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Renaissance Dress Spotlight & Announcement - McCall's M7763

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New pattern! https://mccallpattern.mccall.com/m7763 Thank you guys so much for all the support on my previous announcement video (and the pattern itself) I appreciate it so so much! I hope you guys like this one too, and hearing a bit about my design logic :) There are more patterns to come, too, so keep an eye out! Chemise pattern: https://butterick.mccall.com/b4486 Wrong period, similar concept for self drafting one: http://www.marquise.de/en/1700/howto/frauen/18chemise.shtml The fabrics for this dress were purchased from fabric mart. The gauze was from jo-anns, and the jacquard ribbon was NOS purchased on etsy. Some of the references used during design (there were lots more): https://www.pinterest.com/pin/333266441153022370/ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/333266441154071793/ Stockings were from sockdreams Rings were from ebay Shoes (this is an affiliate link): http://www.american-duchess.com/kensington-18th-century-shoe-oxblood-red?tracking=59f69b6887bc2 Buckles (this is an affiliate link): http://www.american-duchess.com/charlotte-18th-century-shoe-buckles?tracking=59f69b6887bc2 ✩✩✩ If you are feeling generous, you can help support the channel! Patreon offers you access to my videos early, as well as other exclusive content. https://www.patreon.com/angelacostumery https://ko-fi.com/angela Youtube likes to mark my videos as 'not suitable for all advertisers' because its algorithm is broken. Ad revenue doesn't cover material costs for most projects featured in videos; much less a wage for the time spent filming and editing. ✩✩✩ If you are interested in seeing more of my work or contacting me, I'll leave links to my various sites below! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/angelacostumery FAQ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v11BCwg8nyA Blog: https: http://angelacostumery.com Portfolio: http://angelaclayton.crevado.com/ Email: [email protected] [serious inquires only please!] ✩✩✩ About me: My name is Angela Clayton, I’m a twenty year old designer and seamstress who is currently living on Long Island, in NY. I’ve been sewing for five years and focused on period costumes and original designs for the last three. I make costumes for fun and to expand my skill set so I can hopefully get a job in the industry someday. Check out my FAQ linked above to hear more about me, and any of the other sites to see more of my work! I can be contacted with inquires about paid work via the email above. ✩✩✩ My patterns (go buy them!): https://mccallpattern.mccall.com/product-search?ref=angela%20clayton My sewing machines include: Singer Heavy Duty 4423, Singer Industrial 191D-20, Singer 15-30 Meet my sewing machines video! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5EDJcLWc8Y My dress form is a 10-12 display form from buystoreshelving.com My reference books: https://angelacostumery.com/2016/11/22/historical-costume-reference-book-reviews/ How I do my hair! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fhs2Cm_V4S4 ✩✩✩ Tutorials (features actual sewing): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdTZ9CkQkLw&list=PLk1yJujskxaCkKiH2o8OZCSC_m_N5x7Sy Making of Videos (features actual sewing): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9gJFnBFNt0&list=PLk1yJujskxaAChH5mHmpt5TZz8DykQ31d Progress Log Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WT3GlQltff0&list=PLk1yJujskxaCHy-iWxPaRTLLRboj7HF7o Project Vlogs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH9_KuLg8jc&list=PLk1yJujskxaBFlF4x3H8gmiJ9LfWQ6y92 ✩✩✩ Egmont Overture Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (278)
teceyS3 (26 days ago)
what a gorgeous gown <3
Minka F (1 month ago)
O splendid! Congratulations! The recognition of your talents is well deserved!
Verna (2 months ago)
I love renaissance chlothes and items. Wondelful channel!<3
Sun Set (2 months ago)
Your makeup looks good here.
Gabriella Skye (4 months ago)
Do a photoshoot series inspired by historical paintings and I am so making this dress now
Kate Parker (4 months ago)
I'm currently using your M7885 (modified a little) to make a 2015-edition Cinderella ballgown! The bodice is the PERFECT shape! I also purchased this one and will modify it to use for a Rapunzel costume! It's so helpful to have a historically accurate starting point (most commercial patterns designed for Disney costuming/cosplay are extremely subpar). Love love love it, and congrats on your success!
