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French Mother Sauce|Tomato Sauce|Hotel Management Basic Kitchen Recipe| French Style Tomato Sauce

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This mother sauce is a rich and delicious tomato sauce. This is a similar sauce for what you might use on pizza, but this recipe is a little more complicated and has a few extra steps and ingredients. It is different then Italian Tomato Sauce as it has onion carrot leek celery tomato tomato paste white wine bay leaf thyme pepper corn garlic...
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Uttam Muduli (14 days ago)
This is not tamato sause, u made espagnole sauce
Vinod Mehra (3 months ago)
Bina Gupta (1 year ago)
Doing a great job with your students Chef that really looks amazing! What are suppose to eat it with? I will try this at home. Superb !!!!!!
Meghali Duklan (1 year ago)

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