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bangkok happy massage—choosing girls part3

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You can see all parts from followings below part1:https://youtu.be/XpkKXA66Qvk part2:https://youtu.be/CJ5Xu4_nc2U part3:https://youtu.be/HtSCIrtk5kQ part4:https://youtu.be/l5yI4IKJTeQ
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Text Comments (214)
JULIO ROSENBERG (2 days ago)
Maybe they have different consent AGE LAWS there because the GIRL all the way on the left looks around 13--14 YEARS old!!
asteroth131 (7 days ago)
Be happy you live in Europe or north America or you would be the ones giving the happy endings
Joshe majavich (7 days ago)
Sad for human being
MOJO RAW GUITAR (8 days ago)
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Nan Nan (8 days ago)
Gabriel Torres (8 days ago)
Hot pic bebe
PIJAT URUT (9 days ago)
Masage wik wik
Hemi_Sync Synthesia (10 days ago)
Too Pervy for me: Hidden = Pervy: These Thai people run their economy their way: If you steal private moments - dont get all mad when yours is stolen 10 fold: Not kool
Johnny Rotten (10 days ago)
this sucks
ASIAN SaNtA (8 days ago)
Just go 2 pornhub
Mattie Mclean (9 days ago)
They suck!!
Redmi Redmi (11 days ago)
Hidden camera. Sad dude . Beta male.
Soundarya Kumari (11 days ago)
U just chose a ladyboy lol
J Martin (4 hours ago)
+Soundarya Kumari hello how are you baby still bored?🌹 😚😚
J Martin (1 day ago)
+Soundarya Kumari hello 😚
J Martin (1 day ago)
+Soundarya Kumari I'm Latino but I live in America
J Martin (1 day ago)
+Soundarya Kumari are you Live in India or you live at different country?
Luis Perez (11 days ago)
What happened next
John Webb (15 days ago)
19 is actually old for a Thai girl,some of these girls are having sex with Thai guys from 12 years old some even have babies,I know it’s shocking but it’s true,especially outside the city’s.
John Webb (6 days ago)
Kyle Mellor I talk from having many Thai friends and being to Thailand many times. And no I’ve never fucked a young girl. If you know Thai people for a long time they will tell you its true.
Kyle Mellor (6 days ago)
+John Webb you must talk from experience to be that in depth.
John Webb (10 days ago)
Nicholas Lucas you are delusional mate. Go out into the provinces and you will see young girls with babies. By 19 most Thai girls are very experienced at sex,they have Thai boyfriends from very young. In Thailand its very easy to get false paperwork for births etc. Some when born are even abandoned and brought up in homes,so some don’t even know their real age.
Nicholas Lucas (11 days ago)
18 and over like most countries around the world, and because of the drinking laws they have to be twenty years and over to work in a bar.
Kodchakorn Jarntaku (15 days ago)
มันมีจริงๆและไม่น่าเอาชื่อของนวดไปใส่เลย คนนวดจริงก็เสียหาย ต่างชาติที่เขาเคยชื้อบริการนวดแบบนี้เขาก็มองในเชิงไม่ดีแน่นอน
Let the truth be told (17 days ago)
Imagine if that was your daughter, just imagine that for a moment, these girls dont choose this life.
alex johnson (2 days ago)
+snipper all haha 👍
Rahand (4 days ago)
So sad!
snipper all (14 days ago)
Ill fuck it still🤗
Healthy Hack Hub (15 days ago)
Soooooo whats your big idea then?
Thales Carvalho (17 days ago)
I must Go to Thailand :)
joseph bethrant (18 days ago)
Why you putting those girls on video you creep. Let them be private and just enjoy it.
Sophie Bean (21 days ago)
19 .. my heart broke
snipper all (14 days ago)
What to old for YOU!
david mccall (24 days ago)
My owned a bar there, he paid 50.00 to the girls parents he hired, this was back in 1970's. If a girl died, he had to pay the family another 50.00. One sad place for women!
Liberal Snowflakes (24 days ago)
These girls know exactly what they're doing. Without them there will b no Happy Hour. So shut the fuck up u cunts LOL
Liberal Snowflakes (11 days ago)
LT T (11 days ago)
LS, you are a sad human. I forbid you to reproduce.
