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10 Worlds Most Venomous Snakes

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Snakes! Some are cute and others are very dangerous. Here are 10 of the world's most venomous snakes in the world. Subscribe for weekly wacky videos and learn interesting facts about the world with awesome top 10 lists and other amazing videos. 8 Taipan – The Taipan is large, fast moving and extremely venomous. They can be found in Australia and are considered some of the most deadly known snakes. The venom in a Taipan is strong enough to kill up to 12,000 guinea pigs. When bit by this snake, the venom works quickly to paralyze the victim’s nervous system and to clot the blood, blocking the blood vessels and blood clotting. Death usually occurs within 30 minutes to an hour. They prey mostly on small mammals, especially rats. 7 Death Adder - The Death Adder are native to Australia, New Guinea and nearby islands. The fittingly named Death Adder is among the most deadly snakes in the world. They are very viper-like in their appearance and have a short body and triangular shaped heads. The Death Adder has the quickest bite in the world and can strike and return to ready position in less than .1 of a second. It releases between 40 and 100mg of venom in one bite and it may cause paralysis or death within 6 hours. Antivenom is very effective in treating a bite from a Death Adder, mainly due to the somewhat slow onset of symptoms, but before the antivenom was developed, a Death Adder bite had a fatality rate of 50%. 6 Tiger Snake – Found in the southern regions of Australia, these snakes can kill its prey as quickly as 30 minutes or as long as 24 hours after a single bite. Once bitten by the Tiger snake, some symptoms include pain in the foot, neck, numbness, tingling and sweating. It will also cause difficulty breathing and paralysis. The good news is that when encountered, the Tiger snake’s first impulse is to flee – it will usually only attack when cornered. 5 Vipers – The most Venomous vipers in the world are the Chain Viper and the Saw Scaled Viper. These vipers are found in China, India, Central Asia, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Vipers are some of the most aggressive snakes and have a very short fuse. They are quick tempered and are often active after rains. They are also very fast. It doesn’t take a lot to get them riled up and they will strike quickly and with little warning. They stalk at night and the vipers bite is very painful and will leave you in excruciating pain. 4 Black Mamba – The Black Mamba can be found in Africa and is one of the most feared snakes there. It is one of the longest venomous snakes, measuring between 6 and 10 feet. There have even been reports of black mambas as long as 15 feet. When threatened, it will open its inky black mouth, spreads its narrow neck-flap and can sometimes hiss. It delivers its bites in rapid succession and is severely venomous. Depending on the nature of the bite, death can result at any time between 15 minutes and 3 hours. 3 Inland Taipan – This snake differs from the plain old Taipan snake in that it is the deadliest land snake in existence. It could kill 100 humans with its venom which is 50 times more potent than that of a Cobra. Although it is observed to be a rather shy reptile, when it does bite it has been known to strike up to 7 times. Its bite can kill a human in 45 minutes, although no fatalities have ever been recorded due to the rarity and non-aggressive nature of this snake. 2 Blue Krait – The Blue Krait is the deadliest snake in its species. Death rate of those bitten are 50%, even if antivenom is administered. Their venom is 16 times more potent than that of a Cobra. They are nocturnal and become more aggressive in dark situations. They differ from aggressive snakes in that they would rather hide than attack. When it does bite will cause paralysis with symptoms of cramps, spasms and tremors. It usually takes its prey between 6 and 12 hours before death after a bite. 1 Belcher’s Sea Snake – We saved the most deadly for last. The Belcher Sea Snake can be found in Northern Australian and Southeast Asian waters and has the most Venomous venom known to mankind. 1000 humans can be killed with one single bite. The Belcher Sea Snake is a pretty calm snake and it’s mostly the fisherman who pull up fishing nets from the sea who get bit most often. The snake rarely goes on land and actually breathes air but can hold its breath for 7 to 8 hours while hunting and sleeping underwater. Only 25 % of those bitten are envenomed, but if the venom were used its prey would die within 30 minutes. Have you ever had an encounter with a snake? Tell us about it in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more cool videos like this one. Thanks for watching!
