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Jacqui's Story

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Uploaded with permission from Mr. Dan Blasdel of PLADD.org This is the story of Jacque Saburido and the terrible consequence of a young man's decision to drink and drive.
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Peaches Paige (20 minutes ago)
You are a strong young lady. And of course the driver didn't get hurt it always ends like that. Prayers up for both families😪. Thank you for showing your story. You are a blessing baby girl. You don't have to wonder, God wants you here. It's not your time
Tony Crossley (6 hours ago)
Euthanasia time, she can't live like that...
Orlando Cruz (9 hours ago)
I don’t know whats a fare sentence. I believe in 2nd chances but when I see her and hear about her emotional and physical pain 14 years doesn’t seem enough.
She can do makeup tutorials. She got that early 90s look!
3:14 How TF he happy!!!!????
Wonder how she - and reggie (I know I'm talking about em like they old chums) are doing... I rem. when I was still in high school seaing pictures of her circulating via EMAIL (Yeah, I'm that old 👵) of her face and story and my thinking she was sooo beautiful! Damn, poor girl! She was one of the first shock pictures/ videos....
j0ellyfish (3 days ago)
okay, what is the point of saving someone if they're this bad off? I'd want to be dead.
D&D (3 days ago)
Don't drink and drive guys.
piper scout (4 days ago)
I saw this video in high school
piper scout (3 days ago)
Nate F North Tech?
Nate F (3 days ago)
piper Scott I go to that school
Mullet Man (4 days ago)
If I was married to her before the accident yes I would stay a with her till we pass on cause when you make vows with someone its a commitment for life. God bless her and hope she has a great life and meets someone who will be there for her and love her
TheBeingReal (5 days ago)
One honestly wonders if surviving the horrible burns are worth it. Pain. Surgeries. Infection. Mental scars. An invalid for life. I was waiting for him to say he was just a “ flawed christian”.
Sholeh Golshani (6 days ago)
Everyone make mistakes. I am sorry dears. Both of you are nice people. 💖💖💖💖
Darlene Romero (8 days ago)
Today a police came to our school and told us this story
Michael Salazar (8 days ago)
Milk is a trick to skoking drink.
Jackie Hopkins (8 days ago)
He should get life in prison
Never, ever drink or drive it’s such a garbage decision and you only ever seem to destroy another persons life. This poor young woman is now trapped in her own body until the end of her life. Her life is now dependent on everyone else and it’s a shame that the driver in the other vehicle didn’t have his life ripped away from him the same way.
my father tried to drive after drinking. i didnt let him. i screamed at him, i screamed at everyone who let him drive. my mom ended up driving everyone the whole family home. i never felt so angry at everyone for allowing this and im so glad i pushed stood up to not let him drive. it doesnt matter how sober you think you are. you dont put your selfishness stupidity above everyone elses safety. i wish her best luck.
Angie Tyndall (9 days ago)
No vale la pena conducir mientras está intoxicado. Por favor, no, porque sus acciones sí tienen consecuencias y la vida de muchas personas se ve afectada por su elección de conducir bajo la influencia de las drogas. [ is not worth it to drive while intoxicated. Please do not,because your actions do have consequences and many peoples' lives are effected by your choice to drive while under the influence of drugs.]
celestialcircledance (10 days ago)
If I were the drunk driver I think I'd want life without the possibility of parole . Having to put the past behind me and face my family and reality would be much harder ....
Mohamed John (10 days ago)
She could be in a horror movie
JJ Bazile (10 days ago)
He only got 14 years for the deaths of two people, and destroying the life of Jacque Saburido? What??
Calvin smith (11 days ago)
Two lives where lost & two other lives was destroyed because of alcohol . I think we all know someone alcohol has destroyed
Luca (11 days ago)
Su voz es preciosa...
agapegr (11 days ago)
If that happened to me..I'd rather have died. Can u just imagine how strong she is? God bless her
Davey gaat je niks aan (11 days ago)
Lesson Learnt The Only Drug U Can Drive With Is Weed🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
Frida Lindh (13 days ago)
No voice at the end
Shadow X (13 days ago)
I feel so bad for her 😭 I wanna hug her
Bledsoe Gaming (14 days ago)
Screw Reggie. I hate his guts and I hope he rots in prison... ass wipe...
Texting Story (17 days ago)
We learned about her in school we have a officer come to our school and we learn about he and he only go 7 years in jail and that made me mad she was very Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ and he bff R.I.P
No Name (15 days ago)
Your so beautiful inside and out🥰🥰🥰
Ghizmo Halbert (18 days ago)
As💀💀💀💀💀😭😭😭😭😭 😭😭
6E04陳日熙 (19 days ago)
this is sad she's beautiful as always😢😢😢
Trinity Livingston (19 days ago)
This whole story is pretty sad! Glad that Jaqui and Reggie survived though!
