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Unboxing of Amiga Future magazine Issue 104

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Unboxing of the Amiga magazine "Amiga Future" Issue 104 - September/October 2013. This issue has special cover about the M.A.C.E. Shoot'em up for AmigaOS 4. Fifth issue for the year 2013. The magazine features: Current topics, Rubrics, Interview with Till Harbaum, Show Reports, Reviews, Hardware, Workshops, Special and Advertisements. This issue of the magazine features AmigaOS Radeon HD whole page advert on the back cover and full color advert of the AMIGAstore.eu Purchase of the magazine is possible directly from the publisher at http://www.amiga-future.de or at Amiga dealers. Personally I am subscribed for the magazine for 7 years now. The video is available in 3D at https://youtu.be/bXSteZ6Kt4w
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Tomy Power (6 months ago)
amiga future magazine is cool

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