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The Six Girls You'll Date in College

430185 ratings | 100941283 views
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Text Comments (31635)
Kris Bruce (42 minutes ago)
100 mil views
Cengiz Yıldırımaa (2 hours ago)
A moment of silence for those who will never date in college
Sang Sang (2 hours ago)
So That waas a fucking lie.
Layton Mathieson (4 hours ago)
That's bold of you to predict that I'll get 1 girl, never mind 6.
jaac811 (8 hours ago)
I'd definitely bone my hoodie...
Štefan Žuber (9 hours ago)
What's wrong with the one who goes to church
Tommy Anderson (9 hours ago)
Lucas Possnien (10 hours ago)
congrats on 100mil
Kakashi Hatake (10 hours ago)
How did you mess this up???
Darin DePasquale (10 hours ago)
somebody got a boner
Peace (14 hours ago)
I didn't dated not a single one 😂
mason grutzner (14 hours ago)
100 million
The Subarist (18 hours ago)
This girl from The one who goes to church is my kind of woman :P
Chuck Baker (20 hours ago)
I married the one that goes to church. Oh yeah. LOL
Crispy Diaz (21 hours ago)
Jokes on you, I won't have one HA Ha! ... *Cries*
Auggie Pullman (21 hours ago)
So this was a lie
samjdavies (22 hours ago)
100 mil boys! Like if you were there before 1 mil.
AceMiloMedia (23 hours ago)
He only had a girl in the first place that became 6 because he took a liberal arts degree. Take any other subject, you will have 0. On a serious note, to those of you here in the comments who haven't had a relationship, my advice to you is DO IT before it's too late because the longer you go without a relationship the tougher and more awkward it will be.
logan white2 (1 day ago)
But what if your gay though?
James Thomas (1 day ago)
Best part...dude graduated with a lib arts degree.
Sexy Videos (23 hours ago)
Jeremy Cornwell (1 day ago)
BV frys your brain.
Jeremy Cornwell (1 day ago)
Sixian Tan (1 day ago)
nah nobody likes me coz am a fat asian look like kim jong un and i lick my anime figure every day
Sergeant Wallhitter (1 day ago)
9gag in a nutshell
Dennis_Crossaint (1 day ago)
Stan (1 day ago)
big tiddy thumbnail
Roldan11 (1 day ago)
Oh my freakin# god i'm dating "the perfect one". I've Just had a panic attack.
Jacob Greig (1 day ago)
*So that was a fucking lie*
XVopere L (1 day ago)
Or if you’re like me, all the college girls notice that there are better, more attractive, more interesting guys so literally no one even bothers with someone like you.
A M A Z I N G (1 day ago)
The Six Girls I Dated In College: 1: The Crazy One 2: The Crazy One 3: The Crazy One 4: The Crazy One 5: The Crazy One 6: The Crazy One
Vikings Fan (1 day ago)
“You were too afraid to mess things up. And then messed things up.” I can relate rip
ItDeadly _ (1 day ago)
100 million wtf
AkiraKatGaming334 (1 day ago)
Yea I date girls (I am a girl)
Tovarich Stalin (1 day ago)
Ha! To bad I’m gay!
Jay Wolf (1 day ago)
Dating sucks. Too much pressure & loss of money for nothing.
Rahul Dhargalkar (2 days ago)
The perfect one: (s)he is funny, smart, beautiful and all you are doing is wondering what (s)he is doing there with you! Come on, be confident! You are not going to mess this up, you won't mess this up, you won't mess this up! How did you mess this up?😂
Sayaka Yoder (2 days ago)
*100 million hoooowwww"
Teo Vanly (2 days ago)
So that was a fucking lie...
Basty Elwood Cobain (2 days ago)
I've been going out and kissing once and then with this girl who made me try x with her at parties and maaaan shit feels crazy is like I'm in love and stuff but I'm not, I gotta get out
Brains before BS (2 days ago)
Next Video : these are the 6 girls that are gonna kill you in In life
Jeremy Cornwell (2 days ago)
Homework first, boy's
*2019 ?*
How does this get 100 million views?
