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Jacqui's Story

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Uploaded with permission from Mr. Dan Blasdel of PLADD.org This is the story of Jacque Saburido and the terrible consequence of a young man's decision to drink and drive.
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Tweet Protocol (1 hour ago)
"Two passengers died instantly"? Everyone dies instantly - you're alive, you're alive, then your dead.
Jaridmir (1 day ago)
hey there smoothskin
john miller (1 day ago)
A friend of mine lost a 16 year old sister in 05, but in 2013 he died from an overdose on the drugs that he was buying with his sistets wrongful death lawsuit money that his family had won and given to him.
boi u gay (1 day ago)
clicked the thumbnail cus i tought it was a freddy kruger costume
Connor Hicks (1 day ago)
Everyone who says mean things about her are sick as fuck
Connor Hicks (1 day ago)
Jamar Hall (2 days ago)
Esp people are fucking ulgy ass hell jacks asses
Simon Filmote (2 days ago)
Alisha Patterson (2 days ago)
I'm not only scared ta die I'm scared to live bruh
Isa (2 days ago)
She is still beautiful, that's how I see her.
Granuel (2 days ago)
It was by no means "One time" he drove drunk, I'd guess.
Sonja Osk (2 days ago)
She deserves better i feel so bad guys lets all agree to not drink and drive :(
meme for you (2 days ago)
Thats not fair
ChazNewtsGaming (3 days ago)
Cool they made fallout into a real thing
J M (3 days ago)
And yet if you're a white person in South Africa the rape to torture of your children your women is everyday and burning babies and boiling water or burning children after you get done raping them 15 guys then it just happens everyday but we don't hear the media about that no we don't want to hear about the white Christians being butchered everyday raped tortured.
- KammyPotato - (3 days ago)
Her face... Was burned... I feel,so bad but I have no idea what she has been through
Ali Mustafa (3 days ago)
Nick _JK (3 days ago)
No disrespect but the nigga look like a fallout 4 ghoul
Caitlynn Wolf (4 days ago)
She is very very lucky to be alive so be happy with what you have she is very very very lucky
Joseph Browne (4 days ago)
He should have went to jail that long you're basically just taking away another life
Phazelight (4 days ago)
Jesus thats a damn shame what happened to her. I couldnt do it youd have to kill me. Also I believe I saw this woman on opera as well.
thomas wightman (4 days ago)
Wyatt Harrison (5 days ago)
I came on here to to make a funny joke, but this is just sad
Wyatt Harrison (5 days ago)
Man if that thing popped out from under from my bed
Alissa anne (5 days ago)
My heart just broke into a million peices. :( Noone deserves this :(
velveteyes79 (5 days ago)
Uploader.. change the thumbnail... seeing the title and that baffled and intruiged me because the thumbnail looks like the scarecrow from the wizard of oz so needless to say i wasn't expecting this! i thought it was gonna be about someone who was into the oz stories or maybe just obessesed, something to do with the cast perhaps. A worthwhile share and watch! something for the prayer list too :)
TechHUN (5 days ago)
I'm afraid to watch the video Someone tell me what hapened
sexobscura (6 days ago)
Sad story of a wrong decision. We all make them to lesser or greater consequences. When are people going to realise that these "Community Service Announcements" aren't going to change a thing. [I'm not interested in the "if it saves one person" theory, either.]
Pretty Kitty (8 days ago)
Why are all the offended replies to the dark jokes normally revolved around Fallout so much funnier than the joke in the first place? Goodness gracious this is why I love the internet.
Daniel Lobo (8 days ago)
Horrible...very sad and unfortunate to the desceased and this poor girl.
Maria Tasnim (8 days ago)
ur mom is my mom (8 days ago)
imagine this happening to your daughter. god bless her
Jared Jams (9 days ago)
They showed us this in school. I decided I would never drink alcohol, and for a time I pledged never to even drive a car. It’s been 3 years since I saw this and I STILL have never driven a car. I’m 19, and just the thought of it horrifies me. After learning of all these horrible things I have to wonder how it could possibly be worth it to drive knowing all the dangers.
