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Finally A New Forestry/Firewood Tool That Helps

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We are testing the LogOx 3 in 1 multi tool. It is a cant hook, hauler and timberjack. We also have the holster and pickaroon attachment. This product was shipped to us by LogOx USA to test and give an honest review. Buy it here: 3 in 1 Multitool: https://amzn.to/2DrW9b9 Logox: https://amzn.to/2PHKyL0 Forester Package: https://amzn.to/2DrxoMn www.thelogox.com - The official website features all of the products, which they can and do ship anywhere with a postal address around the world. Music by Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com) Get merch: https://teespring.com/stores/swedish-homestead?page=1 Follow our channel on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/swedishhomestead We generally only try to reply to comments the first 24 hours after the video aired due to the amount of comments we receive. Feel free to get in touch with us via facebook or email. Check out our children's channel (Junior Farm): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUa9EsXxxiI88GmOIYxz1Uw _ If you want to help us out you can do so by shopping on Amazon via one of the links below. The links are affiliate links which means we receive a small commission from Amazon while you shop without any extra cost for you: US Amazon Store: http://amzn.to/2zk5VXW Canadian Amazon Store: http://amzn.to/2zA7lkh UK Amazon Store: http://amzn.to/2znvMR1 German Amazon Store: http://amzn.to/2izYgwN French Amazon Store: http://amzn.to/2zn82fI Italian Amazon Store: http://amzn.to/2Ad1D43 _ Swedish Homestead Merchandise: https://teespring.com/stores/swedish-homestead Support us and become a Patron: https://www.patreon.com/swehomestead Link to our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/swedishhomestead/ My parents' blog: www.derhofamsee.wordpress.com My mom's Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/derhofamsee/ Do you like what you see? You can make a donation to our channel here: https://www.facebook.com/swedishhomestead/app/117708921611213/ Tools I use daily (affiliate links: amazon.com) Leatherman Surge: http://amzn.to/2jm6dbJ Hultafors Utility Knife http://amzn.to/2q7miSe Head Lamp Petzl Pixa 3: http://amzn.to/2iPEjjR (during winter time) _ Clothes I use: Merino wool / no smell long underwear: http://amzn.to/2iMl4Lr Merino wool / no smell long sleeve shirt: http://amzn.to/2iOt904 http://www.pfanner-austria.at/en/ _ Other Tools We Use / Are Planning To Get Carpentry: Hultafors Handsaw: http://amzn.to/2mj4mT0 Hultafors Hammer: http://amzn.to/2nfOrsA Stanley Level: http://amzn.to/2nlEgzD Stanley Measuring Tape: http://amzn.to/2n0YzFi Axes: Gränsfors Bruk Small Forest Axe: http://amzn.to/2iSuXrm Gränsfors Scandinavian Forest Axe: http://amzn.to/2hZUvU1 Gränsfors Carpenters Axe: http://amzn.to/2iOjFlK Fiskars Splitting Axe: http://amzn.to/2j1ieA4 Battery Driven: Hitachi 18V Drill: http://amzn.to/2iOrcku Knifes & Pruning: Mora Knife: http://amzn.to/2iSziuK Felco Hand Pruner: http://amzn.to/2i3aQp9 Silky Handsaw: http://amzn.to/2iSC5Eo Swiss Army Knife: http://amzn.to/2imOCfs Garden Tools: Dutch High Quality Garden Tools: http://www.sneeboer.com/en/ Fiskars Light Weight Rake: http://amzn.to/2iOxO2g Wolf-Garten Hand Trowel: http://amzn.to/2iOALQb Soil Blocker: http://amzn.to/2mff2nU _ Poultry Equipment Bell Waterer: http://amzn.to/2iSwDBa (we use a different brand) Electric Poultry Netting: http://amzn.to/2iSwP3m Solar Energizer: http://amzn.to/2iSDXww Poultry Leg Bands: http://amzn.to/2iMvFGn Water Nipples: http://amzn.to/2iFC7Mm Ceramic Infrared Heater: http://amzn.to/2jDjfle
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Text Comments (157)
Juanita Haley (3 days ago)
Love LogOx!! ❤️🐂👍👍
SHIRYON (7 days ago)
Thanks for the presentation the best I have seen, lots of details.