Alvaro Gordillo (24 days ago)
Very bad
Charles Brownn (25 days ago)
D Don Travels (27 days ago)
nice video
مر صدفه (1 month ago)
وش السالفه🤸‍♂️
Erik. gomez (1 month ago)
uptown funk (1 month ago)
nice selection. see much worse.
Shahzad Shahzad (24 days ago)
GAO kuku (1 month ago)
thst middle one not bad.
Kai Chen (1 month ago)
ThaiFuns (1 month ago)
GAO kuku (1 month ago)
+ThaiFuns 5hat chinese said ,did you take video during the massage.
ThaiFuns (1 month ago)
Nachhatar Sidhu (1 month ago)
Ah !!! Fu,,,,k.. You guy !!!! What a shit are you ???? Stupid....
Robert Parham (16 days ago)
yea.. what a shit is he.
AL Da (1 month ago)
WTF what kind of taping ? waste of time
Janessa Rodriguez (1 month ago)
What a piece of shit video!
Denis Wintersteen (1 month ago)
The most unprofessional video I have ever seen !!!
Uncle Tim (1 month ago)
+ThaiFuns lol
ThaiFuns (1 month ago)
sorry man.try to do better next time
Lyle L (1 month ago)
Choosing the girl, nothing to do with massage. No massage here
emad hamdy (1 month ago)
Man You are sick What you will achieve doing this shit Poor girls
ItsAlways Something (28 days ago)
emad hamdy getting a nut off what the fuck you mean? Lol those girls love it there. And if not than who gives a fuck
TheManChise (1 month ago)
I'll take 4 to go..
Mr. Info (1 month ago)
Nice video..like.. Subscribe my chanel
JOHN IBRAHIM (1 month ago)
Mahinda Senathilake (21 days ago)
Johnny Rotten (1 month ago)
shit video
maiseydoodle (1 month ago)
Those poor girls
Jason Carson (1 month ago)
Nathan Breaux (1 month ago)
What kind of BS you trying to pull dude
Redmi Redmi (1 month ago)
Is this not bad to put the girls in public eye? They need money your hurting them for views.? Not cool dude
J Martin (3 days ago)
Yeah I agreed to
Redmi Redmi (11 days ago)
+Very Woke I agree
Very Woke (1 month ago)
He's hurting them?
paul brindley (1 month ago)
She was testing her breath for cock smell
JenkinTownPosse jtp (23 days ago)
Omg😷 that's nasty yo
CATLOVER (1 month ago)
these girls could be slaves forced into whore houses
Robert Jackson (1 month ago)
Seattle paid all taxes thru the seamstress union. My home town the police chief ran the brothel. Prostitution is accepted in many countries. The alternative is food filth or fetching for women 18-35 . of course no welfare or child support. No pension so women must support parents and bastard kids. Short term $30 x 5 = $150 or minimum wage in village. In America I asked a f2f would she do a date for $1,000,000 she of course said YES ! The price went down to pay off her car pay off her credit card etc. Still yes @ $1k
Robert Jackson (16 days ago)
+Robert Parham prostitution is charged on federal jurisdiction also in 95% of states. The difference is the state law is ignored for women but charged on men. Women are now victims with additional laws it is now a threat of re education classes or threat of existing old school prostitution. The men are now registered sex offenders.
Robert Parham (16 days ago)
prostitution is perfectly legal in the US although most states ban it there is no federal law against it. human trafficking is a different story.
DJ Lexner (1 month ago)
Iqbal Ahmad (1 month ago)
Give you wats up
David Burden (1 month ago)
cops will catch up so will AIDS alot will have
David Burden (15 days ago)
+carpii Aid to the S you will have, little dic with fall off it will
carpii (16 days ago)
speak like Yoda, you do
David Burden (1 month ago)
+Very Woke take a look at yourself in the mirror eat pooh
Very Woke (1 month ago)
+David Burden Thank you for confirming.
David Burden (1 month ago)
+Very Woke your mum made a mistake having you, lets put you down!
saudgl (1 month ago)
what happen next :)
ThaiFuns (1 month ago)
happy time
Andreas S (1 month ago)
Did u slap her butt walking stairs ey...soda soda what u say to her need to learn thai lol
Tommy Myers (1 month ago)
This is horrible! These girls look way to young and nervous like they don’t want to be there.