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Allen Amores (9 hours ago)
Why is an ex-bestfriend not included here? They can be venomous too. And try to snatch your partner away. Lol
Rinas Hamza (1 day ago)
King cobra
Longevity Beats (1 day ago)
Australia? No thanks!😏😂
Wicked Hash (4 days ago)
Black mamba 100% mortality rate before Anti-Venom 100% rate of envenomation which means there's no such thing as a dry bite very fast-acting venom inland taipan mortality rate before anti-venom was a little over 80% fact! Russell's Viper eastern brown and coastal Taipan after that I think. Kraits 2. Gaboon viper quickest strike in the world
Eric (4 days ago)
The only item containing more crap than this video...Is the comments section. eg, The poster who mentions the "inland eastern taipan", wtf?
Tomi Adigun (5 days ago)
King cobra is missins
Ethan Frost (5 days ago)
I know the most venomous snake black headed sea snake also know as the belchers snake
Ethan Frost (5 days ago)
I know the most venomous snake black headed sea snake
Samir Sahil (5 days ago)
Hey this is the wrong video king cobra should be in number 1 and black mamba should be in number 2 understand
Alexis Gray (5 days ago)
1:29 how is it i love snakes and guinea pigs!?
Anthony Lloyd Remo (6 days ago)
They all look alike
Kace Edgington (7 days ago)
Umm where is Kevin Durant
tahira yasmeen (9 days ago)
I think most venomous is inland taipan according to my search
KM -WAVEzZz (9 days ago)
Forgot Kevin Durant
Jack in the Box (9 days ago)
1k likes plzzzzzz if i get 1k likes delete my YouTube channel
Matthew Tracy (11 days ago)
U are such a idiot the inland taipan is the most venomous snake ALIVE. U EVEV STATED THAT ONE BITE COULD KILL 100 FULL GROWN HUMAN
Tom tommy (12 days ago)
Danish Iqbal (12 days ago)
My fav is the black mamba but i wont mess with it
ako ito (12 days ago)
philippine cobra is the most venomous i think..how the other become most venomous than this species if philippine cobra could kill the human of its single bite w/in 30 minutes.. it's is not how aggressive snake is, it is how poisonous their bite is... #just saying..🙏🙏🙏🙏
bunny swirl (12 days ago)
How about king cobra
Matthew Schipper (13 days ago)
I live in North America and the rattlesnake doesn't rattle at a potential meal it only dose it for the first start of protection then if that doesn't work they bite
Matthew Schipper (8 days ago)
Where in the world did they hear that rattlsakes rattle at a potential meal that is just flat out dumb
Jack in the Box (9 days ago)
Yeah they don’t just kill for sport they bite to protect them self snakes are harmless if they don’t feel threatened
The King X (15 days ago)
Where is King Cobra
Ricky Taylor (19 days ago)
What species of rattle snake? 😓
Cadence Slowey (23 days ago)
thank you for this video! :)
Rolleaux Reddock (24 days ago)
desigan pillay (24 days ago)
I love snakes
Majek Swagger (24 days ago)
And yes many people have died from the Inland Taipan bite.
Majek Swagger (24 days ago)
Black Mamba is also the fastest snake in the world so that is a double whammy.
Lewis Scott (25 days ago)
how is the golden lancehead not on here
Isaac Hughes (25 days ago)
I live in Melbourne I mean in Australia I've been living here for 1 year and 3 months so that's normal with those fucking snakes 😔🤦🏽‍♂️
tHe tRoLl (26 days ago)
Video should be named ‘Top 10 Nopes in the world’
Michael Morthel (26 days ago)
Death-Adder=Golden Axe
Eric Johnson (27 days ago)
Death Adder is so beautiful
Anna Philip (28 days ago)
Blue Crait Should Be Switched With Vipers And Deadliest Viper Is Russels Viper
Error The Blue Glitch (28 days ago)
Inland taipan is the most deadlines venomous snake 0~0
Michael Dietz (29 days ago)
The black mamba is the most venomous snake
Roustam Baimatov (30 days ago)
Why the most poisonious snakes are always so beautiful? Oh I think the same goes with women:)
Billy Jean (1 month ago)
Ya your wrong the black mamba is the most venomous snake in the world get it right
Tim Fallon (1 month ago)
I'm going to get nightmares Jesus Christ
N O (1 month ago)
*_B l a c k M a m a_*
INVESTMENTS (1 month ago)
Thought for sure I would see my ex-girlfriend In this video
1972peacefrog (26 days ago)
My nkkkkkkkjnjkkkkqx()(?(?+07'((.'(.'(. OAe😙😍🤗😗😍🤗😍😍😍😍🙂😙☺️😀😃hi lpppo O L O Opportunities to be why I look at my office toopplpppp0plllp0
DeAndre Allen (1 month ago)
Event that W.I.M.P. name Landon Schuermann love snakes, spiders, and everything on that white people.
