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www.DieAntwoord.com Album: TEN$ION Directed by NINJA and Terence Neale Director Of Photography: Alexis Zabe Edited by Saki Fokken Bergh at Left Produced by Zef Filmz in association with Egg Films Post production by Blade Titles and special touches by Pushbak Next Level gear supplied by Panavision and Media Film Service KEZIA EALES runs this muddafucka
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Text Comments (182174)
•cuppa nøirė• (40 minutes ago)
When he opened the red bull it deadass played the deadass played the roblox drinking sound
lil Rich native (53 minutes ago)
Vietnam flashback*
VICTOR (59 minutes ago)
Fvk this bad song , 😝😟😞😖🤯🤯
Megan Rosé (1 hour ago)
Locals probably think their Australian...
Dima Renewall (1 hour ago)
Он на варпача похож!
Nathan Blades (1 hour ago)
If your going to shoot Then shoot dont talk
* VOLGENDE WEEK PAS * (1 hour ago)
Waar is die antwooed
you tuberi (1 hour ago)
2019 of force????
Desta Gil Rodríguez (1 hour ago)
Meda asco ¡¡¡¡¡
it's Emerald (1 hour ago)
Чо за пиздец здесь
Michel Bure (1 hour ago)
УРОДЫ! Albinism!
Mona Flips (1 hour ago)
meat song (2 hours ago)
whats wrong with her eyes
What im watch in this
Freddy Eyres (2 hours ago)
2019 anyone 🔥
Stella Roldan (2 hours ago)
Like able español
Tama Гоха (2 hours ago)
Писец она ужасная
Isabel Gonzalez (2 hours ago)
what the fuck DID I JUST WATCH
lill cor (2 hours ago)
What the fuck now what the rap
NickolasSpartan (3 hours ago)
How do you miss with a pistol twice when you're five feet away?
subscribe pewds (3 hours ago)
Sebastian bails has entered the chat Imma just like my own comment
NAIMA5263 qay (3 hours ago)
freddie lindmark (4 hours ago)
I have no fa****g idea what i just watcht
Cristopher Cicciarelli (4 hours ago)
Fack fack fack fack.bleah
Arnel Lozic (4 hours ago)
The girl and the guy from Chappie
Viktoria Voronkova (4 hours ago)
XxnyaxX x alex (4 hours ago)
wtf why!?!?! she s*x 1:41
markiztoiks main (4 hours ago)
I saw the two people on choppy Ano one 2019?
American Girl (5 hours ago)
You are ugly
Rosanna Tuzza (5 hours ago)
0:16 wtf
ManuelaL Jackson (5 hours ago)
0:08 ,, who need tits ? ,, 😂
Nicklas (5 hours ago)
Why is it always the weird stuff that gets recommended to me
Melinda Linares (5 hours ago)
Sooo...everybody going to ignore the incest references ..and ..how asleep people are to support this ...
阴道美国人 (5 hours ago)
Is this a joke?
én vagyok csalol (5 hours ago)
Who comes from chappie?
Дарья Русак (6 hours ago)
Lidija Štrkalj (6 hours ago)
Joker Haha (6 hours ago)
Mariya Stephanie Ang (6 hours ago)
Hahahahaha wow hahahahaha
John Doe (7 hours ago)
who came here from watching chappie
EGG (7 hours ago)
why is this in my recommended *wait*
Wicked 420 (7 hours ago)
Yolandi, Mrs. Wicked here. I supported you Guys and now NO MORE! I get that’s you’re Best Buddy but hangin with Satanic People and shit just isn’t cool. Ya dig? Naw ya don’t you don’t care you guys wipe your Ass with Cash. Gooooood for you. You are nothin but a little bitch follower. Learn how to write your own Rhyms and if you want to say somethin get at me. You little rapist.
danaya blagoeva (7 hours ago)
Sally Fisher (7 hours ago)
0:07 на мою одноклассницу похожа😹
Nexo Pubg (9 hours ago)
What the fuck get a doctor
Тут кто-нибудь Русский ставте ЛАЙК!!!!
Anime Live (7 hours ago)
a h i l i z t l i 6 (9 hours ago)
J Cooeyate (10 hours ago)
I remember u from chappy. Idk 🤔🤔 lol 😍😍 cool song love it.
