steam account, you can't play them. sorry!
churros724 (6 years ago)
will the games u already have be erased , my case is that my brother will intsall his cod WOW to my computer , but i also have some steam games already in it
Todd Boniface (6 years ago)
Hey, I would be happy to help. To transfer the games, go to the Steamapps folder, (shown in this video) You can either copy the files to an external drive, or, you can copy it via the network to your other computer.
Danny Montes (6 years ago)
Can you help me plz? i play skyrim and other games in my pc (dell windows 7) and i just got a new laptop (windows 8) and i wanna transfer the games from the pc to the laptop, how do i do that?
VictorH (6 years ago)
I did the same :(
Ciaran Gallagher (6 years ago)
You never mentioned how to copy across save game files
Todd Boniface (6 years ago)
Could you please subscribe to my channel?
1Peti865 (6 years ago)
PLS HELP ME! the google delet my email (i love google) and i dont know my special security code! PLS HELP ME!
Todd Boniface (6 years ago)
If you can't log into your computer, you can take the hard drive out of your laptop and connect it to your desktop pc and copy the files that way.
wolfstar212 (6 years ago)
I want to transefer a game from my laptop to a desktop but i forgot my passwprd is there any way i can? (reply asap plz)
KreyzeN (6 years ago)
Yes I've subscribed :) No Thanks
Todd Boniface (6 years ago)
Thanks! Your subscribed? :) Do you have any suggestions for a video? I shall do it! :)
KreyzeN (6 years ago)
:'( But Still I Love Ur Video!
Todd Boniface (6 years ago)
Sadly, no :(
KreyzeN (6 years ago)
But! I Have 2 accounts And In 1 Account I Have CS:GO And In Another CS:S And CS1.6. I Want These All Games In 1 Account! How Can I??? Any Solution?
Todd Boniface (6 years ago)
Yes, they will be there. Although, it is easier to copy them via the network or to a hard drive, rather then downloading ALL of your games again. So yes, if you log into steam, your games will all download again.
KreyzeN (6 years ago)
I Have A Question!...If I Purchase A New PC And Login To Steam,The Game Will be Present There Or I Have To Again To This Process Copy/Paste??

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