Vanessa Shaw (19 days ago)
This is too sad for words. I hope she perseveres.
D bandz (20 days ago)
that's a mask
Camilo Bastidas (20 days ago)
Dios los acompañe siempre
Karen Younger (23 days ago)
but for the grace of God go ANY of us.... seek peace and pursue it.
onenightwme (24 days ago)
Dear God, the pain this poor girl went through
Ron B (24 days ago)
Set him on fire set him on fire 🔥 set him on fire 🔥
Ron B (24 days ago)
That fucking miserable piece of shit cock sucker I would love to set him on fire 🔥
Ron B (24 days ago)
Poor baby!!
CRAZY club (24 days ago)
At least she survived but I’m ashamed of his work😕
Samuel Antonov (25 days ago)
Hey, smoothskin
Carlisle Jones (27 days ago)
i'd rather 10+M& die
Carlisle Jones (27 days ago)
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Carlisle Jones (27 days ago)
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Flip Flop (1 month ago)
This shit happens 100s of times a day but I don't see anyone out protesting this and causing a big up roar about it Drunk drivers are shit
welcome159ify (1 month ago)
Jacqui's so brave. If I were in her shoes, I probably would've killed myself. Reggie should've been given life in prison, especially with the fact that two people died because of his choices.
Precious Igbokwe (1 month ago)
God will be with her. She didn't deserve this. It's really heartbreaking.
Ogeenock (1 month ago)
I don’t like how people use the phrase “lucky to be alive”. No, she’s not at all lucky! “Lucky” is the last word to use in this situation. She has to live her whole life having a face that frightens people. That’s no luck.
Diana B (1 month ago)
God bless her. Please people respect how serious drunk driving is and do not be so easy to forgive these transgressions.
Char Aznable (1 month ago)
Not being mean but she looks like a ghoul from Fallout.
Dummdee xoxo (1 month ago)
Wow smooth skin😍😍
Dummdee xoxo (1 month ago)
random person (1 month ago)
He only got 14 years?! Are you kidding me?!
Chana Bayla (1 month ago)
Reggie deserves the death penalty
I like kpop 123 (1 month ago)
The poor girl 😭😭💔
doug bull (1 month ago)
omg.this is horriable
doug bull (1 month ago)
and pot is illegal.but booze and tabacco has killed more people then all hard drugs combined 100x over.its so fucked up
London Marie (1 month ago)
Who’s watching this in 2018? 😂
Auron Schluntz (1 month ago)
I would rather die then live in that condition
Auron Schluntz (1 month ago)
The guy should have been castrated and beaten. It’s always the innocent one that loose everything the drunk gets away unscathed.
PastorOfMuppets (1 month ago)
Don't drunk while drive. :(
Ben M (1 month ago)
use a fucking designated
Fort Nite (1 month ago)
She looks like a Ghoul from Fallout 4
SunshineSurfsup1 (1 month ago)
So incredibly sad!!
Alois Trancy (1 month ago)
I'm just going to say it even though we are all thinking it. HEY SMOOTHSKIN!
Roboclops (2 months ago)
What a damn shame.
Kim Robinson (2 months ago)
Ur so strong God bless u and ur dad may u continue to succeed...And ur dreams
D B (2 months ago)
That’s really not his fault they wasn’t 21 drinking and u got in the car he didn’t put a gun to ur head if he was buy himself would have just been him dead then what
Britt Pomales (2 months ago)
4:24 he said 'dwi' it's supposed to be 'dui'
mts0628 (2 months ago)
And she still hasn't learned English?
Jaimee Farnworth (2 months ago)
Poor girl...she never deserved that WTF IS WRONG WITH HIM!!she had her hole life ahead of her
sofija skuja (2 months ago)
Omg i feel so bad for him 🙁(even tho it was his fault)
Kelly Norman (2 months ago)
holy shit funny she might as well just kill herself
John Tabarez (2 months ago)
i wish i could get 24 hours in a cell with this piece of shit id tear his fucking face off with my teeth
wolf claws (2 months ago)
I feel so bad for her
Noname Noname (2 months ago)
Everything is so fragile. One day you cam have anything and the next day you can have nothing or even die. I am so sorry for her...
American Made (2 months ago)
I thought this was the lady who got attacked by a monkey.
