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Spice Girls - Naked (Live at Arnhem)

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Naked, Spice World tour, live at Arnhem. Watch in HD ♥
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Deric Neo (2 months ago)
According to the chinese calaendar, Geri the oldest born in the year of the Rat while Mel C 2nd born in the year of the Ox(Born before the Chinese New Year), Victoria 3rd born in the year of the Tiger, Mel B 4th born in the year of the Rabbit and Emma obviously you all know she's the youngest born in the year of the Rabbit(Born before the Chinese New Year)
Colette Mitchell (4 months ago)
Mel C sounds like Tina Marie in her solo, very uncanny.
Pippa Bjerga (7 months ago)
Here's an idea they could of NOT GET NAKED but then again that's too much good thinking it makes me why they even doing it it's so wrong
luna love (4 months ago)
they weren't genuinely naked lol
Chris Hudson (7 months ago)
There not naked
Rhianna Barr-Beaumont (1 year ago)
The song isn’t technically about nudity. It’s about a woman who was mistreated when she was younger and is now getting rid of her vulnerability by opening up her entire self...
XenaMon MonXena (8 months ago)
Rhianna Barr-Beaumont okay and??
xxxTIN0xxx (1 year ago)
I've just noticed that every video of this performance has lots of dislikes. Some disappointed pervs must have thought the video showed the Spice Girls completely nude, I guess they didn't know "Naked" was the fucking title of the song lol.
5446 KOWALSKI (2 years ago)
If their naked,I bet its kickin out a right pong on that stage,at least one of them used to have gonads...
at 4:30, you can hear the part of batman forever when Jim Carrey says "then a god am I" and I think that's pretty neat
SargentBacon (2 years ago)
Kenny The Main Man Kendrick I couldent here it
Orcasgt22 (3 years ago)
Victoria is too tall, you can see her strapless bra many many many times :(
Rhianna Barr-Beaumont (1 year ago)
Orcasgt22 she’s only 5’4
Ian Turner (2 years ago)
4:29 It's looks like Mel C's thinking "Oh My God they can see me Naked". She's aged very well since this performance.
Callthemidwife Trash (6 months ago)
+Pippa Bjerga the person commenting it said *It looks like* she's thinking that, she probably didn't because she's not actually naked.
Pippa Bjerga (6 months ago)
Well if you are that worried about it you won't do it
Callthemidwife Trash (6 months ago)
+Pippa Bjerga how?
Pippa Bjerga (7 months ago)
I know Mel C is such a silly lady for doing that
Riquelme (4 years ago)
Live? Mel C ♥
c0mm0ns3nc3 (4 years ago)
Of course you hardly ever see Mel B
slovakian99 (5 years ago)
deep lyrics and lovely Spice Girls... I love'em
SlashyPotterness (6 years ago)
5:36...just look at Victoria's face and then her eyebrow lift. I would seriously go lesbian for her lol.

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