Nicholas Roux (9 days ago)
Fucking dad dumb ass achole bottle
At least he realizes what he did is wrong and terrible and he realizes what the consequences are
D3 Santa (9 days ago)
Jacqui Briggs?
Richard Fucker (10 days ago)
If I was a family member of that woman I would hunt every family member of his and Kill Them All
XxUltimateGamer (10 days ago)
I'm so sorry..... I really am. One freaking decision turns the life of an average young girl who is willing to learn languages into a miserable one. Still keep pushing, please!
4inch dickkid (10 days ago)
Ahhh my favorite smoothskin
Ruffles Plays (10 days ago)
And I complain when I hurt my foot
Hammerschlägen M (10 days ago)
I rather be dead than look like a monster
ninjapistol (10 days ago)
I saw this in health class. I physically felt sick after I saw her
Susan Fagan (11 days ago)
'Most of the doors are closed now '... 😢 truly heartbreaking
LLight (11 days ago)
It’s a ghoul from fallout 4
Caden Bandicoot (11 days ago)
Don’t drink and drive or do you want to get burned shame
Ruairidh63 (11 days ago)
I'm from U.K and u have to be 18 to drink
Ren P (12 days ago)
Honestly, the guy only seems to feel sorry for himself, rather than the girl he burned almost to death and those he killed. Football on Fridays to a prison cell on Sunday? How about having a face and fingers one day, and not the next? I sincerely hope this is not the extent of his remorse.
Christy Stewart (12 days ago)
I don’t believe for one second this was the first time he drove drunk. And in spite of what this video says about zero tolerance laws in Texas there was an old joke about how Texans measured distances driven by how many beers consumed during the trip. That it a joke but, like many other states, it took years before drunk driving was considered seriously. An old “Dragnet” episode had some drunk guy plowing into Sgt. Friday then falling out of his car. His equally drunk friend told Friday he should take it easy on his driver friend since he’d had one too many. That once was the prevailing attitude.
Caden Bandicoot (12 days ago)
She looks yuck her face is weird
Futurama Pop (12 days ago)
Don't drink and drive
Mary Mc Dongh (13 days ago)
my brother was a drink driver and he crashed and died! my mother was in the car and my cousin,mam had Brocken ribs,Brocken lower jaw pushed to the other side of her face,her legs Brocken into jig_pieces, a punctured lung, she was in intensive care for 6mnths fighting for her life,she didn't get to bury my brother,telling her he died was the hardest thing of all,she said in her heart she already knew,she has passed away now and is now with my brother in spirit,but I am asking all you drinkers out there,please don't drive if your drinking,,other people's lives are at risk not just your own! remember that!!!!!
Lord Chronos (13 days ago)
He only got 14 years for killing two people, and damn near a third... He should be incarcerated for the rest of his life.
Undeadwolf 01 (13 days ago)
She looks like a ghoul from fallout.
Maxton Lindstrom (13 days ago)
1 like = 1 pray for her
Pretty Kitty (8 days ago)
Its time to stop
BadAtEverything Girl (14 days ago)
This is so sad she deserves more
Mark Green (14 days ago)
Like a Kafkaesque nightmare.
haidar 82 (14 days ago)
Matilda xo (15 days ago)
I’ll pray for you ❤️❤️
MOBIZEN network show (15 days ago)
Oh god
Joshua Hull (15 days ago)
Reggie should be executed. I hope when his time comes he suffers.
cringe kween (15 days ago)
*thicc* brown hair
Light Nigga (15 days ago)
I'm scared of death but I know imma go one day but if I had to be like how she was for the rest of my life I will just tell them to kill me
coccinelle80 (15 days ago)
This goes to show you the consequences of being a selfish asshole. Reggie probably didn’t think that his drunkenness would affect anyone. Jacqui was meant to live, to be a hero and inspiration to many, that’s the major positive side to this tragedy.
