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Meghan's style game is soaring to new heights, now with a bird-embellished tulle frock

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After wowing us in Tonga, The Duchess and Duke of Sussex returned to Australia on Friday for the next stage of their royal tour. Meghan Markle kicked things off in serious style as she took to the podium at the Australian Geographic Society Awards in Sydney. The duchess was a vision in a dreamy Oscar de la Renta dress that included intricate embellishment by Sarah Esmoingt. Featuring hundreds of black birds on white tulle, the ballet-length design was one of Meghan's most adventurous choices yet. With its full skirt and layers of tulle, this was a true princess dress, but we couldn't help but think of a certain Alfred Hitchcock thriller as we admired that flock of birds . . . and with Halloween just around the corner that reference couldn't be better timed. More story: - The Duchess of Sussex in tears of laughter as children sing her a song about mosquitoes
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James Ogletree (3 months ago)
We don't need to know all of the gritty details of the airplane landing. They landed safely, thank God.
Theressia Shaver (5 months ago)
Thanks Megan for doing us proud. Well done and we are proud of you and hubby. I hope you have a restful time back home in the UK. Looking forward to more of your elegance.
Royal W (5 months ago)
🙏🏿🤗🥀🙅🏿‍♂️BSSB🤺👣🍇🍊🍓🥕🍟🍦Enjoy Food For 2 While U Can Duchess ☺😎
Jean May (5 months ago)
Harry, please i beg, just stop the racist killing in the name of training. it use to happen every time one of ur whanau turned up....i was given a piupiu to stand at ur gates in england and petition the Queen, but ive been unable to get there my whole freakin life.....the trauma had unforseen effects
Fifer McGee (5 months ago)
Simply beautiful, sheer elegance, you are a winner Meghan.
Truth Be Told B (5 months ago)
That dress is Gorgeous.
Jenny Neskes (5 months ago)
Beautiful dress! Pity about the legs!
Teresa Branca (5 months ago)
Beautiful dress
J V (5 months ago)
She is like a Raven.😅 Nice dress btw but a bit too much for the occasion.😅
Zina Shepherd (5 months ago)
Her dress looks terrible and it didn't fit in with what everyone else was wearing she looked way out of place it looked more like a happy birthday party dress. Sort of over done oh well
tim kat (5 months ago)
Laura Santos (5 months ago)
tim kat You are speaking about yourself, if Harry would be about your side, but thank GOD Harry is not , your stupidity will kill Harry. He don’t like stupid people like you. Have no education , don’t know how to speak, etc, etc. you ugly , fat , hidden keyboard like 🐀. Go away do something useful.
tim kat (5 months ago)
Truth Be Told B (5 months ago)
+tim kat Hi Prick bet you haven't had your dick glazed in a while lol.
tim kat (5 months ago)
Suzette Aljanabi (5 months ago)
tim kat You are back Yeah, aah, same old boring line though😴😴😴😴. All that time off and your small brain cells couldn’t come up with anything more original, so disappointing🤗🤗
page Turner (5 months ago)
I am So Happy for Prince Harry for Finding his True Soulmate.
Ona Palmer (5 months ago)
Meagan, u nailed it with ur black and white dress. Thanks for being r people's Princess.
11Cassiopeia (5 months ago)
Meet the most fake humanitarian on this planet!😱
Elle Bryant (5 months ago)
I hate to bust your bubble but you need to stop the cutting down the forest in the rainforest of Brazil that's the key issue that's what cleans our air and give us oxygen work on that let's not get it twisted focus on Brazil and them cutting down the rainforest I hate the bust your bubble but you need to stop the cutting down the forest in the rainforest of Brazil that's the key issue that what cleans our air and give us oxygen work on that let's not get it twisted focus on Brazil and them cutting down the rainforest the heart of the planet. The key to the planet.
ines marelli (5 months ago)
Sembra ricoperta di scarafaggi.
M B (5 months ago)
SamyScamy posted on her tweet "way from paparazzi" 😁😁😁 Hellooo🎺🎺🎺 Paparazzi is runing way from U just like the Royal Palace put U on th Running. The HRH Duke an Dutch are shining around the 🌎😁
viennnuah (5 months ago)
Duchess Meghan u re beautiful always, but this dress put all the haters to sleep . U can wear anything and its will look great on u . I u re a Ready princess and ur handsome prince is so pride of u . U Rock Duke Harry and Duchess Meghan of Sussex.