Alaska Cosplay (4 months ago)
I bought your pattern for a cosplay of mine and I love love love it!!! Although I used 4 times the amount of boning recommended, graded the pattern to accomodate a longer torso and since Im male and I crossplay female characters, and I wore a petticoat to make the skirt more poofy. I love your works! Keep up the good work.
Rena Godfrey (5 months ago)
I just bought this pattern, I’m so excited!!
Jonathan Carlone (5 months ago)
Omg I can’t believe your the girl that does the McCall historical patterns I’m so overwhelmed I’m definitely picking up your designs and I’m also someone who loves the 1950s 😂😂 I’m so happy for you and I definitely would love to follow you on Instagram if possible and you are just so incredible you are a big inspiration to me and many others and I for one am extremely thankful 😘😘
Crazy Kanthan (6 months ago)
FunctionofLight One (6 months ago)
Congrats. This is something to be so proud of.
Mediocre Cosplay (6 months ago)
I just bought this pattern last week for the poofy sleeves to add to my cosplay and was looking for video references on historical costumes and stumbled across your video. Its cool seeing the thought process behind the pattern and the person who made it. So cool hope you get to make more.
Frostie The Bard (6 months ago)
Isn't there another one? I think the pattern is m7826 (i may be wrong there). It looks like its similar to this one just the sleeves aren't puffy.
Cynthia Basil (7 months ago)
I really appreciate the button sleeve. I've mad tie sleeves and it was frustrating when they wouldn't stay tied. Love the trim alternative. I did buy this pattern can't wait to try.
Kuro Wanwan (7 months ago)
Could you do a video covering different shapes of puff sleeves and how to altar the pattern shape to create them? Your videos are so helpful and I can't seem to find much of that type of information around.
Cassandra Stelter (7 months ago)
This is such a gorgeous, gorgeous dress and I can't wait to get into one. Do you have the hat pattern at all?!
kim thongdee (8 months ago)
Hello I picked up your pattern at Joannes I’m try to make a dress similar to the red and gold dress lucrezia Borgia . Do you have any advice to make sleeves and a bodice like her dress? Here is a link to the picture https://pin.it/oudcwawhvrbpad
Joyce K (8 months ago)
Nice dress but even nicer use of the Egmont Overture
Allie G (8 months ago)
Yes we love out takes! Was that your Dad? He sounds kinda cool ☺
Allie G (8 months ago)
Very cool!
Caitlin Robertson (9 months ago)
Could you tell me how long this took you to make?
Brandy Gass (9 months ago)
Love you videos. Would love to see you take a historical gown and transform it into a wearable modern dress.
victoria harti (9 months ago)
Bre Ann (9 months ago)
As a long islander I feel like I need to attempt this. But would fail horribly. Oh how I wished you filled a tutorial where I could follow along.
Oh my god, I absolutely need this💘
mysummertouch (10 months ago)
Brenda Rapetti (10 months ago)
unfortunately I can't give a "like" on the same video multiple times. ^^
Happy Neek (10 months ago)
Beautiful dress!
Borgia Moods
Sara Adams (11 months ago)
Gorgeous work! I hope I'll be able to pick this one up when Joann's has another sale. Historical costuming is also what got me interested in sewing. Really loving the flow to this one
iHeart187 (11 months ago)
I need some help altering the bodice to fit. The shoulders seem wayy too big and there is gaping in the front and back around the neckline. How can I fix this? ):
Jonii Bryant (11 months ago)
I am going to be buying this pattern this weekend and I wondered - will you be doing sewing tutorials for these the way Mimi G does for her sewing patterns? That would be so great! Also, I'm not sure what you have next but I am hoping you and McCall's will consider your Halloween Redingote as a costume pattern. That would be boss! :-)
Ari Olmedo (11 months ago)
I tried to buy your other pattern, and it only goes to size 18- which is my commercial size and very definitely not my pattern size :( I'm sad because it's nearly perfect for a cosplay I have planned. Do you or anyone have any tips for expanding a pattern?
kim thongdee (11 months ago)
Please make more patterns!! Lol if you could make a lucrezia borgia costume I bet it would be amazing
bloodfan101 (1 year ago)
luv it I bought this pattern now I just need to get material
Katie Litchfield (1 year ago)
Absolutely love this pattern, I'm making my first Renaissance dress right now from a different pattern, I can't wait to make this one!
