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Ebony Pantyhose Flight Attendants, Stewardess & Air Hostess

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Text Comments (26)
Upside 40 (2 months ago)
pduffy4 (2 months ago)
Certainly a lot of very stunning ladies here.
J Ancel (3 months ago)
RMichael Jones (3 months ago)
Please, dont do that. Nobody honestly wants to see that. Really. sorry to say, but the reality is, we dont want to see that. TY
t bone (4 months ago)
Didn't realize what a Pantyhose fetish fantasy I can have. Beautiful black woman in Pantyhose. Im done.
Ronald Townsend (4 months ago)
So Damm sexy
A10PANG (4 months ago)
I just got me a serious case of Jungle Fever. Gave me the urge to make some grey babies ;-) :-P
jason Cannon (4 months ago)
Wow !! So very beautiful 😊
calvin ehlert (4 months ago)
super sweet honeys-so many choices,so little time! love 'em all
Ashawn West (5 months ago)
Just drained myself
Juraiprince (6 months ago)
Wow...just wow. Oh,! And THANK YOU!!!!
Dakota Blessing (6 months ago)
So Very Beautiful and sexy
Javier Lopez Sr. (5 months ago)
I love girls with stocking on
shrekman (7 months ago)
More shoeless tights feet please
Clarence Smith (7 months ago)
Ivan Marquez (4 months ago)
Classy women like this are a rarity these days. No matter what ethnicity/race. Females started losing the class and beauty I see here more than 20 years ago. I hate to say, but us Males did as well. They followed. Of all the videos I have seen from this channel,. this video and the one with the mature ladies are the best.
kalel 311 (7 months ago)
Hello Beautiful ladies
JIMLAD51 (7 months ago)
No shoes off no stocking feet
raymkkkk (2 months ago)
Is that a good thing or bad thing? I don't understand. Personally I'm glad they have no shoes off or stocking, just pantyhose and heels
MrAntiSellOut (7 months ago)
JIMLAD51 That's what I was just about to say
Maddisontdog (7 months ago)
Wish you could keep pics up a little longer, they go off to quick. But always great pics.
Nutts Mahonie (7 months ago)
Fuc YEAH 👍
felipe gallegos (7 months ago)
Súper hermosas todas éstas mujeres. Wooow
leroy jarman (7 months ago)
Love there Sexy pantyhose legs love to see woman's legs in pantyhose love how sexy they make them look
Mike NYC M (7 months ago)
Wow absolutely incredible!!!!!
Lance Curtis (7 months ago)
The best one yet

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