rayjs1963 (12 days ago)
Good video...but I'm looking for the little hand hook that is in a holster on the right hip...its really short but can be used with one or both hands for rolling logs a little bit.... [email protected]
Simo (16 days ago)
I think, I need it! 👍
HolstonValleyDuke (24 days ago)
Just got mine in the mail and i am very impressed with the quality. Only thing is, i have a Logrite hookaroon which is a little lighter and not as clunky. Plus if you’re using the jack, it’s nice to have your hook available to move wood. Good review. If you are back in the states and want to see more of rural Tennessee with your wife let me know Simeone. I live on a little farm at the foot of appalachain mountains here in northeast TN.
Richard Federico (26 days ago)
Already bought the Log ox 3 in one and awaiting delivery, even got the extra pickeroon attachment. Glad I saw this video to convince me I made a good choice. I like how you use the tool and it helps me imagine how I will use it optimally. The only thing I am concerned about is losing the small cotter pins which is one of the reasons I bought the set as it comes with the bag so I can keep it all together. Thanks for another informative video!
Mark Morris (30 days ago)
I like the idea of this!Here in New England we call the log hook a peavy.It was invented in Maine.
Jerry Pelletier (1 month ago)
LogOx is made way to heavy to work with all day, its a novelty homeowners item!
LogOX (1 month ago)
The LogOX only weighs 12 lbs. fully assembled. This is as much, if not less, than other one dimensional timberjacks on the market of comparable quality, while also being a far more versatile tool with a lifetime guarantee.
Northwind Tools (1 month ago)
For another great tool, and definite back saver, that perfectly compliments the Log Ox is the PINCH-A-LOG. See our video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3eUI6zSptU&t or at pinchalog.com. Being sold in the US and Europe on Amazon.
Paul Murphy (2 months ago)
aronph1 (2 months ago)
Try dragging wet oak around like that. That little tool is a no-go for american hardwood. Especially wet.
LogOX (1 month ago)
We designed it in Vermont and regularly use it to roll, buck up, and lift local hardwoods from oak to maple, and everything in between. Wet or dry, it works great!
Becky R (2 months ago)
After watching your review of the LogOx I had to purchase one for my husband . He is 67 and not planning on stopping work with trees and firewood . He couldn't believe what a back saver this is and so much easier moving logs around . Thank you Swedish Homestead for all your thoughtful and helpful information you share .
norman holland (2 months ago)
So sad, there will be far east copies in a short time.......
Jesse Sheckler (2 months ago)
This is an awesome tool. I bought the logox lifter by itself as I already have the other tools, and didn't need the timber jack or pickeroon. I really appreciate that they sell the parts individually. It is really well engineered and built to last. Yes, it should be around for 100 years.
LogOX (1 month ago)
That's great to hear Jesse! We over build our tools to stand both the test of time and hard work.
Kidneybeans (2 months ago)
Did he say he had “bag issues”??
Mona Bale (2 months ago)
"I would like to have two of these..." deftly spits small log from log ox with one jerk- like a BOSS!
Kaitlin Barrington (2 months ago)
What I notice ..... is puffing and dad bod belly 😟 .... hope your not smoking cigarettes Simeon
It’s a great tool. I also have one it absolutely makes hailing cutting wood much much easier. I would love to visit Sweden 🇸🇪 Sending the best of wishes to you from Long Island NY America 🇺🇸
Will Tricks (2 months ago)
Seems a good idea and you show it does work,however small pins in that work space are easily lost, only one use at a time so only one worker at a time can use it and log hook and tongs are not heavy. Speaking from experiance of long walks into the woods every day of winter for years. Not a criticisem Cheers WIll
SasquatchBioacoustic (2 months ago)
One thing to watch for over time... repetitive lifting in that manner can cause tennis elbow, causing pain where the top of the fore arm meets the elbow. It's easier to do as you get older and your tendons weaken. I've raked so much mulch in my life that I managed to do it to myself. It can take 6 months to 2 years to recover.
