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Photoshop Has Gone Too Far

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Text Comments (29215)
BLUEHACKS (18 minutes ago)
LOL a peperoni
Roger Wissinger (19 hours ago)
I'd eat that.
That2ndTomatoguy 106 (21 hours ago)
She looks beautiful after the reverse
Creamy (22 hours ago)
Hmm... no wonder I like pizza so much
That one Guy (1 day ago)
I could take a bite out of her
Actually isn't in reverse. 😁
luna atqc (2 days ago)
Eating pizza, Oh look! I made a person!
Sujad Abzal (2 days ago)
I am hungry i need a girl? 😂😂
VineApple (4 days ago)
the after is before and the before is after
Day Core (4 days ago)
Did you turn the pizza into the woman, or the woman into the pizza?
Pink Piills (4 days ago)
Oh my God I thought this was fr until the end.
Emerald Jonny (5 days ago)
My teacher showed this to the class and didn't know it was a joke
floweryjooe (5 days ago)
Same (5 days ago)
The dislikes might be from the pizzas. Idk I'm running out of ideas since a ton of people make SOME DAMN CLEVER THINGS MORE THAN I DO.
Omg lol I’m dieting laughing
Savage Player (6 days ago)
ok that is a big lul xD
Breeze Pelt (6 days ago)
Gunshot Studios (6 days ago)
Pizza the hut from space balls
Mosive ? (6 days ago)
For 0:22 to 1:19 that’s the transformation that’s bootiful
StormGamer555 Vsøş (6 days ago)
Pizza time
Westkane11 (6 days ago)
Carl Man (7 days ago)
Why am I hungry and horny?
decline - (7 days ago)
I can’t believe how the media portray beauty because my dad is bald
Glazeatr0n 12345 (7 days ago)
nomtriescarnem 7 (8 days ago)
people are actually pizza? nice
Maurizio Capparelli (8 days ago)
Xơydyvuye Zxc (8 days ago)
funny part is that I knew what this video was actually gonna be abut thol..!
Xơydyvuye Zxc (8 days ago)
no way! I THINK I'm prety sure I watched that back in elemetary school when I was 6-9 year sor something.... lol
Hashirama Senju (8 days ago)
I knew hot women weren't real
Hashirama Senju (7 days ago)
+Nason studio it's just a conspiracy
Nason studio (7 days ago)
perfect women dont exist
Yoko-the-cat as_a_cat (8 days ago)
Amelie Lai (8 days ago)
She is waaaay more beautiful as a pizza in my opinion... Ok now I'm gonna go get a pizza cause I'm hungry after seeing this
Jasmine Oliver (8 days ago)
Wait this is a parody.... I just realized that!😂😅😂
Duskfury (8 days ago)
She was far more beautiful before the photoshop
Kazuma Yagami (8 days ago)
No wonder everytime i eat a pizza i get a boner
Animator Rally (8 days ago)
Actually, that’s pretty good photoshopping
Pete Horrall (9 days ago)
A Cinderella ten....at midnight she turns into a six pack and a pizza
Dragon Pink2018 (9 days ago)
agreed ;-;
Shubham More (9 days ago)
Kiran hk (9 days ago)
not model.. fake is this video
Shiro_Cat (9 days ago)
who thought the raw unphotoshopped pic was some creepy corpse before plot twist happens?
YANNY or LAUREL (9 days ago)
Dude you hungry?
Keshav Mittal (9 days ago)
Ur out mate!!!! Check the time when she starts turning into a pizza! ITS A REVERSED VIDEO
poly hannah (9 days ago)
What she is a pizza all along
Divya Ashish (9 days ago)
Still pretty damn good
f girl632 (9 days ago)
Wow that photoshop tho...
aishvarya khurasia (9 days ago)
... options --> remove this channel from my feed
nic O'Hagan (9 days ago)
i thought this was real
zackiskon (9 days ago)
You are the one that gone too far
Jwanna Powell (9 days ago)
I seek a new meaning of life. And that is. Pizza 🍕.