Janvincent Licudine (1 month ago)
Oh no the cobra is in phillipines too i have to be careful im in phillipines how about the jumping pit viper is ite venomouse
Billie elish Fan (1 month ago)
aM I tHe OnLY ONe WhO waS HerE FoR THe tHUmbNaIL
Anna Philip (1 month ago)
When You Said Vipers I Thought You Where Talking About Russels Vipers
ULTIMΛTΞ HUNTΞЯ (28 days ago)
Russell's VIPER IS the deadliest snake so go get ur facts right. *#WackyUniverse*
ULTIMΛTΞ HUNTΞЯ (27 days ago)
+Anna Philip anyways why not like my comment?
ULTIMΛTΞ HUNTΞЯ (27 days ago)
+Anna Philip UR a girl yeah I'm sure *_*
Anna Philip (28 days ago)
Just a btw russels viper is the most deadly viper in the world
ULTIMΛTΞ HUNTΞЯ (28 days ago)
+Anna Philip scientist just discovered that the new deadliest snake is the *GOLDEN LANCEHEAD VIPER* so it's my new favorite.
ULTIMΛTΞ HUNTΞЯ (28 days ago)
+Anna Philip Hi BTW my favorite animal is snake and my favorite type is *VIPER*
sugam Bista (1 month ago)
this is wrong where is easstern brown snake and inland taipan should be in2 number and blue krait should be replace by eastern brow n snake aall wrongg
William Robertson (1 month ago)
Actually... the most venomous and deadly snake in the world is the Brazilian golden lancehead
Hammer Head (1 month ago)
And I've got the biggest dick !So what ! No body Care's ! Comming up with the rent is more Scarry than any of these...
jao wow (1 month ago)
Why is the taipan placed 8th the inland taipan is the most venomous snake in the world
Tobe Hill (1 month ago)
World's 10 most efficient ways to speak too fast and leave no pauses
cristal stewart (1 month ago)
This is so incorrect
caca simholon (1 month ago)
I still love king cobra
burialrites (1 month ago)
Where’s the fir de lance
King Bryant84 (1 month ago)
Where Erika Costell
cyka (7 days ago)
lmao they hearted it
Douglas Layau (1 month ago)
so basically vipers are asian rattlesnakes?
Scott Logan (1 month ago)
Almost all of them are in Australia
Jonathon Coates (1 month ago)
Most venomous snake in the world is tucked in my underpants 😂😂😂
Ryan A (1 month ago)
All the snakes she mentioned had the most deadliest venom! Fuckkkk! So which one was the most dangerous one you stupid bitch lol
Kevin Daunais (1 month ago)
🤦🏻‍♂️check your facts before making an “informational” video
Jordan Askew (1 month ago)
I've had a close call with one
DeAndre Allen (1 month ago)
Snakes are so very dangerous.
matt matt (1 month ago)
List is bullshit
jojo Diaz (1 month ago)
Ew bendy and the ink machine snake is gross 🐍 🧀
D F (1 month ago)
Note to self: never visit any of these places 😱
Fred Kibble (1 month ago)
I stopped taking this seriously because of the rattle snake. they only shake their tail to let things know they are there, so they dont have to waste their venom. I know a lot about snakes. I was obsessed as a child. Plus, true sea snakes are not even snakes.
Jessica Wallace (1 month ago)
Sophie Wilson (2 months ago)
Y do they say rattle snake there's different kinds and I'm pretty sure the black mamba is the most deadliest
Peter Vang (2 months ago)
I've seen one Belcher's sea snake before
kerry Maharaj (2 months ago)
Humans more dangerous than snakes the most dangerous creture on earth are humans
Gamon64 (2 months ago)
Oh I'm good at estonia we have 1 venom snake and these are not many oh I m in good place
Paul Antoine (2 months ago)
Wow australia has the most poisonous snakes or what
Cosmic Castaway (1 month ago)
you're looking for venomous, not poisonous. huge difference.
