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CAN WE HIT 100 SUBS? Go on, hit that subscribe button, hit it real good. LOL Showing some Seadoo love and having fun ripping up at Emma Lake in Saskatchewan. We rented the sea too for the weekend and just went out with the best intensions. We got rained on a couple times, but it was nothing to stop us from having fun! Check out all my wipeouts, if I had the camera the very first run I went out, Im not going to lie, that would go viral! I was thrown like 15 feet and had the wind knocked out of me, if I didn't have a life jacket, I probably would have drown.. Be safe on these things, I am crazy and I even think they are DANGEROUS!! Make sure to Subscribe and stay tuned to keep updated with my latest uploads, I will be documenting and posting LOTS of humorous, intriguing content that will keep you coming back for more! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!! If you see anything you like or dislike, please don't hesitate to let me know! LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE if you desire Thank you all, love you all, peace to everyone, I wish you all the best in life! Instagram | @Matticulous_Mee
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JustynGuyetteVlogs (1 year ago)
Dope video and dope end card dude
boandjill (1 year ago)
Not to bust yer ballz, but that's not a seadoo. Those older Honda's were very tippy, as shown in your video. If you had been on a newer Seadoo, you probably wouldn't have wiped out so much, especially at the 5:30 mark. You can stand on the gunwale of newer Seadoos and they still won't tip over; not to say it can't get tipped over, but it's very difficult. Looks like you all had fun and that's the important part.
Matticulous Mee (1 year ago)
It was SUPER fast, But yes it was an older one, still a lot of fun though,I will have to rent a new one and check it out, now you got me wanting to go get one asap and have some more fun!! Thanks for the info, it always helps!

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