Random User (1 month ago)
+Tommy Myers Or someones son!! 8o
Tommy Myers (1 month ago)
CATLOVER very sad! I have a daughter and this makes me sick! This is someone’s daughters
CATLOVER (1 month ago)
Exactly...sex trafficing...slaves! sad
Deinna Barefield (1 month ago)
ABHIJEET SARMA (1 month ago)
You make video but without address
ABHIJEET SARMA (1 month ago)
What is the address of message parlour in part 3
carforumwanker (1 month ago)
nice cold bottle of coke and stick it up their ass ! they do anything for $80
brenda monrreal (1 month ago)
That is horible 80% of them are force into this!
George D (1 month ago)
So sorry for them. Wished i could rescue them
Martin Goodef' (1 month ago)
I take all
Iqbal Ahmad (1 month ago)
Give you grol selfish and watsp n
Iqbal Ahmad (1 month ago)
Zartes Steak (1 month ago)
TUCO ALTIERRI (1 month ago)
They are ALL WHORES, so no big deal , they just want your money
David Burden (1 month ago)
you are all sickos get a real girl
David Burden (1 month ago)
+Ü I didn't start AIDS
Ü (1 month ago)
+David Burden triggered
David Burden (1 month ago)
+Professor B Aids will get yas
Professor B (1 month ago)
No such thing
David Burden (1 month ago)
Ed Levine (1 month ago)
People like Paul Hosken degrade themselves in their attempts to be cute or witty.
ThaiFuns (1 month ago)
Fortunato Wenceslao (1 month ago)
Problem with Thais is you never know which is which..girl or ladyboy. Fake are rampant in Thailand.
Carlos Torres (1 month ago)
I HAVE BROWSED THROUGH MANY OF YOU TUBE OUT OF CURIOSITY and I have come to the conclusion that I don't understand the message they are trying to convey to the viewers...eroticism? The whole thing is childish..youtube is for viewers that are border line mentally handicapped....pfui, Ugggh!
ThaiFuns (1 month ago)
ladyboy is not allowed in these stores.You can just ask the mamas
geoopa (1 month ago)
Why would you care if you don't know?
You get to choose in China as well
Martt M (1 month ago)
Which one you like. None of them.. maybe you are gay.
David Burden (1 month ago)
you had the sex change no me. go get a boyfriend freak!!
Paul Hosken (1 month ago)
I feel like a pirate looking at the ladies SHIVER M E TIMBERS give me a bottle of RUm
ThaiFuns (1 month ago)
Gman 5445 (1 month ago)
Was that robert kraft walking by ?
MERCEDESBENZS600 S500 (1 month ago)
LMMFAO,could've been...
Gman 5445 (1 month ago)
+TUCO ALTIERRI yea after your mother gave me a good rubdown with a happy ending. Really felt great when she took her teeth out.
TUCO ALTIERRI (1 month ago)
ThaiFuns (1 month ago)
Denival Ferreira (1 month ago)
Filme de sex
Paul Hosken (2 months ago)
Those jeans wouldn't fit one of my legs
MORTAL KOMBAT (2 months ago)
Ronald Carmona (2 months ago)
I would have taken the first girl that came out in the blue jeans. Right off the bat ☺
David Burden (1 month ago)
you would need to buy a penis for that miss
ThaiFuns (1 month ago)
nice choice,man!
Marco Zolo (2 months ago)
Korean > Thai
Richard Freed (2 months ago)
I Like The Woman With The Glasses, Very Mature
Thomas McGillivray (2 months ago)
Part 3 was crap....all that I saw was a flickering screen...must do better than that?
Lachs geräuchert (2 months ago)
You are also aware that a lot of these girls were forced to do that and\or are underage. My god, gladly moist men si know aren’t sleazes... that’s creepy, this video is creepy as hell, who would upload this. I hope they know you are Filming. And even if not, they are smiling while being disgusted by you, which is sad. You will sleep with them after 10 other men (and they don’t wash themselves every hour) were in there the same day, have fun.
Wally D (1 month ago)
You really don't know what you're talking about
MERCEDESBENZS600 S500 (1 month ago)
You can wash them yourself,they don't mind...
Aries 22 (1 month ago)
You speak from experience
graham1306 (2 months ago)
1st class shi7e......
Paul Hosken (2 months ago)
I would like to blind her with my goo
luky Hidayat (2 months ago)
Fix the camera bro?...and u should be give us the details address also..