Mack Sirref (5 months ago)
Crikey her style gets worse!! Bloody hell she might as well dress like a clown like Eugenie and Beatrice, Meghan Beatrice and Eugenie are like the three ugly step sisters of Kate Middleton trying too hard
Laura Santos (5 months ago)
Mack Sirref Are you speaking about yourself and your family because you can only speak about your experience. Go do something useful.
Lena Grasso (5 months ago)
It is amazing and somewhat amusing how people comment on others for being haters, racist or jealous. They are the ones who quote the bible yet in another breath viciously attack others or spew vulgarities. An opinion is one thing and everyone should respect that but instead bully, accuse and belittle at every turn. I have responded to these attacks this morning and i must say have found them somewhat appalling and somewhat amusing. I just want to thank you all for making my saturday morning entertaining!
Suzette Aljanabi (5 months ago)
Lena Grasso Well stop being s hateful ugly troll hating on a woman of high standard that you can never be.
M B (5 months ago)
Lena Grasso. Who say what they like will listen unlike. SCAMYSAMY brakes all kinds of Absurditys, and on top of it all It is all lies. See no reason for people to be offended for the truth spoken against Putrid Atacks from a Jelous one.
maggie osasere (5 months ago)
Liliana Borghi (5 months ago)
Con questo meraviglioso abito ha superato Tutte,complimenti .
cathlyn205 (5 months ago)
Not a fan of this dress. I actually loved the red one, even with the price tag stil on it. She has some ha and some misses and I just don't like the bottom of the dress.it fades to too much white and makes here look like she has bird lags, and she doesn't. Wish she had done something with her hair.
Pamela Torres (5 months ago)
The black and white bird dress is definitely my favorite outfit she has worn. It's simple breathtaking.
Margaret Asamoah (5 months ago)
Prince Harry you are the man. It is not easy to get a good wife or husband, stay. Blessed, skies is your limit as couples The Duke & Dutchess of Sussex.I Love & can't stop admiring you 2 !!!! . J Nash
Patricia Dautry (5 months ago)
what an awful dress no matter how Much it cost!!!
Suzette Aljanabi (5 months ago)
Patricia Dautry What a beautiful dress on a beautiful rich woman🤗
Meghan you look so lovely in the black and white dress Harry must feel very proud of his wife good luck for New Zealand you will love it all the best to you both so cool
Catsnmi2 (5 months ago)
I know she's pregnant but those fully-flared skirts/dresses simply do Meghan no justice whatsoever. She needs softly flowing garments to cover her bump but tulle etc which make her look enormous.
Suzette Aljanabi (5 months ago)
Kimora Jones, If you say so jealous hater.
Kimmora Jones (5 months ago)
She is not pregnant
marie c mckenna (5 months ago)
She’s never stiff or ridged, she’s real & doesn’t mind a laugh she hides nothing about her truest self. She’s definitely in Love...
Rose Agaatsz (5 months ago)
The Royal 👑 couple. Both looking gorgeous and smart.meghan love your beautiful gown. 👀
marie c mckenna (5 months ago)
Lilian Lee (5 months ago)
Gorgeous HRH Meghan n best loving royal couple💑💞💯💯💯
Techie DLS (5 months ago)
Beautiful dress but seems to overpower her
Susan Widmann (5 months ago)
People in the UK live on the streets while she spends rounds on clothes she will never wear again. Help people in the UK. Not other countries for a fashion show
Suzette Aljanabi (5 months ago)
Susan Widmann- Well you need to put in more hours on the job so you can add more to her fashion wardrobe fun😄😄
MsAquablue (5 months ago)
Susan Wid..Stop with your nit picking do your homework before you,bitch,moan,bitch,moan.The RF is more popular since Meghan and Harry's wedding, the travels to visit England has increased boosting the British economy, so in an indirect way Meghan HAS contribute to you Brits so stop your nonsense.You start by your example go help the homeless volunteer in a shelter, donate your used clothing, better than staying at home bitching about it.
