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Skid Steer How to pick the best brand, the right size & choose between Tires or Tracks...

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How to pick the best skid loader, including the right brand, the correct size & which is better- Tires or Tracks. If you could only buy ONE-this will help you choose the right one. A skidloader is the #3 piece of Must have landscaping equipment. Skid steer tracks on amazon: https://amzn.to/2KvaDHt The OTT track company in this video: www.tracksandtires.com
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kvmosley79 (1 day ago)
I didn’t hear it mentioned but a major advantage of track machines is lifting capacity, a lot more.
BizarreSmalls (2 days ago)
My dad just got 2 new Cat 289D loaders with tracks. They also offer a similar track system to the ASV positrack (found that out a few minutes ago), but he got the standard track system. His business does commercial concrete (for the most part. Also some construction and site grading) so it involves lots of rock, concrete chunks, and more. The positrack system from the VERY LITTLE I have researched, doesn't do as well in that environment, but does as well or better in a more residential or landscapng business or something that doesn't deal with stone as much. So it just depends on what you're doing with them. He also has a smaller wheeled machine he uses for things like a street sweeper and as a shop machine, or even for if he needs in smaller areas.
Dustin Bayer (2 days ago)
Ghel is slow but very strong so yes there good
Burt Brooks (11 days ago)
I second the once u go tracks u never go back tires SUCK!!! Except pushing snow they’re better n hard snow fo sho!!! But Takeuchi 150 with tracks I’ll put it up against ANY skid steer on the market ONLY one I’ve ran that can take a 25 ton load of stone right thru the middle of it and come thru other side of the pile loaded they are kinda hard to work on but they don’t break hardly so u ain’t working on it much anyway 👍👍 We have 20 bobcats and I can not stand them no power they are easy to sell tho everyone wants a bobcat lol!! Jesus power 👊
Shan Sandaruwan (19 days ago)
did anybody ever tell you that you sounds like Donald Trump?
Garrett Elder (22 days ago)
Would I want tracks or tiers for goin up and down steep hills?
Ash Irrelevent (23 days ago)
As someone who just purchased 30 acres on a mountain in the pacific northwest,would i be okay using a track like the Bobcat 180? The property is mostly up and down with a few mild grade cutouts. I just dont see any reason to invest in a Kaboda or John Deere tractor when it may tip over. I would mostly be using it for pushing dirt, maybe hooking a gas powered brush hog to the front of it. Doing lots of brush and tree dragging, possibly digging out tree stumps. Using the bucket to smooth area that i want to put a tree orchard in. Opinions???
Jason Sutton (27 days ago)
Great Videos Stanley! Really appreciate how you put these together. Also, glad to hear you say! God Bess ....so God Bless you too!
Seth Diabira (28 days ago)
jafarmartin (29 days ago)
Very helpful...thank you.
Thanks ! Glad it was helpful!
david smith (30 days ago)
I'm from England what would be a good skid steer a a ternative because we don't have skid steers in England
Tim Hottinger (30 days ago)
I also have over the tire metal tracks. Dont waste your money. They dont last that long and always have to adjust. Not to mention if you have a flat tire. The time wasted taking tracks off and back on .
Tim Hottinger (30 days ago)
I have 2 new holland skidsteer Ls 160 and ls180 Both are tire machines. I bought a set of loegering track systems for both machines. I can switch them out if needed. But I use tires on 160 and tracks on 180. Tracks added 3200 lbs to each machine. The 180 is like a tank. I've had it stuck 1 time . Its hard to do.
Zule (1 month ago)
You misunderstood me when I said I know my way around a ho
E30worx (1 month ago)
anyone else running an s185 with 60hp kubota
Royce Gaida (1 month ago)
Got any videos on grubbing mesquite trees and associated attachments?
Royce Gaida (1 month ago)
Great video, tks
Thanks Royce, appreciate you watching
Brian T (1 month ago)
Would trade my wife in before my Takeuchi TL10. Great machine and always tracks. Agree with midsize comment. Nice post.
John barfneck (1 month ago)
id like to have one with all the attachments........trencher/backhoe/post hole /forks/plow/bucket so on and so on........
John barfneck (1 month ago)
the one you can afford and maintain......