MÏKÉ (10 hours ago)
A techno beat - a tekno a tekno a tekno beat
Rusty Shackleford (11 hours ago)
We all just gonna ignore her hair?
Страшная девка перекурила фу
+Anime Live привет
Anime Live (7 hours ago)
zack picklesier (11 hours ago)
Nip slip at 4:28
Christian Garruba (12 hours ago)
Why the 🤬 was this in my recommend. What in the gender dysphoria, pan sexual 🤬 was that thing with the yellow bra?
Caison Buckenham (12 hours ago)
Look at dies brother at 6:28
waste disposal (12 hours ago)
It’s weird how I like it
Hannah Faze (13 hours ago)
I don’t understand what she’s saying but I like it for some reason 😐
Scarlett Johnson (14 hours ago)
She looks like a meth head and he looks like a pedophile
Aydan Qasanova (14 hours ago)
4:59 my lovest moment🤩
king Torres (14 hours ago)
Wtf did I just watch 😂😂😂
dat g (15 hours ago)
What language was the start in
Cynthia Morris (15 hours ago)
She ugly
Sebastián Guerra (15 hours ago)
Jajajaja esta estupides
Victoria Lugo (15 hours ago)
Gacha_ Editz (16 hours ago)
As yolandi
Gacha_ Editz (16 hours ago)
You were in the movie chappie
said naoum (16 hours ago)
MAIS que merdaaaaaa
el pervertido banilla (16 hours ago)
que por qué ría
Celin Moyano (17 hours ago)
Acabo de perder 6 minutos en mi vida el video mas puto
Gaby Avakin (17 hours ago)
another mediocre artist (17 hours ago)
If anyone wants to skip the intro it starts at 2:23
Dannie Hopkins (18 hours ago)
Is that guy who drank the Redbull her brother or something??? He acts so creepy over her
Tropicall_me Solis (18 hours ago)
This is gay
Yasmin Pereira Rodrigues (19 hours ago)
a musica so eh fuck shit fuck shit que merda eh essa pelo amor de g dragon
Adiel Nava (19 hours ago)
How much Red Bull is in that can? Jeez
Kimberly Zay (19 hours ago)
I don't know why but I can't stop watching it lol😂😂😂😂😂
utbelegs (16 hours ago)
Just wait.... it'll be in you head at work..all day long ,and you'll have to come back and listen several times a week like a crack addiction...over a year for me now...lol
Senkoun Sylla (19 hours ago)
Willy Wonka (19 hours ago)
Now I know it's from chappie
erica PENA (19 hours ago)
She cannot sing she is too weird this is horrible like she is beatiful and everything it is just can she like english or anything better
Sofia Mejío (19 hours ago)
Björn Björk (20 hours ago)
Scorch Prime (20 hours ago)
No no no just why?
50cal Caleb (20 hours ago)
I may just be retarded but where are they from?
Megan-Grace Middleton (21 hours ago)
Was that re boold in his mouth
Megan-Grace Middleton (21 hours ago)
Katie Cunningham (21 hours ago)
is it just me or the boy shes tryna get with is a bit hot except his hair btw whats his name
EmoExe (21 hours ago)
found this song two years ago and disliked it, here i am two years later liking it bc of tiktok god im a animal
utbelegs (16 hours ago)
Welcome to the dark side
Edwin Johansson (21 hours ago)
4:29 is it’s just me seeing her boob
Jim Otten (21 hours ago)
Wat wie? 😂
Weird Potato is weird? (21 hours ago)
Why can’t I stop watching this?
utbelegs (16 hours ago)
Because you are awesome like me who also can't stop watching it.
Nightcore Aron (22 hours ago)
gamer 06 (22 hours ago)
Ma che vezzo di pgroblemi avete
_Deadly_Tiger _ (22 hours ago)
Can someone tell me what they ate that shit looks good lol
Ellis Nichslon (22 hours ago)
Very sexy girl
Kaleb Taylor (23 hours ago)
Sean Nolan (23 hours ago)
ブルトンKenzo (23 hours ago)
Bienvenue dans le nord de la France
JJF (23 hours ago)
Im just here for the white chick none else🤣
Moana Lubna (23 hours ago)
Fuck you dogs

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