Johan Schröder (15 days ago)
dont drink and drive
Adolf hitler (16 days ago)
He looks like goggle off of hills have eyes
Emily Chezzits (16 days ago)
I am so sad at the comments section like wth “I rather die” like Shut THE HELL UP BOI U HABE NO IDEA WHAT SHES GOING THROUGH
MemeGod 124 (15 days ago)
People these days never understand
Jazlyn Roy (16 days ago)
Your parents always tell you to stay safe, but it's not always your fault you're in danger.
cosmicj88 (16 days ago)
If they would crack down on drunk driving and give people more than a measely 2-5 years for KILLING a person, then maybe people would fucking stop. They rarely give these people life.
Adventurer735 (16 days ago)
I cried
That guy is a fucking bitch
Nazi Germany (16 days ago)
Aye it's a ghoul in it's natural habitat, jk, it's fucking harsh to say, but I had to.
Dillan Mccants (17 days ago)
This isn't supposed to be funny but this is literally what happened to Darth Vader
kanwal salman (17 days ago)
Drinking is bad 😠😠
Brooklyn Puppy (17 days ago)
Laura Zander (17 days ago)
God should have took her to heaven in the accident
Cantaloupe (17 days ago)
What a selfish bastard
Chim Chim’s Kookie (18 days ago)
she never deserved that Bless her 💖🙏🏼
Arnika Jacob (18 days ago)
This girl was in my home work no joke
Veronica Urban (19 days ago)
And that punk ass piece of shit wants to start off with” I was a football player”??!!! Like, fuck you dude! The two that died might be considered lucky and this third victim is in pain everyday because of your selfish mentality. You stole her life even though she’s still alive. You should get a dousing for 45 seconds and see how you feel later. Pos
littlehottie82 (19 days ago)
Blesse her
MLG Turtle (20 days ago)
She drank and drove what an idiot people like that are dum
valorik (20 days ago)
This woman gives me a reason to smile and not think about my problems every day.
RC Designs (20 days ago)
Poor Jacqui she dosent deserve that
Carl Nelson (21 days ago)
The worst things happen to the best of people.
Lolwa Allunicorn (21 days ago)
What’s worst being alive or being dead
Safi Shady (21 days ago)
We can transplant face ?????
Lil King (21 days ago)
i wouldn't want to be alive in that state
Tamara Wheldon (21 days ago)
Don't smoke, eat too much, and don't get drunk especially when driving or you may have bigger regrets you will find hard to forgive yourself of
Mr. C (22 days ago)
How terrible. I would be so angry with God. I am now, from extreme depression. This is worse. Why God??? Why!!!!?
gaming (12 days ago)
god is fake
Always some innocent whose life gets fucked up while the perpetrator is unscathed if it survives.
Kayla Stokes (23 days ago)
She has a very strong soul and mind to keep on moving on with life. Because of society, people take one look at you and say "your ugly, get a different job" without seeing the potential and heart the person has. When people say looks don't matter, in society it does matter because a lot of people are rude ,mean and racist towards people who looks different. So I'm just saying that she has a beautiful heart but society won't think that sadly just because of her looks :(
Noor Khan (24 days ago)
I have no words,wait these are words :( I feel bad for her
Vine God (24 days ago)
When you play too much fallout 4 *IS THAT A GHOUL*
sponge bob (24 days ago)
everyones like "i would rather die" like who says that? thats rude,
Nathan Ard (24 days ago)
I feel like id take this for her if theres i way to swirch with her i would
OfficialDr3am5tep (24 days ago)
I think I saw this in driving school...
Legend 27 (25 days ago)
Wow burned alive god damn I remember I touched a glass bottle that was burned I was in a lot of pain but this is out of this world I hope she gets better
Spencer Frank Clayton (20 days ago)
Legend 27 She can only get a face transplant.
Canada ? (25 days ago)
God bless you Jacque Saburido and your family.

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