MsAquablue (5 months ago)
+CLUB BRENDAN Since she moved to the UK she has attracted millions of tourists, and visitors during the Royal wedding which brought in millions of tourism cash to the British economy so shut up, with your complaining, and jealous digs, while you pick on the newest member of the RF remember the visitors money left by us the US and others around the world who loves the new couple btw you are welcome.🌎
CLUB BRENDAN (5 months ago)
@ Susan Widmann- Exactly! Her "charitable contributions" have yet to be seen. This has been nothing but a fashion show and I am not impressed.
Lady In Red (5 months ago)
OMG! Prince Harry just couldn't let go of Meghan.....SO! Who's a clingy now 😄😁😅 soooooo sweet though, ohhh man just so romantic ❤️
Cynthia Gonzales (5 months ago)
So lovely. A piece of spectacular design.. I want one!!!😢
Lisa Bullock (5 months ago)
Such a handsome couple 💓💕💞
Lisa Bullock (5 months ago)
She looks lovely......always in good taste.....
ARedGirl (5 months ago)
The Oscar De La Renta "bird dress" is incredible and it made Meghan look like the princess she is. Her favorite sling back shoes were perfect with it. She couldn't have looked anymore beautiful.
Jane Dura-Barrie (5 months ago)
U gays r luck for each other ur wife is beautiful and u r very hand some ur Diana’s baby indeed when I look at u I see some of ur mummy’s looks kindness and caring keep it up and take care of ur wife and ur unborn baby god bless u both till death do u part amen love
Florence Bell (5 months ago)
Harry you are soooo lucky to have Meghan love her and take care of her God Bless both of you
cjhrlh07 (5 months ago)
DeDe Heinz (5 months ago)
Yep! Dazzles she did. Absolutely stunning...She is just perfect in every possible way. Love my Duchess of Sussex.
Jogi Ahmad (5 months ago)
Beautiful stylish couple
meghan duchess of Sussex u rock.we love u and your husband Prince harry duke of Sussex. We love d fab four.
Ruth Ruggiero (5 months ago)
wow pretty dress so cute I like her smiling so happy she is soon to be mom take a easy lady
MsAquablue (5 months ago)
Meghan you pretty Duchess you, Doria would be proud indeed.
Ramona Tominiko (5 months ago)
She looks so beautiful beside her Prince in her fairytale princess dress. Well picked outfits for different occasions and she rocked every dress she wore. She presented herself well and I believe her husband is so proud of her. God bless the Duke and the Duchess and protect them from any harm.
Dalyn (5 months ago)
What an outstanding speech love the way 3 generations of the royals is standing up for mother earth it's so important..🌏 excellent Royals thank you ..may i add how incredibly handsome and beautiful they looked throughout their tour..great choice of clothing precisely..Watch out World🌍 here they are..change for the better..🙌🏽❤📿🙇🏽‍♀️😄
N N (5 months ago)
Meghan Markle you have achieved your life long dream to be fully accepted by White people as if you are a fully White person.
CLUB BRENDAN (5 months ago)
NN- And if anyone does not think that she has made a conscious choice to do just that, they are more naive than Harry.
Suzette Aljanabi (5 months ago)
N N White people are not special in anyway more than any other race sweetie, she married the man who happens to be a Prince that she fell in love with. Your jealousy and racism is vile and disgusting.
MsAquablue (5 months ago)
+esline Mills Amen.👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Laura Santos (5 months ago)
N N Why she wants be accepted by white people? GOD that´s enough , and by herself , white people for what??? You are so stupid white people ah,ah,ah,ah,ah, for what she need white people? SHE NEED ONLY, GOD, GOD GOD. Do you know? Go do something useful. Stupid.
esline Mills (5 months ago)
N N ... There always has to be one idiot, I'm sure she won't lose any sleep worrying about our toxic comments.
louise (5 months ago)
She is exquisite
N N (5 months ago)
I never thought I would see the day when White people accept a mixed White person as one of their own kind. But Meghan Markle has been fully accepted as if she is fully White by White people.Thats why you can never say never.