Carrie Hunt (1 year ago)
This is beautiful! You are incredibly talented! I look forward to collecting your patterns as you design them. I haven’t sewn for years, but I do still collect the patterns.
Irini Wiersma (1 year ago)
Just got the pattern! Planning on making it in July just in time for my favorite festival. I really would love the chemise pattern before then if possible! Because it is just so pretty :)
Paul Deland (1 year ago)
It occurred to me when I viewed the amazing heavy layers & fabrics of the clothing from the Renaissance in pictures at museums or in art books that this was needed because there was no central heating. They lived in drafty palaces & homes so all those layers made life uncomfortable during the winter months. But I am unsure how they survived dressed like this during the summer time. Historical research indicates that Europe actually went through a mini-ice age for a few hundred years so even the summer temperatures may have been cooler during that time period.
Cheyenne Wise (1 year ago)
Just picked this pattern up! Really excited to play around with it!
Madison Lewis-Bennett (1 year ago)
I bought the Victorian pattern but I'm not planning on utilising it just yet. I got it for about 3.99 because I was shopping on their website on a whim and I just happened to have found they were having a costume sale. I'm taking my time getting all of the materials so that I can wear it to my local anime convention next year.
Great job hun.
Kimberly Haggard (1 year ago)
Just Purchased M7763, Love it!
Lisa Ebl (1 year ago)
this was great. I may go buy this pattern, i've been wanting something like this to make but never had confidence in what I was buying, but with your explanations of everything I believe it will be an enjoyable experience.
Katherine Hamar (1 year ago)
This costume spotlight totally gives the impression of a Renaissance Lady making her way to and from church :)
p t (1 year ago)
AHatredOfEs (1 year ago)
This is so great! And it's size exclusive (to a point) which is AMAZING!!!!!!
Lady Cottontail (1 year ago)
What about the headdress?
Ashley Caulfield (1 year ago)
I can't wait to get both patterns! Your work is stunning! Thank you for sharing it!
Janita Billingham (1 year ago)
Both of your patterns just arrived in the mail, I'm so incredibly excited to begin sewing <3 love from Australia
Kelly Williams (1 year ago)
You do such a thorough job! I just ordered both patterns in the biggest sizes I could get. I'd love to see you do plus size versions. I'm a 3X, and I mean a REAL 3X, which I think translates to a size 26 in the skinny world. I'm Scottish, with a bagpipe playing son, and love attending Highland Games. I think tartan (plaid) straight across my fat rear end is something nobody wants to see. I've been looking for a maxi-skirt length dress where the plaid is set diagonally and yours is first pattern that might could do it for me. I love my tartan and have yards and yards of it. On the other hand, if I can't figure out how to upsize the pattern, I'll give up on using my tartan (at least for the skirt part) and choose another fabric to make the 2nd pattern that coordinates with my tartan. Maybe use the tartan for the edging. I'm a leatherworker and a historical costume maker too, but am not anal about making it historically accurate. If it looks good and looks true to the period, I'll go with it. I'm all for modern conveniences! lol! I vend at events like Renfairs and Highland Games and have to be in costume for many of them, even though I really prefer a t-shirt and jeans. So finding a somewhat historically looking costume that doesn't make me look like the broad side of a barn, has been challenging. I love to make costumes for other people, but I don't love to wear them, especially when I'm on my feet all day vending at these events.
