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How to Make a Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin Cupcake

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Learn how to make a fondant cupcake with The Hunger Games mockingjay pin on it. Photos and details at: http://www.fictionalfood.net/2011/09/cupcakes-fire/ Also, please subscribe to my Fictional Food channel as I only uploaded this video here because it's the only account I had at the time. http://www.youtube.com/user/fictionalfood
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Text Comments (112)
Nightfurygirl 41235 (1 month ago)
you are truly gifted! i could never do anything as great as you!
EnderWiggin.net (5 years ago)
It's not actually glue, it's piping gel, the stuff you write words on cakes with!
Is the glue for eating
Janiyah Brickhouse (5 years ago)
That go hard
juliana fernandez (6 years ago)
may the taste be ever in your flavor
Kiera Lambert (6 years ago)
you decorate cakes like Peeta :')
Boy4321100 (6 years ago)
thats awesome im jealous too
Ash C (6 years ago)
Damn, I never get jealous off of someone making cupcakes, but you've officially made me jealous
Celeste dalla libera (6 years ago)
Maia McGugan (6 years ago)
Where did you keep the mockingjay pin? Srsly wanting it!!
Cassie (6 years ago)
This was fun to make
Kaibacorp (6 years ago)
O_O AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
楊涵之 (6 years ago)
Can you just send me one that you made??????
Sabrina Frey (6 years ago)
Tip to people: don't let the fondant get too warm and work quick do the heat from ur palms doesn't seep into the fondant. It will make it a lot harder I promise you. Source: daughter of my mother, lol the cake instructor at hobby lobby. I work with fondant and flowers, and tempering chocolate.
cee-cee (6 years ago)
*runs to shop, buys fondant and cupcake mix*
ninmate (6 years ago)
if i was at a party and they handed these out i would just stare at mine and admire it i wouldn't even eat it!!! :D
sierra laviolette (6 years ago)
one words describes this video,WOW
clevergirlinsf (6 years ago)
This is a great video. Thank you for taking the time to make and post it for us. I just wish the view was much closer when you are forming the mockingjay out of fondant! I also enjoyed reading "The Hunger Games Adventures Cupcakes"
Ariana (6 years ago)
haha, yeah:)
Ariana (6 years ago)
oh lol, i think they only have them in la or ca:)
victoria (6 years ago)
Can you be my mom!?
Ariana (6 years ago)
you could buy one froma store called aahs:)
Carofdoom1126 (6 years ago)
That's Petta.
Lili Burckawitz (6 years ago)
NOW SET THEM ON FIRE!!!! (fake of corse :)
Tera Eliasoff (6 years ago)
That was soooooooooooooooooooooooo cool but i thought it sayed pin. not cupcake pin. Owell still cool
sonjbi101 (6 years ago)
The thing is, no ones gonna want to eat it
MUTLYMAX8 (6 years ago)
Wal*Mart Lol
Freya Blood-Styles (6 years ago)
where'd you get it? :D
BrutalNightmares (6 years ago)
Did you eat them after?
MUTLYMAX8 (6 years ago)
I've got a metal one for $12.50.
OliviaSolo (6 years ago)
YOYOMAX12 sent me here!
chocoholic031 (6 years ago)
when did it say peeta had a sister? o-0
jennie pineda (6 years ago)
@artic2085 really where ?
KamelaSmiles (6 years ago)
pikkopots (6 years ago)
@XoCmf7 Not that long, really. Maybe just half an hour?
Andrea Jacinto (6 years ago)
@pikkopots Bet You're Peeta's Cousin or else Sister!! :D
pumpkinlover2102 (6 years ago)
Peeta!! Why wont u talk? Oh is it cuz u dont district 12 peacekeepers coming after u?
pikkopots (6 years ago)
@money22883 No, it's just white fondant painted with edible gold glaze.
MsCroftGMVS (6 years ago)
I want them I want them for my bday :O
digiterrible (6 years ago)
Are you, like, PEETA?!?! :0
Janae Shepherd (6 years ago)
wow.just AMAZING(:
Syrena Darling (6 years ago)
lol I couldn't eat it I would just stare at it
saphiracookie (6 years ago)
now im hungry :p
Kira Cooley (6 years ago)
the reasons i woudnt eat those r 1. i am allergic to something in fondant 2. they r to cool 3.i could never do that and if i did i would only b able to stare
Micah Williams (6 years ago)
I am like drooling on my keyboard just watching this...
Cassandra Adams (6 years ago)
Can you send me one of those in the mail? I'll totally pay you for it!! ;)
mejo (6 years ago)
creative :D
snapesnape09 (6 years ago)
i would not even eat these.
Bekky De Ruiter (6 years ago)
wow. that's so cool....I want one :)
merteger (6 years ago)
@PaleAsh really you are asking this on youtube,,, are you new to the INTERNET... go on google damn it... sorry for my rage
Ally Lilly (6 years ago)
!!!!! I WANT ONE lolz!!!! :D
Kinsey Bartlett (6 years ago)
i bought the real pin totally worth it
Rekdovah (6 years ago)
I actually have the mockingjay pin.