MsAquablue (5 months ago)
NN. Can we stick to the positive topics please..let things just happen naturally.Thanks lets enjoy this beautiful couple in love.💑
ALS ALS (5 months ago)
Ummm, I think you're counting all your eggs before they've been hatched. Remember: -When Obama was elected...and the supposed "post racial" shit show that followed...and they're still at it. -Apparently, there are horrific things that continue to be written about the Duchess in newspaper comment sections, of which the Daily Mail is deemed the worst. -There are things written in the YT comment sections that are horrific. -The palace/Harry issued a statement in November, 2016, denouncing the ongoing abuse toward, harassment of Meghan based on race and gender in the newspapers and social media,.... Things have, indeed, changed over time to ALLOW for a Black mayor, a Black president, and a biracial (aka Black) princess...but not nearly enough to drop your guard over. It's not a good idea to get over -confi-dent, -hopeful, -expectant about the ways and intent of the dominant culture.
esline Mills (5 months ago)
N N... I wouldn't say fully accepted she has enough haters on some of these sites, mainly Samanthas' followers
Maureen Thompson (5 months ago)
Wow Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex is a vision of beauty! What a worthy ambassador to the Commonwealth.
Deborah Arant (5 months ago)
Oh my.... Did she sing after she stepped out of Cinderella's Coach??? Disney dress... So Fake.
CLUB BRENDAN (5 months ago)
+ALS ALS Did you write that yourself? Straight out of some cliched 1980's movie.
Suzette Aljanabi (5 months ago)
Deborah Arant Princess Meg’s life is real, no glass slipper here boo, so you are going to have to control your jealousy and resentment for decades to come.🤗
ALS ALS (5 months ago)
Nope, she just proudly stepped up knowing that she was ALL THAT *and* a bag of chips.
beverley boyce (5 months ago)
I love this style of dress!
Cristina Kurland (5 months ago)
Harry you’re the luckiest 👨 man. You’re duchess 👸🏻 is the most gorgeous, elegant, intelligent 🤓 and stunning woman 👩. Being pregnant is not that easy to be on the run continuously by your side doing all the royal tour of duties. Wow that’s how much both of you are meant for each other forever. Keep it up and god bless you, your wife and baby 👶 soon. Take good care.
Eva B (5 months ago)
LOVE! LOVE ! The Dress ! And the Power Couple!
beverly severin (5 months ago)
Meghan i love that black dress
Tracy Jackson (5 months ago)
Ok love this dress my favorites so far are the white and blue gown. The powder blue shirt dress and red dress yes the one all the haters had to make sure we knew she left the tag on. Also the green and white striped dress
paula fraser (5 months ago)
Like the dress. Nice
Tracy Jackson (5 months ago)
26 dislikes why ? She looks beautiful love you Harry and Meghan
Anthon Ammal (5 months ago)
Jealousy is the main reason
M B (5 months ago)
Trace I know ... 3 reason. First jealousy. Second not every one have class good taste. Third Possibility of be Satan SamyScamy or one of her advocats
Andrew and Kaye Loffler (5 months ago)
What a beautifully dressed Duchess. She always impresses.
livelove &laugh (5 months ago)
This dress is so pretty, she just looks good in every outfit she has won on this tour. Kudos to her and her stylist.
Jacqueline Gray (5 months ago)
I love the title of this video clip. Soaring to new heights. The Duchess is soaring to new heights in beauty, as a role model, in her marriage, as a new royal and as a woman!
Margaret Asamoah (5 months ago)
Jacqueline G, It is true, the Title summarized it all . The truth shall make you free. It is right to admire Gods hand wk, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. J Nash
[email protected] (5 months ago)
Jacqueline Gray I do too🙏
Hui Wang (5 months ago)
Like little girl party dress.
Suzette Aljanabi (5 months ago)
CLUB BRENDAN she was a fashion icon just like Princess Meg is now, petite, elegant and a welcoming soul- something ugly and jealous creeps like you know but hate to admit. Princess Meg, continue to wow the world with your beauty, brains and brawn🤗🤗
CLUB BRENDAN (5 months ago)
+Suzette Aljanabi What did Miss Hepburn do to deserve that?
Suzette Aljanabi (5 months ago)
Hui Wang Jealousy will make you say some dunce stuff, how about she is Audrey Hepburn reincarnated.
