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All Of Me (JD Sebastian, Jazz Pianist)

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Los Angeles-based professional jazz pianist, guitarist, singer and songwriter, plays for private and corporate events. JD loves music, every song is an opportunity to channel the magic and beauty of the song's creation and its ongoing gift to our lives. Ah, music! www.jdspiano.com LYRICS: All of me, Why not take all of me? Can't you see, I'm no good without you? Take my lips, I want to lose them! Take my arms, I'll never use them! Your goodbye left me with eyes that cry, How can I go on dear, without you? You took the part that once was my heart, So why not take all of me?
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Text Comments (22)
feddag samy (2 months ago)
Aucun felling
Investing for Tomorrow (7 months ago)
Entertaining, would like to get a transcript.
Love it, best ever , would surely like t o see you in person one day, Bob Ammirati singer/vocalist .
MrJohannes1947 (1 year ago)
errol garner?
Socorro Vidaurri (1 year ago)
JD Sebastian, thank you for  your great video, every time I sing this song with your piano playing, make's me forget any problem I have and I feel happy just seeing the expression of your face....you transmit enthusiasm and makes depression go away.If it's OK with you I would like to use your video to sing at Convalescent centers and Assisted living places.  I am a volunteer in my community.  Please let me know.....Thank you!!!!!!!
Glitchy Blu Nova (1 year ago)
inspirational :')
cw porter (2 years ago)
Very fine playing, but do yourself a favour: get your pianos tuned first. It's a good piano, why not tune it? It's a sign of self-respect, of respect for the music, the piano, and your audience. A world-class pianist (I'm not saying you're not) would refuse to play something like that. It makes you look cheap. You deserve better. I can't understand it.
Sally Sigler (2 years ago)
LOVE your rendition - the big left hand stride accompaniment sound (like I might have heard in an old movie during a bar room scene with a piano player in the corner of the room) which I am crazy about this style! You do it so well; and the best part is that you look so happy when you play!! Yeah! Thanks!! I'm going to listen over and over again, and try to incorporate some of your technique into my own playing!!! (I should be so lucky!)
Imann Fletcher (3 years ago)
Your video was an influence on my rendition, check it out when you get a chance. :)
Olivia Janz Kordell (3 years ago)
pretty damned good ... swings ! enjoyed
Dolors bort bertran (4 years ago)
Hi, JD Sebastian, I think; your´s arrangement is the best I´ve heared of that mervellous song!! Thank you very much. All the best.
John David Sebastian (4 years ago)
Why thank you so much, Delors!  God bless you!! 
poppersluar (4 years ago)
ya ampun centil banged yahhhh
Carlo De Gregorio (5 years ago)
John David Sebastian (6 years ago)
I'll tell ya, I learned this from something like the Real Book... just the lead sheet from a "Fake Book" which is where I get most of my music. What a magical world it is to be able to make your own arrangements based on being provided with just the melody and chords.
BlikenavE (6 years ago)
I just bought "The Real book" which has this song in it. It's in C in there, which is really good for me since I'm learning it on piano. I'm sure you could google it... but if not then order the jazz "Real book" off amazon or ebay or something!
Nándor Pohl (6 years ago)
so fantasy
Victor Zurck (7 years ago)
i'm a Brazilian Pianist, and Play Jazz Too....I would Like to know, if you have SKYPE, because I Really would like to talk with you
Xiangru Nie (7 years ago)
Hi Mr. JD, is there a way to get the piano sheet of your version? Please let me know I fully appreciate it!!
cidcampeador1952 (7 years ago)
BRAVISSIMO ! ! ! ! ! !
cidcampeador1952 (7 years ago)
BRAVISSIMO ! ! ! ! !
John David Sebastian (7 years ago)
Wow! Way cool! This song is quite special. I hope and dream of being able to share such beautiful songs from the heart as the two 1920s Detroit songwriters, Seymour Simons and Gerald Marks did. The chord progressions.. C, up to E, up to A, in themselves lift my soul just to play them. I'm surprised I haven't run across (or written myself) more songs that have that beautiful melodic path to them. Thanks for posting! JD

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