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Why Learn Go?

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Rob Pike talks about why we need Go and how it is a next-generation language for today's modern computer environment
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Jamal Khader (1 month ago)
2019 now and we still do not see Go taking off! Is it still worth looking into?
Salih Emin (1 month ago)
Jamal Khader check this https://blog.golang.org/survey2018-results Go is “silently” in high speed in terms of adoption
3m0_Wr3ck (2 months ago)
O'Reilly has taught me so much tytyty
Ayeman Bin Salauddin (2 months ago)
Should I learn Go in 2019? I already know Python, C and little bit of JavaScript, Java and C . By the way, I am 15 years old.
Ayeman Bin Salauddin (2 months ago)
2019 ?
huso daroo (4 months ago)
Go go go to the gym
aziz as (6 months ago)
1:13 LOL Those are good reasons. I think
Arnar Freyr Kristinsson (7 months ago)
Sounds good, maybe I try it 😀
Dawie Van Emmenes (10 months ago)
I cant keep up anymore.
BrandNewByxor (10 months ago)
Golang is worth keeping up. I learned it a few days ago.
Paul Rickett (1 year ago)
that is one fat bitch
Nishank Bani (1 year ago)
Crisp, fast replies..
Golang is amazing
Andre Uhlrich (1 year ago)
Petar Dambovaliev (1 year ago)
Rob is a genius and a funny guy at that. Would be fun to hang out with him.
Germán Diago (1 year ago)
I am a really long term C++ user. I still use it and would say that I know it quite, if not very well (using since 2002 non-stop and all my career plus out of work). I looked before in the past at Go. I really hated two things: no generics and that inconsistency with reference vs values mess with maps. Do not remember well what was but I do remember it was kind of inconsistent. Also these special range word in for loops that did not look the same if you had to opt in your code. At the end of the day, I look at Go now and say: Rob and workmates, you did it! He says it is a language for big teams, productive and fast (to run and compile). I think it is almost a master piece of engineering because it is so practical. You can pick up go almost as if it were python and start to code quite fast. So what is the deal here? I think the biggest strength of go is just what Rob is advertising in the video: wanna build a team, want server and cloud software, want it to run fast? Use Go. All go code tends to look the same. Hate its error handling? Well, there are some guidelines and the handling of errors tends to look the same everywhere. And in that sense, with all the hate I have for some of the inconsistencies or the lack of generics, at the end of the day I would say Go it is one of the most practical languages you can use nowadays. Others I keep an eye on: Rust, but it is more difficult and I would say for hardened software. Another candidate is D, but honestly, with C++ and its huge community, it is going to have a hard time. Nim does not have enough support, so I do not think it will ever take off, even if it is nice. So, all in all, I think I will start to use Go soon for server-side things instead of Python and Ruby. I will keep my C++ foo for other stuff such as real-time, games and others.
Keep moving forward (1 year ago)
go built from? c++ or c.....
BrandNewByxor (10 months ago)
Here is the current usage of languages in the go repository: Go 86.0% Assembly 8.3% HTML 5.1% C 0.4% Shell 0.1% Perl 0.1%
George Hatoutsidis (1 year ago)
Python Και Ξερό ψωμί
FunkMasterKek (1 year ago)
Mhm ... wow ... mhm .. wow ... yeah ... wow ... thats pretty great
Mayer Goldberg (2 years ago)
Go 2 considered harmful! ;-)
php is better anyway
Nikolay Shindarov (4 months ago)
girish kumar (9 months ago)
php sucks
balsamiqmunchy (1 year ago)
oké ifufe dị n'elu ugbu a PHP is excellent but Turbo Pascal is so much better!
teru puki (1 year ago)
lowkey, just got cancer
Ring Zero (2 years ago)
I find go very messy and disorganized. The dependency model is not clean or simple, and has caused me many a daylong headache. It basically took C++, and took away all the things that make C++ organized. We're left with a language which is good for nothing other than pipelines. It's a fun toy, but IMO good for nothing other than prototyping.
BrandNewByxor (10 months ago)
I dunno, I find it way too difficult to set up and compile C++ projects. C++ dependencies make me want to rip my hair out, whereas with Go I can just `go get` them and I'm done.
Devan Sisson (1 year ago)
Looserof7 you’re arguing against an opinion...?
Looserof7 (2 years ago)
So, You think you were clever, than rob pike, ken thompson, robert and other great programmers, and you mean to say they all were lying to the whole world, I see it. I wrote a simple program in java and go, java took nearly 45 minutes to execute, go took 1 minute 30 seconds to execute the same. I have see it.
Yandry Pozo (2 years ago)
and now 4 years later they're keeping the same promise and with a better compiler, long live to Go !!
yourgflikesit (2 years ago)
Kosake82 (11 months ago)
Strofi Kornego (3 years ago)
C++17 also getting efficient imports
foljs (2 months ago)
+harindaka Well, it has figured out dozens of things Go has still not figured out...
Francisco Paisana (7 months ago)
+harindaka it is just much harder to implement modules while keeping backward c compatibility
harindaka (1 year ago)
Christ so it took C++ 17 versions to figure that out?
Strofi Kornego (2 years ago)
+Maxim Kupriianov погибель рф, иди нахуй
Maxim Kupriianov (2 years ago)
C++21 you meant
TheShernie (3 years ago)
1:10 - Did anyone else hear someone say "Seriously?" in the background?