ALS ALS (5 months ago)
Yep, or a princess dress... ...and don't you wish YOU could afford it, fit in it, wear it, had somewhere to go to justify its purchase, and that YOU could look even 10% as good....
Doc Callum (5 months ago)
The Duchess is killing me! I love it!!!
Suzette Aljanabi (5 months ago)
Lady In Red You would too
Lady In Red (5 months ago)
Doc Callum - bha, ha ha 😂 OMG! don't faint🤣
Carol Gladfelder (5 months ago)
Doc Callum Much agreed Doc. She is SOOO beautiful and classy.
la black du mali (5 months ago)
Doc Callum Me too,
Alison J (5 months ago)
Glad they are both ok, & enjoying them selves.
aissatou Diaby (5 months ago)
J'adore quand tu regarder ton mari je vous aime trop meghan 😍💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Pranee Mosel (5 months ago)
I love how prince harry try to not let go of Meghan hands, hope he father watching this, that what in love is!!!!
CLUB BRENDAN (5 months ago)
@ Pranee Mosel - His father is now married to his FIRST choice. The longevity of their relationship speaks volumes. How lucky for his son that times have changed and that he was allowed to marry his choice despite how "unsuitable" SHE is.
Rain Landic (5 months ago)
OMG my beautiful Duchess! It appears you have out done yourself this time. Well done our Duchess, well done...
Lynn Beers (5 months ago)
I love the dress and I love the fact she had the guts to wear it!
oldsexy (5 months ago)
Lynn Beers Hey Lynn! I think the beach dress was the one that took a lot of guts to wear!! Split on the side way up! I can hear the queen "oh my!"
Madi Wii (5 months ago)
That dress is hideous. Yikes! Her frame is so small not every dress she has worn on this trip has complimented her figure.
Suzette Aljanabi (5 months ago)
+Madi Wii Says the meth infested, inbred low-life neanderthal trailer white park sorry excuse for a human trash. Try harder you guttersnipe waste of human space. Talk to trash the way they deserve to be treated 💩💩🤮🤮
Suzette Aljanabi (5 months ago)
Madi Wii oh snap, scummy scammy is that you in the flesh, moonlighting under one of your many despicable aliases I see🤔🤗🤗, stop stalking your half sister, she has disowned you, you slithering traitor🤮💩you can never be her or stop her glory train no matter what vile cesspool you spill💩 Further, you have no rights to her royal baby Sussex’ , and she paid her way through college by working hard, help of grants and scholarships, so stop lying that your backstabbing pa did. Even if it was true and he assisted, that is what a parent supposed to do without expecting anything in return-By the way, Meg’s mom had more impact on her than anyone else but you don’t see her telling the world do you🤔that’s class and character, traits you can never understand. HRH Princess Meg is beautiful, articulate, intelligent, eloquent, classy, humanitarian who cares deeply for her fellow humans, married to her handsome prince, carrying his heir and heir to the throne in her belly and many more to come, loved and adored by millions of fans worldwide (people’s princess 2.0), crashes high fashion websites and is the star of the RF. Can you dig boo, hurry and pop a blood vessel already🤗🤗🤗
Madi Wii (5 months ago)
+Suzette Aljanabi I do know her lol
Madi Wii (5 months ago)
+Suzette Aljanabi your a retard....because you just described yourself. A loser and uneducated so called human being. Never once did I insult MM but you don't know how to read so, you wouldn't know what I wrote not did I insult your low class human being.....typical black people take everything little detail to the next level craziness. All I did was to comment on her dress not her person....and yet here you are Insulting my person? You don't know Me nor should so.eone like you be allowed on the computer....get a life dumbass. Oh and, I love who I am just so you know. But you are too dumb to grasp decency and educated people. You are a joke for a human being.
Suzette Aljanabi (5 months ago)
Madi Wii, woooooow, I am shaking in my proverbial boots😱🤗. If YOU knew who YOU really are, you would see what a wretched low-class, racist, jealous hater everyone recognize you to be. You knuckle-drag around SM trying but failing miserably to insult a beautiful, intelligent and classy woman who is loved and adored by millions and who you don’t even know personally🤔 No matter the amount of money and status you may have, you will still remain an insignificant commoner loser who lack class, integrity, respect and common human decency. So go try and THREATEN a fly or something that cannot defend themselves. I will still report you for good measure.🤮🤮💩💩
Myrtle Syd (5 months ago)
Thanks to best friend Jessica mullrony
esline Mills (5 months ago)
Myrtle Syd... The Duchess has great personal style anyway, the stylists have all said they have minimal input.