MsStarSword (2 days ago)
I guess I’m a hoodie then lol, at least I’m comfortable *shrugs*
pensfan2002 (2 days ago)
College gonna be litty
Christian Apodaca (2 days ago)
Seems about right
Aidan Hatfield (2 days ago)
why am i going to date six girls in collage????
Cosimo Kramarawicz (2 days ago)
Dumb bitches
big chungus (2 days ago)
Random Ignorance (2 days ago)
Jokes on you. I didn't date any women in college! Hahahaha *cries*
Michael thompson (2 days ago)
When CH was gold
Edgy and dank Memes (2 days ago)
She's. 10
FF- DiSP (3 days ago)
Jack Pipe (3 days ago)
This video has been appearing on my YouTube homepage on and off for the past SEVEN YEARS... That's impressive! Seven years and still going strong!
MaganeziM (3 days ago)
it was definitely way more than six..
Tristan Wilkinson (3 days ago)
The dumb hot one: basically describes me and my girlfriend in a nutshell.
SiLeNt NiNjA (3 days ago)
Bold of you to assume I'd actually date.
nikushim666 (3 days ago)
Liberal arts degree... job. HA
Hailey Cannon (3 days ago)
100 million
Im a girl so im going to date a girl???
Carlos Arias (3 days ago)
The only girl to date at college is Manuela.
Sloppy Joe (3 days ago)
what about 1 girl that fits all six of these stereotypes? Does that make me unfortunate or a regular dude??
Who else is watching in 2019???
Zukai Pureex (3 days ago)
Dude 0:26 though
Roxas - (3 days ago)
College girls are a whole nother game from High school girls. Really hard to get.
Wasiu Omolola (4 days ago)
"Maybe" I will at 3:29.
Jerry Fitness (4 days ago)
I’m already with the athletic one so I’m good lol.
Vegan Chicken (4 days ago)
7th girl goes to a different school, you wouldn’t know her
Chico O Patriota (4 days ago)
1:23 My favorite😍😍😍😍
CKAgario (4 days ago)
100 Million Views!!!
D. Rüesch (4 days ago)
Church girl is hottest
Ortega (4 days ago)
who's here after 100 mil views?
Random Name (4 days ago)
2:22 😂😂😂
Ats Right (4 days ago)
I so went to the wrong college.
Riya Rajput Status (4 days ago)
Max Vermeulen (4 days ago)
Bold of you to assume people want to date me
thegnjdk (4 days ago)
Back when you still could make fun of a liberal arts degrees
HS Gaming King (4 days ago)
Film ?
AlCatSplat (4 days ago)
Came to get it out of my recommended, but stayed after 0:21 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Holy crap 100 mil views
sir Bean (4 days ago)
Or the one that comes up to you and says she like you and you're her boyfriend.... Happend to me and that was akward.
SushiRollSam (4 days ago)
howzmoving zezula (4 days ago)
100m Views, Wow
林Jacky (4 days ago)
Dated zero so far when I’m already half way through university ...
bunnysunnymew (4 days ago)
I've been in college for 3 years and no girls have dated me
zinaal kriid (5 days ago)
*100 MILLION VIEWS!!?!??*
ツsighrex (5 days ago)
well damn this is one lucky actor
tehvespy (5 days ago)
The last one is me :/
tehvespy (5 days ago)
Back before college humor was bought out by left wing feminists
John Dunne (5 days ago)
Bold of you to assume I'll have a girlfriend
GuyCyber (5 days ago)
dolphintattoogirl (5 days ago)
This video is full of fake information.
don thomson (5 days ago)
Liberal Arts degree ---:: hilarious
Adam Aroeste (5 days ago)
Well done video. Thx
LORD JΛMΞS (5 days ago)
GokAi:3 (5 days ago)
The Friend sounds like the perfect one for me except the fucking part
sadboyrasco (5 days ago)
bold of you to assume im going to go to college, or be able to date a girl
I am for sure "The Friend" type, lol!
Durai JJ (5 days ago)
mine is -1☹ so sad

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