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Seven Nation Army (Glitch Mob Remix) - Lyric Video

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Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2QJKrLp Follow The Glitch Mob on SoundCloud: http://bit.ly/2BFqT5m The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army (Glitch Mob Remix), Lyric Video Created By: Gabe Prusa Comment, Like, Subscribe!
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Text Comments (90769)
عبدالله محمد (12 minutes ago)
well this music is the best
Abhinav s nair (44 minutes ago)
"How it feels to chew 5 gum??" Me:well this is it........
Peyton Boyd (58 minutes ago)
I showed this song to nothing Nothing happened
damn daniel (1 hour ago)
I showed this to my mom, Now she's my Grandma
TunaS (1 hour ago)
Ooooo Robin Van Persie
Goldentime3 (1 hour ago)
what if those armies are us army, russian army chinese army, indian army, french army, japanese JSDF, south korean army?
Marcelo Betanco (2 hours ago)
Guys we should play this when charging into area 51
stillcryinq (2 hours ago)
i showed this to myself do i need to explain anymore?
BUSH'S BAKED BEANS (2 hours ago)
My new ringtone
Keanu Reeves (2 hours ago)
Beat drops harder than ProJared's subscribers.
Quire (3 hours ago)
Why are 99.9% of the comments about: I showed this to...
kopa shamsu (4 hours ago)
I showed this to my butt hole It's a black hole now.
Yapod (5 hours ago)
I showed this to Tanos He's not inevitable anymore.
Agua de calzon
Jordan motyl (6 hours ago)
I played Roblox once...and this song came on and it legit turned into a crazy most pit.
Thomas Lurey (6 hours ago)
I showed this to my 30mm GAU-8, now it shoots at 5000rpm
CaptainFever (7 hours ago)
Showed this to weather nothing happened
Domy Comedy (7 hours ago)
I'm going to play this at the area 51 raid.
mhk198823 (7 hours ago)
Nadia Moya (7 hours ago)
Come at me girl let me show you what happens!!!! KR back down bitch!!
Akash Pawar (9 hours ago)
Clay Davies (9 hours ago)
Lalish Lol (10 hours ago)
Best part is 1:03
Serpent115 (10 hours ago)
the last thing that dropped this hard was the soviet union
[Name_Goes_Here] (10 hours ago)
I showed this to a vegan Now he eats meat harder than me
the watcher (11 hours ago)
I felt like I had a power of a whole tectonic plate
Rogério De Oliveira (12 hours ago)
zz A25 (12 hours ago)
If I ever rob a bank I'll play this song while escaping
dino novosel (12 hours ago)
I showed this to my imaginary friends !! They like it a lot ...
Oobi Hand Extra (12 hours ago)
I showed this to Coop Burtonburger He became a Burger
Exodus (13 hours ago)
I showed it to my egg. It’s still an egg. He did like it tho.
gaming streamer (14 hours ago)
Best remix fovever
Frank Fontaine (14 hours ago)
I showed this to Columbia Now, its Rapture #Bioshock
David Salvador (14 hours ago)
Ok now to area 51
Gorfic StarShadow (15 hours ago)
Area 51 raid song. We have a seven nation army!!! Fall in!
Shen (15 hours ago)
Sa beyler.
Anonymous Gamer (15 hours ago)
I showed this to my station wagon it's now a Bugatti
Saint Punk (16 hours ago)
I showed it to my brother He became a UFC champion
Kyle E (16 hours ago)
I showed this to my car, It started driving me
Infectious Sheep (16 hours ago)
play this at area 51 please
deuclesiana de castro (15 hours ago)
March to area 51. I salute who makes it inside
NANOE09 (16 hours ago)
la wea mala
Kayla Da Gamer (18 hours ago)
This beat dropped harder than Hiroshima in ww2
Dannyboi417 ._. (18 hours ago)
Wake up samurai we have a city to destroy
one 4 all (18 hours ago)
I showed this to my baby brother I'm the baby brother now
ilker Masa (19 hours ago)
I showed comments to this song Now it's doesn't a song
bushy gamer651 (20 hours ago)
The beat dropped so hard that a certain Austrian man failed his art class
benjeddou monem (20 hours ago)
Me and the boys gonna play it on area 51 raid
-MARAWI GAMING- (21 hours ago)
Theres 2 things you need 1.get earphone/headphone 2.feel the music inside your body
Weirdo 878 (21 hours ago)
The beat dropped harder than my balls when it's 100 degrees out
I showed this to a german dude with a nice moustache Now his a supreme leader of the german army
I showed this to my pet turtle The fuck? Why is it biting my earphones?