Ethan_1 Sonenshine_1 (9 days ago)
I’d eat that pus- I mean pizza
Awesome Batsman (9 days ago)
Jurliette (9 days ago)
let me guess, you got footage from months ago, and then made a documentary about it.
Lord Of Darkness (9 days ago)
Lmfaoo people thinks this is serious? Sis, CollegeHumor
Joe Gibbs (9 days ago)
Is her name Margarita?
Gankis84 (9 days ago)
This one was stupid.
TacoTube !! (10 days ago)
TacoTube !! (10 days ago)
aryan ambastha (10 days ago)
The time goes ahead! Try to even fake it College humor, no wonder your channel is going down now!
Justin A. (10 days ago)
I am hungry for girls now.
Shivali Sahu (10 days ago)
Wow.... Just wow!!...
Ofek biger (10 days ago)
Its just a photo of a model and you made it to a pizza, its not a reverse...
Yusuf IT (10 days ago)
2:34 The {Before} is After and the {After} is Before
Efe Çakmak (10 days ago)
İs it a pizza?
Jayvee (10 days ago)
did my brain trick or The girl is a pizza
Emora 59810 (10 days ago)
Please put less serious and sad music. It’s starting to creep me out... 😬
Azgy Agggh (10 days ago)
Oh my god, This is hilarious
Mikel846 GamerSK YT (10 days ago)
Lol Pizza.
Blæk Rəʊz (10 days ago)
last evolution of humans lmao)))))
Trashy Blu (10 days ago)
The first ever College Humour video i ever watched.... It put me of pizza for a month.
P Cass (10 days ago)
Duped. This image starts out a bikini model and is photoshopped into a pizza slice. Then we are told its the opposite. Its the photoshoper that's deceiving the audience ...... shame.
Bubble 10121 (11 days ago)
Nimbus Animations (11 days ago)
canal minus (11 days ago)
Nihuya sebe!
Jason Isaac (11 days ago)
u got ur hands tired for this photo
HARRY POTTER IS LIFE (11 days ago)
That lady was pizza? I’m now a cannibal
mikke poro (11 days ago)
Now i will never touch any pizza ever again 😶😶😶😶
Rock Some (11 days ago)
I am like what...//
why am I​ hungry?
Zero Hours (11 days ago)
Escanor Demonidas (11 days ago)
I wanna taste her
Jose Laguna (11 days ago)
I for real couldn't stop laughing when they started to "reversing" the photo
DougtheDonkey (11 days ago)
I’d eat her out
Animal World (11 days ago)
Susanoo Blox (11 days ago)
they should make pizza's more hot
spacexboi (11 days ago)
I wanna eat her
jay laron (11 days ago)
pizza = triangle triangle = 3 sides 3 sides = illuminati model = pizza model = illuminati illuminati confirmed?
La Banane (11 days ago)
Wow a pizza can do that Photoshop has really gone too far
kingkongkandy (11 days ago)
I thought 😔
Juanín Pascal Lolio (12 days ago)
I want to get married with a pizza
Kotte Animation (12 days ago)
Sedona James (12 days ago)
omg 😂
1-I got a dig bick 2-You that read wrong 3-You read that wrong too 4-You Checked 5-You smiled 7-you are wondering why your still this reading this 8-You saw that mistake...right?(on 7) 10- But did you see that I skipped 6 10-You Checked 11-And you saw I doubled 10 and skipped 9 12-I also said saw you,not you saw 13-I also skipped 2 14-You also got tricked 15- I’m just wasting your time I deserve a like for that go back to reading the comment
chroi chubby cheeks (12 days ago)
ha ha that was so retarded u deserve a trophie for the most spastic retard in the world
These damn pizzas. They lure me in as a woman and tell me to give them anal, then 5 seconds later I realise I'm fucking a pizza slice. They get me everytime
Balázs Dinh (12 days ago)
Xxx Z H 0 O T 3 R xxX (12 days ago)
Movie Maker (12 days ago)
This is fake
I'd eat her ass out since it's bascially pizza
-Ricinator - (12 days ago)
Thats photoshoped.

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