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Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Gaming Keyboard Review

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Review of the Razer Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Price: $160 AU (umart) :)
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Emonty 02 (5 years ago)
Yes he has the 2012 version wich is blue but there is a downside to it that shiny plastic leaves finger prints badly and the one im using is 2013 and this plastic or whatever u would like to call it is not shiny and i think it just has a better touch in designing i hope this comment helped u:)!
Max Z (5 years ago)
works with mac?
Scumbag Steve (6 years ago)
its the cherry mx blue keys
Hamish Blake (7 years ago)
i would invest in a tripod for your camera and writing a script, also it isnot cherry white, there is cherry black

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