John barfneck (1 month ago)
bobcat...........caterpillar. enough said.
Vincent Phelps (1 month ago)
ha I have that dp max effort shirt. I will finish watching this now.
1776 Patriot (1 month ago)
I’ve done considerable research and Cat with tracks seems to beat everyone.
jesse drewry (1 month ago)
Is it just me or does this guy look like Richard Rawlings
Jeremy Taylor (1 month ago)
Have you ever do a video on say top 5 piece of equipment to buy from first to last for an up start excavation company and the reasoning behind the opinions?
Luc Godin (2 months ago)
The company I work for has both a tracked machine and a tired machine the tracked one is way better in my opinion
Reed Shachoy (2 months ago)
Tracks all day
I need your expertise. I am looking at a 2012 Terex pt30 tomorrow for 18k with 1415 hrs. I had it for one day doing construction clean up(brick,concrete) and will be using it for construction clean up, it has rubber tracks and fell in love with it. Do you recommend this piece of equipment with the hours and year?
Bauer Graczyk (2 months ago)
Where are you based in mn
Joseph Brzozowski (2 months ago)
Have several machines 2 mid frames and 2 large. We only have machines with tires which works well for us in landscaping. Have rented track machines on occasion to grade steep yards. We do have a 873 bobcat that is set up to run steel tracks and the traction is great but we only use early spring and late fall as it is very hard on the machine. It has broken several axels as a result. That makes for an interesting day loading a three wheeled machine on a trailer to go the the mechanic.
Mower Man gx85 (2 months ago)
Go with the terex PT50 XD
Mower Man gx85 (2 months ago)
Stanley “Dirt Monkey”Genadek ‘s channel
Where can i find this review?
Mower Man gx85 (2 months ago)
Look up Stanley dirt monkeys review on it, I agree with him
Mower Man gx85 i am very very close on purchasing a terex pt30. Wth rubber tracks for construction clean up. What do you think?
bailey minugh (3 months ago)
You didn't talk at all about those that buy used and do service and repairs. I personally never have anything to deal with the dealers
James Payne (3 months ago)
Just had to chime in on this one. I'm by no means as experienced as many operators may be. I've got around 2000 hours in wheeled Bobcats and probably 5000 hours in tracked machines. Primarily all 3200+ hours in our Takeuchi TL 140 plus another couple thou in various other CTL's we've used over the years. I will say that I can see where a wheeled machine would be the right choice, blacktop, hardpan, high speed finish grade work with a harley rake for seed bed or sod prep, but other than that, I'll take tracks every time. If I have to work on asphalt with my CTL, I spread some of the spoil across the area to give my tracks some slip and I try to minimize the distance from the pile to the dump and angle the truck to reduce the turning required. In the soft stuff, the tracks can't be beat. I've had the wheeled loaders with steel and rubber overtracks and while they work pretty good while the tires are new, they really turn into a liability when the tracks start slipping on worn tires, or God Forbid, you don't foam fill your tires and get a flat inside the tracks....nightmare scenario. I'd love to run one of the Cat 299's, to go with my Cat 304C CR mini Ex, but I really find the Cab's of the Cat CTL's to be a little small and cramped. I'm really interested in the new Kubota SVL 95 series. I sat in one a couple weeks ago and it was much more spacious and had excellent sight lines. The fact that many machines in the market utilize Kubota engines for their own machines speaks volumes for the Kubota brand itself. While it's like pulling teeth to get my bosses to realize the value of many of the work tools available for these machines, there is no denying the value these tools bring to a jobsite. While I spend a great deal of time running a backhoe in the commission of my job, I'd much rather be using my mini Ex and CTL to get the job done. Anyone in the market for one of these machines owes it to themselves to go to one of the construction expos or demo days events to try out the machine they are considering spending a small fortune on. They all look pretty similar, and they all do the same kind of work, but the differences between machines, in my opinion, are significant enough to warrant a test drive. Enjoy your videos Stan, even if you are a little goofy. It's just the right touch. Keep em coming.
Alex Domatas (3 months ago)
If you do any snow removal I'd recommend wheels instead of tracks. Also if your climate has lots of freezing and thawing I'd recommend wheels for that as well because if you park the machine with the tracks full of Mud at the end of the day, you will come back in the morning and your track will lock right up. Also if you're on sites with lots of curbs or rigmatts you're going to peel out of the tracks...