James Couch (2 months ago)
After watching you load logs I think I might know why you have back issues !
Stoney Ridge Farmer (2 months ago)
LOL...it's really a great tool...now as for those forestry pants....what detergent you using...those things are glowing! Mine look like they've been soaked in "long life tractor preservative" aka grease and bar oil!
dirtyshirtinfo (2 months ago)
Nice vid. Nice tool. Thanks for the demo.
Dave Moulton (2 months ago)
Or you could leave the logs on the trailer and cut them that way and use the pickaroon to pull the wood forward that way like you said that your not always bending over
Adela Lukáčová (2 months ago)
Another tool I will dream about to own one. Just to believe my husband will have the same dreams :-) Thank you for sharing
Diana Dwyer (2 months ago)
That tool looks real handy--like having an extra helper or hand.
NoTengoIlusiones (2 months ago)
Excelent for the Back ! You don't need to bend. Great invention.
I bought this tool last spring. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Sure can save your back. Too bad it got a bit expensive in Canada though. But all in all, very sturdy and awesome quality.
LogOX (2 months ago)
That's great to hear, glad it's helping to save your back!
Senator Ko (2 months ago)
This guy has no idea which tools are the best for that job. Not too intelligent. Dislike this video.
4lifejeph (2 months ago)
I'm assuming you are Swedish? I can't believe how little accent you have when speaking English. It's better than a lot of natural born Americans.
Jim F (2 months ago)
Nice, usually multi tools are just ok with everything. Just found your channel, do you do reviews of chainsaws that aren't quite professional grade? Like for people who cut firewood, but not professionally.
Boy I need this up here on the farm, very good for fire wood!
TheKajunkat (2 months ago)
It looks like a great tool. My only reservation would be with the pins and spring clips. I would have to have a dozen spares because I lose small stuff like that in the leaf litter all the time. I wonder if they could put captive pins like they use on rifles or at least tethered spring clips.
Don'tPoke TheBear (2 months ago)
Received my T-Shit this week. 👍🏼💕
knooquee (2 months ago)
Always buy decent quality tools, whether farm or kitchen equipment. Good tools should last a lifetime, they are an investment. Love to see a tool Ive not encountered before. Great advertising Simeon.
Henry Carter (2 months ago)
After taking a look at the tools you could make them for yourself with all the tools you have at the farm
J.B. Hutton (2 months ago)
Can you purchase just the pickaroon tip?
LogOX (2 months ago)
J.B. The PickOX hardened steel tip is replaceable. We sell replacement tips on our website https://www.thelogox.com/collections/accessories/products/pickox-tip-replacement
Jeff Mosher (2 months ago)
What are the brand and model of your chainsaw pants?
Amanda Anderson (2 months ago)
Looks great
Shannon Muccitelli (2 months ago)
Good review. God bless...
Lisa Booker (2 months ago)
The LogOx company is family owned and operated as well. They are good people providing a good product that they stand by personally. You don’t find that often enough nowadays. Thank you for your review. Very well done. Blessings always ~Lisa
Lisa Booker (1 month ago)
LogOX You’re very welcome. I plan to purchase it for myself as soon as I’m able. I’ve seen it in action (personally) and absolutely love it. A dear friend of mine has it. With my MS and 7 spinal surgeries (so far) it will be a huge blessing for me. Hoping to get it in the next month or so. I do love all of the support you share with community and I wouldn’t imagine there’s a better group of people out there. Thank you, keep up the great work and God Bless you!
LogOX (1 month ago)
Thanks for saying so Lisa, we wouldn't be anywhere without our awesome customers and we feel truly blessed to be a part of this great community of hard working folks.
david Wolter (2 months ago)
"It will last you a life time. If your not stupid." That's funny!