Terri Juanette (1 year ago)
LOVE to watch you sew, hear you talk, watch your 'haul' videos...just about anything. I find them inspirational. Thanks! BTW, what is the TV show you mentioned at around 2:31 ?
Sarah Bent (4 months ago)
The Borgias.
FoolOfATook (1 year ago)
The Fiery One (1 year ago)
This dress is everything I have been dreaming of. THANK YOU <3 <3 <3
Felippe Boisvert (1 year ago)
Hello Angela ! I would like to know where you buy fabric by the « bolt » Thanks you. :)
puppy52 (1 year ago)
Wonderful! Love the movement of the dress :D
Kirsten Paff (1 year ago)
I went to a really interesting exhibit at the Metropolitan Art Museum in New York yesterday called Visitors to Versailles. The exhibit included some incredibly well preserved 18th century outfits. If you get a chance, I would highly recommend going.
Irati Caballero (1 year ago)
I'm in love! I've been craving for a pattern like this for so long. Thank you for all your effort, it's really appreciated <3
Izy Hilbert (1 year ago)
Yay! Just ordered it. can't wait until you do an 18th-century pattern!
Rachel Marks (1 year ago)
Congrats on your partnership with McCall's. You are super thoughtful in your process. :)
Haffina (1 year ago)
I was so excited to see your patterns on McCall's. So super happy for you.
Victoria White (1 year ago)
I live in the UK and am not sure where i can get my hands on this pattern, does anybody have any advice? thank you!
hydrangeas (1 year ago)
This style of dress is really nice except for the sleeves. I would wear this style if not for the huge balloons on my arms lol
SailorSun22 (1 year ago)
I just bought a pattern from them and saw your pattern featured in the brochure they sent me alongside it!
illiopea (1 year ago)
I love it! Thanks so much for the pattern and offering so much insight into your process. Is there any chance you might do a tutorial on how alter the pattern for lace-on sleeves, using the flat version without the poof?
Lance Eckels (1 year ago)
Just discovered your channel. I must say you are a young woman of vision and diligence. And one with tremendous poise! I am excited by your career prospects!!
Vanessa Haugen (1 year ago)
Just purchased mine! Been waiting for this pattern to hit the stores!
Vivian Mansfield (1 year ago)
Way to go on making 1st place on the dressmaker list for youtube! https://blog.feedspot.com/dressmaking_youtube_channels/
Sew much fun to learn (1 year ago)
oh my God... i swear you are so talented. that make up and dress like... pretty...love it. i love seeing you sewing. ☺️
R Pierce (1 year ago)
Love it!
Kayde Zimmerle (1 year ago)
This is awesome! My sewing skills are at about intermediate-beginner level...I have grand aspirations to make something amazing like this, but I have curves and I'm not confident on fit and alterations, and am concerned I'll just spend a ton of time and money on something that won't fit. :( I know you typically draft your own patterns, but would you ever consider doing a tutorial on pattern alterations? You could invite a "guest" that has a different body type than you, and could recreate the dress using this pattern and making the necessary adjustments. I know alterations and pattern fitting are technically a whole different skill set, but it would be super helpful! Or maybe someone can recommend a YouTuber that does something similar?
lafeil (1 year ago)
I like how design this pattern .
Pip Moore (1 year ago)
I rarely write on these boards, cause I watch from my Apple TV, but your channel is the first one I go to each week to see if you have any new videos and I love all your costumes and will definitely ad this pattern to my collection
Atlas (1 year ago)
just wanted to say, i love hearing you talk about your costume! you sound so happy to talk about it when describing it, i can hear your smile! this is a beautiful design and an absolutely gorgeous finished product 💕
Katie Elspeth (1 year ago)
We DO love outtakes, no lie. I really appreciated hearing the thought process behind why you made the design choices you did, I hope you will continue to do that for future designs! It was nice to hear that you considered both the needs of the customers, and what is already on the market.
Sky Strife_Gaming (1 year ago)
I'd love to see more Renaissance patterns in stores and im so glad you put one out! I've been looking around for some for the ren faire in Las Vegas but havent had much luck! Love love love your videos!