Gee Frazier (3 months ago)
Thanks man for advice keep it going.
Liberty Evanko (3 months ago)
john w (3 months ago)
Or rent them, before you buy. That's the best way.
Mark Andrews (4 months ago)
Thanks Stanley For the video ive got an old 1980 Bobcat 631 Twin cylinder deuz aircooled Tire machine still going strong And as you say mid size does all after 38 years theirs the proof
Aaron Freter (4 months ago)
Caterpillar produces the best SSL and CTL by far. Higher aquisition cost with CAT but if you compare lifetime cost and resale values they win everytime. A skateboard has better suspension than a Bobcat or Kubota with their welded roller frames. CAT has triple flange idlers and rollers (less psi / longer belt life) with suspended torsion axle roller frame. Anything else feels like you are running a red flyer wagon and they beat themselves into the ground. CAT is the only brand that offers a single piece pressurized cab. Dust free and quiet with instant access to entire hydraulic system and belly pans. The other guys have fun pulling the rops, seat, consoles and plates to get to a hydraulic repair. Bobcats have belt driven pumps meaning dead in the water when it breaks or loses tension. CAT is direct drive off the crank and they have the most hydraulic horsepower. What about vertical lift vs radial lift? If you plan on being in buisiness for the next five years go Caterpillar. If not go rent something untill the time is right.
Leader success ! (4 months ago)
Awesome video thumbs up ☺
KFStreich (4 months ago)
Thanks for the video, I need a skid steer for personal use and had a hard time with tired machine, but the older ones are cheaper!
Hulk Brogan (4 months ago)
CASE = Can't Afford Serious Equipment.
Dr. Todd Fisher (4 months ago)
Where is the Must Have List?
Great advise. Keep those videos coming.
Frank Ryan (4 months ago)
I've bought wheels and tires from MWE. Quick and pretty competitive from what I could tell. 10-16.5 Solid Tires.
homophora (4 months ago)
Had a cat 236b2 with grouser style OTT. Really tore up the ground with the OTT. Replaced it with a cat 259d ctl. IMO both did the same with the snowplow or snow bucket. Live in AK. Really like not having flats and the traction/floatation with the tracks is very nice. Tracks hate ice. No pavement or rock so the tracks look good with 2500 hours.
Tomas Mikalauskas (4 months ago)
10:01,thats what i have both track and weel
Nicholas Bower (4 months ago)
Awesome video!!!!
Untitled User (4 months ago)
My family owns an 07ish bobcat S250 (I believe full size frame) with tires. We bought it used (2000 hours) from sunbelt rentals for 8k in 09. We are on gravel and asphalt and sometimes dirt but never really mud. Ours does a great job. Only thing is we tipped it once putting a really heavy load to high and dumping. Only thing was a dent in the machine we were dumping into so we got off lucky. Never take it to a dealer we do all our oil changes in house and have a service guy come out once every few years. Tires are really expensive though remember that. We just spent about 1k on a new set after blowing one on something in the gravel.
Toby Redwood (5 months ago)
What are JCBS skidsteers like?
kj (5 months ago)
If you plan to use a dozer blade attachment 30-40% of the time would you opt for a tracked machine? Normal home Joe, have a kubota 3130HST with backhoe, grapple, etc but never ran a skid steer. Looking to move larger stumps, logs, more dirt, and build/ maintain a personal motocross track. Would be selling my tractor for 1 skid steer, would you say a track machine is what I'm looking for? Not for hire, pure property maintnance.
Chase Janus (5 months ago)
All depends on what you mostly do. only problem i find with tracks is reinstall and if you pop a track its a pain in the ass otherwise they float better push harder and just make an awsome machine
LUKE MANCL (5 months ago)
Could you do a video of comparing the Ventrac to a skid steer?
spankymcflych (5 months ago)
Asphalt - tires, dirt - tracks. Bobcat>cat>case>johndeere. johndeere... I treid when they were first getting into skid steers and they sucked hardcore. Loud, cramped, poor view, ackward. ug. unless things have changed don't go johndeere for skid steers.