Devin Heiner (2 months ago)
100%. Fantastic. THANK YOU. :) Just added it to the list
Reg Sparkes (2 months ago)
Excellent tool,.....now where to find one here in Canada....and Amazon.ca does not carry this one,..they do in the U.S.
Reg Sparkes (2 months ago)
+LogOX Thanks for the rapid reply,...I'll look into this tomorrow.
LogOX (2 months ago)
Hi Reg, Tractor Supply Company in Canada carries the LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool online and we do ship to Canada directly through our website. I'd compare the two prices and see which one is cheaper when you factor in shipping.
Bill Richards (2 months ago)
I bought one, and I love it, but overpriced. I bought 2 of the wood chuck tools for the same price as the log lifter. Each. The can’t hook and the log lifter.
julie r (2 months ago)
I appreciate the honest review, but to me it looks too much like reinventing the wheel. Parts and pins and clips to get lost, a log jack I’d rarely use. I’ll stick with my peavy and pulp hook. If I’m going into the woods I’m not carrying the saw, gas, oil and other tools on my back anyway, so...
iggvf (2 months ago)
You can probably guess what imma wish me for christmas, if im lucky this year xb Great video as always (Y) greetings from dk, wish you well ^^
Rick Ray (2 months ago)
Always enjoy your video's
Wes (2 months ago)
life in farmland a youtube I follow showed us this tool and gave away one i think last fall thought that this was something you had or did not need nice to know it is recommended by two full time woods men will be getting one for sure now little spendy but after watching going to buy the set.
LogOX (1 month ago)
Eric makes some incredible videos, and we're honored to see the LogOX be a regular part of his woodsmen's kit on #woodheatwednesday. You should check out the review he did recently on our latest product line https://youtu.be/gAXJLScXTao
Pinch A Log (2 months ago)
Wes - good point. If you're looking for a dedicated wood hauler... check this out: https://youtu.be/k2LI5GxwGVk
George Dando (2 months ago)
If I trust anyone's opinion on wood cutting tools, it's Eric :)
Sue B-T (2 months ago)
my husband used to cut wood for fuel etc. but now we just use gas and no longer can do all that work.
slycat1939 (2 months ago)
Nice video. Very informative for them loggers out there. My husband did all our firewood from nearby woods. He used his truck to haul and also cut the wood from the back of it. Was much easier for him and less bending. I am not sure if he would like this tool but seems nice to have around for them logging guys out there. Looking forward to seeing the finished cow shelter. Did I miss that video. We are getting our first snow tomorrow here in Kansas City Kansas. Cold weeks ahead. Had an awesome colorful fall season. God bless you all always.
herr haller (2 months ago)
new multi-tool looks GREAT !!! & WORKS , lol !!! That , you're wearing a HAT , FINALLY !!! - gloves , vest next ! - altho pants didnt stay bright orange for too long - ha !
Andrew Delashaw (2 months ago)
Don't forget the knee pads, elbow pads, helmet, and wrist guards for your flimsy wrists.
Jason Taylor (2 months ago)
I think Log Ox has handed out one of these to everyone on You Tube, That's all I see in videos where someone is cutting wood. I think I even saw one in a Guns And Roses video
Stoney Ridge Farmer (2 months ago)
I like to take my Log Ox in the "Jungle" Baby!! Logs gonna die!!!!!!
dirtyshirtinfo (2 months ago)
LogOX 😂
LogOX (2 months ago)
+travis gilbert hahaha perfect!
travis gilbert (2 months ago)
+LogOX Now that's funny! I always refer to my LogOx as "Sweet Child of Mine"!
LogOX (2 months ago)
Well Jason, that cold November Rain tends to make the logs all slimy, and the LogOX is a great tool for moving them around. :-) #welcometothejungle
foggyrange (2 months ago)
went to 2 of the tools mentioned. logox nice!
