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LAARIS by Theo Dari - Powered by Pangolin Laser Control Technology

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http://www.pangolin.com This is our latest video, showing the new and very innovative LAARIS concept (Laser Augmented Reality Interactive System), created by world-renowned laser artist Theo Dari. LAARIS is a new type of laser display, utilizing Pangolin's QM2000 laser control hardware, along with our LD2000 laser show software and software development kit, to provide clients with a truly interactive laser experience. LAARIS allows you to actually touch a laser in a way never done before. Theo Dari, the original developer of the Laserman Experience, created the LAARIS concept after realizing so many of his clients wanted to reach out and touch the laser beam, as if it were solid material. So he imagined LAARIS, in response to these client desires. LAARIS not only allows for an interactive laser display, but you can also perform a variety of fun laser games using this system (as seen in the video). We believe LAARIS could be the next big thing for lasers, and we're honored to see Theo Dari using Pangolin technology in such an innovative way. For more information on Theo, and his incredible work, visit http://www.theodari.com.
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