David Francisco (2 months ago)
That one day he drove drunk ruined both thier lives, people dont hire convicted felons. He should have also been convicted for a DUI AND an underaged drinking charges giving him a few extra years
Cynthia Hoang-Duong (2 months ago)
the poor girl. i don’t get how people can be so irresponsible. kids these days need to grow the fuck up. drugs and alcohol are not cool. get that through your fucking brain.
well i guess i"m not going to the store for beer
Tazmer x Gaming (2 months ago)
i live in the sticks 9 miles from the nearest store..but your right no beer is worth doing this to another person..this is just a sad sad story
PurpleStratocaster (2 months ago)
You can go to the store for beer. Just don't get into a vehicle and drive after drinking aforementioned beer.
Sarah Jacobs (2 months ago)
I hope nowadays we have the technology to help her recover at least somewhat from this we now have the technology to fix her eyesiger or at least improve it and give her back her fingers at least to a degree that alone should help her enormously, i hate suffering in this world she deserves to live a full happy life.
Elernation (2 months ago)
How can you let her live?
Rebekah Legion Journals (2 months ago)
He didn't get long enough. He should be serving another 20 years for what He did to Jacqui. The other 2 Women are dead so They don't have to suffer the consequences of He did to them every Day of their lives. Jacqui has to live with & suffer from this every single Day! I hope They're able to perform cosmetic surgery eventually so She can feel confident in the way She looks & feel happier in Herself. This literally made Me cry & it upsets Me even more that there are People making spiteful comments about Her in the comments section. She can read these comments. How do People think it would make Her feel if She read some of the awful things People are saying about Her! That poor Woman! I can totally feel Her pain. She is still a beautiful Woman. Beauty isn't just skin deep.
Mike Anthony (2 months ago)
14 years, kills two ppl and disfigures a third with lifelong surgeries and destroys a bunch of other ppls lives. Black or Hispanic in the same scenario, LIFE WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITIES OF PAROLE.
On yo feet maggot (2 months ago)
So he’s free right now?
Sissi32 Sissi (2 months ago)
Lociento hija de lo que te Paso pero admiro tu Lucha para seguir ères valiente tus padres deben estar super orgullosos deti tienen mucha suerte tener una hija como tu. Te admiro y te quiero ❤️🌹❤️
Rushikesh Raskar (2 months ago)
So sad :(
domm guy (2 months ago)
i'm never doing drugs
stormchaserodie (2 months ago)
this girl deserves a record
Edgar Nunez (2 months ago)
Anybody else get brought here after watching fallout 4 videos?
Alois Trancy (1 month ago)
Hai Smoothskin
Simi Skittles (2 months ago)
James Butera (2 months ago)
7 years? For each life?
Lps._.gumball aj (2 months ago)
Poor girl.. the drunk driver is an idiot:/
A Liaura (2 months ago)
I was a member of SADD (students against destructive decisions) in high school where we would give younger students information and share personal experiences firsthand/secondhand with drugs and alcohol. Our school had an assembly where we all came in and listened to stories, and hers was one of them. We had one of the officers who was there that night tell us in a little more detail about what had happened. He said that he tried to pull her out and her skin was peeling off and she just kept screaming in pain, so he let her go and said he was sorry he couldn't save her. And eventually she was silent. And everyone was kind of relieved because they thought she had passed and was no longer in agony. But then she started making noise again and they knew she was going to fight to live and they fought as hard as they could to get her out alive. The whole thing left me shaken. I had heard another story from one of our special ed teachers whose daughter was in an accident in the middle of the night, she was crushed to death by the car and her friend was basically sucked down between the seats and smashed too. It was absolutely horrifying. And my English teacher's friends all went to prom together without her and all of them died in a drunk driving accident. She said one of her friends father's was called to the scene of the crash to help (I think he was police, but could have been fire or emt) and he found pieces of his kid before he realized who these kids were. It's just so sad. These stories always stuck with me. It's just so disturbing and sad how quickly it can all be over.
GenEx Machina (2 months ago)
I just watched this on September 19, 2018 19 Years Later!
qvindicator (2 months ago)
I would refuse treatment. I would rather die. She is so strong. Respect for her.
ThinkAboutIt (2 months ago)
Poor girl :/ I also have got a lesson in drinking & driving (was a routine control after a party without any crashes or injuries of me, my friends or other people). It was very stupid of me to take seat in this Car2Go. Got to pay a lot of money and will get my license back in two months (using my bicycle and public transport since January 2018 - nine months already). This will be a huge lesson for me. Will never drink and drive again (same with bike etc.). I don't want to harm other people or myself and I love car driving too much to take such a stupid risk again.
Tweet Protocol (2 months ago)
"Two passengers died instantly"? Everyone dies instantly - you're alive, you're alive, then your dead.
Jaridmir (2 months ago)
hey there smoothskin

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