Donna Carson (2 months ago)
Great video. Can you tell me if your farm has been sustained with wood from your forest and do you plant any new trees in it to help it keep it sustained at all? Or, does it need it at all?
Dina Tarini (2 months ago)
Keeping your back healthy is important, looks like a good product.
ukulelefatman (2 months ago)
You should cut your wood on the end of the trailer. You could cut a few logs at the same time, then slide them all off the end another meter and cut again. No need for the jack and much faster.
michiel pater (2 months ago)
It seems to work nicely, I just don't see myself reconfigure the thing all the time. It'll probably stay in one position, and the spare parts will get dusty ..
John McNerney (2 months ago)
I’m curious how you think the log hauler part of this tool compares to the Husqvarna Timber Lifting Tongs you showed in another video. I’ve owned the tongs myself for years, and appreciate the light weight, how they fit in the holster on my belt, and how they lift round logs without bending. I think the tongs are a better fit for how I work in the woods and for lifting rounds onto my splitter (this log hauler looks as though the handle is too long for convenient lifting to waist high or higher), but I’d love to hear your opinion
Pinch A Log (2 months ago)
p.s. Crazy Russian Hacker compared log tongs with a Pinch A Log here. https://youtu.be/tJEKoa1QJr8 if that helps.
LogOX (2 months ago)
Hi +John McNerney, we specifically designed it to use with our own waist high log splitter, a Swisher 28-Ton Timber Brute. For the majority of rounds you lift, you'll simply engage the log and swing it up onto the splitter using a bit of forward momentum, without ever raising your hands higher than your shoulders. This also keeps your hands clear of the moving block and wedge. Automated Biomass Systems invited us to compete with them and load their AutoSplit log splitter with a LogOX Hauler during the 2018 Great Firewood Shootout Competition at the Paul Bunyan Show in Ohio, because not only does less bending over help save your back, it also saves you a lot of time. While it is bright orange and therefore hard to misplace in the woods, one of the things I enjoy most is the portability of the CarryOX bag, which can be worn like a backpack. Unlike previously carrying around multiple long handled and one dimensional tools, I have literally everything I need along with my chainsaw to process a tree in the bag, not around my waist or in my hands. Like you said, it's definitely something that takes some thought about how best to add it into your workflow. If you ever have any additional questions, feel free to send us an email directly at [email protected]
Pinch A Log (2 months ago)
John - thanks for sharing. You make a lot of good points; for the sake of brevity I will only address the "lost tool" issue. The reason why the Pinch A Log has the bright yellow and blue is so that it does NOT blend in with the forest and can be easily spotted and retrieved. And just in case, the yellow coating and surface treatments are all weather-resistant :) We're not in the business of trying to get people to order more tools because they lost them!
John McNerney (2 months ago)
+LogOX Thanks for the reply. I can see the LogOx hauler working out when working on the landing in a processing area. I'm not sure the overall length would work all that well for loading onto my waist-high splitter. It seems a little long for that. I guess it's a matter of whether I'd rather bend a little bit to get the tongs on, but then not have to lift my arm so high, or not bend with the LogOx hauler but lift my arm/shoulder higher to get it on my splitter. I do think it would be more suited for work on the landing/in a wood processing area than out in the woods, simply because carrying it (and keeping track of where I left it) is not as convenient as putting my tongs in the holster on my belt. I think it's an interesting tool, just trying to figure out how well it would work in my particular work flow, which has me out in the woods and moving from place to place as I process small groupings of logs I have winched to trailside. I can see that it would be a great fit for those whose work-flow is to bring all their logs to a central area for processing.