Andy Peri (2 months ago)
What about the golden lancehead viper, gaboon viper?
dhalhannie Cruz (2 months ago)
Hey I live on Philippine
Liam Ordner (2 months ago)
from wiki: Belcher's sea snake has been erroneously popularized as the most venomous snake in the world, due to Ernst and Zug's published book "Snakes in Question: The Smithsonian Answer Book" from 1996. Associate Professor Bryan Grieg Fry, a prominent venom expert, has clarified the error: "The hook nosed myth was due to a fundamental error in a book called 'Snakes in question'. In there, all the toxicity testing results were lumped in together, regardless of the mode of testing (e.g. subcutaneous vs. intramuscular vs intravenous vs intraperitoneal). As the mode can influence the relative number, venoms can only be compared within a mode. Otherwise, its apples and rocks.". Studies on mice and human cardiac cell culture shows that venom of the inland taipan, drop by drop, is the most toxic among all snakes; land or sea. The most venomous sea snake is actually Dubois' seasnake
Dr. Insanity (2 months ago)
Mr. Davis (2 months ago)
You should say western diamond back for rattlesnakes
Obbieboy Bayoneto (2 months ago)
Yes, these are the most venomous snakes, but these are not the deadliest. Deadly means deaths. The saw-scaled and russell's viper, the black mamba, the fer-de-lance, the cobras and kraits. They kill thousands of humans every year, yet their venoms are mild compared with the most venomous snakes. If you have half a brain, you will not correlate toxicity with deaths. The inland taipan, widely considered the most venomous snake, has caused ONE human fatality in recorded history. The Russell's viper kills 25,000 people in India alone EVERY YEAR! The saw-scaled viper - 20,000 in Africa, 5,000 in India yearly. A hundred thousand bites, not all fatal, are reported for the Indian cobra yearly. So, before you knock Australia, smart up and contemplate on what I have posted.
Jesse Martinez (2 months ago)
Where KD at???
Heilar Rondael (2 months ago)
not accurate enough, do more research. i want to learn more but some info arnt right
Alicia Madden (2 months ago)
this video is incorrect. all of the actual top 10 are from australia and the inland taipan is #1
The Man Who Laughs (2 months ago)
Caspian cobra is the venomous of all cobras
Maria Gu (2 months ago)
Maria Gu (2 months ago)
Can find in Australia ...... Kill me i live in AUSTRALIA
I live in tasmania where tiger snakes are native
calebsocrazy 2 (2 months ago)
calebsocrazy 2 (2 months ago)
Sharlene Martin (2 months ago)
WELL VIPERS IS VERY CLEAR! The Tiger Snake is a viper!!!how come that’s not in for number 5
Sharlene Martin (2 months ago)
For the Philippine cobra,you showed a pic of both the Mozambique spitting cobra And the cape cobra
Hi I watch Mr beast (2 months ago)
I live in the Philippines we are going camping this month I am now scared a Philippine cobra will attack us!!🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
Taitafola Sofara (2 months ago)
And Randy Orton is the poisonous viper in the world.
Anirban Samanta (2 months ago)
Do a search for LD50, this entire list is fucking wrong. Apart from lacking a basic understanding of venom, you lack the ability to run a simple internet search, I wonder how you guys learn to make videos. The friend who sent me this, is getting unfriended.
William Bush (2 months ago)
Also the most potent and deadly snake is the inland taipan
William Bush (2 months ago)
This chick is dumb af the death adder is not the fastest striking the fastest striking snake is a black mamba
Nila Rk (2 months ago)
why king cobra is not included??
Maisalle Torrelino (2 months ago)
King cobra can kill an elephant its loyal too! :)
Gabriel Santos (2 months ago)
TLDR; Stay away from Australia and South East Asia
Dominic (2 months ago)
Honey badger needs to migrate to Australia
TheDemon Gamer ! (2 months ago)
This person is idoitic
Holly Frederick (2 months ago)
I live in a place in America where you can find tons of rattle snakes one of them killed my dog and my friend survived but got bitten by one.

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