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Historical costumes - renaissance

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juliarenaissancecost (6 years ago)
I really enjoy your watching your video and love the music - please can you tell the name of the piece of music and the artist please - thank you
Vulpecula (6 years ago)
I need some help. I am trying to put together a costume / persona and I am wondering where I can get clothing and the works that are correct to the middle ages and the renaissance. Thanks in advance.
Vulpecula (6 years ago)
I need some help and I am hoping that someone can assist me. I am trying to put together a persona / costume and I need to know of a reliable and historically correct place to but clothing and the works. Can anyone tell me where?
Lenduror (7 years ago)
thank you :)
Maureen Benfer (7 years ago)
Well done they are very well designed after the paintings.
D' Lynn (7 years ago)
beautiful and great accuracy to the period and dynasties! enjoyed watching this!
Emily Cragg (7 years ago)
Today ... we can CHOOSE any style we can imagine. Imagine that!
Ana Seymour (1 year ago)
Emily Cragg Yeah but we don't wear clothes like that we usually wear jean pants, t-shirts...
Lenduror (8 years ago)
thank you, yes they are hand made....
alicein13 (8 years ago)
hey, beautiful costumes, they look handmade?

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