John McNerney (2 months ago)
+Pinch A Log Thanks. I've used both tongs and pickaroons. I was hoping for a comment from someone how has used both tongs and the Log Ox in a variety of situations. I do most of my splitting in the woods, after bunching logs to the side of the trial with the logging winch on my tractor. It's the moving from place to place factor that I'm wondering about. With tongs, I was always misplacing them as I moved around the woods. That problem stopped when I added a holster to my belt that fits them perfectly. I don;t lose them now, and they are always handy. I sometimes use the pickaroon when unloading wood from my trailer or pickup, but that tends to be just in a specific area, so misplacing it is not an issue. I don't carry a pickaroon with me when working in the woods: it's more of a working on the landing/processing area tool.
Brian Parsons (2 months ago)
Good review. Where can I buy this?
LogOX (2 months ago)
@Brian Parsons You can either click the Amazon links in the video description or visit us at www.thelogox.com
Tina Richards (2 months ago)
I’ve seen Shawn James use this tool but he’s not to sure about the use of it. I think you had a better demo of it, since you have more knowledge of the tools. So thanks.
Nana Ann (2 months ago)
Swedish Homestead Here's a suggestion for you, after reading the comment from Lesa Hanners. She's having her husband look at this on Amazon. See if you can put this video on Amazon. If there isn't a way to put it there in YouTube form, write a review and provide the link to here. Every view helps when it comes to YouTube monetization :)
Dan S Brown (2 months ago)
I would like it but it's over $300.00 before shipping to Canada:(
nigel Mc Hugh (2 months ago)
Dan S Brown Break out the welder, build your own!
larolimu (2 months ago)
G r e a t !
Julian Easton (2 months ago)
I saw this on another you tube channel a few days ago, but I have doubts about how long the leg of the timberjack might last as it looks a little fragile. It looks as if you overload it the weld may well give out. Also the foot of it is quite a small diameter and (as noted from that other channel) if the ground you're working on is soft, it can easily sink in and you lose the advantage of raising the log really clear of the ground. But as yet I'm not sure if it's available here in UK. Any way Simeon thanks again for another well explained video and good luck with your trip to the USA.
LogOX (2 months ago)
+Julian Easton You're welcome. That's perfectly understandable, we're working on making the LogOX available in the UK and Europe via Amazon again soon. We'll be making the announcement once it's available on our social media @bigbluelogox and through our LogOX Mailing List, which you can sign up for on our website.
Julian Easton (2 months ago)
+LogOX Thanks for your response, as it is I am currently looking at UK sites that can supply your product as it keeps the shipping costs down and being a pensioner I have to try a be a little thrifty.
LogOX (2 months ago)
Hi Julian, The LogOX is made of hollow frame American steel and quite strong. A 12" diameter log is about the limit of what you'd want to lift with it. For larger logs, we recommend making cuts 3/4 of the way through the log, then rolling it over with the cant hook to complete them. We also back up our tools with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer's defect. When working on soft ground you're correct, any timberjack is going to loose effectiveness as it gets bogged down. In that case, we'd recommend using the cant hook to roll it over instead, as you would with a larger log. We've shipped quite a few LogOX to the UK and Europe over the past few years from our website www.thelogox.com
CiaoBella (2 months ago)
Great tools. Or, to use some American slang, nice "get-up" (rig) ;-) Gotta protect that back!
OLD DAWG DREAMING (2 months ago)
Very good review Simeon, looks like a great tool to take to the woods with you. It will be less trouble than carrying 3 separate pieces of equipment. Thanks for sharing your opinion with us.
gzzrid (2 months ago)
I bought a Logox about 6 months ago , awesome piece of kit , would not wanna be without it
LogOX (2 months ago)
@gzzrid that's great to hear!
Jean Mitchell (2 months ago)
Thank you Simeon for the demo video, looks like a very good tool to have on the farm. :-)
Ady11000 (2 months ago)
Thats a fair review and well done , there could be a job for you on QVC .
Tari N (2 months ago)
Congratulations! The LogOx is an amazing tool. I got to meet the family who makes it when they were at Lehman's Hardware last year. 😊
LogOX (1 month ago)
Thanks for stopping by to say to introduce yourself Tari, we always love doing LogOX demos with our friends at Lehman's (and it gives us the perfect excuse to spend all day there :-)
Frode Haugsgjerd (2 months ago)
The ergonomics are not that great if you want to use this tool to lift up to your waste height, you are moving the work from your tighs to you shoulders. Use the tried and true scissor claw, bend your knees and keep the load within your centre of gravity instead.
