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SQL Foreign Key Constraints

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Jamie King of Neumont University showing what are and how to add foreign key constraints.
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Kyle Rebstock (5 months ago)
this is goood stuff! Thanks Jamie!
Gollum Ei (9 months ago)
Dat voice crack do xD
MLBson09 (10 months ago)
another cOnStRaInT lmao that voice crack
lpbug (4 months ago)
damn i cannot stop laughing and replaying
farazur rehman (1 year ago)
junior rodriguez (2 years ago)
Q: When you changed the owner ID to 20, it should have created an error since LicensePlate is the primary key--Did you do update  ?--ALSO I am watching all of your videos they are awesome
Osuoa (3 years ago)
Bob Bobbert :D awesome
Ribas (4 years ago)
Thank you Bob :-) ....
UnlockedDeru (5 years ago)
Thank you so much! You kept me from many more hours of pain and suffering! 
Christian Petersen (5 years ago)
Bob Bobbert :))
MrDeedeeck (6 years ago)
thank you for making these videos!! your explanation is really clear and helpful :)
Shazwi Suwandi (6 years ago)
that's awesome haha... forgot to subscribe... ;P
Jamie King (6 years ago)
Thanks. They are coming slowly as I roll out my courses.
Shazwi Suwandi (6 years ago)
Hey I noticed no comments and too few views... Thanks for making these videos... It helps me a lot :) I'm currently doing a module on database management. Keep making em videos!

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