Koushik Ghosh (1 year ago)
Yeah...And also there is conversation is going on
Jeff84455 (1 year ago)
Yes my fly was open and she could not believe how small it was.
Germán Diago (1 year ago)
Hahahahahaha! Clearly!
Long Ho (2 years ago)
she probably got dumped
Les Nyffeler (2 years ago)
NickleJ (4 years ago)
I see Go becoming more and more useful as the current computing trends progress, and it may well have a big advantage being familiar to C/Java language programmers and backed by google and being open source. And it has Ken Thompson's name on it, so you _know_ its good!
Ryan W (4 years ago)
Go is simply amazing. Easy( at least for me) to learn if you are coming from another language, eg C++ or Java, although there are a bit of learning curves, but easy to overcome. And he is not lying about the compiler speed...it is insane. I am enjoying Go so much haha
Eric Juma (2 years ago)
Take an online course on C or a better language for this, and a class on servers/databases. Maybe take harvard's CS50
Christoffer Ronaasen (2 years ago)
You're asking about C, not Go...
RealEyes (3 years ago)
+rbrick (Ryan) how do i make a server in C with a data base with teachers and students with grades ? I heard that the code for this is out there, on golang.org, but I can't find it...can you help me ?
Laap Saap (4 years ago)
O'reilly isnt really convincing with 0 Golang books in its inventory. So talk to mahh handdd.
antonio quinonez (1 year ago)
Ray Koren Oreilly has no commitment to Go.
antonio quinonez (1 year ago)
2017, here. Still nothing. Well, one 60 page brochure. That doesn't count.
Sushi (5 years ago)
I've learned Go and I like it a lot, it feels very modern compared to other compiled languages. I wish it had Generics though, and better support for functional programming.
Looserof7 (2 years ago)
yes, both for ios and android, all with one code
Alejandro Blanco-M (2 years ago)
Theoretically it has compilers for arm, then YES, you can compile go code as "android JNI" and use it into android environment.
rotcataergeht (2 years ago)
can u use go to build mobile apps?
RealEyes (3 years ago)
+Sushi how do i make a server in C with a data base with teachers and students with grades ? I heard that the code for this is out there, on golang.org, but I can't find it...can you help me ?
popasmuerf (5 years ago)
Ease of portability.
popasmuerf (5 years ago)
I have to disagaree with his position that no complied languages of any significance has emerged in the past few years....Scala is compiled via a JIT and has some features similar to Go!
beardedarab64 (5 years ago)
Google Go seems, in my opinion to be language that has the built in features of a scripting language with the perk of having the inherent efficiency of a compiled language. There are some features left out that I find kind of disappointing. Like not being able to pass variables by reference;
beardedarab64 (5 years ago)
So the code you wrote runs exactly the same no matter what platform you run it on
Robert Artenie (1 month ago)
yes, as long as you don't make your own code depend on a platform
Alejandro Blanco-M (2 years ago)
I think that NO, it will be the same problem as other "platform independent" languages that you have to implement function for almost each platforms because these depends of some modules are made to interact with some SO libraries..... Is the same promise of all the "multiplaform" languages.
MrNightLifeLover (6 years ago)
Humm I never understood why we needed a virtual machine in the first place.
Elite7555 (1 month ago)
Make no mistake, VMs have their advantages. They allow for introperspection or realtime code update. Or they can modify the runtime behaviour. VMs can make heap allocations very, very cheap. That is why some of the fastest JSON serializers are written in Java. But also operations like String manipulation or reallocating an ArrayList (aka Vector) are very efficient. Also a VM can do some very crazy / risky kind of optimizations that are platform specific. AOT compilers always have to be conservative and cannot do runtime analysis like a JIT can. So a JIT could do speculative optimization or try to reduce cache misses.
Philipp Maksimov (2 years ago)
Because VM makes it easier to run your program on any OS, be it Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, without any changes in code.
fungussa (6 years ago)
As a seasoned software engineer, who has primarily used C++ for development, I see Go as a profound improvement in software creation. Rarely has a new development technology interested me so much. I am hooked!
Thomas Trask (6 years ago)
Anyone interested in broadening their programming breadth. Or anyone who's interested in doing distributed programming. Or anyone interested in learning something new.
花生政治學院 (6 years ago)
C is proven longevity my friend, and will continue to be around, IMO.
BR (6 years ago)
Prepare for the inevitable "Go 2 considered harmful" comments :-) ... Seriously, Go looks nice.
Roger Pack (6 years ago)
at least Go is seemingly built by people that end up using it, so that should make it catered toward developers, not catered toward compiler developers, at least I hope...
CrunchBang 42 (6 years ago)
"Java compiles to shIT"
amit (6 years ago)
1) Yes 2) Everyone There are some tasks especially well suited for Go.. It is worth it for a professional programmer to be at least aware of those strengths such that Go can be used when it has a clear advantage.
nomainreason (6 years ago)
sounds nice.. will look into it.
RooTerKyberian (6 years ago)
it is like this in every video, even those with screencasts/presentations ...
ajamu camphor (6 years ago)
Great questions by Rachel.
theyayster (6 years ago)
The amount of wasted space on the video is disconcerting.

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