Grotto Serpentina (1 year ago)
Angela, you are such a creative genius!
Groot Groove (1 year ago)
Woohoo! Awesome congratulations Angela!!!!
Cerebro.crash (1 year ago)
Hi Angela I sent you an email about 7732. I know your a wizard and I need some help with the 1890's. Also now I really want both patterns because I love the way you built 63. Ooo 💚
Ryan Maloney (1 year ago)
You are so amazing at what you do
Jo B (1 year ago)
Aww no bigger sizes :(
Pernille Makholm (1 year ago)
Congratulations, Angela! This is amazing. Also thrilled to hear about the fantastic sales of the first one. YAY! I still haven't gotten my copy yet. I will though. I think it will make my process of making museum clothing af lot easier. Allthough I will have to cut down on the prettyness a bit compared to your sample dress - allthough i loooove that one! <3 It's just... I'm only a village weaver, an no way I would have looked that much like a fine lady. ;) The silhouette however is probably just right. I'll call a shop right away and have them order it for me! YES! :) Good job, Girl. Proud of you. Keep it up! :)
Zonbi's Workshop (1 year ago)
Congrats on your partnership with McCalls! The dress is beautiful and I love all the thought you put into everything <3
Mary Napier (1 year ago)
I am so very happy for you. What a beautiful and thoughtfully designed dress!!Bravo young lady, BRAVO!!!!!
nic evers (1 year ago)
All hail the sewing Renaissance!! Good job McCall's for picking this gem of a girl up!!
benny graham (1 year ago)
you did that.
Lynn Maupin-Simpson (1 year ago)
How about mid 14th century dress pattern.
LolitaLogicandTruth (1 year ago)
I'm SO happy for you. You deserve this McCall's deal and you're just so talented.
Kylie Perry (1 year ago)
You sounded almost like you were going to burst into giggles in the voice over at times. Whatever was amusing you, I'm glad you had fun!
Helen Rupert (1 year ago)
Got mine!!
goddesofwolves (1 year ago)
I love this!!!!! Must make many of these!!
Mad Cosplay (1 year ago)
I just devoured this video. Great garment, excellent choice of colors it really compliments your skin tone. I'm so happy that it's selling well! You deserve it! Keep on doing this great job!
Kim Brazell (1 year ago)
So glad they are doing the patterns in the larger sizes. I am super happy you have more patterns.I have paused the video to write these comments. I am hoping to be able to get these in Australia.
Amethyst Samia (1 year ago)
That is beautiful! How much fabric does it take to make that? It looks like yards and yards and yards of yards! Beautiful!
Aubrey Victoria (1 year ago)
I WANT ONE! an angela ....but i guess ill settle for her pattern haha
Aerin Gossett (1 year ago)
You're already so good at what you do- I think you are going to be hugely successful in your costuming life. :)
cassandra Stryffe (1 year ago)
People DO love outtakes! LOL I'm so very happy for you! I've been hoping for YEARS to see some of your patterns in stores, since your blog was reddish and on blogspot, long before I found you you on youtube. The first time I read your blog, the newest piece you had up was the short forest fairy dress, if tells you anything about how long I've been stalking your work. :) (Not in a creepy way, I promise!)
Simone_eg (1 year ago)
I am so happy! I finally had money to buy your first pattern and now I can buy both your patterns at once and they were discounted at that! I cannot wait to start sewing but now I will have to choose which to do first :') I love the way you keep in mind how the costumes have to be put on without help and costs effective sewing! I have been in love with your costuming for years and creating a costume with your pattern is such a dream :) anyway! keep your awesome work going!
Tabitha Maywald (1 year ago)
I'm so happy for you I watched this video twice! I love the costume, and am seriously considering purchasing it, but ... I'm a size 36DD/34E ... How exactly would I even begin to make this fit? (I have this problem often, any input would be nice :)
Tigresa (1 year ago)
your work is excellent thank you congrats!

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