Bella A (6 years ago)
jocelyn uwu :3 (6 years ago)
I'm making this with clay!!! Thanks for the video your really talented :)
dose143 (6 years ago)
tht is wht i call talented >3
Caitlin Krider (6 years ago)
RandonxEllie they have mocking jay pins at Hottopic.
Elizabeth Sutton (6 years ago)
That's epic!
thepurplegir101 (6 years ago)
Lurkingshadow21385 (6 years ago)
i cant make the symble as a dessert but i can carve it into peace of wood with a sharp rock or knife or draw it and im 11 but i think this video and your talent tops anything i could do :)
pikkopots (6 years ago)
@MyMissBlueberry Just click the link to read how to make it. It's just a cupcake with fondant painted with edible glaze. :)
YoBlackCatYo (6 years ago)
I can't believe all that is actually edible! O.0! The Pins: made from cookies The cupcake (coloring) : just use the basic cupcake batter and add food coloring The black stuff: I-D-K I don't know! HEY! I do not know the person who invented and made this; this is all based on assumptions. I'm guessing I'm right though...? This is for the people who are wondering, because I THINK this is how it's done. THUMBS UP SO PEOPLE CAN SEE!
pikkopots (6 years ago)
@nerdherd789 Haha, people keep asking me that, but I'm still thinking about it!
pikkopots (6 years ago)
@Advancedpandaa Maybe 10 minutes each? That doesn't count drying time though.
Okamitsu (6 years ago)
Using this to make a clay one for my sister on her birthday, thank you so much :)
pikkopots (6 years ago)
@waitwhatareyouasking I made a Hunger Games cake last year. Just to go Fictional Food and search for the cake.
waitwhatareyouasking (6 years ago)
i wanted my bday cake mockingjay related then instead of eating it cry wen someone wants a piece of it. and beg not to eat it. THANK U SO MUCH
nerdherd789 (6 years ago)
can you make some and can i buy them from you? i have no art skills and can barely draw a stick figure :)
ThePuppygirl13 (6 years ago)
Woooooooooow those are amazing!!!!!!
Tyler K (6 years ago)
Damn it. Now I want a cupcake.
Brittnei Lynn (6 years ago)
Oh My Lordy very creative and gorgeous! :) I want a pin to keep though that would make my life.
NiallersElephannt (6 years ago)
@mayaiscool11 i have 1! i got it w/ my box set
maia.madison (6 years ago)
wered u get the actual pin that u are using as a model?
PianoandFlute101 (6 years ago)
that is really cool thanks for the video
jess flowers (6 years ago)
thats so good!
Caitlyn L (6 years ago)
josh hutcherson is so freaking hot! love his hair!
bungagunga87 (6 years ago)
These would make Peeta proud. :)
Old Account (6 years ago)
Is it just me or is there no sound...?
Katie Webb (6 years ago)
@pikkopots Thanks :D
Lily Anderson (6 years ago)
@pikkopots no x :D
pikkopots (6 years ago)
@hpfan457 Just click the link and it gives instructions.
pikkopots (6 years ago)
@LilzPoo I'm sure you can, but I wouldn't put that one on a cupcake. :)
Lily Anderson (6 years ago)
could you make this with clay instead of fondant? x
Miriam Elizabeth (6 years ago)
Pure awesomeness!!!! LOVE IT! Awesome job!
Roland Jegstrup (6 years ago)
Beautiful! now I'm on a mission!
Katie Webb (6 years ago)
can i have a list of ingredients and where i could get them, its a great idea and I'd like to make them for my friends the day the hunger games movie comes out. please and thank you
Mariana Campinas (6 years ago)
uau amazing! *---*
TheEllaHunt (6 years ago)
WOW! This is amazing!!
Laura Heemink (6 years ago)
OMG Wantwantwant!!
Faithful Anon (6 years ago)
No one else but Peeta could make cakes that epic.
MeganKirsty (6 years ago)
thats so amazing , i would not want to eat it :) <3 great job!! :D
LuGrainzy (6 years ago)
you did a great job your very talented.
Megan M (6 years ago)
WOW thats awsome i wouldnt be able to sit down and to all that!
IffyFish (6 years ago)
I want to make one out of clay... TT.TT
pikkopots (6 years ago)
@mysteryskatergirl Nope, it's called fondant, which is frosting!
FaZerbaby (6 years ago)
WWWWWWOOOOOOOOWWWW i want to eat those
cottencandybunny222 (6 years ago)
If you want to wear it just follow the begining just in clay!
hello (6 years ago)
if i made this i wouldnt even eat it
Forget Aboutit (6 years ago)
You could sell those for real good job!
abi r (6 years ago)
O_o you make that look so easy!! omg i wish i could do that

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