Amy Falcon (5 months ago)
So beautiful! ❤❤❤
Steven Daniel (5 months ago)
This beauty can do nothing wrong..........
Heleen Botha (5 months ago)
Meghan's wardrobe must seriously change. All her dresses looks bad on her. She must look out for someody else to fill her wardrobe. Sorry to say she looks better in a suit (trousers and a jacket).
Suzette Aljanabi (5 months ago)
Heleen Botha I am pretty sure you are in the tiny minority on that booo, Princess Meg wows the world in anything she wears
Heleen Botha (5 months ago)
I do not hate the royals . I am not  from the UK. I am neither ugly of jealous but straight forward. I do have the same tioe og body thats why I said so.
Heleen Botha (5 months ago)
Thank you Linda. I am glad someone else can see it also. She does not have the body for the tipe of dresses we saw on the tour. It does nothing for her, even the belt worthens her body tipe.Someone is just making money out of her for selling the wrong clothing to her that does not suits her.
Linda Williams (5 months ago)
+Suzette Aljanabi Look a here!! My options are my own just as yours are. You have no right to TELL me what I should stop doing. She does not look good in her dresses and could use a wardrobe make over. I'm not submissive of a bully.
Suzette Aljanabi (5 months ago)
Heleen Botha and Linda Williams stop hating, you know well Meg looks fabulous in whatever she put on, so if you really like her, stop feeding into the ugly jealous haters ideology.
Maureen Ndagire (5 months ago)
OMG💗💗💗💗💟💟💟💟WOO " Meghan! Beautiful couple xx
Anna Barbara (5 months ago)
Absolutely stunning exceptional beautiful dress! She has the best taste ever in the history of the Royals! I like her so much! And Harry looks very very handsome as well, he has changed a lot and looks healthier, fitter and slimmer!
c soto (5 months ago)
i admire them, how can they smile all day long....she really is the perfect wife for Harry... so much discipline, she always stands so upright....my admiration for this intelligent and beautiful women is endless...she deserves a wonderful man like Prince Harry...
Shiela Kerr (5 months ago)
This Duchess is very eloquent. I love how she does her own thing and owns what she believes work for her. Good job Duchess!
Patricoa Marcel (5 months ago)
Duchess Meghan, you are giving those men in that room palpitations. A stunning woman in a gorgeous gown, fantastic. Prince Harry, well done. You compliment each other. You are doing a a terrific job. Blessings to you both and your baby.
Patricoa Marcel (5 months ago)
+Evelynwashere 1 , note he is holding on as she speaks to the lady in the cream color attire.
Evelynwashere 1 (5 months ago)
I was thinking that, Harry had better stay close 😂😂❤️❤️❤️
Margaret Billy (5 months ago)
Lol too beautiful wow wow Lord have mercy. I wonder if that dress come in size 18 love love love it
M B (5 months ago)
Margaret love you coment
Darlene D. (5 months ago)
Another amazing dress....Meghan looks beautiful, just beautiful......Whoever helped her with her tour wardrobe is to be commended. Meghan has worn so many beautiful outfits throughout this Royal tour. Her choice of gowns for the formal engagements were all just perfect.......Her "baby bump" made her outfits unique and special........Her and Harry's special PDA moments made their first Royal tour unforgettable........I am so happy for them....They belong together, forever!
Lelia Hall (5 months ago)
Amazing Gown. You look incredible Duchess. As for everyones favourite Prince, you look wonderful also.
Carole Traynor (5 months ago)
Who's paying for all these clothes!! I can't afford a decent coat.
Red Bird (5 months ago)
+Linda Williams well I suppose it is a bit degrading if you are the princess having to perform the duty to ensure the monarchy continues. But people say it without being hateful.