Feed Me Your Tears (5 months ago)
I work on a family farm in central South Dakota, and I'm looking at buying a skid steer without breaking the bank. $27,500 is my budget ceiling. Need to be able to lift Seed boxes (3,000 lbs) and chemical totes (3000 lbs) around the yard. I will also be getting a rock bucket for it and picking rocks out of fields with it. What direction/brand should i go with?
4schitzangiggles (5 months ago)
Make the operator who throws/breaks a track fix it and they won't do it again. I'm not sure why you don't like tracks on concrete/hard surfaces, I find tires hop way worse than tracks ever will and especially on asphalt on a hot summer day tracks don't tear up the driveway or road surface like a tired skid loader does. Bobcat makes some meh equipment and especially their tracked skid loaders as they use a design that isn't very friendly for maintenance and repair. I do like the JCB/Volvo tracked loaders and the ditch witch mini tracked loaders
rustys dirtworks (5 months ago)
Tracks, we do extreme bushhogging with our New Holland track loader, tires cant take the thornes, and sharp stobs that gives machines with tires total fits.
strasnpfostn (5 months ago)
Would be cool if you culd do a similar video on plate compactors as well, I'd like to see what you are using, because atually I'm looking into buying one myself right now...
OnSiteTrav (5 months ago)
Everyone needs a skid.
Freddie Lawton (5 months ago)
One other thing you can do is buy a set of tracks that bolt right up to the machine after you take the tires off
Steven Robertson (5 months ago)
They are a good company and there cheper than most
Chriszlaststand (5 months ago)
Is a Harley Power box rake attachment worth the cost. This attachment seems ideal for regrading a large yard. I'm in Mesa Az and can't find any contractor that offer this service.
919hammer (8 days ago)
harley rhynes : Tilt tatch, pallet forks, post hole auger, and standard tooth and smooth bucket.
harley rhynes (8 days ago)
what are the other 3? +919hammer
919hammer (1 month ago)
Chriszlaststand you won't believe what you can do with a Harley Rake, outstanding attachment both in tractor 3 point and skid steer versions, moves light vegetation with ease, beautiful redressing of road surfaces, cuts out washboards and ruts. One of my top 4 attachments!
Hvguy (5 months ago)
tracks vs wheels.... if your doing a lot on concrete get tires, even though they have to replace more often, its less work on the wheel motors. My ASV tracks on my CAT 277B hate turning on concrete, itll do it, but it wears them down pretty quick. On the other hand, tracks in the dirt are INCREDIBLE! traction (with the right track pattern) not the stock tracks kubota offers... can move mountains. As for wet areas? My 12,000lb machine can drive over things I cant walk on. But that's partly due to the track design from asv. Tracks for dirt work-pushing force and flotation wheels for concrete. edit: Your right about your dealer, in hawaii I hear they only use cat on the big island since thats all there is to service equipment.
Jessy James (5 months ago)
No way tracks over tires is not the best i would rather just have tracks. My tr270 case would push that thing out the way. 3000 hrs on it. It still making me money. Out 10 hr a day for 200 days a year. Case out here in Winnipeg is great service
Jeff Bushey (5 months ago)
Would OTT help with tire tracks in a yard? Thanks
stealinator (5 months ago)
diggin that Track T180, work horse!
Sander Jansen (5 months ago)
Funny, in The Netherlands we use most of the time wheel loaders. I work at a large landscaping company, and we have no skid loaders. Think that in a crowded country tracks ruined he pavement.
Patterson Landscaping (5 months ago)
I am looking into a mini skid steer for starters...Vermeer ...
Patterson Landscaping (5 months ago)
great info...
tchevrier (5 months ago)
The Bobcat All-wheel steer loaders are really great to drive, especially if your doing a lot of landscaping where the customer might not want you to damage the lawn too much. I would also take into consideration the type of attachments you might need.
BrandoN BaRR (5 months ago)
We have an older bobcat 773 with steel tracks, LOVE THAT THING! It has worked and ran soooo well. Yes, the steel tracks do rip up the ground, but the traction that they give you is better than anything else!
Levi Bailey (5 months ago)
is that babcat s185 5ft or 6ft wide asking from the UK as ween need a narrow maching and the skid loader dealers in the uk are few and far between there are about 100 up and down the country
D Mason (5 months ago)
Adam Mazzola (5 months ago)
I have camso ott on my case 440 and they're not all there cracked up to be .they take a lot of power to run.they also change the dynamics of the machine for the worst..