MERCEDESBENZS600 S500 (1 month ago)
Don't need an address there all over the place in BANGKOK...
Moonraker Udon (2 months ago)
If you edited out all the shaky camera shit this would last about 30 seconds
MAX NEPALI (2 months ago)
Pikachu.... I choose you.😂
Joseph Perry (8 days ago)
places will actually say JAPANESE ONLY
Joseph Perry (8 days ago)
only catch a dopey guy like the one in the vid can't get in w/out knowing Japanese or having a friend to vouch for him. rofl
Joseph Perry (8 days ago)
umm yeah Pikachu is Japan, not Thailand ass hat. And btw Tokyo has way more red light districts than Bangkok does.
Dante Salazar (2 months ago)
ww2 veterans
Michael Ray (2 months ago)
Where's the link to the pornhub video?
peace9988 Forever (2 months ago)
Yes, you chose her correctly, bro )) and the third girl was also good.
Lachs geräuchert (2 months ago)
peace9988 Forever They are pretty people but I’m sure he is not
Comment Freely (2 months ago)
My 18 hour blowjob. Come first 30 seconds. 17 hours 59 mins 30 seconds of playing with a limp dick.
obrbob194 (2 months ago)
Why are you Fucking these girls around you have no intention of getting massage ...stop wasting their time you douchebag
Event Horizon (2 months ago)
obrbob194 ... umm, he went upstairs with the last one. I’m sure it wasn’t to look at the view.😁
Benny Diction (2 months ago)
19 is the automated response number for age.
Event Horizon (2 months ago)
Art.... it’s he minimum legal age in Thailand for sex workers.
RJ (2 months ago)
It's just a massage So it's understandable why You have a choice to pick a girl lol
Surgicalsensei (2 months ago)
I'd fuck that girl in the Pink from all angles
Ü (1 month ago)
+Gabby J 16 is legal
MERCEDESBENZS600 S500 (1 month ago)
+frank M. They like that...
MERCEDESBENZS600 S500 (1 month ago)
+Drumming Earth LMMFAO
Drumming Earth (2 months ago)
+Gabby J perfect
Gabby J (2 months ago)
She looks like she is 16 years old.
Squirt Reynolds (2 months ago)
I went to a place like this in the U.S. I thought it was a legit massage place and I went there twice because I have a neck injury and my doctor said it would help- he even referred me to this place. Then I saw them on the news being arrested- all Chinese victims of sex trafficking. I kept wondering why the girls were acting funny. I must be naive.
roguemale TheOne&Only (2 months ago)
They would've been making 5 times the amount earned back in China.
Ten Lop (2 months ago)
How much was it?
MERCEDESBENZS600 S500 (1 month ago)
+ekim andersom LMMFAO
Jerome Love (2 months ago)
+ekim andersom that's why you wear a condom
ekim andersom (2 months ago)
Notey Note Yeah thats the 1000 Baht HIV discount.
Notey Note (2 months ago)
+ThaiFuns the ones on the street are 1500bht
ThaiFuns (2 months ago)
Irfaan Irfaan (2 months ago)
So, was it a happy ending or what?
MERCEDESBENZS600 S500 (1 month ago)
+Irfaan Irfaan Gotta think positive, LOL...
Kenshiro (2 months ago)
ekim andersom oh yes there would be, when I bust my nut
ekim andersom (2 months ago)
Irfaan Irfaan There wont be a bust.
Irfaan Irfaan (2 months ago)
+ekim andersom Well I'd sure hate to be caught in the act if there was a bust.
ekim andersom (2 months ago)
Irfaan Irfaan You actually think they only massage?
Lorenzo delfosses (2 months ago)
What is the adress . i like muche the woamn in jean.
Chetan Technical (19 days ago)
+ThaiFuns which road? Give me landmark, any clue?
Kenshiro (2 months ago)
ThaiFuns sure you have
ThaiFuns (2 months ago)
sorry mate. i forgot where the place is.
Dart Feller (3 months ago)
The name of this place?
Jh (3 months ago)
Could I get a PM of the place? the girls look cute :)
ThaiFuns (3 months ago)
+Jh i don't know youtube can send private message
Jh (3 months ago)
Or you could reply the location here too >.<
Jh (3 months ago)
+ThaiFuns Private message to me/ Personal message
ThaiFuns (3 months ago)
seriously,what's PM?

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