Linda Williams (5 months ago)
+Red Bird Thank you for enlightening me, because I was under the impression that it was degrading. Learn something new everyday. 💕
Red Bird (5 months ago)
+Linda Williams he's called a spare because we say that is what a prince has to produce. An heir and a spare. Duty done. It's a saying and does not apply just to harry.
Suzette Aljanabi (5 months ago)
CLUB BRENDAN Look at you thing, as hateful and jealous as you want to be, lucky for us you are an insignificant pest that can be repelled easily.
Linda Williams (5 months ago)
+CLUB BRENDAN Kate is doing I'm sure what she feels is her duty, especially knowing Will is being prepped for his new position. Name calling and bashing is just not necessary. Harry and Meghan are not the first to rush into a marriage. " Broke people do the same thing" ppl should just settle back and let these two do their own thing
Gwen Marie (5 months ago)
Simply Gorgeous👍👍💯💯✨💃
Pat Samuel (5 months ago)
Wow! I am lost for words I think the Duchess has out did herself this time I think this is my favorite up to now sooo beautiful
claudia miranda (5 months ago)
I agreed , meghan is amazing , lovely , so sweet... Well done !! 👏💟
Margaret Nob (5 months ago)
You outdone yourself Duchess ! Amazing smart and beautiful. More blessings to you and your new family !
M B (5 months ago)
Class and Graceful.
Stephanie Dantzler (5 months ago)
Oh my goodness. I'm tired just watching their schedule. I give them much respect. Best wishes to the newlyweds.
A capello (5 months ago)
ANOTHER broth of HORSE shit ,ugly stupid dress,but FRESH FACE FILLERS,...common clowns,move a planet ,clean plastics by your self...yuak....!
Ab Ti (5 months ago)
Go girl 👧 show them how it’s done ✅ you’re really a lady 😘😘😘
Sabina Francois (5 months ago)
Yes she looks absolutely stunning. And they both look so happy together
Lystra Alexander (5 months ago)
Meghan u rock girl....
Cecilia VAN HEERDEN (5 months ago)
Baie mooi rok, regte matriek afskeid rok. 1x 'n aktrise, altyd 'n aktrise.
Marguerite Dawson (5 months ago)
A beautiful gown with a birds in flight pattern, a nod to wildlife conservation. Brilliant!
I AM (5 months ago)
Marguerite Dawson , Best comment yet, 👍👍👍
MsAquablue (5 months ago)
Marguerite well said did'nt think of the connection to wild life very fitting to wear.👌💑
Mireille B VAVAL (5 months ago)
Prince Harry amazing speech speaking the truth.
dwaltz123 (5 months ago)
Suggestion, lets wait until the Tour is over, then rank the outfits the Duchess wore. Just when you think the Duchess cannot top her last outfit she somehow manages to do just that. All while working and wearing heels. No tiara has been needed.
M B (5 months ago)
U r on spot
godisgomes (5 months ago)
That's my girl...making waves at the other side of the Pacific!
TheRange (5 months ago)
Whats another £10,000 to add to her £1.5 million clothes bill?! A drop in her ocean!!
ALS ALS (5 months ago)
+TheRange Quell your outrage and faulty math: Harry, Meghan, William, and Kate's work clothes, their office staff, travel for official outings, etc. are covered by the money Prince Charles gives them from HIS "Duchy of Cornwall income of about $28 million." This money does NOT come from the State or taxpayers. https://people.com/royals/meghan-markles-royal-wardrobe-heres-who-pays-for-it-and-why-she-cant-accept-free-clothes/
ALS ALS (5 months ago)
+Karlotta Continelli Further, they *PAY* for all the clothing and accessories they want through a trip to the store. Clothes sent to them by designers and which they choose to keep are PAID FOR. Items not wanted are sent back.
TheRange (5 months ago)
+esline Mills She should save that for when shes divorced...... again!!
TheRange (5 months ago)
+esline Mills She ''apparently'' had $5000000. In a YEAR she will have spent $2000000++ just on clothes let alone living expenses, so will be broke in 2 1/2 years!!
esline Mills (5 months ago)
TheRange... The Duchess was a multi-millionaire prior to marrying so why should she live like a pauper now?
Tumelanololita Ntshwene (5 months ago)
this lady is intelligent- the dress and the occasion(theme of event) blend together

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