Wes Ch (5 months ago)
Dang man. I remember following you when you only have a couple thousand subs. Now you are over 150k. Congrats. Seems like you are successful no matter what you do. Hard work pays off.
nick davidson (5 months ago)
Takeuchi was sent from the heavens to reign supreme over all other skid loaders.
SLFYSH (5 months ago)
On-point regarding dealer service versus brand! -Best brand doesn’t compensate for having a bad supporting dealership-all machines need servicing and this can be the best or most painful part of owning g the equipment.
Texanminecrafter29 (5 months ago)
If your doing things with your skid steer like brush or tree removal always go with tracks. 100X more traction
I find that I can do everything a skid steer can with a 1.7 ton digger
Liberty Evanko (5 months ago)
Great video! Tracks.
Josh Mustian (5 months ago)
So what advantage do tires have at all? If you get tracks you’re good amd if you get tires, go ahead and get tracks also.
Clyde Acor (5 months ago)
if you're ever working in gravel or Rocky conditions it will literally tear up the tracks and undercarriage! caterpillar actually makes a steel track with steel undercarriage setup but it's only for the big 299D model and It's a lot of extra money.
Ezekiel reed (6 months ago)
You gonna do one on excavators?
Ratkill9000 (6 months ago)
The landscaping company I worked for had a Cat 277D for a few reasons, standard back up camera and controls were just 2 sticks, plus it worked better than the comprobale John Deere. Only other skid I've driven was an old New Holland L555.
Sean Angermeier (6 months ago)
Stan, have you looked at VTS track systems? I have them on a 435 Case machine and ran them on a 75XT and a Bobcat 763 and they work great. It’s essentially a track frame that bolts on to your tire axles. Much better than over the tire tracks, IMO.
Richard Howe (6 months ago)
I enjoy the videos Stan. I don't understand why you have videos that also help your competition.
Mabel lin (6 months ago)
Looks great!
10 years using ASV pt60 track loader is all I've needed. a set of tracks will last 3-4 years. has chassis clearance of 12" current model is called RT60. Nothing on it I can't fix myself
Track any day!
My name Is jeff (6 months ago)
Bobcat is the market leader
J Mac (6 months ago)
Hi Stan, What are the top 10 must-have pieces of landscaping equipment in your opinion?
Kian Sutton (6 months ago)
make a video of all of your machines please
Alan Moyer (6 months ago)
2:10 you forgot about terex
Matt Martinson (6 months ago)
I have a 185 with OTT's, they work great but I tore them in half on the same job. I was grading a lane with rock and as u push the pile rock falls in the tracks and goes around tire causing the tracks to tear. Unfortunately they came apart where u can't fix them. $4500 out the door, less than 500 hours. But I might buy another pair, they make that much of a difference
Mike Holloway (6 months ago)
Love the videos Stanley
David Denson (6 months ago)
What is the best skid steer traction when preparing soil for paver installations ----- wheels or tracks? I'm guessing wheels would be ideal as long as soil isn't muddy.
Turtle's Fabrication (6 months ago)
Stanley, what would you recommend for mowing? Tracks or tyres?
Rogue Excavating (6 months ago)
Tires for the first machine add over the tire tracks but we find our rubber tire does 90% of the jobs and the tracked machine being bigger does the bulk pushing. We find the cost of ownership high on the tracked units and would only have one. The rest will be tires
dip45son (6 months ago)
so going to buy a skid steer you kinda know what your going to use it for and what attachments you need but what are maybe some attachments that most people may not consider but are very useful. or maybe common misconceptions about attachments they think they need but money is better spent somewhere else or just things to know when picking out attachments.
Ralph (6 months ago)
Cat 246 and 259😉
Jennifer WhiteWolf (6 months ago)
Landon Wynia (6 months ago)
I had a wheeled skidsteer that we used the tracks on and i found if we had enough dirt and stuff over time( the job was 5 days) that the tracks started to slip either because the dirt filled the tire to tge point the tracks didnt work or the tracks got full. We just wasted it out and it worked again.

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