William Bowen (2 months ago)
It doesn't make a great life preserver either
Frode Haugsgjerd (2 months ago)
+Swedish Homestead Sure, I don't want to come off as a curmudgeon here, and I welcome new tools. Do the reviews, but take care of your integrity. You are probably mindful of this already, and know that it's a fine line.
Swedish Homestead (2 months ago)
Sure, it is not good for lifting to waste height. But for firewood operations you won't have to do any knee or back bending to lift up logs. You swing the smaller pieces on the splitter.
Frode Haugsgjerd (2 months ago)
I don't want to fiddle around to build the tool I need. My shop teacher in mechanic school kept repeating that a universal tool is never as good as a purpose built tool, he was right. That thing is way to heavy to cary around all day in your belt, unless you're a giant. But do continue your tool reviews, something good might pop up.
julie r (2 months ago)
Agreed Frode. I’ve worked in the woods and construction too long, I know how bags and parts and pins and clips end up.
Swedish Homestead (2 months ago)
I agreed with you in my review for certain tasks but there are settings where multi tools come in handy.
WalkOn Bye (2 months ago)
Seperate tools would be better. Too much messing around.
dobrigkeit (2 months ago)
Good point. The LogOx makes perfect sense if you are working alone: roll, buck, and then transport. That said, I'm not aware of anyone who *advises* working alone with a chainsaw.... it's kind of like scuba diving (or flying) solo. For separate tools, there are very attractive alternatives: https://youtu.be/k2LI5GxwGVk
Swedish Homestead (2 months ago)
Like I said in the video I agree with you with a setup like we have at the sawmill. I think if you go deep into the woods to cut firewood this is very good. The hauler itself is very good though.
Martin H (2 months ago)
If you drive your axe into the face of the log, you have a perfectly good handle to pick it up and carry it without bending.
A LeBlanc (2 months ago)
Thanks Simeon. It's not something I would use, but I'm not a big property owner and don't harvest and process my own firewood; however, I can see how it would help those who do. Thanks again for sharing and spreading the word on something you like.
David J. Prowse (2 months ago)
3000kr? What, are you nuts? lol My peavy hook, pickaroon and timmersax were about 600kr for all three.
LogOX (2 months ago)
+David J. Prowse The LogOX has a lifetime warranty and will be around and functioning long after anyone watching this video lol. In all seriousness though, we usually love seeing vintage tools still in use, but when an old wooden handled cant hook inevitably snaps under pressure, it can be dangerous. Our tools are made of hollow frame steel and are designed to work as well today as when you hand them over to your grandkids.
julie r (2 months ago)
This tool looks durable but I’m not impressed with anything that requires pins and clips and constant assembling. I’ll stick with my pulp hook and peavy, both of which are 40+ years old and still doing fine.
Dixie Mae (2 months ago)
munched55 if it's not used and kept in a time capsule. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Dixie Mae (2 months ago)
munched55 👋🏻. It is funny. Tools 100 yrs old still doing the job as tools made today are only designed to last a tank of petrol then back to the store for another one.
David J. Prowse (2 months ago)
+Swedish Homestead Fair enough regarding quality but you'd be hard pressed to find better quality than my tools that must be at least 100 years old. Do you believe this logox will be around and functioning in 100 years?
Lesa Hanners (2 months ago)
This is such an awesome tool I am having my husband look at this right now on Amazon. He does a lot of wood cutting for firewood for people and this looks like a really good thing to have. Thanks so much Simeon for doing this review.
brenda white (2 months ago)
Pretty neat gadget! You're one hard working man😀that is a really handy tool! Anything to save the back!!