Anonymous User (21 hours ago)
I played this to Soviet Russia, And the food ate the people.
Wolffzy T (22 hours ago)
Showed this song to the people The people memed the comment section
jecksan (23 hours ago)
beat dropped harder than the russian revolution
Ivan Akhid (23 hours ago)
I play this on my old version youtube Its force closed
Sergey Julyan (1 day ago)
battlefield 1yye cool game
Skomis P (1 day ago)
Me:plays this music Dad:stop Me:why Dad:we got speakers down in the basement Dad:plays this music with the speakers Neighbors:stop me and dad: why Neighbors:we got bigger speakers Neighbors:plays this music with the our speakers and neighbors Police:stop us:PLEASE DONT ARREST US police:we got 200 bigger speakers police:plays this with 200 speakers USA army:stop police and us :PLEASE DONT PUT US IN THE ARMY PRISON USA army :we got army fields full of speakers USA army:plays them all EARTH:plays instantly after hearing USA army speakers Aliens from other galaxy:ah f*ck i can't believe you done this
Potato Occelot (1 day ago)
Showed this to my doctor Now he has 5 minutes left to live
Horseless Prince (1 day ago)
I showed this a creeper Now he is a charged creeper
Zhaximation (1 day ago)
I showed this to the Illagers Now they started raiding my villages
Landon Taylor (1 day ago)
Showed this to Dio. Then he obtained the world
Conowen WN (1 day ago)
*Germany during WW2*
walking up to area 51 dual wielding axe spray cans be like
*insert battlefield joke here*
I played this on a loudspeaker... *_My neighbors broke my window with a rock to hear it better._*
Legit1 (1 day ago)
stop putting this in my recommended god damitfffffffffff
Daniel B (1 day ago)
Kyper Gaming (1 day ago)
The beat dropped harder than my boner after my gf pulls out hers
BlockLoL (1 day ago)
Залайкайте что бы иноземцы поразмыслили дескать российский что то крутое написал))))
Hey, I’m Aiko (1 day ago)
Showed this to my chair Now it’s sitting on me
Ryan Barnett (1 day ago)
showed this to area 51 they're joining us in the raid
Pillow man (1 day ago)
Can we play this at Area 51?
Bayron Reyes (1 day ago)
There are two reasons why i love this song; 1- battlefield 2- comments
Carter Adams (1 day ago)
this is the song that will play during the raid while a10s will roar with bullets
The Muneh (1 day ago)
I forgot how ear rape this song was
sobs in bisexual (1 day ago)
That beat dropped harder than my grades
Lucas QRS (1 day ago)
showed this to a friend he said: "have you seen the anti-nightcore version?" i said: "the what?" he shows it to me the rest you can see for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PM7iibrcLEQ
MirlixWorld (1 day ago)
Она так ахуенна что я под нее сейчас мастурбирую!
isis u better run because the seven nation is coming isis.
Smileless Crymore (1 day ago)
this showed cat to dog is now
Desteny Andrade (1 day ago)
This is a very good fucking song mostly when it has this remix oof 🤰🏾
Leroy Manzo (1 day ago)
That beat was *DISGUSTANG* 😭👌🔥
Konnor Steels (1 day ago)
2199:hmmmmmm this classic music is pretty gooood
6Lysso 6 Daimones6 (1 day ago)
This song gives me more determination than Megalomania
MeMeS cUrE LiFe (1 day ago)
Dang that beat dropped harder than me falling down my stairs
isaac johnson (1 day ago)
i was a normal 20 year old virgin now i’m immune to herpes
Mask the legend (1 day ago)
Showed this to my black friend Now he is wh- FBI OPEN UP
Urmomsans (1 day ago)
i showed this to your mom she started eating me
Cody Dobbins (1 day ago)
I showed this to my ears They are now bleeding
Connor H (1 day ago)
And under this for me is bohemian rhapsody
Connor H (1 day ago)
2:36 GET READY MEN (Battlefield 1 trailer)
Putin Vladimir (1 day ago)
Con este tema me levanto atentamente Vladimir Putin mano dura
ODST Lieutenant Nic (1 day ago)
Also why do the drums sound like the Minecraft sound when you jump on slime blocks?
Awsome_Jaydee (1 day ago)
When it’s round 250 on origins
Fiercetooth (1 day ago)
*Get ready men!*
Dominick Schwutke (1 day ago)
I showed this to a Minecraft Villager Now he's Notch
Big Boss (1 day ago)
I played this to a quiet kid at my school Now he bring M16 to my school
gerololxd Ramos (1 day ago)
rotten apple (1 day ago)
i played this song on a loudspeaker on full volume and the floor literally started shaking

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