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Balsam Hill's 2016 Catalog Decorating Techniques with Brad Schmidt

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Balsam Hill design consultant, Brad Schmidt, discusses how he created three different looks for the Balsam Hill 2016 Catalog. Get more decorating tips from our blog: http://christmastreedecoratingideas.balsamhill.com/
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Known2God (2 years ago)
Definately beautiful.... but I think way too much ribbons and baubles... sorta like wearing a wedding dress to nip out for a quick drink imho. Anyways thanks for the tips and sharing. Regards
L L (2 years ago)
So creative
Sylvia Uppal (2 years ago)
wow just wow 😍
Alen_Egre T (2 years ago)
I can't wait to december and try all you awesome techniques!!!
gert249 (2 years ago)
I am obsessed with ribbon techniques. You just blew my mind. Can't wait to try some of these on our trees. THANK YOU!!

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