Alex Beedie (2 months ago)
Say what you will about American but they still make some really good tools
Kaitlin Barrington (2 months ago)
Don't call Trump a tool ... rofl 😄
Gustaf inhocsignovinces (2 months ago)
White american made is the best there is!
nemo (2 months ago)
Agree. I bought an american made pressure canner. It is a beast. Love it.
Bill Richards (2 months ago)
Hey now! Lol
Dixie Mae (2 months ago)
Alex Beedie 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Fred Thorne (2 months ago)
I haven't seen one bad review for this tool. It's a winner. Why do you cut your lengths in 3 meters? Does your heating systems accept large lengths? Thank you.
Fred Thorne (2 months ago)
+Swedish Homestead I feel so stupid. That makes perfect sense. :o)
Swedish Homestead (2 months ago)
We cut it in 1 m for the splitter and then in 1' pieces.
Great review! Thanks as always!
Will Cushman (2 months ago)
Very good video! Like having a conversation with a friend.
John Marquardt (2 months ago)
The 'My Self Reliance' channel has one of those -- I think he likes it.
Nana Ann (2 months ago)
Yep, I was going to say the same thing. It's nice when you see the creators you sub to get recognized in this way!
jgonzz10028 (2 months ago)
How do you work with trees and not use gloves? I had a thorn pierce my glove easily entering my finger a few weeks ago while cutting down a few bushes and trees. They don't offer 100% protection but I won't even cut grass without em'..
dirtyshirtinfo (2 months ago)
bitsnpieces11 I first saw a glove I could use watching guys in the NASCAR pits. Light and dexterous. Been wearing them ever since - what we know to be Mechanix gloves. I buy about 4 pair per year. I always wear out the tips of the index and middle finger. I work in an office and don’t want my hands looking like hamburger.
bitsnpieces11 (2 months ago)
I found some Stainless Steel chain mail gloves on Amazon and got a pair, they apparently got started for people who do knife work cutting up meat and fish.  They work great to keep your hands uncut, use with leather gloves over them for grip.  But I suppose they wouldn't keep out thorns.
Nana Ann (2 months ago)
jgonzz10028 If that's the kind of wood you have to deal with, get yourself some Kevlar gloves. Kevlar protects against knives, metal cuts, etc. Hand injuries are no joke. My son sliced a finger doing work on his ship in the Navy. He needed to be transported to their top hand surgeon for the operation. As a mom, I was a bit ticked those type gloves weren't standard issue.
Swedish Homestead (2 months ago)
I use them but when I have to handle the camera it bothers me to take them on and off the whole time...
bavaria46 (2 months ago)
Nice one 👍 happy logging 😄
Gerald Swain (2 months ago)
Hi Simeone,I think you outgunned Wranglerstar on this one ,he is spending far to much time with his expansive toys these days !.
FarmerTom08 (2 months ago)
julie r he bores the shit out of all of us getting sent rubbish to try all the time! Sort of defeats his original channel idea that wast too bad!
julie r (2 months ago)
My first thought was “uh oh, hope he’s not starting down the Wranglerstar path”.
FarmerTom08 (2 months ago)
Swedish Homestead I wouldn’t worry.Its boring.Much prefer this one ATM
Swedish Homestead (2 months ago)
I am not up to date on his channel anymore.
Brian JOnker (2 months ago)
Simeon had extra coffee today. See how zippy he is.
joey malone (2 months ago)
Naah.. He just remembered to drink his milk.. :)
Robert Gothe (2 months ago)
Awesome tool ! Just be sure to switch hands once in awhile, otherwise your right arm will be twice the size of your left! 🤣
Dixie Mae (2 months ago)
Chinese will be making knockoffs soon enough and they'll break after first use as well. 😖
Donna D (2 months ago)
You must be exhausted by the end of day, you probably drop right off to sleep. This tool looks pretty cool!
Dixie Mae (2 months ago)
Donna D and it’ll be in the next Friday 13th movie. 😂😂
David Atwood (2 months ago)
Thanks for this!

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